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Universiade Tournament

Qun Ma6.5/9(+4 -0 =5)[games]
Li Chao6.5/9(+4 -0 =5)[games]
Jacek Tomczak6.5/9(+5 -1 =3)[games]
Zhou Jianchao6.5/9(+4 -0 =5)[games]
Evgeny Alekseev6.5/9(+4 -0 =5)[games]
Zaven Andriasian6.5/9(+4 -0 =5)[games]
Maxim Matlakov6.5/9(+4 -0 =5)[games]
Sanan Sjugirov6.5/9(+5 -1 =3)[games]
Wesley So6.5/9(+4 -0 =5)[games]
Dmitry Andreikin6/9(+4 -1 =4)[games]
Bassem Amin6/9(+4 -1 =4)[games]
Yu Yangyi6/9(+4 -1 =4)[games]
Robert Hovhannisyan6/9(+4 -1 =4)[games]
Vasif Durarbayli6/9(+5 -2 =2)[games]
Wojciech Moranda5.5/9(+4 -2 =3)[games]
Krzysztof Bulski5.5/9(+5 -3 =1)[games]
Martyn Kravtsiv5.5/9(+3 -1 =5)[games]
Volodymyr Onyshchuk5.5/9(+5 -3 =1)[games]
Giorgi Margvelashvili5.5/9(+3 -1 =5)[games]
Andrey Baryshpolets5.5/9(+5 -3 =1)[games]
Tsegmed Batchuluun5/9(+3 -2 =4)[games]
Federico Perez Ponsa5/8(+4 -2 =2)[games]
Zaur Mammadov4.5/8(+3 -2 =3)[games]
Luis Fernando Ibarra Chami4.5/8(+3 -2 =3)[games]
Nijat Abasov4.5/8(+3 -2 =3)[games]
Gaioz Nigalidze4.5/8(+4 -3 =1)[games]
Tamas Petenyi4.5/8(+3 -2 =3)[games]
Marcin Tazbir4/9(+3 -4 =2)[games]
Maksat Atabayev4/8(+3 -3 =2)[games]
Bahruz Rzayev4/8(+3 -3 =2)[games]
Teodor Anton4/8(+2 -2 =4)[games]
Tiberiu-Marian Georgescu4/7(+3 -2 =2)[games]
(74 players total; 42 players not shown. Click here for longer list.)

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Game  ResultMoves YearEvent/LocaleOpening
1. V Martins vs D Andreikin  0-1622013UniversiadeA04 Reti Opening
2. E Alekseev vs A Hesham  1-0332013UniversiadeB53 Sicilian
3. Meshkovs vs So 0-1542013UniversiadeD91 Grunfeld, 5.Bg5
4. Li Chao vs S Tologontegin  1-0322013UniversiadeA00 Uncommon Opening
5. R Hajbok vs M Matlakov  0-1512013UniversiadeB18 Caro-Kann, Classical
6. Yu Yangyi vs Pham Chuong  1-0282013UniversiadeB76 Sicilian, Dragon, Yugoslav Attack
7. Van Hai Nguyen vs B Amin  0-1422013UniversiadeA45 Queen's Pawn Game
8. S Sjugirov vs A O Stanciu  1-0552013UniversiadeA60 Benoni Defense
9. T Kantans vs Z Andriasian 0-1382013UniversiadeB51 Sicilian, Canal-Sokolsky (Rossolimo) Attack
10. R Hovhannisyan vs M Gaehler 1-042013UniversiadeC00 French Defense
11. M Markov vs M Kravtsiv  ½-½592013UniversiadeE06 Catalan, Closed, 5.Nf3
12. Qun Ma vs R Nanjo  1-0212013UniversiadeC65 Ruy Lopez, Berlin Defense
13. J Schaerer vs V Onyshchuk  0-1332013UniversiadeB06 Robatsch
14. Zhou Jianchao vs M Gantner  1-0342013UniversiadeD15 Queen's Gambit Declined Slav
15. J Wyss vs W Moranda  0-1332013UniversiadeB94 Sicilian, Najdorf
16. J Tomczak vs K Kalnins  1-0372013UniversiadeC41 Philidor Defense
17. A Esenov vs M Tazbir  1-0522013UniversiadeB15 Caro-Kann
18. V Durarbayli vs M Ervan  1-0692013UniversiadeB84 Sicilian, Scheveningen
19. B Galmandakh vs G Margvelashvili  ½-½382013UniversiadeA07 King's Indian Attack
20. A Baryshpolets vs E Soares  1-0362013UniversiadeD18 Queen's Gambit Declined Slav, Dutch
21. S Garcia Fuentes vs K Bulski  0-1402013UniversiadeB40 Sicilian
22. T Batchuluun vs H Caetano  1-0442013UniversiadeD30 Queen's Gambit Declined
23. C A Fernandes vs B Gundavaa  0-1322013UniversiadeB23 Sicilian, Closed
24. M Jurcik vs T Olebile  1-0432013UniversiadeC78 Ruy Lopez
25. D Andreikin vs T Batchuluun  ½-½702013UniversiadeA14 English
 page 1 of 9; games 1-25 of 216  PGN Download
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Kibitzer's Corner
Premium Chessgames Member Official site:

