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Member since Sep-13-07
Elo 2316 .
"Play the board AND the man ! ".
But mostly the board.
Was born in Elsinore,Denmark,1953.And I am still proud of it.As I hope everyone is proud of hers/his startingpoint.

In many aspects life and chess do mirror each other IM experience.As science and belief goes hand in hand.So many "rules of thumbs" and many "exceptions" from the rule. I do agree with Bent Larsen who once said that someone who cannot contain a paradoxe is not using the full capacity of his brain.Actually I am convinced that there are no parodoxes,but perspectives which are more bright or flexible than others...

Though some obviously are borned under more easygoing circumstances than others,I will second our esteemed fellowkibitzer <zarg> who underlines that "luck" is also somehing that we create ourselves. Ourselves,but also together IM experience.
I try to live my life as if Jesus or Buddha knocked on the door , I would wellcome them as friends . And if they didn´t show up, it would be fine anyway. Full Member
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   Nov-26-22 petemcd85 chessforum (replies)
moronovich: No doubt <ftb> is not this innocent victim he loves to portray. <perfidious> is right.
   Nov-26-22 moronovich chessforum
moronovich: Thank you <virginmind> ! Unfortunately we played a fine game, but lost deservedly to a french which was just a bit better. A draw would have netted me a 200 euro profit. But no cigar ): On the sunny side : All we have to do, is beating the austrailian team and then we are ...
   Nov-26-22 R Brien vs S Boden, 1851
moronovich: It is just like the former orange clown on Capital Hell. Always the victim. Always whining.
   Nov-25-22 P Lalic vs M Grigoryan, 2022 (replies)
moronovich: Great game to play through and thanks for you comments <Peter> !
   Nov-25-22 Kenneth Rogoff (replies)
moronovich: <He lived in New York almost his whole life and has long been famous there, but he couldn't get elected dogcatcher in New York City or State.> But USA would most likely have been a better place, if he had served as a dogcatcher. A profession which would have suited his ...
   Nov-23-22 Petrov vs R Grau, 1939
moronovich: You simply has no respect here <fred>.
   Nov-23-22 A van den Hoek vs Euwe, 1942 (replies)
moronovich: <perfidious> You can not make a mule run like a real horse.
   Nov-18-22 Polgar vs L Gutman, 1987
moronovich: Some people can´t help but embearass themselves. Next is running to Peterepete.
   Nov-17-22 Fusilli chessforum (replies)
moronovich: - Qg1+!! followed by f2+,fxRe1=Q plus RxBf1 mate.
   Nov-17-22 Meltwater Champions Chess Tour Finals (2022) (replies)
moronovich: Well put, Mr. <Atterdag> !
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Kibitzer's Corner
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Premium Chessgames Member
  Teyss: Hi moronovich, I'm French which explains the English mistakes (my accent is even worse) but also lived in the US and Netherlands. If you visit France one day feel free to ask for advice, I lived in different parts.

Thanks for the great advice on how to draw a personal game. I'll especially use "1: Play a little stupid, eventually paired with hearingproblems" (although for the first part don't need to play) and "5. Tell here there is always a slight chance she may be right about something" (Fischer: you have to give squares to get squares). "7.Listen carefully to what she says, despite the whole fort is shaking" is beyond my abilities.

Take care.

Premium Chessgames Member
  moronovich: Good evening, <Teyss> !

So you are french !? And your english is just fine ! See you have been around. For professionel reasons, or ?

I am almost 70, but have also been around.As in the period from 72 to 91 I was many times in France. With friends and on my own. Often on the thumb, hitchiking, which was a tremendous pleasure. Sometimes working with "Emmaüs" les chifoniers de l´Abbé Pierre.

Those were indeed the days and now I have been retired for some years and have a fine life, though restricted by some bodyissues.

Take care you too and enjoy.

Et tu a reason : Il faut donner des points, pour recevoir de points. Comme dans une marriage ;)

Premium Chessgames Member
  Teyss: Hi moronovich,

Thanks for the compliment but when reading the fine English of some users here I feel there is a long way to go. My compliments to you on your French, by far better than my Danish (just learned 20-ish words to get by and be polite).

