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Member since Jan-12-09
Any so-called chess website that ignores the 50th anniversary of the <Fischer - Spassky 1972 World Chess Championship> isn't much of a chess website at all.

You will find ol' FTB is not so boring, unless the truth is boring. I've done what I can to right the wrongs, but much remains unchanged because certain people have powers wanting more powers without the goal of honesty and fairness for all.

Who is the moderator perfidious that harshly belittles other users? Well, Alan is a mean, dirty old has-been obsessed with body parts, functions and homosexuality. As a narcissist, constantly insulting others is perfidious' way of life:

"<<Jul-30-22 perfidious: <dicer the rent boy> likes it <up his alley>."

"Jul-29-22 perfidious: As we all understand, <tower of babble> spent much time on the short bus, but his guiding light is being a five-letter word, begins with 'p'.

Ain't that so, <blubbering pissant>>?"

Of course, no disciplinary action is ever taken. perfidious is a long-time editor. He enjoys feeling superior and mistreating others. The owner apparently thinks this racist, political, pervert stuff is amusing even though most of the high-class players have left her late son's creation.

<No obscene, racist, sexist, or profane language. No spamming, advertising, duplicate, or gibberish posts. No vitriolic or systematic personal attacks against other members. No cyberstalking or malicious posting of negative or private information (doxing/doxxing) of members. No trolling.>

Moderator Slacker suspends long-time paying members who complain about sock puppet accounts, but allows the sock puppet accounts to continue polluting this website non-stop. Shmuck pal "zed" zanzibar z free or die has taken out at least THREE new sock puppet accounts in ONE week's time. This fake Z troll freeloader created new accounts for ONE purpose: to harass our paying members. We paying members get suspended for complaining, posting the truth while sock puppet accounts scribble meaningless word pollution everywhere. It's disgusting what we have to put up with. We're certainly not getting what we paid for.

I'd say that's a major disparity in moderation, as in COMPLETE AND TOTAL BIAS against truth tellers while turning a blind eye to the abuses of sock puppets. So eat my gumshoe, you two-faced male bitch moderator!!

<The use of "sock puppet" accounts to circumvent disciplinary action taken by moderators, create a false impression of consensus or support, or stage conversations, is prohibited.>

If the blind pig says I am the liar, the laggard got another thing coming. Here's some of the fake Z troll sock puppet accounts z recently used:

Zappa XP
Member since Oct-22-08

Member since Jan-27-21
Like all things Z, political that is.

Z legend 000000001
Member since Feb-07-21

Z legend 000000010
Member since Feb-08-21

Z truth 000000001
Member since Mar-01-21

Z free or die
Member since Feb-03-22

stone free or die
Member since Jun-29-22

boohoo bear
Member since Jul-22-22

Maryvonne Vernier
Member since Jul-30-22

Yoga Bear
Member since Jul-30-22

Yogurt Bear
Member since Jul-30-22

ZoboBear 000000001
Member since Jul-31-22

<The use of "sock puppet" accounts to circumvent disciplinary action taken by moderators, create a false impression of consensus or support, or stage conversations, is prohibited.>

More troublemakers lurk! Banish all of the fake Z trolls and clean out this hellhole. Oh -- wait -- will I get suspended again for posting these facts for the whole world to see??? Listen misster, if you can put up with all the z @#$%*@! z postings from the user above, you can surely put up with mine.

<The moderation is ridiculously inconsistent.> - Messiah

This particular recent post is rather interesting, not for what it says but for what it gets away with:

Jul-25-21 Z4all: He's still missed, of course.

Yes, that's another fake z troll sock puppet account.

September 2022 Update:

The user <stone free or die> alias <Z free or die> and a dozen other accounts, continues to troll and harass ol' FTB after I returned in September:

<<Sep-22-22 stone free or die: Let's do a quick recap...

<The cryptic zanzibar freely admitted <"I'd resign after 2.c4 too."> Perhaps zz will come out hiding and explain to CG just what s/he and Carlsen were thinking after 2.c4!>

Niemann vs Carlsen, 2022 (kibitz #39)

Art of self-delusion level inaccuracy. Completely out of the blue, <Fred> just makes up a complete falsehood about <zanzibar> and passively-aggressively tosses it into his post.

<Fred> was then challenged to back up his claim,

<I never saw no zanzibar post saying that. Where's the link?> Niemann vs Carlsen, 2022 (kibitz #76)

whereupon he can only sputter and backfire in return:

<After you read your zanzibar resignation-in-one-move post, you can apologize, a novel notion. Carlsen just might follow your example a second time.>

Niemann vs Carlsen, 2022 (kibitz #79)

Again, self-delusion is a drug. There ain't no resignation-in-one-move post by Z.

For <CG> moderators - if you're thinking of deleting this post please be fair and delete all of <Fred>'s posts with gratuitous, and false, distorted mentions of <zanzibar>.

