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Since my (chess) life is utterly uninteresting, I won’t bore you about myself, my favourite players, my simul against Kasparov in 1990, etc. Instead I’ll show as a small present a fantastic puzzle; it’s a masterpiece of simplicity and complexity. If you haven’t seen it, try finding the solution, it’s worth it. If you have, it might be fun to go through it again. Enjoy.

click for larger view

White to play and win (David Joseph, British Chess Journal, 1922).

Any luck?

Don’t cheat, now.

All right, here it is.

Easy, let’s queen the h2 Pawn before the one on a6 does: 1.h4? axb5 (not a5??). Oops, draw at best. Well that was too simple, let’s take the a6 Pawn then: 1.bxa6? b5 (not bxa6??). Draw again, damn it.

Annoying pawns. Let’s first block the b column: <1.b6+ Kb8!> (not Ka8? or Kxb6? as we’ll see). Aha, now I can queen: <2.h4 a5 3.h5 a4 4.h6 a3 5.h7 a2 6.h8=Q> *yawn* and wins <6…a1=Q> NOT. 7.Qxa1 stalemate, damn, damn. If the Black King were on a8 or b6 White would win, but the bugger isn’t.

Wait I get it, it’s one of these tricky studies, I should have underpromoted.
- 6.h8=B? a1=Q 7.Bxa1 Draw.
- 6.h8=R? a1=Q Black wins: the R could not have controlled the 7th rank as the Q below.
- 6.h8=N?? and maybe my opponent would have collapsed laughing, but it’s a long shot.

So perhaps I didn’t mess it up yet. Patzer sees check, patzer gives check: 7.Qh2+? Ka8 8.Qc7 (threatening Qc8#) Qf6+ 9.Ke8 Qf8+! 10.Kd7 Qe7+! 11.Kc8 Qd8+! Stalemate. Likewise after 9.Kc8 or 9.Kd7. What if 7.Qh3? (same threat) Qd4+ and 8...Qxb6. Still no cigar.

Lemme think. "A mate is a stalemate plus a check." - Shakespeare. So how about <7.Qg8!!> threatening 8.Kd7# or Ke7# (we’ll see why this move and the following deserve two exclamation marks). <7…Qa2!> (not 7...Qc1? or Qc3? 8.Kd7+ Qc8+ 9.Qxc8#).

Uh, stalemate again. You’re pushing it, wise guy. <8.Qe8!! Qa4!> Won’t give up? Is this Groundhog Day? Er… what next? Oh yes, patzer sees check: <9.Qe5+ Ka8 10.Qh8!> Back to starting point, only now your King is exposed, smartass.

<10…Qf4 (or other)> Your desperate attempt does not impress me: <11.Kd7+ or Ke7+ (or Qa1+) Qb8 12.Qa1+ Qa7 13.Qxa7#> Phew, almost blew it. Now call it a draw like in "Holy Grail"!

Great triangular manoeuvre by the Queen to undo the stalemate position. But did you figure out why White did not play 7.Qe8 right away? Or 8.Qf8 before 9.Qe8 (surely, not to save time)? That’s what makes the study most beautiful. Think a bit before looking below.

All set?

(a) 7.Qe8? Qg7!! Draw (trust me).
(b) 8.Qf8? Qa3! 9.Qe8 Qd6+ 10.Qd7 Qxd7+ 11.Kxd7 Draw.

