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Dec-01-23 Kenneth Rogoff
al wazir: <dempun: I reject the premise that Trump is the racist the Democrats claim he is.> Is a politician who says what he says because it's what voters want to hear even though he doesn't believe it more honorable than one who says the ...
Dec-01-23 Tournament of Peace (2023)
MissScarlett: <Tarjei J. Svensen @TarjeiJS Niemann’s attorney responds : “Despite the overwhelming proof of Hans’ extraordinary talents, there will always be haters. Our advice to them is simple: Get used to it. Hans is just getting ...
Dec-01-23 Vaganian vs Csom, 1979
Straclonoor: [DIAGRAM] It looks strange that Rafael Vaganian who was USSR Olympiad team member and (in future) USSR Champion doesn't won this tablebase ending <70.Kd4 (longest way to win) Ra1 71.Kd5??> mistake, wins 71.Kc5 or 72.Rf2 72.Rf2 ...
Dec-01-23 J M Fong vs R Kuczynski, 1988
Straclonoor: Pawn ending of the game initially after <63.Kxd2> [DIAGRAM] drawn, but it very instructive and reminds me pawn ending in H Ree vs Ftacnik, 1978 where 57.g5!! goes to win for white So, <63.Kxd2 Kd6 64.Ke2 Kd5?? (64....Ke6 ...
Dec-01-23 A Arutiunov vs F Sideifzade, 1975
Straclonoor: [DIAGRAM] 37.Rh4! finished the game Analysis by Stockfish 070222: +- (#17): 37.Rh4 f6 38.Qxg6+ Rg7 39.Qxf6 Ree7 40.Bg4 b5 41.Be6+ Rxe6 42.Qxe6+ Rf7 43.Qe8+ Rf8 44.Rg4+ Qg7 45.Rxg7+ Kxg7 46.Qe5+ Kg6 47.Ra1 Rf5 48.Qe8+ Kg5 49.Ra7 Rf4 ...
Dec-01-23 Carlsen vs Beliavsky, 2006
Honza Cervenka: 11...Bc8 with next 14...Be6 was just a waste of time. Bishop on b7 was fine. 11...0-0 looks reasonable.
Dec-01-23 Sinquefield Cup (2023)
MissScarlett: <Dominguez: After FIDE’s Changes, I Will Fight for the Candidates>
Dec-01-23 Unzicker vs R G Wade, 1960
Honza Cervenka: 13...Bxa4? allowing 14.Bxc4 was a blunder. Black should have played 13...b5 or 13...Bc6. The rest of game was a wild ride at first glance but in fact white was in full control of events all the time.
Dec-01-23 Niemann vs A Korobov, 2023
carijuana: I'm not convinced: it seems that sometimes Fisher took over Niemann's body... 🤔
Dec-01-23 Kibitzer's Café
HeMateMe: Ensemble piece <Twelve Angry Men>. Fonda is Jury foreman of a disparate group of men (no women were selected, back in the day?) who are in a trial of a young man who appears guilty, on the face of it. Quite a group! Lee J. Cobb, ...
Dec-01-23 S Factor vs L Isaacs, 1937
chrisowen: I lost jap foot q its warm its huge o Bf5 its ho abridge lag ie a damnation abbot lab v aha ram arrive ooo Bf5 mack;
Dec-01-23 C Lutz vs Milov, 2001
Mayankk: I couldn't make 35 Bxa6 or 35 Rxb7+ work. So I thought maybe the best idea is to chase the c5 Bishop away via 35 Rd5 and then park White Queen at the now accessible c8 square via 36 Qc8, threatening 37 Qb8#. Black needs to vacate an ...
Dec-01-23 S Williams vs A Rakhmangulova, 2023
Muttley101: Current classical chess rating 2467, according to FIDE not been over 2500 since August 2013. Not to detract from the game, of course- pretty and satisfying miniature.
Dec-01-23 Kudrin vs Larsen, 1987
perfidious: A familiar line for Larsen, though his most notable game in this form of the Dragon was Larsen vs Petrosian, 1966 .