Or are you allowing the drip, drip, drip to resume?>>

That above was the FOURTH post on the same page by stone free or die regarding the zanzibar quote. Good grief, what a nutjob!

All stone free or die / Z free or die has to do is open the link and read it for the precious zanzibar quote but sfod simply denies its existence while quoting the kibitz wherein the quote is contained?? sfod does not want the truth or chess discussion. sfod wants to troll and harass others non-stop. The truth is a huge inconvenience to breaking guidelines and insulting paying members so act like a politician and deny its existence.

It's way past time CG banned this scoundrel imposter Z like they did to other members. The moderators keep turning a blind eye to the troll drip, drip, drip.

Back in June 2022, the focus was on the Rogoff page:

The Rogoff reduction is a much-needed improvement for this chess website, but it should be eliminated altogether. Politics just lead to arguing and more arguing; it spreads anger, hatred, and revenge throughout. Much of the chess activity has significantly dropped off here. Many (not all) of the classy people left this website long ago for other chess sites geared toward chess without the rubbish. Some good people that used to be regulars check back in occasionally, but less-and-less.

Another improvement is needed: Posting should be reserved to paying members only. Perhaps free visitors could be allowed to post at the Kibitzer's Cafe only instead of piddling on the chess pages. Free visits should be limited to a two week trial period. After that, become a paying member or lose the free account. Those who like the website, and want to use the website should become paying members. Sock puppet accounts should be removed.

So glad to see some of the trash taken out!

Here's just one example of the ongoing trash problem that gets polluted minute-by-minute, hour-after-hour, day-by-day, year-after-year:

<<<"Jun-29-22 Rdb: <saffuna: If the Rogoff posts are gone, at the very least my posts on that page should be eliminated from my post totals on the database page.> From now on 1) every time you refute the nonsense of <lib d.ckheads> , you should categorically say <once again , I am refuting nonsense of far right d.ckheads who can not think/use brain/debate/refute/answer refutation and thus believe Goebbels fox tv and such> 2)ou should be proud of refuting nonsense these d.ckheads non stop and therefore should be proud of number of posts you have made. If not for you , that lying d.ckhead would be emperor of America already now that even supreme court is filled with religious morons">>>

She was just getting started. Apparently, she thinks of herself as a high level poster.

<<<"Jun-29-22 Rdb: <diceman: <Rdb: How many people say that <saffuna> doing great service ?> Some low level posters don't like him: <Rdb: And now that I have showed my level of self control , it would be a shame if I still do not stay away from low character , shameless people like <saffuna> And also 5 high level elite posters who can't think/use brain/debate/refute , can never answer his refutation. If you have to compare the number of posts by <saffuna> compare it to sum of all the posts of 5 Goebbels fools whose nonsense <saffuna> refutes non stop. Cheers ??
Jun-29-22 Rdb: Once upon a time there was a <far right d.ckhead > . Once his wife called him stupid and he could never get over that even though umpteen times his wife told him she loved him . Similarly , once his father and brother insulted him and he could never get over that. Why ? No, it is not because he was a Goebbels fool who can not think/ise brain. That is one factor , sure. But not decisive factor. So , what is the right answer ?">

Does this sort of endless ranting improve our lives? Improve our relationships, our chess? NO.

Oh, but there's more (far too much to post here). She's just getting warmed up:

<<<"Jun-29-22 Rdb: <george Wallace>/<big pawn> is out of his f.cking mind. <Z tolerance> policy of trump ! Umpteen children are still separated from parents after all these years. <Christianity is mental disease> Rdb: < << diceman: Didn't see saffy posting today about his, Stalinist Show Trial/Illegitimate/Liar/Hearsay/Committee? Stalinist Show Trial/Illegitimate/Liar/Hearsay/Committee, star witness <Ex-President Donald Trump lunged at a Secret Service agent in a limousine when told he could not be taken to the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6> Damn. A good rule of thumb for any Stalinist Show Trial/Illegitimate/Liar/Hearsay/Committee, would be not to have your <star> witness <impeached> on the day of her liar/hearsay, testimony: <CBS News: Limo driver, SS agent willing to testify before Jan. 6 committee to refute aide's claims Former staff members for Donald Trump said they're prepared to testify before Jan. 6 committee to refute claims.> The Stalinist Show Trial/Illegitimate/Liar/Hearsay/Committee, will most likely continue to push, liar, hearsay testimony. Relying on Goebbels, TDS, and the collective weight of the IQs<10. The reason you create the, <back of the bus> is to use it, play it. <Stalinist Show Trial/Illegitimate/Liar/Hearsay/Committee, star witness, Cassidy Hutchinson:> Keep an eye out for maybe a book deal???>>>>> <Diceman> can not debate - he rambles/babbles In <free stupidity zone> , <big pawn>/<george Wallace> tried to teach <diceman> and other <Keyser soze> like him by defining a certain protocol : You idiots would specify which claim you debating and then would provide evidence in a very succinct manner. Evidence supporting my claim is : Fools/<Keyser soze> like <diceman> could never learn and so <gw>/<bp> came back here in frustration and after losing to me in debate , realized he too was <Keyser soze> and put me on ignore. And now he desperately waits to say something disparaging about me so that this coward , liar could vent his spleen. Jun-29-22 Rdb: <Colonel Mortimer: <Secret Service lead and presidential driver are prepared to testify under oath that Trump did NOT grab steering wheel or lunge at agents to drive himself to Capitol on January 6> Inadmissable evidence, they are not telling the Orange Man Bad, the whole Orange Man Bad, and nothing but the Orange Man Bad> <saffuna> , you got your man. <mort> is willing to discuss congressional hearing unlike other 4 <keyser soze> Now , it is for you to show <fools rush in where angels fear to tread> ">>> * Some of Rdb's posts of the day were reduced or omitted to have room here, as FTB doesn't have page after page to waste.