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   Jan-27-23 Van Wely vs A Fishbein, 1993
Teyss: <Brenin: <KAB> Also, could we please restrict this thread to chess matters? I too have views on what has been happening in Brazil, but this is not the place for them.> Thank you for this and in general for your useful posts. Apologies about the post above but I had to ...
   Jan-26-23 I Krush vs J Becerra Rivero, 2000 (replies)
Teyss: <TheaN> 36...Rc8?!? is a very interesting swindle, didn't consider it. Close to time control you can hope for a mistake like 37.Qd7 or Qe7 which I would have fallen for (not 37.b7?? Rxc7 38.b8=Q Qxd6+). Indeed Black then gets lots of Kside activity with 37...Qe5 despite the ...
   Jan-26-23 T Oral vs G Vescovi, 1995 (replies)
Teyss: <perfidious> Indeed. As in A Kunte vs T Oral, 1995 or T Oral vs D Cummings, 2000 Game Collection: What's in a name?
   Jan-26-23 Teyss chessforum
Teyss: <King.Arthur.Brazil> Thank you for trying to explain the situation, especially in English which is not your first language, and for doing it in a civilised way unlike your previous post. Obviously you know more details about your country and some of your points look valid, I ...
   Jan-25-23 G Capelli vs N Sulava, 1989
Teyss: <King.Arthur.Brazil> Oh well now Argentina is communist too (Venezuela we could agree on). What about Chile, Columbia, Bolivia? I didn't say the Supreme Court write laws, learn how to read, although "balance of power" would have been more accurate. And mind your language because
   Jan-24-23 G Abrahams vs R Thynne, 1929 (replies)
Teyss: Only game in the DB with 11...Bxg5. Other moves are Qa5+ (two Black wins), f5 (White wins) and h6 (White wins). I don't understand 13.Kf1 at all: genius or provocation? OK, you avoid O-O to leave the R on h1 for a Kside attack. OK, you're weary of Qa5+ but then you could still play it
   Jan-23-23 M Warmerdam vs J Pechac, 2023 (replies)
Teyss: I was about to make a sarcastic comment "Is this Tata Steel Amateurs"? Yes it exists: But then on move 25 as an amateur precisely I would have gone for the BQ: 25.Rg5+ Kh7 26.Rxh5+ Kg6 27.Rg5+ Kf7 (the h column is too dangerous) 28.Rg7+ Ke8 ...
   Jan-23-23 Keres vs Bogoljubov, 1936 (replies)
Teyss: <FairyPromotion: Is it possible that the Agincourt Defense got it's name because it represents the English (1.c4 ) vs the French (1...e6)?> That's a good one!
   Jan-18-23 E Roebers vs L'Ami, 2023 (replies)
Teyss: Eline was not friendly with Erwin.
   Jan-18-23 chessforum (replies)
Teyss: PS: to be complete, I hesitated to blow the whistle on that user's posts instead of answering. But in your guidelines there is nothing against fake news or political opinions, heinous or not. Maybe calling for a coup is "in violation of United States law", not sure.
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Kibitzer's Corner
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Premium Chessgames Member
  Teyss: <agb2002> "Demystifying" indeed, there are two sides to it:
- It brings down GMs from the pedestal we place them on e.g. "Chess is so deep, I simply feel lost" (Kramnik).
- It clarifies concepts e.g. "The threat is stronger than the execution", yes a classic but so true, in life too.

<I hereby accuse you of blatant partiality.> I plead guilty and to make amends promise to learn all R+B vs R endgames.

Premium Chessgames Member
  Teyss: <agb2002> PS: if it's any help, to facilitate searching for answers, in Profile / Custom menu / Extras you can create the following link:

Answers perl/ searchkibitzes?search=-user%3Aagb2002+agb2002

(I left spaces after each of the 3 slashes else only the shortcut shows but you should remove them.) A link "Answers" will appear in the menu.

Premium Chessgames Member
  agb2002: <<I hereby accuse you of blatant partiality.> I plead guilty and to make amends promise to learn all R+B vs R endgames.>

30 press-ups should suffice. But seriously, may I suggest Shereshevsky's Endgame Strategy? I own the edition by Everyman but not yet the new one by New In Chess.

<Teyss: <agb2002> PS: if it's any help, to facilitate searching for answers, in Profile / Custom menu / Extras you can create the following link: Answers Chessgames Home Page perl/ searchkibitzes?search=-user%3Aagb2002+agb2002>

Many thanks for the tip!

I have created two new links.

Premium Chessgames Member
  agb2002: I removed the user related string in

Answers perl/ searchkibitzes?search=-user%3Aagb2002+agb2002

so that

Answers perl/ searchkibitzes?search=agb2002

can collect any post containing the string 'agb2002'.

Premium Chessgames Member
  Teyss: <agb2002> Yes but in that case you'll also have your own posts starting with your name. But maybe that's what you want to double check your (very rare) embarrassing blunders as you say 😉
Premium Chessgames Member
  agb2002: <Teyss: <agb2002> Yes but in that case you'll also have your own posts starting with your name. But maybe that's what you want to double check your (very rare) embarrassing blunders as you say 😉>

I prefer this way because it is easier to understand others comments if my offending post appears below.

Premium Chessgames Member
  agb2002: <Teyss: <agb2002> Following our discussion about demystifying Quotes of the day: "The player who plays best in a tournament never wins first. He finishes second behind the guy with the most luck." - Tartakower 😉>

This quote always reminds me of Bled (1961), probably because Fischer was the only undefeated player although I cannot claim that he was the player who played best.

Premium Chessgames Member
  Teyss: <agb2002> Indeed!
Premium Chessgames Member
  Dionysius1: Thanks for the puzzle! I enjoyed following the solution through. Next time I'll see how much I can work through/remember for myself, and so on. Very enjoyable.
Jul-22-22  Atterdag: Thanks, <Teyss>, for your kind words. I am not sure, which forums your acronyms refer to, but I can tell you this. I was a premium member from 2004 until last year, when I should renew my subscription, but didn't want to do it because of the way, the leadership conducted this site. So, I changed my alias and now continue as a free-wheeler, although it's against my principles.

