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Member since Jan-12-09
This rapidly declining website is not nearly as good as it once was. Many good chess people of the past are missing. The original creators of this site have passed on. Change was inevitable, and not for the better.

The established posted guidelines are not followed whatsoever. There is very little moderation of content here. Pornographic links were advertised here for about four weeks despite repeated complaints; it was an oversight, not deliberate -- but lack of attention allowed it to happen. Management seems to be amused by open hostility toward others, which may include sexist, racist, homophobic remarks.

The chess aspects of this site are rapidly crumbling. Chess post-participation has dropped, the technology is S L O O O W or dysfunctional, new games aren't being added in timely fashion, internal server errors pop up one after another, another, another, etc. etc. Long-time paying members are leaving for other chess sites that welcome and cater to chess enthusiasts. It's AJ Goldsby magnified. Some of the best operational employees have also left here. Some have changed identities: " We should be so fortunate as to have <Pepperpot>/<RedShield>, in his latest role, that of <MissScarlett> "

There is a grossly disproportional sociopolitical aspect that encourages cyber bullying under the guise of freedom of speech (so long as it's THEIR preferred speech). Many comments are mean-spirited and/or obscene. Schmucks control the dialogue by gang-badgering dissenters w/a barrage of negative comments and deliberate miscasting. Troll S has a massive 1,800 pages, that's PAGES (only God knows how many individual posts that amounts to be) of political attack commentary against the president. BP/GW deliberately flaunts his proud racism and devious immorality. Where's the chess in there?

Do you want to pay to be stalked, harassed on a site that is supposed to be fun? A few attack dogs are "volunteer editors," who otherwise as a group greatly help the site survive. We need our volunteer editors to be neutral editors, not political partisans. For those volunteers like PB who do their duty earnestly, positively, thank you.

If you came here for quality chess interaction, better to invest your paid subscription elsewhere. Until my subscription runs out next year, I'll hold out hope for a new owner to buy this site and take out the garbage.

<Susan Freeman: <I miss <Annie>. Did she get too big for her boots, or did <Miss Susan> drive her away?> <MissS> the short answer is both.>

<Susan Freeman: If we started to ban members for * manners* here, there would be nobody left>

Harassment, sexism, racism, and faulty technology isn't my kind of place.

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   fredthebear has kibitzed 4822 times to chessgames   [less...]
   Sep-24-21 W Cohn vs G Oskam, 1906
fredthebear: 22.? Fantastic is right!!
   Sep-24-21 Pillsbury vs Bushe, 1902
fredthebear: 23.RxNe7+ is playable, but 23.NxNe7 followed by 24.RxBe7+ is better.
   Sep-24-21 Von Popiel vs F G Jacob, 1900
fredthebear: It happens to all of us, KEG. There are typos in most every chess book. Your unique offerings are a real treat for this site.
   Sep-24-21 R P Michell vs J W te Kolste, 1927 (replies)
fredthebear: How does one go about viewing <BCM, 1927, p328>?
   Sep-24-21 Keres vs D Allan, 1975
fredthebear: Yes, indeed! Good to hear from you again <suenteus po 147>! King's Indian Attackers often prefer to switch to a Philidor's Defense Reversed (Be2 instead of Bg2) when ...e5 blocks the advance of the e4 pawn (thus blunting the Bg2 if it were stationed there). Stockfish ...
   Sep-23-21 M Sibarevic vs M Pavlov, 1988
fredthebear: Thanks for the tip <offramp>. After looking at some of his past posts, that was a fair statement.
   Sep-23-21 Averbakh vs C Purdy, 1960 (replies)
fredthebear: Let's all whistle why we work, shall we now? I thought I said work, not twerk. As far as castling goes, Justin sometimes forgets his chess participles and adverbs: Carlsen vs P Maghsoodloo, 2020
   Sep-23-21 B Jansson vs R Ortega, 1964
fredthebear: Black saddles White with a blocked isolated queen pawn from a Maroczy Bind!? White can generate no pressure on the center files. 19.Qd4+ has no effect other than to prevent the Black queen from giving check. The queens come off the board and White is on the defensive thereafter.