US was a family move, I was a teenager, Netherlands was professional.

Emmaüs, that's a fine institution with a good cause. L'Abbé Pierre is still a very popular figure here despite being gone for so long now.

Sorry to hear about your health issues, hope it's not too serious. In any case enjoy your retirement (still working on my side :( )

Marriage = Chess, that's worth meditating about. Wonder which I am lousiest at managing strategically.

Held og lykke (hope this is correct ;)

Premium Chessgames Member
  moronovich: Bon jour <Teyss>, Ca va !?

Held og lykke is indeed correct ;)

And I am glad to hear that Abbé Pierre is still a very popular figure. I had the honour to work with him for 1½ day in Paris, back in 72 and met him on several occasions. He was a hell (sorry Abbé;) of a driver in the traffic of Paris ;).

So what is your profession if I may ask ?

Here we are waiting for the heatwawe supposed to hit in the weekend. And I dont like it ! Patience, patience and patience.

Quite an upset with the winners from Uzbekistan, n´est pas !?

Take care and enjoy !

Premium Chessgames Member
  Teyss: Hi moronovich,

Sorry for the delayed answer, just saw your post.

Wow, you met THE Abbé Pierre, that's unique. ("Hell of", good one.) Apparently he was a very friendly fellow. Sounds obvious but sometimes there are surprises.

I work in management control (if you don't know what it is, it's basically people who are not smart enough and/or too lazy te be accountants). Also have a side activity as Aikido teacher but doesn't pay much.

How about you, what were you doing before retiring in Helsingør (if you're still there)? Heatwave in Denmark, that's around 20 degrees, right? ;) Just teasing, we had fine weather there in June actually.

Uzbekistan, yes, quite unexpected. Was interesting to follow the tournament.

Take care.

Premium Chessgames Member
  moronovich: Hi <Teyss> !

Good to hear from you.

Oh yes indeed it was an unique experience to meet Abbé in person. And on top of that working with him for 1 ½ days.

I am retired since around 2010 and living north of Århus, our second largest city in DK. A fine and quite place in a great house we both worship.

Since I started I worked a year on 3 ships, one going to the Far East. Having several minor jobs "everywhere". Studied philosophy one year in 76-77, but the world of books was never me (except from chess litterature;) and started a lot of travelling. Mainly hitchhiking and then in 85 doing groups for self developement in around 10 years, till I found my wife and then started to work for a green organisation, trying to avoid the deforestating of the rainforest....Well, that was almost my life in 5 minuttes !

I tried to google your profession, management control, but I am not all sure what it means, but guessing it is something like "damage control", when there is a problem with the human coordination in a company. Ou ?

Aikido teacher sounds great and I could imagine it gives you a lot of satisfaction, though not so much money !?

My son took pleasure in practising it way bak in the 80ies, while his dad did something simular to tai chi.

All my best wishes to you and your place in good old France. Il faut dire bon jour et merci de moi, s.v.p.

Premium Chessgames Member
  Teyss: Hi moronovich,

Sounds like a well-filled, interesting and ethical life, congratulations. It's good to see people like you on this site unlike some of the odd conspiracists, if you see what I mean (thankfully they are rare).

Århus, we liked a lot. Especially the atmosphere, Den gamle by and outside of town Moesgård museum.

Management control is analysing (not producing as accountants) financial results in a company, also called commercial finance but the latter term can designate different things.

Aikido yes it's more a hobby than a job. Some principles are close to Tai Chi actually.

All the best.

PS: I like your avatar picture. The name, is it a play on words on Morozevich or something else?

Premium Chessgames Member
  moronovich: Good evening dear <virginmind> !

So so sorry to have been so long before answering you. But I Have been occupied with a quite irritated colon, which fortunately is better.For now, and fingers crossed ! And my sister has been on a 3 day visit from Kentucky USA and we have been busy preparing a little of this and a little of that... So when it all felt into succes, as it actually was, we were all very delighted. Shen is a brave woman and it is a special treat to see her and Hannah bond, as if they have known each other their whole lives !