When the leadership makes some efforts to elevate CG to the state it had when Daniel was alive, I am in again. But that has not happened yet - unfortunately.

Premium Chessgames Member
  Teyss: <Dionysius1> Glad you enjoyed it. This puzzle has fascinated me for years, don't know why. Well yes, I like miniatures but that one is of a different sort.

BTW, I always appreciate your posts on this site even if I don't respond.

Premium Chessgames Member
  Teyss: <Atterdag> Acronym, you mean "Teyss"? It's actually my nickname slightly modified. Is "Atterdag" an acronym?

2004, wow, you're part of the old guard ;-) Too bad you decided to change but I understand your point, I also have doubts about this site. If it's not confidential, what was your previous user name, I surely have seen you around before? Perfectly understandable if it is, you probably don't want to revive old feuds as there are a few here unfortunately. It's good to exchange with positive, moderate people. Take care.

Jul-22-22  Atterdag: <Teyss>.

I meant <Too bad we don't see more of you on the GOTD and POTD pages.> I don't know what GOTD and POTD stand for - pardon my ignorance.

A few good friends here know my previous pseudonym. I had been discontent with that alias for many years - found it too pretentious. So when I wanted to change my attachment to the site, I used the opportunity to change the pseudonym. Atterdag is a name ascribed to the Danish king Valdemar (1320-1375) who managed to gather the split kingdom, pawned to German Dukes and other powerful men. His proverb was, allegedly, "Tomorrow, there is yet another day" - in Danish: "I morgen er der atter en dag." Thus the byname. And oh, the previous alias was Sokrates. It's not a secret, but there is some truth in your guess: I was also stuck in that alias. I have never written a word on the Rogoff forum or engaged debate with people I regard as out of reach, if you know what I mean. But I needed to get rid of the old coat! :-)

Premium Chessgames Member
  Teyss: <Atterdag> Pardon my misunderstanding. No issue about not knowing, shows you haven't been much on these pages indeed.

GOTD: game of the day (where users mostly bash/praise the pun).
POTD: puzzle of the day (where some think they found the solution when it's actually only a sub-sub-line).

Both smartass comments above also apply to me of course. Jokes aside, GOTDs are usually very interesting and POTDs are instructive even at the beginning of the week.

Sokrates, I vaguely remember, he was part of the good guys. Apparently you are Danish, nice country. And yes I know what you mean.

Jul-23-22  Atterdag: Hi again, <Teyss>

Yes, I am a Dane, and I'm glad you have that recollection of my previous alias :-)

For some reasons I rarely check GOTD and POTD, sometimes the latter, though, just to reassure myself that I still have the brains for it :-)

Premium Chessgames Member
  agb2002: <Teyss: <agb2002: A well known mate pattern (but I don't remember its name now...)> LOL. It's a Lagel mate.>

That's why I chose Maths instead of Law.

Premium Chessgames Member
  Teyss: <agb2002> 😂
Premium Chessgames Member
  Fusilli: Hi there! I appreciate your response to my answer on V Antonov vs C Kamp, 1989.

The puzzle in your blurb is great!

I wonder about that Kasparov simul. I suspect someone must have asked you already!

Premium Chessgames Member
  Teyss: <Fusilli> Sorry for the belated answer, was very busy. Re. the Kasparov simul it was him against 10 schools, each comprising a team of 4 students by board. We played a Caro–Kann thinking it was solid. We lost of course but lasted a bit more than 40 moves without pushing a lost position.

Keep up the good work, I always enjoy reading your posts.

Premium Chessgames Member
  agb2002: Hi <Teyss>! Happy new year! I hope all is well with you and your family.
Premium Chessgames Member
  Fusilli: Delayed happy new year to you too!
Jan-24-23  generror: Nice to see another chess lover who also loves Droopy :D

And yes, your puzzle is just incredible!

Jan-25-23  King.Arthur.Brazil: Teyss, first of all, you are not here and you are not passing through what we are. But, I need to answer you properly.

I don't have evidence, we have facts. In 2018, our chamber approved the printed vote for audit the resut, however the supreme minister Barroso blocked its implementation and, later, said this law were unconstituitional.

The whole process began again, while it was going to have a chamber debate with all deputies, the president of election tribunal (Barroso too) met all the parties chiefs and decided to remove the votation by name, and to do it closed by party, where the arrived a previous accorded between them: NO printing, no audit.

When left this shaming reunion, Barroso without knowing he was filmed by the journalists when talking to their felows: "election we don't win, we catch it!" laughing.

No other country in the world uses this process, only us. What was proposed had the intention to avoid the fraud, the government had the money and the printers which would be used for the process. What is the reason to avoid it?

