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Scott Thomson

The Perseus Project: The classics in Greek, Latin & English--hyperlinked

A link to a page with downloads from the Venetus A, the oldest complete manuscript of the Iliad, courtesy of Harvard:

From Google Books, a link to Tarrasch's book on the 1908 world championship. I've translated his notes on the game pages.

Lasker's book on St. Petersburg 1909

Tarrasch's <Dreihundert Schachpartien>, which covers his career from the beginning through his match with Chigorin in 1893

Chess-play is a good and witty exercise of the mind for some kind of men, and fit for such melancholy, Rhasis holds, as are idle, and have extravagant impertinent thoughts, or troubled with cares, nothing better to distract their mind, and alter their meditations; invented (some say) by the general of an army in famine, to keep soldiers from mutiny: but if it proceed from overmuch study, in such case it may do more harm than good; it is a game too troublesome for some men's brains, too full of anxiety, all out as bad as study; besides it is a testy choleric game, and very offensive to him that loseth the mate. William the Conquerer, in his younger years, playing at chess with the Prince of France (Dauphine was not annexed to that crown in those days) losing a mate, knocked the chess-board about his pate, which was a cause afterwards of much enmity between them.

--Burton, The Anatomy of Melancholy

"Just because many great chess players were obnoxious jerks, doesn't mean that if you're an obnoxious jerk you're a great chess player."


"You are also a machine, as are Anand, Carlsen, Kasparov, and Fischer. You and the others are just inferior machines. Your idea of beautiful chess is simply faulty chess that is not caught in its faults."


"Alas, before the post mortem the gods have placed the game."

--Phony Benoni

"A chess engine is a great antidote to human optimism."


"[Y]ou have not been mean to me. Being mean to me is accepting my sacrifices and then taking me to a lost ending."

--Sally Simpson

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   Oct-21-21 Fishbein vs S Thomson, 2021 (replies)
keypusher: <nok: Who would have thought Black was a sworn enemy of hypermodernism?> Contra-hypermodern self-sabotage, following in a giant's steps. Bogoljubov vs Tarrasch, 1925 .
   Oct-21-21 Olland vs H E Atkins, 1899
keypusher: This is a favorite tournament for any Atkins fan, made better by <Phony Benoni>'s game kibitzes and his fine introduction. As PB notes, Olland had a good tournament himself, with nine wins, two draws and one loss going into this Round 13 encounter. [DIAGRAM] Here Olland ...
   Oct-20-21 Charousek vs Englander, 1894
keypusher: It's funny, two kibitzers recommended 24.Rf4+, which allows Black to take the bishop. But [DIAGRAM] <LivBlockade>'s 26.Ne4+!! Kxh4 27.g3+ Kh5 28.g4+ Kh6 29.g5+ Kh5 30.Bg4+ Kh4 31.Bg3# is one of the strangest and funniest mates I've ever seen.
   Oct-20-21 Harriet Hunt
keypusher: <It is 22 years since Hunt’s last title, and her family and work on plant genetics now take most of her time. The previous duration record between winning championships, 20 years, was set at Bishopsgate, London in 1948 when Edith Price defeated Eileen Tranmer and won at age ...
   Oct-20-21 Robert James Fischer (replies)
keypusher: <RookFile: Karpov would have benefited from a rematch clause, his challenger would not. That is why it was accepted - for Karpov.> It was accepted because, unlike any former champion, Karpov had no advantage at all, not even draw odds, and because Ed Edmondson was trying to ...
   Oct-20-21 Kenneth Rogoff (replies)
keypusher: <saffuna> I hope the Deripaska raid is all you make it out to be, honestly. Trump can't win but he can definitely prevent any other Republican from winning. If the DOJ could somehow remove him from the political scene it would be a blessing. I'm sure Colin Powell's family ...
   Oct-20-21 Scott Thomson
keypusher: <Stonehenge> Thanks, that was quick!
   Oct-20-21 Teimour Radjabov (replies)
keypusher: <Z truth 000000001: <kp> what's your opinion on the Queen's Indian then? Was that just an omission?> Dammit! Good point. OK, then. Apart from the Gruenfeld, the Nimzoindian, the Queen's Indian, and the Bogo-Indian, what have the hypermoderns ever done for us?
   Oct-20-21 Kosten vs Chandler, 1991 (replies)
keypusher: <An Englishman: Good Evening: Exciting game, and too much for me poor brain to handle. Why not 28.Bxg8?> Just 28....Rxg8 29.g3 f4 and the kingside caves in, e.g. 30.g4 Bxg4 or 30.Rcd1 e3!.
   Oct-20-21 Karpov - Fischer World Championship Match (1975) (replies)
keypusher: Yes, fake
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Kibitzer's Corner
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Aug-29-21  rbd: <keypusher: <rbd> Sure, but as you know, I am not a very reliable correspondent.>

1) stupid , poisonous/destructive monologues of <big pawn>/<george wallace> and gang mostly need no response

2) my monologue too would not necessarly need a response - it is just that you would find my last monolgue intelligent/mature and productive/constructive., I hope.