   Sep-23-21 Julio Bolbochan vs K Darga, 1956
fredthebear: It's difficult to promote when the White king lags behind his pawn(s).
   Sep-23-21 Ree vs I Radulov, 1966
fredthebear: After a dozen ply, there are just three games in the database, all with different thirteenth moves, and all won by White.
   Sep-23-21 M Tomb vs C Mwali, 2020
   Sep-23-21 V Artemiev vs L Dominguez, 2021
   Sep-23-21 So vs Firouzja, 2021
   Sep-23-21 MissScarlett chessforum
   Sep-23-21 Romanishin vs I Farago, 1980
   Sep-23-21 L Gutman vs Lampert, 2012
   Sep-23-21 G Sukhu vs O Sabirova, 2004
   Sep-23-21 Carlsen vs A Volokitin, 2005
   Sep-22-21 Firouzja vs Rapport, 2021
   Sep-22-21 S Swartz vs V Bansal, 2006 (replies)
   Sep-22-21 A Graf vs Klovans, 1987
   Sep-22-21 Karpov vs Miroshnichenko, 2005 (replies)
   Sep-22-21 Chigorin vs G Marco, 1895
   Sep-22-21 T Gelashvili vs M Pavlovic, 1997 (replies)
   Sep-22-21 Kibitzer's Café (replies)
   Sep-22-21 V Keymer vs A Sarana, 2021
   Sep-22-21 McDonnell vs La Bourdonnais, 1834
   Sep-22-21 V Keymer vs H Gabuzyan, 2021
   Sep-22-21 L'Ami vs A Wahono, 2006 (replies)
   Sep-22-21 V Gashimov vs S Agdestein, 2006
   Sep-22-21 F Cardona vs Koltanowski, 1935
   Sep-22-21 O de la Riva Aguado vs S Matthews, 2006
   Sep-22-21 Macieja vs Carlsen, 2005
   Sep-22-21 E Schiller vs T Redman, 1975 (replies)
   Sep-22-21 O Hackner vs R Bates, 2013
   Sep-21-21 V Sanal vs N Lubbe, 2021
   Sep-21-21 C Irvine vs E B Meyer, 1970 (replies)
   Sep-21-21 Seirawan vs Adams, 2000
   Sep-21-21 Ljubojevic vs Gheorghiu, 1971
   Sep-21-21 A Tari vs Firouzja, 2021
   Sep-21-21 N Abdusattorov vs R Reshetnikov, 2016
   Sep-21-21 Yusupov vs L Christiansen, 1993
   Sep-21-21 S Monteiro vs A M Ursu, 2010
   Sep-21-21 D Paravyan vs A Korobov, 2021
   Sep-21-21 Letelier vs L Schmid, 1956
   Sep-21-21 Derek Warren Sum Ping vs S Wassin, 2010
   Sep-21-21 V Bashkite vs A Safranska, 2006
   Sep-21-21 H S Gretarsson vs H Lopez Silva, 2010
   Sep-21-21 F Jenni vs P Carlsson, 2005 (replies)
   Sep-21-21 Pillsbury vs S Clarence / M J Thompson, 1900
   Sep-20-21 Marshall vs M Judd, 1904
   Sep-20-21 Vitumbiko Gondwe vs A Alrasheed, 2014
   Sep-20-21 Lothar Schmid
   Sep-20-21 C Millar vs Lasker, 1908
   Sep-18-21 J Heral vs Anderssen, 1873 (replies)
   Sep-17-21 E Prandstetter vs Kupreichik, 1984
   Sep-17-21 Carlsen - Caruana World Championship Match (2018)
   Sep-17-21 Ponomariov vs Bareev, 2005
   Sep-17-21 B Lengyel vs R Kuijf, 1983
   Sep-17-21 Magnus Carlsen (replies)
