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Oct-03-22 B Jacobson vs Niemann, 2019
fredthebear: Once again, perd did not explain what was so splendid about it. "Lazy. Do better." "Specificity, please."
Oct-03-22 Mishra vs Niemann, 2020
fredthebear: Contrived? It's obvious who's statement is contrived. Clearly perfidious does not understand the decision-making in this game. Play through the games before you comment on them. Watch the links and learn something. You don't have to ...
Oct-03-22 U.S. Championship (2022)
Fish55: The broadcast delay should have been standard procedure well before this year.
Oct-03-22 Ivkov vs Larsen, 1964
jerseybob: By transposition after 12.0-0-0 the position is identical with Fischer-Purevzhav Varna 1962, where Purevzhav played 12..Bd7. Larsen's 12..Nxb3+ doesn't get a full test here since Ivkov quickly goes off the tracks with 14.Na4!?
Oct-03-22 S Quigley vs N J Patterson, 1978
rwbean: 13... ♕c7 is about even as Black can push the White ♘ back with ...f6, but after the game move 13... ♘xe5? White has an open f-file to attack along - both ♖s come out there - and a ♙ on e5 and Black gets steamrolled. He chose ...
Oct-03-22 Hans Moke Niemann
MissScarlett: If his real strength is 2500 that will make him the lowest rated player in the US Championship field of 14.
Oct-03-22 N J Patterson vs Hodgson, 1977
rwbean: 16. ♘e4?? is a huge blunder losing immediately, 16. ♘xd5 would be even 17... ♘b4 already -6 for White 18... ♔h8! 19. ♘e4 ♘bd3 is -9 ... White's b2 ♗ is unprotected 19... ♕d6! 20. ♗e5 ...
Oct-03-22 P Cruz Lledo vs Santiago Talavera Garcia, 2007
chrisowen: Muddle ar White dare of the hog no?
Oct-03-22 Nikita Meshkovs
nok: "let him play naked in a faraday cage" U.S. Championship (2022) (kibitz #2)
Oct-03-22 Kenneth Rogoff
HeMateMe: Markets are way up today. Must be a response to England not changing their fiscal policy
Oct-03-22 Kasparov vs Firouzja, 2022
Cheapo by the Dozen: 2 pawns vs. the exchange shouldn't have been so bad, but Kasparov didn't make his bishop relevant. Perhaps he should have snatched a third pawn around Move 24, if he was going to try to turtle up anyway.
Oct-03-22 Pillsbury vs Lasker, 1896
Ulhumbrus: <WhiteRook48: 26...QD7 27 Qxf5 Rf8 where's the win?> With Black's king deprived of flight squares White checks him on the diagonal h5-e8 by 28 Qg6+ Rf7 29 Qxf7 mate or by 28 Qh5+ Rf7 29 Qxf7 mate.
Oct-03-22 Mariano Sana
Fusilli: <areknames> That's right.
Oct-03-22 Morozevich vs M Roiz, 2011
Messiah: <OhioChessFan: Excellent pun.> Terrible pun, but Moro's technique is excellent.
Oct-03-22 Botvinnik vs Smyslov, 1964
HeMateMe: white will mate with R-h4+.
Oct-03-22 Y Zelinsky vs A Lipiridi, 1986
beatgiant: <ughaibu> < I don't understand why black gave up the knight with 38...Qd6(?)> If not for the mating net, Black expects to win back the bishop with ...b2. If White doesn't find 46. Rxg6+, it's hard to close the net. On 46. ...
Oct-03-22 William Fraser
MissScarlett: Hold your horses - we have the game already: C Stanley vs NN, 1841 The date of 1841 is based on its appearance in the <CPC> of that year. The opponent <F> could be Fraser. But better documentation than ...
Oct-03-22 Kolisch vs G B Fraser, 1860
marcelete: Another game from match? Kolisch vs. GB Fraser played in 1860. The source is . Best wishes and enjoy it, chessfriends!. Valencia, Spain [Event "Great Britain"] [Site "Great Britain"] [Date "1860.??.??"] ...