Premium Chessgames Member
  keypusher: <rbd> Well, fire away.
Aug-31-21  rbd: <keypusher: <rbd> Well, fire away>

It may take a day or a week or more before i post my last monologue.

That would also be beginning of new phase of my journey towards reaching delta + gamma brain wave activity every moment - 'self control ' as you put it , reaching 'perfect' self control spontaneously by reaching delta + gamma brain wave activity which in turn is reached by having perfecf signal/noise ratio (no thought other than 'need of moment' thought emotion , perfect dispassion)


Premium Chessgames Member
  keypusher: kp-MA10 9/1/21

click for larger view

27.Nf5 Bf8 (27...ef 28.Nd5 or 28.Bxf7+ Kxf7 29.Qxh7+ Kf8 30.Nd5) 28.Nh6+ Bxh6 29.Qxh6 f6 30.Nd5 exd5 31.Rxd5 Be6 32.Rxc5 Nf8 (32....Qxc5 33.Bxe6+; 32....Bxa2 33.Rc7 Bf7 34.Bxf6) 33.Qxf6 Bd5 34.Qg7#

Sep-08-21  rbd: <keypusher: <rbd> Well, fire away>

Hello , <keypusher>. Hope you are well.

Ad soon as I am done with my current project that I am occupied with...May take a week more ...a month max....


Sep-10-21  rbd: <<keypusher: <ftb> <JFQ> I think <rbd> meant well, in all his guises, but struggled with self-control. Like Brutus, he made no use of his own philosophy. And he was the recipient of a lot of frankly racist attacks.>>

A different way of looking at this is - <rbd> always meant well - always a voice of reason and sanity like <keypusher> and some/many others - and he very earnestly made use of philosophy of Absolute (teachings of Jesus/Buddha/Krishna et al) , however , he lacked maturity/intelligence/leadership abilities of <keypusher> and some/many others ,nonetheless , he is/was bound to catch up eventually and go all the way to the level of Jesus , so earnestly he follows philosophy of Absolute(teachings of Jesus)

2) I would expand on this as soon as I get time - hopefully , within a month from now


Sep-18-21  rbd: A student of mine said to me "<rbd> , sir -. kamal, kartik and all other students of yours - they will never stand by you , when you are in 'need' , they will not be there for you ...But I will always be there for you ..Because for me you are my guru , 'Dronacharya' and I have values of Indian culture , I am like eklavya as long as you do not ask me to cut my thumb off , I won't go to that extreme but I will always be there for you. And it is not empty talk . I have walked the talk in past and I will walk my talk in future"

Me : I am very , very disappointed in you and very happy with kamal, kartik , jalaj

Forget about me and focus on teachings - that is what I want. Jalaj showing me his progress in spirituality/advanced meditation/advanced maths/computers daily and so are kartik and kamal. That is what I want. I don't want anything from you for me personally. I want you to reach the level of Krishna/Jesus/Buddha : Delta+gamma brain wave activity all the time - infinite intelligence/wisdom (clarity/depth of thinking/understanding) , infinite compassion , infinite bliss , infinite concentration/courage/strength...

2) today , I was speaking with kartik and I was like "kartik , you had joined me in 2011 and in 2013 you had qualified IIT JEE advanced .

I am very happy with our progress .

Till we reach level of Krishna/Buddha/Jesus we will have some stupidity/'jackass'ness (gadhapan - in Hindi)/immaturity and in last 10 years you and i have dissolved a lot of stupidity/jackassness/immaturity. In next one year , I want us to make twice as much progress as we have made in last 10 years...And I will lead by example : I will show the earnestness of vashishtha muni (guru of ram) and I want from you earnestness of ram, arjun, eklavya..

That is what I want , that is what will give me happiness ...I do not want anything from you for myself personally ...

Nisargadatta maharaja said "water does not care if it quenches thirst or not "

Another version of that is "tree does not care who if anyone eats its fruit or sits in its shade "

Or "sun does not care who if anyone uses its light and energy"

That is perfect description of selfless/impersonal love and that is my promise to you

If anyone has to be grateful , it is me not you because your earnestness helps me increase my earnestness many times

Always remember that we are descendents of Krishna/buddha/Jesus and it is our destiny to reach their level. Let us work together to have tryst with our destiny.