Dec-01-23 D Komarov vs R Borchert, 1990
lentil: Move entered incorrectly (13 ab3 should be 13 ab4) aborts the playback.
Dec-01-23 Robson vs Niemann, 2023
perfidious: <stone free or die: <<Lassannn> No one that good would make such an error.> Wasn't there a GM WCC who overlooked a mate-in-one once upon a time?> Pure trolling; that has <never> happened, and no former ...
Dec-01-23 Peter G Large
Olavi: In the strongest tournament he played in he beat both participating Soviet male GMs: Hastings (1986/87)
Dec-01-23 Bundesliga (2023)
Troller: <macer75: So do yall think Leverkusen can pull it off in the end?> A bit too early to say after 12 matches. Although right now it does seem only the mighty Bayern can follow them. On the <chess> side, OSG has a monster team ...
Dec-01-23 Aronian vs Dominguez Perez, 2023
Sergio X Garcia: Standings tied for last round. Berlin defense safe dry play. Try 20.Bxh6 sacrifice for small dynamics. Caruana won last round and the tournament.
Dec-01-23 Jeremy Lim
HeMateMe: Tiger woods back on the links. I think he finished+3 in a mid level tournament.
Dec-01-23 Caruana vs Rapport, 2023
PawnSac: < After 11. ..Na6 > [DIAGRAM] Black would like to push c6-c5 as a timely pawn break, which white should restrain. White can restrain the break with moves such as Be3, Rac1, Na4, and so on. Yet in this position Fabiano played < ...
Dec-01-23 Dimitri Komarov
Korora: <stoy> Eeeyup.
Dec-01-23 Biographer Bistro
WilhelmThe2nd: <Chessist> Thanks for clearing up the confusion about the Janowski-Mieses game. The source I found it in clearly described it as being played in round 15 of the tournament. I did look through later columns to see if a ...
Dec-01-23 Magnus Carlsen
eternaloptimist: Happy 33rd birthday to the guy who could b the greatest chess player of all time…Magnus Carlsen!!
Dec-01-23 Lasker vs Serrano, 1893
jnpope: I'm away from my archives and library until Monday. I got notification of the emails but I won't be able to dive into them until my return. If someone doesn't answer your question regarding Whyld's book I'll post the answer Monday once I ...
Dec-01-23 B Wexler vs R G Wade, 1960
Honza Cervenka: 10...h6, 11...c4 and 13...Qc7 were inaccuracies which gave white decisive initiative. 13...Qe8 would have been better, in the 10th or 11th move Be6 was a better option.
Dec-01-23 Eliskases vs A Foguelman, 1960
Honza Cervenka: 29.b4 axb4 30.Na6 and 31.Bd1 were better options. Black played the ending very well.
Nov-30-23 H Rossetto vs F Olafsson, 1960
Honza Cervenka: 22.Rf2 and 31.g3 were mistakes giving black decisive advantage. Olafsson played this game very well.
Nov-30-23 R G Wade vs Pachman, 1960
Honza Cervenka: 18.Ne5 was a slip leading to the loss of Pawn, and a bit later black by little combination won another one. The rest was just a matter of technique.
Nov-30-23 O Bazan vs Uhlmann, 1960
Honza Cervenka: Pretty demolition of French Defense and good scalp for señor Bazán.
Nov-30-23 M Czerniak vs Capablanca, 1939
jerseybob: <offramp:....all the Rétis look on in the background.(Or maybe the Dancing Itos?) Fritz reckons that 20...Qb6 might have been better, and that 24...Nef3+ might have won.> Both suggestions look credible to me, but I'm sure ...
Nov-30-23 Gligoric vs B Wexler, 1960
Honza Cervenka: Trade of dark square Bishop just weakened black's position and Gligoric exploited it with great efficiency.
Nov-30-23 Szabo vs H Rossetto, 1960
Honza Cervenka: Smooth and linear win by Szabo. Black was under pressure from the opening and never got a chance to equalize the game.