   Sep-16-21 D Keller vs W Halser, 1967
   Sep-15-21 John L Cassilly
   Sep-15-21 L Schiffler vs Reich, 1951
   Sep-15-21 Lasker vs Gunsberg, 1895
   Sep-15-21 Karpov vs Salov, 1993
   Sep-14-21 M Amini vs R Gralla, 2010
   Sep-13-21 T Krabbe vs C de Saegher, 1996
   Sep-13-21 Hans-Joachim Federer (replies)
   Sep-13-21 M Everett vs T Palmer, 1983
   Sep-13-21 Rapport vs Karjakin, 2019
   Sep-13-21 A Fayzullaev vs Hamid Musallem Hardan, 2016
   Sep-13-21 Milner-Barry vs A H Trott, 1951
   Sep-13-21 Alekhine's Defense (B02)
   Sep-12-21 Gheorghiu vs Korchnoi, 1968
   Sep-12-21 Aronian vs Le Quang Liem, 2021
   Sep-08-21 Dreev vs Gleizerov, 1992 (replies)
   Sep-08-21 Cochrane vs Mohishunder, 1850
   Sep-07-21 M Ozanne vs F Mungroo, 2006
   Sep-07-21 L Dominguez vs V Artemiev, 2021
   Sep-07-21 Carlsen vs V Artemiev, 2021
   Sep-07-21 Navara vs L Unuk, 2021
   Sep-07-21 H Fahrni vs Nimzowitsch, 1911
   Sep-06-21 J Wagenaar vs P A Fontaine, 2009
   Sep-06-21 H N Hansen vs Tartakower, 1923
   Sep-06-21 A S Jameson vs W M Ward, 1904
   Sep-06-21 N Mamedov vs M Lagarde, 2021
   Sep-06-21 Wilson vs Blecher, 1858
   Sep-06-21 Mamedyarov vs Ivanchuk, 2020
   Sep-06-21 J Majdan vs M Coimbra, 2008
   Sep-05-21 Duda vs Carlsen, 2021
   Sep-05-21 Navara vs V Keymer, 2021
   Sep-05-21 Nour Assoum vs Nolwazi Nkwanyane, 2020
   Sep-03-21 Tal vs A Menvielle Laccourreye, 1966
   Sep-03-21 Richard Taylor
   Sep-03-21 Carlsen vs Duda, 2021 (replies)
   Sep-03-21 Blackburne vs Hamppe, 1873
   Sep-02-21 A Samaganova vs J Tay, 2010
   Sep-02-21 Carlsen vs Duda, 2021 (replies)
   Sep-01-21 H Rossetto vs R Garcia, 1965
   Sep-01-21 A Liang vs E Hansen, 2021
   Sep-01-21 Krasenkow vs Sveshnikov, 1992
   Sep-01-21 Carlsen vs So, 2021 (replies)
   Sep-01-21 D Naroditsky vs Le Quang Liem, 2021
   Aug-31-21 Saidy vs K Zangerle, 1959
   Aug-31-21 Aronian vs Le Quang Liem, 2021
   Aug-31-21 Carlsen vs So, 2021 (replies)
   Aug-31-21 M Lagarde vs Thai Dai Van Nguyen, 2021 (replies)
   Aug-31-21 Dake vs F R DiPaula, 1935
   Aug-31-21 Firouzja vs Carlsen, 2021 (replies)
   Aug-30-21 A W Fox vs A Hodges, 1904
   Aug-30-21 H Rossetto vs Benko, 1960
   Aug-30-21 Tal vs R Boardman, 1964
   Aug-30-21 A Liang vs L Dominguez, 2021
   Aug-30-21 T Chan vs D Schneider, 2008
   Aug-30-21 S Conquest vs D Buckley, 2012
   Aug-28-21 Tilsia Carolina Varela La Madrid vs P Guichard, 2021 (replies)
   Aug-28-21 M Aigner vs R De Guzman, 2008
   Aug-27-21 A Antoniou vs T Kett, 2007