Sep-22-21  rbd: Part 1

This website has some very stupid , repugnant people - <jessicafischerqueen> , for example. After <big pawn> and his fellow low life racist , dogmatic fools like <ohiochessfan>, <optimal play> , <diceman> , <thegoodanarchist>, <Keyser soze> (and his fellow troll <colonel Mortimer>), <jessicafischerqueen> is the most stupid and repugnant low life I have ever come across on this site - low life even joined racists , dogmatic fools against me , how low this nincompoop go , mind boggles (but then again , he had the company of another low life idiot <diademas> in that great witch hunt against me - that low life idiot <diademas> prophesied multiple times that <rbd> going to have meltdown but in the end it was that fool himself who had breakdown while I am perseveringly inching towards level of Jesus every moment and helping others in that area too)

And <Susan Freeman> supports racist attack against me too.

So , of course , I won't be posting on this filthy site having filthy , rooten people like <jfq>

Sep-22-21  rbd: Part 2

If dogmatic fools like <Fredthebear> need be helped in teaching them teachings of Jesus , I may help , otherwise , I am done on this rotten site having rotten people like <jessicafischerqueen>

Sep-22-21  rbd: Part 3

Presently , my focus is on maths, computers , reaching level of Jesus .

After I am done with that ? Finance, economics , it seems.

In a few years from now , when this racist rotten site is finished/destroyed , if you want to get in touch with me , we can exchange emails now , <keypusher>

Otherwise , all the best . Goodbye !

Sep-22-21  rbd: Part 4

<Keypusher> has certain skills, knowledge , intelligence which I might want to focus on after a few years from now and might want to seek his guidance (without taking much of his time) at that time if I have his emailid , in case this rotten , racist website is destroyed by then

It is not that <Susan Freeman> gave just tacit support to racist attacks against me - she openly , blatantly supported racist , vile attacks against me.

And so did <jessicafischerqueen> and <diademas> - hell, these two low life idiots even joined those racist , vile scumbags (<big pawn>/<George Wallace> and gang) in witch hunt against me. And who had meltdown at the end of it ? Victim of racist attacks (that is me) or perpetrator of racist attacks (that is <diademas>)?

3) and but for the sane , smart , mature, honest voice of reason from <keypusher> , <jfq> would continue rooting in her own faeces without getting any wiser about it and patting her back while at it

Sep-22-21  rbd: So, racist , vile people continued hurling abuses and in retaliation , <rbd> hurled unusually vile abuse.

All of a sudden , low life idiots like <diademas> were jubilant - <ah! That is the sign <rbd> is on the verge of meltdown - he cracking. I must use this opportunity . I don't have any compunction to gang up with racist , vile scumbags and hurl abuses at <rbd>. >

Never going to happen. <rbd> is man of steel for many years now.

<Rbd> is inching towards level of Jesus every moment non stop very earnestlu - assessment of <keypusher> is wrong about this.

And soon after king of fools <diademas> had breakdown/meltdown - this site is full of such immature , childish clowns like <diademas>. This site does not deserve me.

However , there are some very mature , intelligent people on this site too and that is why I was here learning from them . Of course , it was time to leave now , nonetheless.

Sep-23-21  rbd: Last conversation(/s) that I want to post in the forum of <keypusher> ( and perhaps in a few other forums)

(i) is <keypusher> a lib ?

(ii) have Sam Harris , Richard Dawkins and other agnostic/atheist ' experts 'have decisively defeated dogmatic fools like <big pawn>/<George Wallace> , <ohiochessfan>, <thegoodanarchist> , <diceman> , <optimal play> - in the debate on <existence of personal god>?

Sep-23-21  rbd: <keypusher: < al wazir: <keypusher: In other news, private corporations squelched what is almost certainly an accurate story just before the presidential election.> I don't understand the reference to private corporations. I looked at the Politico link and didn't see the words "private corporations" mentioned there. Please clarify.>

Forgotten so soon, huh?

Facebook and Twitter blocked access on their platforms to a New York Post story about Hunter Biden's emails shortly before the election. In fact Twitter just shut down the Post's twitter account for nine days or something rather than allow people to link to the story>

<Keypusher> is a lib ?

<Keypusher> is the kind of smart , sane conservatives who focus on the stuff that is important.

Stupid conservatives stupidly focus on stuff that is not important - homosexuality , for example.