Oct-03-22 Biographer Bistro
zanzibar: <Jean Defuse> do we have a source for that info? I'm pretty sure I spotted "K. Lepge" a few times in the contemporaneous chess literature.
Oct-03-22 Steinitz vs Lasker, 1896
Chessical: "THE LASKER-STEINITZ CHESS MATCH. (Through Reuters Agent.) MOSCOW, Dec. 10. The ninth game in the Lasker-Steinitz Chess Match was played today and resulted in a draw at the thirty-fourth move. The ninth game arrived last night. If it ...
Oct-03-22 V Gagarin vs I Popov, 2007
Fusilli: <Korora> Indeed! Considering his mistakes happened in the course of four or five consecutive moves, the pun is apt.
Oct-03-22 Sevian vs Vachier-Lagrave, 2022
HeMateMe: 29.RxP+! Go Sammy!
Oct-03-22 Estrin vs V Palciauskas, 1978
Cheapo by the Dozen: Hmm. I do have an Evans-only pun, since the game introduced new Evans Gambit theory. Tinkering With Evans' Chance These are the saddest of possible words: "Tinker to Evers to Chance." Trio of bear cubs, and fleeter than ...
Oct-03-22 S Sjugirov vs I Iljiushenok, 2022
HeMateMe: Quite an attack! Was the opening sound? White is very exposed but never seems to lose the initiative.
Oct-03-22 Kibitzer's Café
cormier: Monday of the Twenty-seventh Week in Ordinary Time <<<<<<<Lectionary: 461 Reading 1 GAL 1:6-12 Brothers and sisters: I am amazed that you are so quickly forsaking the one ...
Oct-03-22 Julius Baer Generation Cup (2022)
Chessius the Messius: Good old Al Heinek.
Oct-03-22 Keene vs P N Lee, 1970
Retireborn: My first thought was that 19.Rf2 with ideas of Rc2 or Rd2 must be at least as good. After 19.Bd4 the main line as constructed by Houdini seems to be 19...Bxf1 20.Bxf1 Be5 21.Rc1 Qb7 22.Bxe5 dxe5 23.Nf6+ Kf7 24.Nxe8+ Rxe8. Is this ...
Oct-03-22 V Belov vs K Sek, 2009
Saniyat24: "O My Beloved, I Am Seeking You"...!
Oct-03-22 Leong Mun Wan vs M Simonet, 2004
WTHarvey: Black mates in 3. [DIAGRAM] 28. ... ? 29.♔h1 ♖xf1+
Oct-03-22 M Mkrtchyan vs T Gareyev, 2019
Saniyat24: 37...Rbc3!!
Oct-03-22 T Kantans vs Illescas Cordoba, 2014
syracrophy: The studies composer, Steffen Nielsen (the recent World Champion of composition btw!) offered his own study inspired by Illescas' 20...♖h1+!! decoy. Actually, Nielsen's artistry made it possible to show both White & Black (!!) ...
Oct-03-22 Y Teplitsky vs Van Huy Nguyen, 2004
WTHarvey: White mates in 3. [DIAGRAM] 28. ? 28...♔h7 29.♗xf8+
Oct-03-22 L Gretarsdottir vs G Widmer-Babic, 2004
WTHarvey: White mates in 3. [DIAGRAM] 30. ? if 30...♔f7 31.♕xg7+ ♔e6 32.♘f4#
Oct-03-22 Carlsen vs Niemann, 2022
MissScarlett: <Stupid is also drawing definitive conclusions [...] Niema's career is over>
Oct-03-22 Tomashevsky vs A Suleymanli, 2022
HeMateMe: It's a tough endgame when you don't have any pawns left...
Oct-03-22 Jose Gabriel Cardoso Cardoso
BIDMONFA: Jose Gabriel Cardoso Cardoso CARDOSO, José G. _
Oct-03-22 Jeremy Lim
HeMateMe: Hank Aaron is still the career leader in home runs.
Oct-03-22 Iskov vs M Bartrina, 1974
FSR: Heh. I was the one who beat me to it. One forgets after nine years.