   Aug-26-21 A Jadrijevic vs Z Kozul, 2011
   Aug-26-21 Blackburne vs Dickens, 1873
   Aug-26-21 Fischer vs Spassky, 1972 (replies)
   Aug-26-21 A Saric vs R Sargac, 2001
   Aug-26-21 Smyslov vs Bronstein, 1951
   Aug-26-21 A Kim vs T Gareyev, 2019
   Aug-25-21 G Goldberg vs Boleslavsky, 1957
   Aug-25-21 Bronstein vs Myagmarsuren, 1971
   Aug-25-21 S Burstein vs Ivkov, 1951
   Aug-25-21 Smyslov vs Geller, 1952
   Aug-24-21 Spassky vs N Dickenson, 1979
   Aug-24-21 N Dickenson vs G Anthony, 1985
   Aug-24-21 Kasparov vs The World, 1999
   Aug-24-21 D Saxton vs Worth / Tweed, 1935
   Aug-20-21 Kramnik vs Carlsen, 2012
   Aug-19-21 C Berberich vs M Bezold, 2001
   Aug-19-21 Henley vs R Gunawan, 1982
   Aug-19-21 Aronian vs Kramnik, 2013
   Aug-19-21 H Caro vs Lasker, 1890
   Aug-19-21 Kavalek vs L Schmid, 1974 (replies)
   Aug-19-21 Gendlek vs Radchenko, 1970
   Aug-19-21 D Marotti vs Yates, 1922
   Aug-19-21 T Thiel vs S Lagrotteria, 1989
   Aug-19-21 Joe Buvel vs A R Green, 2005
   Aug-19-21 Hartston vs Portisch, 1974 (replies)
   Aug-19-21 J M Ribeiro vs Pomar Salamanca, 1945
   Aug-19-21 Psakhis vs A Kochyev, 1990 (replies)
   Aug-19-21 Vachier-Lagrave vs Svidler, 2021 (replies)
   Aug-19-21 Caruana vs Shankland, 2021 (replies)
   Aug-18-21 Tal vs Gurgenidze, 1961
   Aug-18-21 Janith Easwaralingam vs Andre Nielsen, 2017
   Aug-18-21 T Krabbe vs C Zuidema, 1967
   Aug-18-21 B Milic vs A Preinfalk, 1953
   Aug-18-21 G Jones vs M Petrov, 2011
   Aug-18-21 Shcherbakov vs S Kovacevic, 1994
   Aug-18-21 V Mamoshin vs Gulko, 1972
   Aug-18-21 S Zierk vs D Kelley, 2012
   Aug-17-21 E Kaya vs M G Ubaldo Suarez, 2010
   Aug-17-21 R Castelli vs J Hempel, 1970
   Aug-17-21 Le Quang Liem vs Firouzja, 2021
   Aug-16-21 E Torre vs Timman, 1987
   Aug-16-21 E Torre vs Larsen, 1987
   Aug-16-21 Bronstein vs L Alster, 1957
   Aug-16-21 Kamsky vs Shankland, 2014
   Aug-16-21 O B Vea vs Shankland, 2010
   Aug-15-21 Aronian vs Mamedyarov, 2021
   Aug-15-21 Keres vs Botvinnik, 1948 (replies)
   Aug-15-21 Tingjie Lei vs Iturrizaga Bonelli, 2018
   Aug-15-21 L Gerzhoy vs T Gareyev, 2011
   Aug-14-21 Botvinnik vs Levenfish, 1940
   Aug-14-21 Timman vs S Westra, 2007
   Aug-13-21 Mamedyarov vs Mishra, 2021
   Aug-13-21 I Mazel vs Botvinnik, 1938 (replies)
   Aug-13-21 Petrosian vs Fischer, 1971
   Aug-13-21 Le Quang Liem vs Aronian, 2021
   Aug-13-21 So vs Le Quang Liem, 2021
   Aug-13-21 playground player chessforum (replies)
   Aug-07-21 keypusher chessforum (replies)
