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Since my (chess) life is utterly uninteresting, I won’t bore you about myself, my favourite players, my simul against Kasparov in 1990, etc. Instead I’ll show as a small present a fantastic puzzle; it’s a masterpiece of simplicity and complexity. If you haven’t seen it, try finding the solution, it’s worth it. If you have, it might be fun to go through it again. Enjoy.

click for larger view

White to play and win (David Joseph, British Chess Journal, 1922).

Any luck?

Don’t cheat, now.

All right, here it is.

Easy, let’s queen the h2 Pawn before the one on a6 does: 1.h4? axb5 (not a5??). Oops, draw at best. Well that was too simple, let’s take the a6 Pawn then: 1.bxa6? b5 (not bxa6??). Draw again, damn it.

Annoying pawns. Let’s first block the b column: <1.b6+ Kb8!> (not Ka8? or Kxb6? as we’ll see). Aha, now I can queen: <2.h4 a5 3.h5 a4 4.h6 a3 5.h7 a2 6.h8=Q> *yawn* and wins <6…a1=Q> NOT. 7.Qxa1 stalemate, damn, damn. If the Black King were on a8 or b6 White would win, but the bugger isn’t.

Wait I get it, it’s one of these tricky studies, I should have underpromoted.
- 6.h8=B? a1=Q 7.Bxa1 Draw.
- 6.h8=R? a1=Q Black wins: the R could not have controlled the 7th rank as the Q below.
- 6.h8=N?? and maybe my opponent would have collapsed laughing, but it’s a long shot.

So perhaps I didn’t mess it up yet. Patzer sees check, patzer gives check: 7.Qh2+? Ka8 8.Qc7 (threatening Qc8#) Qf6+ 9.Ke8 Qf8+! 10.Kd7 Qe7+! 11.Kc8 Qd8+! Stalemate. Likewise after 9.Kc8 or 9.Kd7. What if 7.Qh3? (same threat) Qd4+ and 8...Qxb6. Still no cigar.

Lemme think. "A mate is a stalemate plus a check." - Shakespeare. So how about <7.Qg8!!> threatening 8.Kd7# or Ke7# (we’ll see why this move and the following deserve two exclamation marks). <7…Qa2!> (not 7...Qc1? or Qc3? 8.Kd7+ Qc8+ 9.Qxc8#).

Uh, stalemate again. You’re pushing it, wise guy. <8.Qe8!! Qa4!> Won’t give up? Is this Groundhog Day? Er… what next? Oh yes, patzer sees check: <9.Qe5+ Ka8 10.Qh8!> Back to starting point, only now your King is exposed, smartass.

<10…Qf4 (or other)> Your desperate attempt does not impress me: <11.Kd7+ or Ke7+ (or Qa1+) Qb8 12.Qa1+ Qa7 13.Qxa7#> Phew, almost blew it. Now call it a draw like in "Holy Grail"!

Great triangular manoeuvre by the Queen to undo the stalemate position. But did you figure out why White did not play 7.Qe8 right away? Or 8.Qf8 before 9.Qe8 (surely, not to save time)? That’s what makes the study most beautiful. Think a bit before looking below.

All set?

(a) 7.Qe8? Qg7!! Draw (trust me).
(b) 8.Qf8? Qa3! 9.Qe8 Qd6+ 10.Qd7 Qxd7+ 11.Kxd7 Draw.