Wesley So won the playoff. The decisive tiebreak game is here: Z Andriasian vs W So, 2013.

Jul-20-13  Harvestman: Well done to Wesley So! Congratulations.
Jul-20-13  wordfunph: GM Wesley So, congrats!
Jul-20-13  notyetagm: Universiade (2013)

Four examples of how to use <OPEN FILES> come from this tournament in <CHESS VIBES TRAINING #116>.

Premium Chessgames Member
  cro777: <notyetagm: Four [five] examples of how to use <OPEN FILES> come from this tournament>

In an article about open files - To seize or not to seize an open file (the presence of an open file does not necessarily mean you have to occupy it with your rooks), five games from the Universiade 2013 have been used as an illustration:

Kalnis-Atabayev, Stanciu-Gundavaa, Kantans-Andriasian, Atabayev-Sjugirov and Atabayev-Ma.

Premium Chessgames Member
  cro777: Wesley So won the gold medal in an Armageddon game defeating Zaven Andriasian who took silver. The bronze medal went to Li Chao (the defending champion).

So, Adriasian and Li finished tied in the first tiebreak (Buchholz Cut 1) before So and Andriasian again wound up tied after second tiebreak (Buchholz Cut 2) dropping Li out of contention.

Initially, officials wanted to give 2 golds. But FISU ruled it out since the Universiade gives only one gold. So the officials decided on the Armageddon and called the two players.

The player who wins the drawing of lots may choose the color. The player with the white pieces receives 5 minutes, the opponent with the black pieces receives 4 minutes whereupon, after the 60th move, both players receive an increment of 3 seconds for each move from move 61. In case of a draw the player with the black pieces is declared the winner.

Zaven Andriasian won the toss coin and chose white. So translated a slight positional edge in the middlegame into a resounding victory.

Z Andriasian vs W So, 2013

Jul-20-13  notyetagm: Universiade (2013)

<cro777: <notyetagm: Four [five] examples of how to use <OPEN FILES> come from this tournament>>

Very good. I overlooked that the last example is also from this tournament.

Jul-21-13  tolengoy: your coverage is a week too late...Whereas you cover some events many months in advance. Your choice is so discrimatory, I could have mistaken you for a sponsor in the selection of contestants to a close tourney.
Jul-21-13  Sokrates: <tolengoy: your coverage is a week too late ...> You're right! Even if all players are from place 30 and below such a tournament could produce many interesting games, well worthing viewing. Congrats to winner So btw.
Jul-21-13  dunkenchess: Our congratulations to GM Wesley So for a job well done. Better late than never, as they say.
Jul-23-13  tolengoy: <Congrats to winner So>

He is the best player to enter a university.

That's 11,000 universities all over the world.

What he accomplished was no easy feat- remarkable is an understatement.

Jul-23-13  tolengoy: The Universiade is an International multi-sport event, organized for university athletes by the International University Sports Federation (FISU). The name is a combination of the words "University" and "olympiad". The Universiade is often referred to in English as the World University Games or World Student Games; however, this latter term can also refer to competitions for sub-University grades students, as well.

111 countries participating:

In chess, 46 countries partipating:

Maximum number of entries: 8 per nation.

Wesley emerged on top of 368 players.

Jul-24-13  tolengoy: <From Russia with love>

Print Email:
Published : Tuesday, July 23, 2013 00:00 Article Views : 330

MOSCOW, Russia -- Surely the most lingering and heart-warming image of the small but proud Philippine team in the recent 27th Sunmer Universiade in Kazan, Russia was that of chess superstar GM Wesley So standing victoriously on the podium and smiling while the country’s flag was being hoisted ahead of Armenia and China at the end of the men’s chess competition.

The whole chess world stood at attention and fellow GMs watched in envy while So, only 19 but already a multi-awarded champion on the 64-square board , received the coveted gold medal to cap the Filipinos’ highly-successful campaign in the prestigious, 12-day competition dubbed as the ‘Olympics’ of university athletes.