Sep-26-21  rbd: Definition of objective moral values

objective moral values are a set of natural laws that the homosapiens must obey, in order to reach highest level in Moscow hierarchy - I. e to have Delta + gamma brain wave activity all the time

Sep-26-21  rbd: Part 2

Objective moral values , Maslow hierarchy , delta + gamma brain wave activity

To be in the zone always

In September of 2002, a Tibetan monk by the name of Mingyur Rinpoche traveled from Kathmandu, Nepal to Madison, Wisconsin to let scientists study his brain while he meditated ....
All the yogis had elevated gamma oscillations not just during meditation but even during baseline measurements of their everyday neural activity.  ...
Gamma is the brainwave frequency that is the fastest and occurs when different brain regions fire in harmony, such as in moments of insight. For most of us, gamma wave bursts last a fraction of a second, not the full minute the Yogis achieved. For the first time, scientists were seeing the enduring transformation that years of meditation etch on the brain. Gamma waves give the brain the feeling that you’re in peak mental and physical condition or of being in the zone. It’s that “I can do anything I set my mind to” feeling. Gamma also is associated with peak concentration and high levels of cognitive functioning. Neuroscientists believe that gamma waves link information from all parts of the brain together, causing the brain to work most efficiently. Everyone has gamma brainwave activity, but the amount of gamma can vary widely. Low gamma brainwaves have been linked to learning difficulties, poor memory, and impaired mental processing. People with high levels of gamma are exceptionally intelligent, compassionate, happy and have great memories. The benefits of producing gamma include improved memory and recall, increased sensory perception, increased focus, increased brain processing speed, happier mood, calmer, more peaceful, and better sleep. Yogis like Mingyur seem to experience an ongoing state of awareness in their daily lives, not just when they meditate. Davidson observed gamma oscillations that persisted for minutes in the yogis, even while they were sleeping

Sep-29-21  rbd: Me : <GSM> , if a child is raped , tortured , murdered then everybody says that it is wrong . So what do you mean when you say that "objective moral values do not exist "

Gregor Samsa Mendel:--Even with things that are so obviously repugnant to seemingly everyone, people find rationalizations and exceptions. Genital mutilation of infants, without anesthetic, is regularly performed for religious reasons; if the Bible is to be believed, God murdered almost everyone in the Flood, children included, and killed the firstborn sons of the Egyptians; abortion is infanticide to some and not to others. All morality is subjective.

Me : See , there are psychopaths ...There are people who never reach higher level of Moslow hierarchy...There are people who are not 'evolved' /mature. All 'evolved'/mature people have compassion and intelligence and therefore they do not rationalize stupid, 'sinful' behaviour. 2) all 'evolved'/mature people have compassion and intelligence and they all would find rape/torture/murder of a child wrong and almost everyone capable of reaching that level of maturity- hence some moral values are objective. 3) what do you think , <GSM> P.s. you and I both agree that concept of personal god is stupid..I believe that personal god does not exist ..There is no god other than us..We are eternal Absolute , body dies not us...So let us not talk about stupid concept of personal god.

Gregor Samsa Mendel--Perhaps you have heard the expression, "There are no atheists in foxholes." I doubt that evolved people, or objective moral values, exist in foxholes either.

Me :  your argument/reasoning is very messed up ,chaotic <GSM> Let me bring some order , sanity to this conversation. 2) simulation hypothesis : this universe could be a computer simulation and homosapiens and everything else in it computer program - kind of like 'matrix ' movie. If you disagree then I would explain the reasoning behind this hypothesis. For now , I assume that you are in agreement with this hypothesis. 3) now question is - if you or I (or some far more intelligent species - aliens , may be ) create such a simulation , can they create objective moral values as a computer program in that simulation . A simple yes or no would suffice for now . 
Thank you. Regards.

Simulation hypothesis

Oct-02-21  rbd: Dogmatic fools lie so very often. Exhibit A : lie of <optimal play> about pantheism/panentheism ...A dogmatic fool like <optimal play> can not understand difference between pantheism and panentheism even in hundred years even though I had explained the difference.

Hey , dogmatic fool <optimal play> - tell the difference between pantheism and panentheism . Put up or shut up.

Oct-02-21  rbd: <<playground player: <rbd> Enough is enough. I AM sounds like a pretty personal God to me. "We are gods"--I'd be hard put to find a less worthy object of worship. I'd rather this discussion continue somewhere else.>

<Playground player> does not know what he is talking about .

He does not even know the difference between personal god and non personal god Absolute.