Nov-30-23 London Chess Classic (2023)
MissScarlett: They finally remembered to make the pairings:
Nov-30-23 I Cheparinov vs Niemann, 2023
Lassannn: 20 ...Bd5 looks suspicious to me. That's the whole point behind 15 ...Bxf2 and it doesn't look like a move any human would play.
Nov-30-23 Niemann vs A Woodward, 2023
MissScarlett: <I've been analyzing Niemann's recent games and although this is not proof, I have very a strong suspicion that he cheated in the Tournament of Peace.> Yeah, Are there games from the US Champs or Isle of Man you ...
Nov-30-23 Guenther Jan Ballon
Granny O Doul: It is Ballon!
Nov-30-23 Andrew P H Kinsman
Granny O Doul: @Dustin J.--or at least, they're related. (I love this modern age)
Nov-30-23 Hans Niemann
MissScarlett: A man resembling Maxim Dlugy was reportedly seen at Zagreb Airport.
Nov-30-23 B Socko vs Svidler, 2019
nikonoel: Got this one without too much effort - easy for a Thursday!
Nov-30-23 Laurent Fressinet
macer75: <hashtag: FIDE Grand Prix Berlin (2022) #Justice4Fressinet> What happened?
Nov-30-23 Hikaru Nakamura
perfidious: That site should notify <AJ> of their findings.
Nov-30-23 Motylev vs Z Kozul, 2023
fredthebear: There isn't one. This game isn't close to being over.
Nov-30-23 G Hertneck vs Y Gruenfeld, 1987
fredthebear: An alternative possibility was 43.RxNe8 Qd1+ 44.Bf1 QxBf1#. Otherwise, 43.QxRf4 is tempting. Regardless, Black has this one in the bag.
Nov-30-23 F Rhine vs S Nagle, 1997
FSR: <Messiah: . . . What...?! Is <chrisowen> capable of writing something that makes sense?> I too was shocked.
Nov-30-23 D Gormally vs S Badacsonyi, 2023
offramp: The last round 5 out of 5. Daniel Gormally had forewarned the owners of the Spa that he was obliged to take his gyrocopter to the Isle of Man immediately after the game after his sauna. GM Gormally blitzed out moves at blitz speed, like ...
Nov-30-23 Caruana vs So, 2023
Saniyat24: Soapy Bubbles...!
Nov-30-23 P Large vs D Gormally, 2023
offramp: Round 4 out of 5. These two pretty heavyweights: W Elo 2248, Black 2443. Both players tried everything to get any advantage, but the spectators gasped when nothing happened. Draw.
Nov-30-23 N Alldritt vs D Gormally, 2023
offramp: Round 2. GM Gormally had a 2443 Elo. White had a great Elo: 1999, like that programme <Space:1999> with Salo Landau . The two players fought toe to toe, but it was not very exciting. Here is the final position. [DIAGRAM] That ...
Nov-30-23 Niemann vs I Sokolov, 2023
EvanTheTerrible: Don't read his most recent tweet, it will only confirm your theory.
Nov-30-23 S D Brown vs Nunn, 1980
John Saunders: Yes, 2-9.
Nov-30-23 Nigel Birtwistle
Nosnibor: I played him in a County Match 9th December 1995 between Lincolnshire and Leicestershire. This was at board 5 and he played the Reti Opening and I responded with the Lasker Defence. The game was drawn after 35 moves.
Nov-30-23 D Gormally vs B Fellowes, 2023
offramp: <WORTH MAKES THE MAN AND WANT OF IT THE FELLOW THE REST IS ALL BUT LEATHER OR PRUNELLA.> This is from round 3. White Elo 2443, Black 1759, a year from the 7-Years War. White had won the opening skirmish, but Black could have set ...
Nov-30-23 C Guimard vs Taimanov, 1960
Honza Cervenka: After early trade of Queens when black played naturally looking 13...Nc6(?) who would have guessed that black will be annihilated in just ten next moves? 13...d6 was correct and 16...Kg7 would have been a lesser evil.