And I was very pleased that we could share many of our childhood memories. She will be back around springtime 2023, which we already are looking forward to !

Meanwhile there is another bicylerace starting up. The "Vuelta"in Spain. 3 weeks in bicycle heaven for me !

And you ? How are you doing ? And after the operation ? I sincerely hope you have made the expected progress, but please let me know.

Summer is coming to an end here and in a couple of weeks it will be time for the early autum. Time flies my friend...

So all the best to you and your endavours !

Many hugs to both you and Maria.


Aug-28-22  virginmind: Hi my dear <moronovich>, I'm glad your health has recovered, and wish you all the best with the iritated colon - that is, no more problems. Also, it's great that you and Hannah had again the visit of your sister from the USA, and spent time together. Family reunions are full of warmth and always welcome.

As it happens, Maria and me have been to such an extended family gathering in and near Onesti a week ago. Everything went just great, only to discover, upon returning home, that we've got the virus. I was the first to notice a burst of temperature and then confirmed infection, then Maria's sister and brother in law called to tell us they've got it too, then my wife found out the same think. In the end, six persons got infected on that ocasion.

So now we're at home, me by the end of the 5th day of isolation, Maria in her second one. Maria's symptoms are/were minimum(light fever and some caugh), but I had some nasty headache the first night (more like 12 hours) along fever, then the next 2-3 days caughing, etc. Now it's better but I still have some difficulty in breathing. Such is life. It's gonna be OK. Come to think of it, we were rather lucky, if we compare to what others had to endure along the past 2 years...

I did manage to play a couple of games over the internet during the 5 day isolation, and even win one :)

And how are you? How was your weekend? Summer's about to go, as I expect is to your liking (what about Hannah?) :)

Hugs and see you around with good news.

Premium Chessgames Member
  moronovich: Good enening, my dear <virginmind > !

Good to hear from you, though I am sorry to hear about your coronasituation ): And I sincerely hope that you have gotten better the last couple of days !? So please let me know... But you sound optimistic and say it gonna be OK. My prayers go to yours and Marias health too.

Here my very irritated coln is so and so, but signs of improvement too. I am patient and in a waitingposition, after doing all the right things, concerning food, sleeping, motion and so on.

But not much chess these day, but as you already know : bicycling make my day as for the moment the are at the Vuelta in Spain and still 2 thrilling weeks to go!. It gives me a lot of pleasure. Also to watch the great scenery of autum,late summer, passing by, right here in our marvellous house ! ;)

That was it and as always I send you all the best wishes and hopes.

Sincerely, moro.

With many hugs.

Sep-12-22  virginmind: Hi my dear, it's been taking longer than expected and still some caugh and difficulty in breathing, but I am determined to wait and see. I mean, what can you do? As about the Magnus affair, I can't say I have an opinion. Everybody's right and wrong, but as long as the flow will keep going we should be all right, as Heraclit used to put it. Well, I'm not sure if he added the last part though. I mean, he did say that if he speaks, he's in trouble, right? So why everybody expect him to speak? :)

The Ukrainians are making progress, that's a good thing. God help them. And help us all, of course.

I did play some chess, as usual with mixed results. Didn't follow la Vuelta, only caught yesterday's finish and noticed the comentators were surprised about the guy who made it first. Was he indeed an underdog? Madrid looks pretty cool.

And how about you? I do hope you're fine, health-wise. Autumn has arrived rather abruptly here. Oh, and Queen Elizabeth II has died, as we all know. May God rest her soul in peace.

Sep-20-22  virginmind: OK, Magnus is convinced that Niemann somehow got hold of his preparation. Yesterday was a spite one-move reaction, as confirmation for his other reaction in St. Louis.
Premium Chessgames Member
  moronovich: Morning my dear <virginmind> !

Sorry I have been ocupied with some body stuff and will come back later.