It was a time for celebration.

It was like a scene straight out of every Filipino sports fan’s dream.

It was every Filipino’s day triumph in the world’s second biggest sporting stage next only to the Olympic Games.

It was a once-in-blue moon achievement in the wonderful world of Philippine sports.

It was also a time for vindication for people who moved heaven and earth to make it a reality and a big slap on the faces of people who almost succeeded in preventing sports history to happen.

And thank God, I was there to witness it all from Day 1.

Up close and personal.

As a Filipino -- and a sportswriter who madly, madly hates politics in sports -- it was a moment to remember.

And So, the chess champion, and FESSAP (Federation of School Sports Association of the Philippines), the sole governing body responsible for bringing So and the rest of the young Filipino delegation to faraway Kazan in the Republic of Tatarstan, are sending all the accolades back to the entire Filipino nation.

From Russia with love.

* * *

Jul-24-13  tolengoy: How big the victory was it for So, FESSAP and the Filipino nation?

Let us count the ways.

First, So’s gold-medal triumph in chess ended the country’s long but mostly heart-breaking search for recognition in international sports.

It may not be the Olympic Games, but who cares?

If we can’t even now win a bronze medal in the Olympics, a gold in the Universiade is more than enough for a nation in search of something good to talk about since the salad days of boxing icon Manny Pacquiao.

It’s the Universiade, also known as the World University Games.

Why, even Olympic and world champions first saw action here. NBA legends Larry Bird and Michael Finley played for the United States team that bagged the gold medal in basketball before bringing their acts to the NBA.

Others great athletes, who are still young enough to make the age limit, are all here. The rest of talented student-athletes are also here in preparation for entering the big leagues.

It was precisely the reason why Baron Pierre de Coubertin, the ‘Father of the Modern Olympics’, brought up the idea of the Universiade to its own founding father, Jean Petitjenm of France .

Second, So’s breakthrough triumph over the rest of the world rewarded the country its first-ever gold medal in the 54-year history of the Universiade.

The gold by So was also a fitting follow-up to the silver medal won by Samuel Thomas Morrison of Far Eastern University in taekwondo in the Shenzhen Universiade.

Although he had won countless trophies and medals in his young and brilliant career, the Universiade gold medal is also something that So will always cherish since he did it purely for love of country and nothing else. No money but country’s pride and honor.

Now a sophomore student and chess scholar at Webster University under five-time women world champion Susan Polgar, So also earned the distinction of becoming only the second champion since chess was finally added to the Universiade in Shenzhen, China in 2011. He succeeded GM Li Chao, who led a Chinese sweep of the gold medals two years ago.

In Kazan, So brilliantly prevented another sweep by the strong Chinese delegation, which again bagged the golds in women and team events.

“I think we did very well in chess again with two golds. Unfortunately, we lost a third gold to your player (Wesley),” said former women’s world champion Xie Jun.

And as you all know by now, So’s victory was especially sweet since he did it by beating former world junior champion GM Zaven Andriasian of Armenia in a no-tomorrow game lovingly called ‘Armageddon’ in chess parlance.

The two players finished in a nine-way tie for first place with 6.5 points and finished tied again after, hold your breath, three tiebreaks, forcing officials to order the Armageddon.

And third, So’s triumph vindicated FESSAP and its officials -- David Ong (president), Alvin Tai Lian (chairman) and Graham Lim (secretary-general) -- and sponsors -- San Miguel Corp., Agri-Nurture Inc., Bestank, Healthy Options and Cobra Energy Drink.

FESSAP, which also privately-funded the country’s campaign in 2011 Shenzhen Universiade, had to overcome Olympic-like hurdles and pressures to finally be able to send a small team to Kazan.

Several top-notch athletes, who have committed to carry the country’s colors in Kazan, were suddenly banned by the UAAP to join the delegation.

A memo was even issued by host Adamson.

And hours before the Universiade opening, a three-man team from UAAP travelled all the way to Kazan to question the recognition given to FESSAP by the FISU.

“Why ban the athletes and deprieve them of this rare opportunity to compete in the Universiade, “said one foreign delegate, who attended the general assembly at the Korlston Hotel.

“It’s funny how sports works in your country,”he added even after the UAAP application was turned down.

But really, it’s not funny anymore how the country’s sports leaders are running the show for a long time now.

Maybe, a radical change is the only solution.

Jul-24-13  5hrsolver: Nice article on Wesley So and the rest of the Philippine team by Ed Andaya.

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