I will explain all this here in this forum including his point about 'i am '. By the way , his point about 'i am ' related to highest level of Moslow hierarchy , transcendence.

Usually , dogmatic people do not have brains to understand all this - let us see if <playground player> is an exception.

In general , dogmatic fools are massive drag on civilization - dogmatic fools like <optimal play> , <big pawn>/<George Wallace> , <ohiochessfan> , <diceman>, <thegoodanarchist> et always have

Premium Chessgames Member
  optimal play: <Nozzle the Parrot: Hey , dogmatic fool <optimal play> - tell the difference between pantheism and panentheism . Put up or shut up.>

Kenneth Rogoff (kibitz #430062)

Kenneth Rogoff (kibitz #437285)

Kenneth Rogoff (kibitz #437290)

Nozzle, I've put up now you shut up.

Oct-04-21  rbd: <optimal play><Pantheism is believing the rocks are a god, the trees are a god, etc

Panentheism is believing God is in the rocks, God is in the trees, >

What an idiot !

That is absolutely wrong dogmatic fool <optimal play>

You have no clue what the hell you talking about.

You do not even know what non personal god Absolute is.

Both pantheism and panentheism are about non personal god Absolute with a subtle difference. Later on , I will explain and provide the link also.

Unlike dogmatic fool <optimal play> who vomitted some made up nonsense about pantheism/parenthesis without giving any link.

Dogmatic fools <optimal play> and <big pawn>/<George Wallace> are gigantic fools - once they were babbling about Monte hall problem talking complete nonsense. I taught them solution in such an easy manner that even a 12 year old would understand but these two fools still did not understand. Dogmatic fool <ohiochessfan> was very happy that day to realize that he is only a fool whereas these two clowns are gigantic fools.

Oct-04-21  rbd: Dogmatic fool <optimal play> just gave a demonstration for the saying :

<It is better to keep your mouth shut and let people think you are a fool , than to open your mouth and remove all doubts>

Bravo dogmatic fool <optimal play> . Attaboy!

2) and now I would start teaching these dogmatic fools teachings of Jesus as learned through Christian non dual mysticism and none of these dogmatic fools would understand - not even <playground player>, let alone king of dogmatic fools <thegoodanarchist>


Oct-04-21  rbd: Let us expose dogmatic fool <optimal play> some more.

Hey dogmatic fool <optimal play> - all these years you kept babbling about god without knowing what you talking about . Do you know after all these years what non personal god Absolute is , what Christian non dual mysticism is ?

Fool , you vomited nonsense about pantheism and panentheism without even realizing that they both are about non personal god Absolute , without giving any link , without knowing difference between two , you just mouthed a superficial made up nonsense.

The reason that you have not been able to understand/learn non personal god Absolute and Christian non dual mysticism all these years and never will , is that like other dogmatic fools , you too are very stupid. You can not grasp complex ideas , you need simplistic fairy tales of personal god meant for 5 year olds as bedtime nonsensical stories.

Oct-04-21  rbd: Let us expose dogmatic fool <optimal play> some more before I teach sense to dogmatic fools.

Here is a quora user talking nonsense as he explains difference between pantheism and panentheism : <I I think the problem here is that you have left “all” undefined, and used it twice with two different meanings. You say “all is in God”, and “all there is”. In set theory, if one set is greater than another, that does not mean that the two sets are equal. The phrase “all is in God” is a subset relationship, but it could be that the two sets are equal or it could be a proper subset relationship. The phrase “all there is” is the Universal Set or the Universe of Discourse. Different concept.

When you read Panentheism, such as Hartshorne or Whitehead, you realize that there is something more to God than just the Universe.....To a Pantheist, God is the Universe. >

2) so , dogmatic fool <optimal play> you have an opportunity to study/research and fix your stupidity about pantheism/panentheism.

However , as I have asserted before , dogmatic fools like you are too stupid to understand pantheism/panentheism even in hundred years or even hundred lifetimes.

3) this quora user talking nonsense - he saying that pantheism means god is universe and that is all there is to God.

Does that mean if universe is dissolved , god is dead ? That is the question I challenge you to answer simplistic, superficial dogmatic fool <optimal play>

<Put up or shut up > , dogmatic fool <optimal play>

Oct-05-21  rbd: Let us give some time to dogmatic fool <optimal play> - a few days/weeks - to try to redeem himself by doing some study/research about pantheism/panentheism and talk sense for once in life (clarity/depth of thinking/understanding)

Till then I would like to take break from the forum of <keypusher> and when I come back , I would teach teachings of Jesus through Christian non dual mysticism to the dogmatic fools.


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