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   Teyss has kibitzed 1194 times to chessgames   [more...]
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Teyss: Hi CG, Would be great to have London on the home page under "New Events" please. I agree with <EvanTheTerrible>, we could increase the 15- or 30-minute delay to e.g. one hour. If this really prevents cheating OTB we can live with that, without coming back to Geoff's era when ...
   Dec-03-23 Tournament of Peace (2023) (replies)
Teyss: Hi Petrosianic, Agree, comparing oneself to Fischer based on this event, or any event below category XIX, is arrogant and irrelevant. One doesn't play, win and most of all draw the same way against 9 players with an average Elo of 2595 and 17 players of which Hort, Gligoric, ...
   Nov-29-23 Niemann vs I Sokolov, 2023 (replies)
Teyss: Re. Fischer's quote, the exact wording is: "The greatest pleasure... when you break his ego". In the video it's at 3'24: . That was in 1971 after bringing down the house at the interzonal and just after crushing Taimanov and Larsen, so we can ...
   Nov-29-23 M Gharibyan vs V Asadli, 2018 (replies)
Teyss: Hi al wazir, In your line, White shouldn't play 45.Kh3? but 45.f4. Black will still be N+P up but won't win the WQ soon.
   Nov-24-23 Niemann vs Kramnik, 2023 (replies)
Teyss: The explanation for this, er, game is Kramnik vs Niemann, 2023 played just before and Kramnik's allegations Niemann cheated. Excellent analysis by <Damenlaeuferbauer> with one exception: it's not the game of the year but of the decade. Century. Actually Kraminik desperately ...
   Nov-21-23 24th European Teams (2023) (replies)
Teyss: Hi Atterdag, Malleable indeed but then look for instance at UEFA Euro which also includes Israel and Azerbaijan, and even Kazakhstan. Or Eurovision Song Contest which includes the two former as well as... Australia: surely some bureaucrat must have made a typo on "Austria" here. When
   Nov-20-23 V Asadli vs O F Ozer, 2017 (replies)
Teyss: Hi Mayankk, I also considered 36.Rxe7 and thought it would mate albeit in more moves, but alas 36...Qd6+ 37.Kh1 Qxe7! and both Qs are en prise. [DIAGRAM] White still wins after 38.Qh5 but it's much slower: SF gives 38.Qh5 Qe1+ 39.Rg1 Nxc2 40.Rxe1 Rxe1+ 41.Kh2 (+6.4 at 29 ply) ...
   Nov-20-23 N Theodorou vs Radjabov, 2023 (replies)
Teyss: Only game in the database with 10.Nd5!? Otherwise White has tried 10.Qc4 (11 games: +3 =7 -1) and 10.Qd4 (1 game, draw). What happened to Radjabov? Clearly not his tournament. Before this he only lost only one game in less than 20 moves: C Yoo vs Radjabov, 2023 . I exclude Ivanchuk vs
   Oct-27-23 Anand vs Karpov, 1998 (replies)
Teyss: A most fitting pun. - It was the last game of the match where Karpov just needed a draw to win. - The match was played in the French-speaking part of Switzerland. - Fits the opening of course. Note it would also have worked with an <Elephant Gambit>. <Perfidious> You're
   Sep-18-23 Moreau vs Albin, 1903 (replies)
Teyss: Colonel Moreau was to Monte Carlo (1903) what the Namibia rugby team will be to the current Rugby World Cup. Correction: what the team has been to the World Cup for the last 24 years.
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Kibitzer's Corner
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Apr-21-23  agb2002: <Teyss: <agb2002: I'm shocked: why did I waste more than six decades of my life playing with numbers when I am actually a super villain, the sadistic librarian?> LOL.

Sadistic librarian: is it a cultural reference?>

I was just mimicking the bizarre nicknames of Marvel villains. The one I had in mind at the time of perpetrating that joke was 'The Terrible Tinkerer' (The Amazing Spiderman #2 May 1963).

Premium Chessgames Member
  Teyss: <keypusher> Thanks for the compliment, although I make many mistakes.

Enjoy your time in France, don't know if it's your first time here. Loire is a fantastic region. If you need extra tips on what to do or visit, which I doubt, don't hesitate to ask.

Premium Chessgames Member
  Teyss: <agb2002> OK my ignorance is not that bad, I thought I missed something like Borges or another famous author.

All the best.

Premium Chessgames Member
  keypusher: <Teyss> I have been to Paris several times, going back to the days of the franc. We will be shepherding my parents-in-law around to the usual places + Giverney and Versailles (they've never been to France). But afterwards my wife and I will be visiting the Loire for the first time for a couple of days, so suggestions there are welcome. We have some chateaux in mind, but also (to my wife's chagrin) I want to see the tank museum in Samur.
Premium Chessgames Member
  Diademas: If you have the chance you should go to Alsace. In my oppinion the most beautiful part of France.
Premium Chessgames Member
  Teyss: <keypusher> In Versailles you will probably visit the castle: I strongly recommend to book tickets beforehand because in summer queues are huge. If you have time also see the "Musical Fountains Show", the name is silly and the music is not the highlight: it's all the fountains flowing with water, really worth it (certain days only: see website). Here is the link: No I'm not working for the castle ;)

In Loire, many castles are splendid but you have to see at least Chambord (don't miss the walk on the roof) and Chenonceau (the outside is more beautiful than the inside if you don't have much time), to a lesser extent Azay-le-Rideau (same comment). Towns are cute: Saumur, Chinon, Amboise, Blois. Must confess that despite having been several times in the region, I never visited the tank museum, shame on me.