   Aug-07-21 D Rovner vs Novotelnov, 1952
   Aug-07-21 D Levy vs M Basman, 1968
   Aug-07-21 Janowski vs Marshall, 1916
   Aug-06-21 de Riviere vs Morphy, 1863 (replies)
   Aug-06-21 M Marchand vs K Kullberg, 1920
   Aug-06-21 Y Boukhris-Ferre vs Portisch, 2013
   Aug-06-21 G A Thomas vs C Kottnauer, 1947
   Aug-04-21 Huebner vs Pomar Salamanca, 1970 (replies)
   Aug-04-21 Jacobo Bolbochan vs Letelier, 1951 (replies)
   Aug-04-21 Fischer vs Filip, 1970
   Aug-04-21 Morphy vs Loewenthal, 1850
   Aug-04-21 Kramnik vs V Malaniuk, 1994
   Aug-04-21 Melih Kaan Can vs S Sargsyan, 2018
   Aug-03-21 Gregor Samsa Mendel chessforum (replies)
   Aug-03-21 Fiske / Fuller / Perrin vs Morphy, 1857
   Aug-03-21 G Shahade vs D H Levin, 1993 (replies)
   Aug-03-21 Anderssen vs Kieseritzky, 1851
   Aug-02-21 Harrwitz vs Anderssen, 1857
   Aug-02-21 N Grigoriev vs B Blumenfeld, 1925
   Aug-02-21 V Soultanbeieff vs A Dunkelblum, 1926
   Aug-02-21 F Ekstrom vs V Soultanbeieff, 1946
   Aug-01-21 A Esipenko vs Carlsen, 2021
   Jul-30-21 G Popilski vs V Baghdasaryan, 2010
   Jul-30-21 G Popilski vs I Porat, 2007
   Jul-30-21 P Evtifeev vs P Romanovsky, 1909
   Jul-28-21 T Finnbogadottir vs H Ragnarsson, 2011
   Jul-28-21 R Pabalan vs R Bellin, 2018
   Jul-26-21 A Arribas Lopez vs M Leon Hoyos, 2016
   Jul-26-21 Shankland vs J Xiong, 2019
   Jul-26-21 M Bosiocic vs T Gareyev, 2018
   Jul-25-21 Shcherbakov vs A Haik, 1994
   Jul-25-21 L Witt vs K B McAlpine, 1966
   Jul-25-21 Sokolov vs Dobosz, 1970
   Jul-25-21 O Badelka vs A Matnadze, 2021
   Jul-25-21 I Schneider vs A Donchenko, 2015
   Jul-24-21 Duras vs Rubinstein, 1907 (replies)
   Jul-24-21 Kenneth Rogoff (replies)
   Jul-24-21 Portisch vs Gulko, 1993
   Jul-23-21 C Moncur vs Guy Botetsi Esungi, 2018
   Jul-23-21 Ivanchuk vs Ljubojevic, 2000
   Jul-23-21 Sergio Miguel vs I Saric, 2021
   Jul-22-21 Schlechter vs Steinitz, 1898
   Jul-22-21 H Rossetto vs J Canepa, 1942
   Jul-21-21 Krasenkow vs R Praggnanandhaa, 2021 (replies)
   Jul-21-21 V Zhuravliov vs A Vitolinsh, 1967
   Jul-21-21 W Szumilo vs M Litinskaya-Shul, 1977
   Jul-21-21 F Rhine vs A Artidiello, 1976
   Jul-20-21 R Aloma Vidal vs N Rios del Moral, 2005
   Jul-20-21 D Gormally vs I Krush, 2001
   Jul-20-21 Morphy vs P Capdevielle, 1864
   Jul-20-21 Caruana vs R Jumabayev, 2021 (replies)
   Jul-20-21 J van Foreest vs Sindarov, 2019
   Jul-20-21 K Richter vs J Mieses, 1931
   Jul-20-21 F Apsenieks vs M Feigin, 1928
   Jul-20-21 Sheila Sitoe vs Khalil Manar, 2018