Oct-03-22 Magnus Carlsen
DanLanglois: It seems to me that Magnus definitely acted in a disgraceful and spiteful manner, such that much much better is expected from Magnus. It's also disappointing how so many people have concluded Hans cheated. Magnus just had a bad game. ...
Oct-03-22 I Zakharevich vs Vasiukov, 1996
Straclonoor: [DIAGRAM] Tablebase draw here. Wrong color bishop case.
Oct-03-22 Chekhov vs L Zaid, 1974
Straclonoor: [DIAGRAM] Very instructive pawn ending. Of course it won for black and Leonid D Zaid played perfectly!
Oct-03-22 V Zhelnin vs A Belozerov, 1994
Straclonoor: [DIAGRAM] Black could obtain more advantage by 38....h6 or 38....Rf5 Analysis by Stockfish 070222: 1. -+ (-10.38): 38...h6 39.Qg1 Bf3 40.Bxd4 Bxe2 41.b5 axb5 42.Bxe5 Bf3 43.Rf1 Be4 44.Qd4 Rd7 45.Bd6 Bf5 46.Qb2 b4 47.Be5 Kh7 48.a6 ...
Oct-03-22 A Accouche vs Shamel Howell, 2008
Korora: "Who's a silly pony? You're a silly pony..."
Oct-03-22 L Eisenberg vs Pillsbury, 1902
KEG: Post III 18... Qf6 19. Re3 [DIAGRAM] 19... Rfe8 The Tournament Book claimed that Pillsbury here "[threw] away a probably draw," and suggested 19...Ne5 as best. This is bonkers. There was nothing wrong with the text and it had nothing to ...
Oct-03-22 D Gurevich vs D H Levin, 1985
FM David H. Levin: <kbob: Gurevich got away with an unsound opening. Much better for black is 16. ... c4! so that a subsequent Qb6 would come with check. White would probably have to play 17. Nxd6 for very dubious compensation> I can't ...
Oct-03-22 E Vasta vs Najdorf, 1972
The Automaton: En la posición final, donde el negro está perdido. Según palabras de Eduardo Vasta, Najdorf tira las piezas del tablero, le da la mano y le dice “muy bien pibe, hiciste tablas con Najdorf” y firma la planilla. ...
Oct-03-22 P Damiano vs NN, 1497
Ziryab: I’d like to see a copy of Mário Silva Araújo’s text. Was it a published book. A self-published pamphlet? Something else? The version presented here differs from the one he presented as played in his interview with ChessBase in 2009. ...
Oct-03-22 Greco vs NN, 1620
Ziryab: The ideas in this game are found in Lucena and the Göttingen MS, both of which likely precede Pedro Damiano. Greco likely copied it from Polerio, who sought to improve on analysis he knew from Damiano’s published text, where the move ...
Oct-02-22 Botvinnik vs Smyslov, 1957
jerseybob: <An Englishman:.. I think 35.g4 might have been the losing move, although it's hard to be certain.> It was a blunder for sure. If the white king could've remained on g4 to enforce a future h5 it might have some merit, but 36..f4+!
Oct-02-22 M Ortega Amarelle vs G Kaloust, 2022
Breunor: According to Soltis, 22 … Re5! wins for black. Computer confirms. But after 23 dxe7 white has a win. 23 … Re8 24 Rad1! Rxe7 Rxd3. 23 …. Bxe2 24. Rfd1 Bxd1 25 Rfd1
Oct-02-22 Kramnik vs N Sarin, 2022
MissScarlett: <Nihal Sarin Flags Kramnik> Granted, this was played with a 2 second increment, but I thought Kramnik's standards were too high for this sort of thing: Vladimir Kramnik (kibitz #42520) ...
Oct-02-22 Nihal Sarin
Saniyat24: Why isn't it Nihal Sarin? you don't say, Kramnik Vladimir, Carlsen Magnus, or Caruana Fabiano...!
Oct-02-22 Global Championship (2022)
0ZeR0: It's 15 minutes with a 2 second increment (according to the description above the games) which would explain the number of wins.