Don't know if you booked accommodation already, if not Fontevraud abbey is a fantastic experience: after it's closed to tourists you can visit the huge domain on your own. Good bistro too, to book in advance. (Not working for them either.)

The French tend to be chauvinistic, as this post might illustrate, so if you throw in a few words like "Bonjour", "S'il vous plaît" and "Merci", they will appreciate. Enjoy.

Premium Chessgames Member
  Teyss: <Diademas> Agreed, I lived there six years. Joint with Loire and Dordogne if we consider only small regions (Bretagne and Provence are splendid too but bigger).
Premium Chessgames Member
  keypusher: <teyss> Thanks! I've always found French people friendly; our last time there I remember a bakery owner walking out of her shop to point my wife in the right direction. <diademas> Yes, there are many places I'd like to visit in France, including Alsace. Won't be this time, though. It's a big country!
Premium Chessgames Member
  Stonehenge: <Teyss>

I'm sorry but this isn't acceptable PGN:

1. d4 [%clk 0:15:20] 1... Nf6 [%clk 0:15:20] 2. c4 [%clk 0:15:27] 2... e6 [%clk 0:15:25] 3. Nf3 [%clk 0:15:36] 3... d5 [%clk 0:15:33] 4. Nc3 [%clk 0:15:40] 4... Bb4 [%clk 0:12:15] etc.

I've cleaned it up and processed it but normally I just delete stuff like that.

Premium Chessgames Member
  Teyss: <Stonehenge> So sorry, didn't realise. You can disregard the other submissions then, I can clean up and resubmit. I should remove the [%clk 0:15:20], right?

Unless it's already processed?

Premium Chessgames Member
  Stonehenge: It's already processed:

Chessable Masters Finals (2020)

I used this function here to enter the moves (import pgn, enter moves, then click on load):

I don't know if it works for non members.

Premium Chessgames Member
  Teyss: <Stonehenge> Thanks so much for your work and the tip, and apologies again. Yes it apparently works for non members, will use it next time.

For info and chess24 both display the pgn with times.

Premium Chessgames Member
  Stonehenge: Do those games belong here?

Chessable Masters (2020)

Premium Chessgames Member
  Teyss: <Stonehenge: Do those games belong here? Chessable Masters (2020)> Yes. I see you loaded 3 games out of the 6, I'll submit the other ones correctly.
Premium Chessgames Member
  Teyss: Done. Next time I'll be more careful about format and comments, didn't know they would be used directly. Didn't dare to put ECO, leaving that to specialists. Thanks again.
Premium Chessgames Member
  Stonehenge: Do you know which games were rapid and which were blitz or armageddon?

Please make correction slips so I can change it.

Premium Chessgames Member
  Teyss: Hi <Atterdag>
I felt like coming back to you on two posts you might have interpreted as rebuffs on Nepomniachtchi - Ding World Championship Match (2023) : fabelhaft's latest and mine earlier.

Probably fabelhaft just wanted to have a good word about "blowing the whistle" so nothing personal.

Same for mine: I didn't mean to downgrade your compliment (thanks BTW) but it felt a bit strange to be classified as the best when there are so many great posters on this site, you included. Not really modesty, just wanted to put things into perspective to avoid users classifying you as impulsive. It's not language related because your English is fine, you're very enthusiastic which is appreciated. Maybe it's your young age ;) Or a Danish trait ;)

Keep up the good work (and compliments if you feel like it), I always appreciate reading your posts even if I don't answer. All the best.

Premium Chessgames Member
  Atterdag: Dear Teyss,

Many thanks for taking time for these good words, which I appreciate.

You should know this about me that it is a life credo for me to praise and acknowledge humans and opinions whenever I meet them on my way. If they deserve it, evidently. And I am uncompromisingly honest in these matters.

I think too many people are too unwilling to grant their fellow humans uplifting, encouraging words, as if something would detracted from them if they do it. For me it is actually an existentialistic question: do you want to be a generous or mean person?

There is, of course, a middle way called indifference and you know well as I that loads of posts here on CG should be ignored and forgotten.

I think you are a great poster on CG, simply because you appear sympathetic, honest and passionate about what you state. That is certainly not true for every poster here.

As for fabelhaft, I have the same appreciation for his posts, but he obviously feels uncomfortable when I express it, so I'll just leave it that, even though I think it is strange that you feel the need to ridicule someone who says something postive about you.