   Jul-20-21 Patricia Evarista Castillo Pena vs Manunthon Atikankhotchasee, 2018
   Jul-20-21 Carlos Paul Abreu Jean vs C Barros Rivadeneira, 2018
   Jul-20-21 Fleury Cibutso vs A Ahmed, 2018
   Jul-20-21 M Murara vs M Walker, 2018
   Jul-20-21 Zainab Asif Abdulah Al-Fayyadh vs Sivanesan Nithyalakshmi, 2018
   Jul-20-21 Mkhonta Nokuthula vs A Bantiwalu , 2018
   Jul-20-21 Darla Charlhess Ntolo vs Bertha Samson, 2018
   Jul-19-21 Polerio vs Domenico, 1610
   Jul-19-21 Carlsen vs P Nikolic, 2005
   Jul-18-21 Mishra vs T Stremavicius, 2020
   Jul-18-21 Yu Yangyi vs Ding Liren, 2019
   Jul-17-21 Chandler vs R Hess, 1981
   Jul-17-21 Jingyao Tin vs T Gareyev, 2021 (replies)
   Jul-16-21 M Quinn vs Shirov, 2001
   Jul-14-21 Euwe vs G Abrahams, 1939 (replies)
   Jul-14-21 B Eiti vs R Jumabayev, 2021 (replies)
   Jul-14-21 D Gormally vs D Leroy, 2008
   Jul-14-21 A Stefanova vs McShane, 1997
   Jul-14-21 Hebden vs McShane, 1998
   Jul-14-21 V Gunina vs J N February, 2021 (replies)
   Jul-14-21 Paulsen vs Blackburne, 1870
   Jul-14-21 Mamedyarov vs Kasparov, 2021 (replies)
   Jul-13-21 Bellon Lopez vs Borges Mateos, 2000 (replies)
   Jul-13-21 Dreev vs P Potapov, 2018
   Jul-13-21 E Harris vs V Green, 1862
   Jul-12-21 H J Cordes vs V Rodriguez Alvarez, 2015
   Jul-12-21 T Bree vs V Krutti, 1999 (replies)
   Jul-12-21 J Unciti Juan vs L I Perez de Aranda, 2001
   Jul-11-21 R Amgalanbaatar vs A Mastrovasilis, 2017 (replies)
   Jul-11-21 Ravdanlkhumbuu Amgalanbaatar (replies)
   Jul-11-21 T Green vs G Stone, 1987
   Jul-08-21 A Bandza vs V Vepkhvishvili, 1978
   Jul-08-21 Gruenfeld vs Torre, 1925
   Jul-08-21 Illescas Cordoba vs Bareev, 1992
   Jul-08-21 Carlsen vs Jostein Thorsen, 2000
   Jul-07-21 Ragozin vs Botvinnik, 1929
   Jul-06-21 B Enklaar vs N Padevsky, 1972
   Jul-05-21 Carlsen vs Ding Liren, 2021
   Jul-05-21 chessforum (replies)
   Jul-05-21 Ahues vs Alekhine, 1936
   Jul-05-21 Euwe vs A Speijer, 1921
   Jul-05-21 M Larrea vs Sekou Aransbene Badji, 2014
   Jul-04-21 Gelfand vs Illescas Cordoba, 1993
   Jul-04-21 Rellstab vs Miles, 1973
   Jul-03-21 Yakovich vs Brodsky, 2014
   Jul-03-21 Chigorin vs Von Popiel, 1902
   Jul-03-21 F Amelung vs Anderssen, 1862
   Jul-03-21 Y Rokhlin vs A Zaitsev, 1954
   Jul-01-21 J Henseler vs B Nuber, 2018
   Jun-30-21 Capablanca vs Labatt / Connor, 1919
   Jun-30-21 Anderssen vs Harrwitz, 1857
   Jun-30-21 Carlsen vs Giri, 2021
   Jun-29-21 Cochrane vs Mohishunder, 1856
   Jun-29-21 Dubov vs Arjun Erigaisi, 2021