Nov-30-23 F Rhine vs K Czerniecki, 1986
FSR: This was the final Gompers Park Fall Championship. I swept it 5-0, giving me my second championship and bringing my rating back above 2200. The club, which met on Friday nights at the clubhouse of Gompers Park on the Northwest Side of ...
Nov-30-23 A Ivanov vs F Rhine, 1998
Messiah: I'm not impressed!
Nov-30-23 Uhlmann vs C Guimard, 1960
fredthebear: It's not often to see the Dutch Defense have nearly full control of the center. Carlos Guimard became a GM in 1960.
Nov-30-23 F Rhine vs NN, 2010
fredthebear: That is often the case with NN.
Nov-30-23 Giri vs Caruana, 2023
fredthebear: Giri had a reason not to win -- something about the rating point system. Both players were aware of this beforehand.
Nov-30-23 R C Griffith vs R C MacDonald, 1924
stone free or die: <<Alan> Still looking.> I consider myself rather tenacious, but I see I might have some competition in this department! Anyways, Tim Harding is online and invites email, have you considered contacting him directly? ...
Nov-30-23 Rapport vs Aronian, 2023
fredthebear: This appears to be the first time Rapport has played the Italian Four Knights. His horses were wonky, but his position was generally OK. Neither color spent much time beyond midfield.
Nov-30-23 Macieja vs Anand, 2004
plang: Anand was critical of 6..g6?! recommending 6..dxe, 6..c5 and 6..Qd8 as alternatives. 9..b6 was played in Speelman-Brynall Copenhagen 1996 where White went on to win; 9..Nd7 was new though, after the game, Anand thought Brynell's move was ...
Nov-30-23 Capablanca vs Leede / Korkus, 1915
FSR: Nice game by Horst and Edwin, though they blew the win and had to be given it again by Capablanca. 49...Kd4! would have been crushing. If you have the choice between a centralizing move and a non-centralizing move, the centralizing move is ...
Nov-30-23 J Noa vs Winawer, 1883
Messiah: 'To Win A War'
Nov-30-23 J Mortimer vs Winawer, 1883
Messiah: <keypusher: I have read that Mortimer's 4. e5 was condemmed as a positional blunder in the tournament book. Can anyone confirm that?> I also confirm that you read that.
Nov-30-23 So vs Nepomniachtchi, 2023
Messiah: Equally eventful and dull game.
Nov-30-23 Dominguez Perez vs Vachier-Lagrave, 2023
Messiah: Excellent preparation by MVL!
Nov-30-23 Vladimir Kramnik
sakredkow:'s response to Kramnik's accusations (and I think they were accusations) pretty much puts Kramnik into the Emily Litella corner: "Never mind!" Kramnik should drop it now. It's much better to think of him for his great chess ...
Nov-30-23 Doll
perfidious: Fiona Steil-Antoni .
Nov-30-23 E Rosen vs K Kiewra, 2019
fredthebear: IM Rosen launches his kingside pawns with little success and manages to escape with a draw after being invaded. See the diagram after 25.f5?! [DIAGRAM]
Nov-30-23 Scarborough Open (2023)
offramp: OK I've seen AIM as Arena International Master.
Nov-30-23 J Sequera vs J Werle, 2008
fredthebear: 10.N3h2? certainly seems out-of-play, particularly in preparation for 11.d4. Instead, 10.Ng3 was expected. The knights are kept off-balance thereafter and White suffers a miserable finish. This was an IM facing a GM.
Nov-30-23 Lindberg vs E Schiller, 1983
chrisowen: I'm gobble its puff journey its hur Rxh4 abridge its lag coffin abe its leeway dub choose its bubble its bevvy its Rxh4 its edict;
Nov-30-23 V Iordachescu vs M Lagarde, 2023
DrDaveExeter: Nice commentary on YouTube from Krush about move 31
Nov-30-23 Hodgson vs Gavrikov, 1987
fredthebear: Get the Queen in close! White could've lasted awhile longer with 38.b3.