This election court (you don't have something similar nowhere in the world) declared new rules after the limit date of it. One of these, imposes that no one could say that mr. Lula commited robbery, corruption, etc. He was condemned and was taken out of the jail without anything that proofs he was not guilty, on the contrary, he was freed because after 3rd instances where he was sentenced and confirmed by all the judges, one supreme court minister (of his party) Fachim resolved to use his pen and say that the place of the first judgment was not the best. This is usually discuted or done in the first instance, not after the third. But there's no one to say to Fachim "you can't do it!" This minister make the bandit be in the jail for 580 days, so when he makes this move, the proofs against Lula would loose the validate day and cannot be used again. This is a coup, if you like the word.

The former president Bolsonaro was cercead, his supporters were chased, journalists that were not of the left were processed and many others political persons had their entire internet shot down or blocked or censured, including industrial/commercial mannagers had the same unequal treatment, without the legal process.

Jan-25-23  King.Arthur.Brazil: In the second round of election, when only the two participated, the attacks against Bolsonaro done by media, and by the Lula's mentor was so agressive and false, that after all, in the magazine "Veja", he told that he spread that "Bolsonaro will cut down the 13th salary" (which is impossible, only the chamber and the senate can do such thing), among other worst things like to offend Mrs. Bolsonaro claiming she was a whore (what a crue lie) or even his daughter. Nothing so dirty! Without any ways for Bolsonaro to defend his family from such outrageous attack.

But, the people who make avaliation of the election proofed that many machines were putting aditional votes after 17:30. This cannot happen since at this time the election is over. Moreover, it was confirmed that voting machines presented an irregular pattern compared to some new voting machines which were auditable in the same region and place. There's no reason for that. The changing of the machine model cannot change the behavior of the population votes in same region so much as seen. Other statical proofs were made and go to the same direction.

But when our military force asked for several things that were not correct in all process and reuquired the election court to give to them the source code they refused and didn't presented any way. Why? Because the military discoveret that wer two codes inside the voting machine and that they used to off the machine to make the false code begin to operate and to force (control) the answers, by transfering one vote to another automatically, changing the final answer.

The Lula is a communist supporter including his friends like Maduro and Fidel. No. In our Constitution first law: "all the power comes from people", so the people can call the Army Force to guarantee that the laws must be obeyed. Therefore, the election court must present the machine codes for evaluation. All ilegal process done by the minister MORAES must be abandoned and a correct judicial process can be started using all the correct ways of the Brazilian Justice. Imagine that minister MORAES was victim, investigator, delegate, court and judge. It is absurd, not possible in our justice, completely ilegal and unimaginary.

The people in our country is free to enter every where (in a public domain). You can only make prision after making correct diagnosis of who did what, and proof that this is a crime. The person has a right of an lawyer and guarantee of human rights. They were trated like animals, with no respect, no food or water during more than 10 hours, 1263 pople put in a gymn without a truly reason, since the vandalism occurred inside the building was done at 15 h and half o'clock by leftish peoples paid to do it, while our people arrived at the same building at 17 h (1 hour and a half late).

By our Constitution, Judges cannot make laws, nor decrees. They are doing it during all this year. Why this happen? Because, our senate as you said, who have to stop this is silent or conniving, and people were abandoned.

I didn't read that your saying me as a liar before, as I have to translate. You don't know me, you don't know my country. God bless you that you'll not pay for your ignorance, in your own country. World does turn around.

Premium Chessgames Member
  Teyss: <King.Arthur.Brazil> Thank you for trying to explain the situation, especially in English which is not your first language, and for doing it in a civilised way unlike your previous post.

Obviously you know more details about your country and some of your points look valid, I will investigate them. Other points I disagree with, notably the fact it's "leftists" who invaded institutions and the fact the Army should have intervened: in democracies it should not, ever, unless called by the government (not "the people" which is a nebulous concept), and even then it's debatable. You're also omitting events but I won't try to convince you, it's useless. Let's agree to disagree.

An important note: I never called you a liar, I just indicated "fake news" which is very different but might still have been a bit strong considering all the tension going on in Brazil. If you took it personally I regret.

Now here is what I propose: please stick to Chess as most of us do, especially since your purely Chess related posts are interesting. Some other users and CG Administration think the same. I understand you feel upset but this is not the site to vent your anger, you can go on social media (which you might already do) or Kenneth Rogoff.

And do avoid insults like "poor thoughts in to the garbage" because if you don't I will whistleblow which will result in your post being deleted and possibly you being suspended if you continue. If CG doesn't react I will also have to lash out at you, all this will upset other users which is the last thing we want.

You can take this site as an opportunity to focus on Chess and keep your mind off the situation in your country which is indeed dramatic whichever way one looks at it. For the rest, good luck.

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