   Jun-29-21 J Wheeler vs D Gurevich, 2003
   Jun-29-21 Elene Tsotsonava vs Boris Grinev, 2018
   Jun-29-21 Mamikon Gharibyan vs V Asadli, 2018
   Jun-28-21 Polo vs Pasqualini, 1923 (replies)
   Jun-28-21 Pichot vs Aronian, 2021
   Jun-28-21 Englisch vs A Sellman, 1883
   Jun-28-21 M Roiz vs Z Gyimesi, 2009
   Jun-28-21 Yusupov vs D Gurevich, 2005
   Jun-28-21 Colle vs Euwe, 1928
   Jun-28-21 Wardhaugh vs Schumer, 1917
   Jun-27-21 B H Wood vs P Devos, 1948 (replies)
   Jun-27-21 V Bach vs F Braga, 1991
   Jun-26-21 F Rhine vs NN, 2021 (replies)
   Jun-26-21 C Weiss vs Mitkov, 1999
   Jun-26-21 S Sloan vs Browne, 1967
   Jun-25-21 NN vs F Rhine, 2021 (replies)
   Jun-24-21 B Itkis vs Podgaets, 1974
   Jun-24-21 J Bolacky vs L Pospisil, 1994
   Jun-24-21 Euwe vs Eigil Pedersen, 1951
   Jun-23-21 J L Jacobsen vs G H Foster, 1901 (replies)
   Jun-23-21 Aronian vs Grischuk, 2021
   Jun-23-21 Sax vs Rewitz, 1985
   Jun-23-21 Tal vs Antoshin, 1972
   Jun-22-21 A Leise vs S B Wilson, 1925
   Jun-22-21 J Chris Bang vs EA Sayre, 1921
   Jun-22-21 Royal S Davis vs H D Hibbard, 1924
   Jun-22-21 GCT Bucharest Classic (2021) (replies)
   Jun-22-21 Phony Benoni chessforum (replies)
   Jun-22-21 Winawer vs Bird, 1883
   Jun-21-21 NN vs Santa Claus, 1908
   Jun-21-21 M Daneri vs T Spanton, 2015
   Jun-21-21 Kmoch vs Prins, 1940
   Jun-21-21 D Wagner vs G M Todorovic, 2019
   Jun-20-21 Tal vs Tringov, 1964
   Jun-20-21 A Shaw vs C Hertan, 1987
   Jun-19-21 Caruana vs Svidler, 2014
   Jun-19-21 Karjakin vs Grischuk, 2014
   Jun-19-21 Carlsen vs Mamedyarov, 2014
   Jun-19-21 Chodera vs Pechmann, 1910
   Jun-19-21 B Lalic vs E Vorobiov, 2012 (replies)
   Jun-19-21 Martirosyan vs Nakamura, 2020
   Jun-19-21 G Fontein vs Reti, 1919
   Jun-18-21 Koltanowski vs Denhaene, 1931
   Jun-18-21 Timman vs J H Donner, 1969
   Jun-17-21 Nakamura vs Aronian, 2020
   Jun-17-21 Gheorghiu vs Sax, 1975
   Jun-17-21 Colle vs J J O'Hanlon, 1930
   Jun-17-21 Fine vs P Robey, 1945
   Jun-17-21 B Annakov vs A Loginov, 1996
   Jun-17-21 Kudrin vs B Finegold, 2001
   Jun-16-21 M Tratatovici vs O Batakovs, 2012
   Jun-16-21 Hermanus Jan Ament vs NN, 1922
   Jun-16-21 Steinitz vs A Mongredien, 1863
   Jun-16-21 Steinitz vs A Mongredien, 1862
   Jun-15-21 S Zubatch vs S Feldman, 1992
   Jun-11-21 Browne vs Keres, 1975
   Jun-11-21 Y Gutop vs A Kuindzhy, 1977
   Jun-11-21 S Saeed vs L Pliester, 1982
   Jun-09-21 P Jamieson vs A da Nobrega, 1972 (replies)
   Jun-09-21 I Rudakovsky vs Konstantinopolsky, 1945