Nov-30-23 J Franzen vs G Timoscenko, 1972
Straclonoor: [DIAGRAM] This ending appears after 36th (!) white's move. It tablebase won for black and very instructive to see how to win. <36....Be6??> - mistake. Black had three moves to win - 36....Bb1, 36....Be4 and 36....Kf7 36....Bb1 ...
Nov-30-23 D Sahovic vs K Bischoff, 1988
Straclonoor: Quite interesting pawn ending appeared in the game [DIAGRAM] White to move, but black should been win it. Analysis by Stockfish dev-20231105-442c294a: 1. -+ (-#31): 37.b4 b5 38.Ke4 d5+ 39.Kd4 Kd6 40.a3 Ke6 41.Kd3 Kf5 42.Kd4 Kf4 ...
Nov-30-23 F Sideifzade vs D Kayumov, 1975
Straclonoor: [DIAGRAM] SF suggests here 22....e5 and 22....h3 as more powerful continuations. Analysis by Stockfish 070222: 1. -+ (-5.67): 22...e5 23.Bxd6 Bxd6 24.h3 Nh6 25.Ra1 Bb4 26.Qxg6 fxg6 27.Reb1 Ba5 28.Ne3 Nf7 29.Nd5 g5 30.Ra2 Rdd8 31.b6 ...
Nov-30-23 J B Bjerre vs Carlsen, 2023
fredthebear: EC video analysis:
Nov-30-23 Carlsen vs R Haria, 2023
fredthebear: The knight sacrifice for two pawns 27...Nxe5 was a real stretch and Carlsen responds accordingly. 17...Qc7 pressuring e5 would have kept Black in the game.
Nov-30-23 Nepomniachtchi vs Firouzja, 2023
fredthebear: Video explanation from GM Peter Svidler:
Nov-30-23 Niemann vs Ivanchuk, 2023
fredthebear: Video analysis by Robert Ris:
Nov-30-23 Hodgson vs Lputian, 1987
WTHarvey: Black mates in 4. [DIAGRAM] 30. ... ?
Nov-30-23 Jobava vs D Bocharov, 2003
phantasmagorium: Resigning after 22. Bxa2? Why so fast? Black's position may be poor, but I guess well over 90% of all players will play on. White still has to show his skill to actually win from this position (though for a strong GM like ...
Nov-30-23 Firouzja vs Caruana, 2023
fredthebear: There is some reaction and an evaluation bar in this video: It's interesting when White leaves the book that Black starts making mistakes but nothing serious enough to be promptly punished for.
Nov-30-23 Motylev vs Niemann, 2023
fredthebear: Robert Ris analysis:
Nov-30-23 I Cheparinov vs I Sokolov, 2023
HeMateMe: well, that was easy!
Nov-30-23 B Lopez vs A Barahona, 1999
fredthebear: 6.Bb5 is supposed to be playable, but it scores poorly for White in this database. It's hard to pass on 6.Bf1 +1.21.
Nov-30-23 Tal vs G Uusi, 1956
FSR: Tal Order.
Nov-30-23 T Gareyev vs B Jacobson, 2018
fredthebear: This bishop pair rules again.
Nov-30-23 Paloma Gutierrez Castillo
perfidious: Paloma blanca.
Nov-30-23 G A Paloma vs M F Shimwa, 2014
perfidious: A pun comes to mind, but this game is quite unimpressive; best saved for another.
Nov-30-23 H A Cadman vs E M Holloway, 1929
fredthebear: I'm sorry but Edith's picture looks like George Washington in a dress.
Nov-30-23 K Rogoff vs Reshevsky, 1974
fredthebear: Unusual lines typically work well against poorly prepared opponents that don't know much opening theory.
Nov-30-23 L Jancev vs Karpov, 1976
Honza Cervenka: 16.b5 looks like a mistake, which caused white's fall in this game. 16.Ba6 Rc7 17.Qd2 would have been better. 21.Kg2 and 22.Kf1 just quickened the inevitable end.
Nov-30-23 Y Hou vs Karpov, 2010
Jonathan Sarfati: Yet another Karpov win with opposite-coloured Bishops.
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