But for now, I´ll just say that Carlsens silence does no one a favor. It is devasting for him, Hans and the chess communité, IMO.

But we shall see and till then : I wish you the best recovery and some enjoyable moments !


Sep-20-22  virginmind: Hi my dear <moronovich>, I hope you are all right and the body stuff was a minor issue. As about Magnus, I'm about to change my mind, it's possible Niemann did not get into Carlsen's preparation. It's indeed better to let the Norwegian speak his mind, and then draw conclusions.

We might go to Sicily for a week. Hopefully the air in Taormina will help my lungs recover.

Cheers and best of luck!

Premium Chessgames Member
  moronovich: Good evening, Sir.

That sounds great with a trip to Sicily ! And it sounds like it is soon, right ?

So hopefully it will be a help to your lungs for recovery. You certainly have my prayers and best wishes. Sicily can be wonderful this time of the year- have I heard..

Best regards and wishes from me to you. Both of you.

While we are awating Carlsens answer....

Oct-04-22  virginmind: Hi, dear<moronovich>, we safely returned from Sicily a few days ago, and it was mostly fun. No bath though, not even beach time. Some very nice places visited, outdoors. It was very close to Etna volcano. Wizzair for once decided not to cancel our flight. Sicilians are nice and helpful people.

Back to Iasi, played some chess games with better results than expected of late. Now following the ECC in Austria. Not much new otherwise. I hope you're fine.
I still have no comment on Magnus incident. Time will tell and heal.


Premium Chessgames Member
  moronovich: Good evening,my dear <virginmind> !

All is well here, except from we have had a period with some stomach issues. But now it is in the past and we are enjoying the autum with all its beautifull colors and high blue sky. Which unfortunately means the bicycling season is over ): But I have managed before ;)

Glad to hear you have had some great days in good old Sicily in good company with the legendary sicilian people. Can imagine you also enjoyed their food. PASTA ! And seafood ?

But how is your health ? Some issues after the covid ? And is all well, after your operation ?

I sincerely hope so. And your improved chess (congrats !) could indicate that...

I read yesterday in a norwegian newspaper, that rumor has it, that Niemann with help from Max Dlugy and lawyers, are going to sue Carlsen ! Strange times we are living in, I would say.

That was all, but at the same time I will send you all my best wishes for the weekend which has just started and we are looking forward to a couple of days in close company with a lot of sparetime.

Hugs to you and to Maria, as well as seeing you up the road !

Oct-21-22  virginmind: Hi, my dear! What can I say, I hope you're going to get well soon. South-east Sicily was sunny (as expected), with strong light and some rain here and there. Catania dirtier than Taormina. Some nice old buildings. People we interacted with were great, with a couple of exceptions. I guess it's only natural. Yes, tagliatella and pizza. And some seafood (we had a fish market quite close to where we stayed in Taormina). Overall the same charm we found in other parts of the country. Catania looks like the smaller version of Napoli, as I hear, in both good and bad.

Magnus Carlsen, well, still no opinion on that stuff. I mean, this is getting serious, but, you know, somehow I feel like postponing the whole thing. I'll just watch and wait. Of course the American does have a case, but, you Anyway, it's not good that it all got so far. Or maybe it is?

Uhm, shortness of breath gone, also caughing (almost). No post-surgery issues for hernia. Some cardiac problems of late though - it all started by the end of July. But it's probably only temporary - I've never had heart or blood pressure issues, so I hope they are not going to start now, at 58, out of thin air...

Have an excellent weekend, both you and Hannah!

Premium Chessgames Member
  moronovich: Good evening my dear <virginmind> !

Soory for beeing so late, but have struggled with some body issues. But things are getting better (fingers crossed;) and autum has arrived i full scale.So much that it should be prewinter by now, but due to the rise in temperatures, the winter may not even arrive. But christmas certainly will ;) Which I always take delight in.

Good to hear about your succesfully trip to Italy-Sicily and how about your "winter". Are you also in to higher temperatures than normally ?