   Jun-08-21 Janowski vs G F Massa, 1898
   Jun-08-21 C Jaffe vs H Daly, 1909
   Jun-08-21 K Sorri vs J Mertanen, 2000
   Jun-07-21 S Maze vs L Dominguez, 2015
   Jun-07-21 J Rowson vs A Jackson, 2001
   Jun-07-21 Marshall vs Pillsbury, 1904
   Jun-04-21 J Leandro vs R Valverde Fuentes, 2001
   Jun-03-21 E Stoliar vs J Kellner, 1966
   Jun-03-21 Carlsen vs Giri, 2021
   Jun-03-21 Szabo vs K Honfi, 1950
   Jun-03-21 Szabo vs O Troianescu, 1950
   Jun-02-21 Tal vs J I Zilber, 1949
   May-29-21 Petrosian vs Bronstein, 1956 (replies)
   May-29-21 Opocensky vs H Kramer, 1947 (replies)
   May-26-21 R Nezhmetdinov vs E Kakabadze, 1955 (replies)
   May-23-21 P Cramling vs J Gallagher, 1992
   May-23-21 M Womacka vs D Pruess, 2008
   May-21-21 Morphy vs F Perrin, 1859 (replies)
   May-21-21 Torre vs C E Norwood, 1925 (replies)
   May-19-21 Ivanchuk vs Shirov, 1996 (replies)
   May-19-21 Aagaard vs F Rhine, 2021 (replies)
   May-19-21 H Bennett vs J Sarfati, 1995 (replies)
   May-19-21 W Vandervoort vs C Cameron, 1922
   May-19-21 Tyrnauer vs Charousek, 1892
   May-19-21 Blackburne vs J H Blake, 1909
   May-19-21 R E James vs Greg Krimer, 1972 (replies)
   May-19-21 Menchik vs G A Thomas, 1932
   May-18-21 V Ciocaltea vs Gligoric, 1965
   May-18-21 R O'Donnell vs W B Riley, 1971
   May-18-21 O Ulvestad vs O'Kelly, 1964 (replies)
   May-17-21 D J Ledger vs A Ledger, 1999
   May-16-21 G Marco vs J Mieses, 1903 (replies)
   May-16-21 Van Wely vs Timman, 2003
   May-16-21 Spassky vs Fischer, 1972 (replies)
   May-16-21 Philidor vs NN, 1790
   May-16-21 NN vs F Rhine, 2021
   May-16-21 Blackburne vs J Schwarz, 1881 (replies)
   May-16-21 William Harold Cozens (replies)
   May-16-21 David Hooper (replies)
   May-16-21 O Johannesson vs H Haga, 2012
   May-16-21 E Anthony vs Steinitz, 1880
   May-15-21 S Golikov vs R Pasiev, 2008
   May-15-21 K Tsatsalashvili vs E Mirzoeva, 2018
   May-15-21 Ivanchuk vs Leko, 2020
   May-15-21 Andre Lilienthal
   May-15-21 V Iordachescu vs S Feller, 2011
   May-14-21 Bachmann vs Bu Xiangzhi, 2006
   May-14-21 Alekhine vs Nimzowitsch, 1930 (replies)
   May-14-21 Makhach Tatayev vs M Balitinov, 1962
   May-13-21 F Hebert vs O Ulvestad, 1952
   May-13-21 V Malakhatko vs Timoshenko, 2003
   May-13-21 A A Murray vs F Hebert, 1949
   May-13-21 Carlsen vs S Ernst, 2004 (replies)
   May-13-21 Lasker vs J Sargent, 1891
   May-13-21 Flohr vs T Melngailis, 1933
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