Oct-02-22 Kashdan vs S T Sharp, 1926
FSR: The maxim LPDO ("Loose Pieces Drop Off") didn't exist in 1926, but this is a nice example of it. The loser, Isaac Kashdan, was only 20 at the time, but according to Chessmetrics would go on to become the second best player in the world less ...
Oct-02-22 Niemann vs H S Gretarsson, 2022
diceman: <FSR: Does that mean they both cheated?!> Yes, but Gretarsson didn't just beat Magnus.
Oct-02-22 Sigmund Wolk
FSR: <ZoboBear 000000001> In that case, FIDE's policy of recycling ID numbers makes a lot more sense.
Oct-02-22 Euwe vs Alekhine, 1937
the british: ....i would have pr�f�r�d n...Nb6 sooner thats all ромолос
Oct-02-22 Onischuk vs Iturrizaga Bonelli, 2013
FSR: <beatgiant> You're right. That is a strange and to my mind unfortunate feature, since the pun might be better suited to the second game than it was to the first.
Oct-02-22 P Poutiainen vs Timman, 1975
King.Arthur.Brazil: The King investigated the line 27. ♖e6?! fxe6 28. ♗xg6 hxg6 29. ♕xg6+ ♔f8 30. ♘xe6# or 29...♔h8 30. ♘f7#. Well, it seems good, if Black accept all the sacrifices. However, the simple ...
Oct-02-22 V Gagarin vs D Dragicevic, 2005
Fusilli: Position after 27.Bf4 [DIAGRAM] What is the best word to describe white's advantage? I am out of words.
Oct-02-22 Donovan van den Heever
Eastfrisian: Since 2014 he is an IM.
Oct-02-22 G Kluger vs J Szily, 1952
Cheapo by the Dozen: Since "klug" means "clever", the pun writes itself.
Oct-02-22 H Platz vs J Szily, 1952
Cheapo by the Dozen: Black was much too cooperative with White's trap. Szily of him.
Oct-02-22 Korchnoi vs Biritcher, 1974
technical draw: <Scuvy> Thanks for that info. I've had longer waits for replies.
Oct-02-22 J Stupica vs S Cvetkovic, 1969
perfidious: Unfortunate indeed.
Oct-02-22 Edmund MacDonald
Sally Simpson: Some good information to flesh out a bio on this lad, Edmund MacDonald here.
Oct-02-22 I Saren vs P Poutiainen, 1976
Chessius the Messius: White just does not like b-pawns. 14. Nxb5 is also plausible.
Oct-02-22 Kramnik vs V Malaniuk, 1994
MissScarlett: Kramnik's famous red jacket: Saw him wearing this at the 1994 London PCA event.
Oct-02-22 Vladimir Kramnik
fabelhaft: Kramnik is at the moment playing a rapid/blitz tournament in Moscow, together with Karjakin, Morozevich, Radjabov, Artemiev etc. Lagno is playing while her husband Grischuk has withdrawn.
Oct-02-22 N Yakubboev vs I Iljiushenok, 2022
perfidious: Speaking of pretty play from this opening: Ljubojevic vs Makarichev, 1975 .
Oct-02-22 21st Anatoly Karpov (2022)
HeMateMe: Armenia should have a Petrosian memorial tournament with <no> russians invited.
Oct-02-22 S Knight vs V Georgiev, 2008
HeMateMe: helluva attack!
Oct-02-22 Anton Smirnov
optimal play: Even Anton has weighed in on the chess cheating scandal. <Australia's top-ranked chess player is 21-year-old Anton Smirnov. He was made a grandmaster at 16 years of age. He said the cheating ...
Oct-02-22 E Fernandez Aguado vs D Flores, 2006
Saniyat24: Argentinian Diego/gave the Scandi in Andorra a go/In 36 moves resigned/ his opponent named Aguado...!
Oct-02-22 G Okladnikov vs A Spirin, 2001
perfidious: Wrong piece; Black would have done better to place his bishop on g4 instead, as in the game S Mariotti vs Smejkal, 1977 , though White's play in the latter tilt could certainly have been improved.
Oct-02-22 Alexey Spirin
perfidious: Playing him could cure a 2700-level headache.
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