Well, not much new about the lawsuit in the Carlsen- Niemann affair, which seems to drag out for several months. Do you think Niemann (juridically spoken) has a fair chance of winning

I sincerely hope your health has improved since last time ! And how about your chess ? Do you still get a lot of satisfiction playing on the net ?

While I am on pause with bicycling. The bikes are on hold till spring and then I´ll go all in on my favourite hobby again. I simply love it. But handball, as in the ongoing championship, is not a bad substitute. Getting the less loved month of November some extra vtamines ;)

That was it.The diner is waiting to be done. Fish/heering with potatoes, while Hannah is enjoying her weekly visit to the local chorus.

Take care my friend and say hello to Maria from me and from good old Denmark !

Many hugs.

Nov-20-22  virginmind: Hallo my dear!
How have you been going on? I'm glad things are getting better with those body issues of yours. Here the condition is stable, but not bad.

Winter has abruptly arrived, this morning everything was covered in snow outside. But only 1 degree Celsius and I can hear it melting and dripping through the pipes. The big championship starts today, and a strange feeling as it's snow outside. But of course over there it should be quite hot. Good luck for Denmark in the ensuing matches! No such luck for Romania though, we didn't qualify. Come to think of it, I don't even remember the last time we did it - was it for France 1998? Something's got to change. But when? And how? Who's gonna do it? Not a great time for the Romanian football fans, I guess... Would you risk a prognostic for the final in Qatar?

Carlsen first in the last day in San Francisco, another confirmation of his good form. Great performance by Pragnanandaa, also Duda. Such a consistent pack of promising youth in the past couple of years, I wonder which one's going to actually hit (and stay in) the top 10, or 5?

Hugs for Hannah and you.

Nov-21-22  virginmind: The Carlsen-Niemann affair. Yes, I believe the American does have a fair chance of winning in court. I don't know how big that chance is, as I don't know what cards they have. If what we all know so far will stay in court, then yeah, chances are quite big for Magnus to lose. I mean, he simply knew that something was wrong, that the guy must have cheated somehow, and I think other top GMs had the same (strong) feeling. But even if we symphatise with Carlsen, this is not enough to prove your case. Niemann's performance (and add to this his behaviour) was enough to convince such a super strong player as Magnus that Hans must have done something wrong. But how can he convince the judge of this? He can't, not with the evidence available. So, if something else does not appear, other bit of information related to cheating in that game, then yeah, chances are (very) slim for Magnus to win.

Yes, I still get a lot of satisfaction playing chess over the net. Chess is a miracle, and we already discussed why. Now add the fact that one can do it anytime, (almost) anywhere, and very comfortably and with almost no resources required - we realise that it's a double miracle. But, of course, you still need to have the drive to do it. You need to love it. So far, somehow, I didn't get the slightest trace of boredom playing chess. OK, at times, I do get tired, of course. But the next day, the miracle is back.


Premium Chessgames Member
  moronovich: God evening, dear !

And thanks for your judgement upon The Neimann-Carlsen case.

Very glad to hear you still get so much out of chess ! I like the word miracle. Also because it gives great flashes to my past !

Right now waiting for USA to score ;) Still recovering from the loss to Norway yesterday in the final ;) So close, but not the final cigar ):But kudos to our brave ladies, who made it easier for some danes to come through this the toughest month of the year.

All the best to you, and once again thanks for dropping by.

Hugs and greetings, to Maria too.

Premium Chessgames Member
  moronovich: And now they scored ! 40 euro plus....
Nov-26-22  virginmind: Good luck tonight against France! :)
Premium Chessgames Member
  moronovich: Thank you <virginmind> !

Unfortunately we played a fine game, but lost deservedly to a french which was just a bit better. A draw would have netted me a 200 euro profit. But no cigar ):

On the sunny side : All we have to do, is beating the austrailian team and then we are through. (Where most likely the argentinian team is waiting...) Wednesday 16 o,clock will be the meeting with destiny.

I am so tired, so just goodbye for now.

Many hugs.

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