May-03-23  fabelhaft: <I think it is strange that you feel the need to ridicule someone who says something postive about you>

It was a joke, which I thought was fairly obvious. I'm quite used to posts like

<Do you cum every time someone other than Carlsen has a bad result?>


<If its not sucking Carlsen off, <fabelhaft> is not interested>

from nok and fisayo123 etc. It's slightly puzzling, in many ways, that these posts tend to go in a certain direction :-)

May-03-23  fabelhaft: So, in short, I've never blown the whistle on anyone for posts like those mentioned above, I rather like it that they stay on the site, partly because they are sort of revealing, and I'd certainly never blow the whistle on anyone saying something nice...
Premium Chessgames Member
  Atterdag: <fabelhaft>

Sorry, but to me your post didn't appear as an <obvious> <joke>. Perhaps I don't have the intellectual means to detect your special subtleties, which, of course, is my shortcoming - but even so, I still fail to regard your response to my well-meant post as a particularly kind gesture.

But let's leave it at that.

Premium Chessgames Member
  Teyss: Dear <Atterdag>
<I think you are a great poster on CG, simply because you appear sympathetic, honest and passionate about what you state.> I think the same about you, honestly.

<I think too many people are too unwilling to grant their fellow humans uplifting, encouraging words, as if something would detracted from them if they do it.> It's your enthusiastic nature that many here appreciate, I to start with. My view on compliments: there are different levels."Your post is great/interesting/etc." is always nice to read. "You are a great/interesting/etc. poster" is nicer but a step higher so should probably be occasional. "You are one of the greatest/etc. posters" or "This is the one of the greatest/etc. posts" is nicer still but other users might view it as a bias and lose interest. Maybe I'm wrong, just a feeling.

<And I am uncompromisingly honest in these matters.> Indeed, also appreciated. If I may just make a comment: sometimes honesty makes a better point with a diplomatic form. For instance Petrosianic countered L13's posts efficiently on Nepomniachtchi - Ding World Championship Match (2023). Actually I was about to answer but Petrosianic did it better than I could have had so I just watched the passing shots.

I know because I once made the mistake of having a direct go at a user, instead of being more diplomatic or handling it from a different angle. I said above it's not language related, actually it is a bit: in our native language we know the exact weight of words and phrases. In a foreign language we can miss exact vocabulary, context and culture, hence we tend to emphasise our message to make sure it comes across. And since our English is decent, yours certainly better than mine, nobody notices the gap.

Anyhow I will always esteem your contributions. Take care.

Premium Chessgames Member
  Atterdag: Dear Teyss,

Thanks for this thoughtful response which I appreciate highly.

I try to be measured in my usage of superlatives, not expressing the 3rd degree of them in particular. And I also follow your notions, on which I shall allow myself to think about, using a good amount of time.

Many thanks for offering your personal forum for this. Somehow I think we'd get along very well sitting in A la Mort Subite enjoying a Westvleteren no. 10. And fabelhaft would be most welcome to join us. :-)

Premium Chessgames Member
  Atterdag: Hi Teyss,

Thanks for your remark on my membership. I should tell you that I was a premium member from 2004 till around 2021 with the alias Sokrates.

Some development in the conducting of CG, in particular the non-handling of some rogue posters, sickened me and made me leave the site for quite a while.

When I returned I changed the alias, which I was never fond of (it was chosen without much thought way back then) and I wanted to see if I could regain the motivation to post again. Posters like you, perfidious, keypusher, moronovich, metatron2, and other good posters helped that motivation and thus I decided to rejoin the premium members. Thanks, I do know that I can start my own forum - I had one when I was Sokrates - that'll probably be the next step.

Again, thanks for your kindness. / Sven

Premium Chessgames Member
  Teyss: Hi Atterdag,

Thanks for dropping by. It's funny, as soon as I posted about the profile page, I remembered we talked about Sokrates before and thought maybe you were aware about the chessforum since you used to be a premium member, but left the post just in case.

I did however remember you didn't know the acronyms GOTD and POTD so maybe not about chessforum either ;-) Would be nice to see you on these pages BTW, at least GOTD which is not as successful as POTD.

I agree on your user shortlist, would notably add Sally Simpson and goodevans (who is mostly on GOTD pages) and a few others on POTD which leaves less opportunities for interesting analyses. And, of course, Atterdag.

Looked at your bio: your lively and enthusiastic posts make you seem younger ;-) Since you were an art books publisher, I understand why you selected this avatar.

Take care.

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