Now why would any self-respecting chess member pay to read such daily blubbering? It DOES NOT BELONG here on a chess website.

<< Jul-06-22 Rdb: <saffuna><Keyser soze<Oh the late night email votes.. > There were no email votes. What a dummy>

Hahaha ?? I posted that <mother f.cker> original <Keyser soze> is most self aware of 5 <Keyser soze> . He knows he can not debate , so unlike other 4 <Keyser soze> , he never pretends to debate.

And today this <mother f.cker> on a spree to attempt to debate and make fool of himself ??

Hey <mother f.cker> <Keyser soze> , it is better to keep you <c.cksucking> mouth shut and let people think you a fool than to open it and remove all doubts

Now foooook off . Lol lol lol . Loike

Jul-08-22 Rdb: <Willber G: Truth is not a sex organ> +100

Don't the truth , <mother f.ckers> - <Keyser soze> , <george Wallace> , <diceman>>

Management did ban a few select posters (Republicans) but not the insulting, profane, off-the-tracks author above.

But let's end on a positive note, a quote:
<Jul-30-22 offramp: The posts by User: KEG are superb. Seek out his outstanding annotations. We are all lucky to have him as a regular kibitzer.>

Ol' FTB says we are lucky to have the clever wordsmith and diagrammer <offramp> as well.

>> Click here to see fredthebear's game collections. Full Member

   fredthebear has kibitzed 6642 times to chessgames   [more...]
   Oct-05-22 U Fataliyeva vs J Zawadzka, 2015
fredthebear: Now THAT is what I call "Robbing the PIN"!!
   Oct-05-22 W H Pratten vs NN, 1923
fredthebear: A King's Gambit crusher without developing the Bf1!? Black was fine until he castled.
   Oct-05-22 W H Pratten vs C Damant, 1977
fredthebear: Alekhine also played this one: Alekhine vs R Bruce, 1938
   Oct-05-22 N Kunitson vs B Connell, 2018
fredthebear: Thank you for your efforts <PawnSac>! White's choice of moves seems to have no rhyme or reason in this "elementary" ending. Notice that 89.Bb5 and 90.Kd7 would have cut-off the lone king near its coffin corner with mate to follow shortly. Stockfish says 89.Bb5 Ka8 90.Ba6 ...
   Oct-05-22 M Waddington vs Arkell, 2014
fredthebear: 18.Kf2 0-0-0 and Black is up a pawn, winning -- although all the minor pieces remain.
   Oct-04-22 Yates vs Alekhine, 1922
fredthebear: Nice spot offramp. (I miss seeing your distinguished avatar, but it remains emblazoned in my mind. I've changed too:-( 24.g3! piling on the pinned f4-pawn w/a pawn, threatening a capture by the bishop w/a fork of major pieces. Yates had real talent, didn't miss too many of these
   Oct-04-22 Hans Moke Niemann (replies)
fredthebear: Tell it like it is, MrMelad!!
   Oct-04-22 D Howell vs McShane, 2021
fredthebear: Runaway inflation is just terrible, eh offramp? Up, up, up... Not the best game of 2021. Over extended pawns are bad. Isolated pawns are bad. The bishop pair is good. Connected rooks are good. Control of the center is good. Connected passed pawns are real good. Easy win for ...
   Oct-04-22 Kibitzer's Café (replies)
fredthebear: Well, maybe this will help... 01) Distract your friend with Portuguese men that like Radiohead. 02) Do not loan her your AR-15. 03) Play chess -- give her queen odds. 04) Review Cormier posts. 05) Take her to the zoo, or at least feed the pigeons.
   Oct-04-22 S Homa vs Niemann, 2016 (replies)
fredthebear: Diagram above, 27.? There's no checkmate, but things go zoom-zoom.
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