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Johannes Steckner vs Vladimir Burmakin
Zuerich Open (2004), Zuerich SUI, rd 2, Dec-27
Caro-Kann Defense: Exchange Variation (B13)  ·  0-1



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Kibitzer's Corner
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Jan-01-15  diagonalley: hmmmm ... i went 31... RxR 32.RxR BxP 33.Q-K1 QxP+ etc... seemed good enough to win
Jan-01-15  patzer2: For today's Thursday new year's day puzzle we have a single strong solution with the pin tactical shot 30...Rxg3!! 31. Rxg3 Bxf4! (not 31...Qxh4 32. Nh3! ) 32. Nh3 Rxg3! (not 32...Bxg3?? 33. Rxg3 =) 33. Qxg3 Bxg3 .

The clear losing move according to Fritz was 30. h4? which allows the winning shot 30...Rxg3!! Instead, White needed to try 30. c4 Rg6 putting up more resistance and avoiding immediate loss.

Earlier in the opening, I prefer 8. Bf4 = to as in White's nice win in V Georgiev vs E Iturrizaga, 2008.

Premium Chessgames Member
  agb2002: Black has a bishop for a knight.

The obvious move is 30... Rxg3, weakening the dark squares around the white king:

A) 31.Rxg3 Bxf4

A.1) 32.Qe2 Qxh4+ 33.Nh3 (33.Kg2 Qxg3+ 34.Kf(h)1 Qxg1#) 33... Rxg3 34.Rxg3 Qxg3+ followed by 35... Qxh3+ - + [B+3P].

A.2) 32.Qe1 Qxh4+ 33.Nh3 (33.Kg2 Qxg3+ 34.Kf1 (34.Kh1 Qxh3#) 34... Qxh3+ 35.Ke2 (35.Kf2 Qf3#) 35... Qd3+ 36.Kf2 Qf3#) 33... e3 with the idea of promoting the e-pawn after trading the heavy pieces on g3. For example, 34.R1g2 e2 35.Rg1 (35.Qxe2 Rxg3 36.Rxg3 Qxg3+ 37.Kh1 Qxh3+ 38.Kg1 Be3+ wins) 35... Rxg3 36.Rxg3 Qxg3+ 37.Qxg3 Bxg3+ 38.Kxg3 e1=Q+ wins.

A.3) 32.Qxf4 Qxf4 33.Nh3 Qd6 - + [Q+2P vs R+N] (33... Qxh4 34.Rxg8#; 33... Qd2+ 34.R1g2 + -). For example, 34.Ng5 Rg7 35.Kh1 (threatening 36.Nf7+) 35... h6 wins the knight.

A.4) 32.Ng4 Rxg4 wins. For example, 33.R1g2 Qxh4+ 34.Kg1 Bxe3+, etc. Or 33.Qe1 Qxh4+ 34.Kg2 Rxg3+, etc.

B) 31.Nh3 Rxg2+ (31... Rxe3 32.Rxg8#) 32.Rxg2 Rxg2+ 33.Kxg2 Qxh4 - + [B+2P vs N].

Jan-01-15  morfishine: With a Bishop lined up on the King, and the Queen
lined up on the Queen and King, Black has a forced win

Fireworks start with <30...Rxg3> forcing 31.Rxg3 Bxf4

click for larger view

The short fireworks display leaves White helpless:

(1) 32.Nh3 Rxg3 33.Qxg3 Bxg3+ 34.Rxg3 Qxh4
(2) 32.Qe2 Qxh4+ 33.Kg2 Qxg3+


Jan-01-15  TheaN: 1 January 2015 <30....?>

Happy New Year to all at CG! They didn't let us off the hook with this Thursday puzzle, because this combination is a difficult one. As usual with a puzzle spotting the first move is usually not the problem, and because it has the stamp 'puzzle' the continuation is usually found. Otb, this would be tricky to calculate.

Though material is even, black has a stronger piece and a passed pawn, though this pawn of part of a doubled pawn. The g-file is currently in semi-control by black, and it quickly becomes clear g3 is white's weak spot keeping both the black bishop and queen at bay. The breaks sideways don't work (30....Qxh4+? 31.gxh4 makes no sense and 30....Bxf4? 31.Qxf4 only consolidates white's position), so we go right through the middle: <30....Rxg3!>.

Declining this sac is not even a reasonable alternative. <31.Rxg3 Bxf4 32.Qe1> mind that after <32.Qe2?<>> white surrenders a defender of g3 <32....Rxg3! 33.Rxg3 Qxh4+ 34.Kg2 (Nh3? Qxg3+ 35.Kh1 Qxh3+ ) Qxg3+<>> black already won the rook back <35.Kf1 (Kh1 Qh2#) e3! <>> and the position soon collapses. <32....Qxh4+ 33.Nh3 (Kg2 Qxg3+ )>.

After Nh3, white is completely paralyzed. The g3-rook and knight are pinned, and the queen, g1-rook and king are crucial for the defense of g3 and h3. Black demonstrates this, and wins, with <33....e3!>. After <34.Kh1?! Rxg3 35.Rxg3 Bxg3 36.Qf1 e2 <>> black simplifies into a winning endgame. If white 'passes' <34.a3 e2!> black just moves further up the board. A pass again is fatal <35.a4 Rxg3 36.Rxg3 Qxg3+ 37.Qxg3 Bxg3+ 38.Kxg3 e1=Q <>>, but after <35.Qxe2 Rxg3 > white's queen got lured away from e1.

Jan-01-15  TheaN: Got the principle of the paralyzed white position. Slight improvement in the <33....e3 34.Kh1 Rxg3 35.Rxg3 Bxg3 36.Qf1> variation is <36....Qe4+!> because after 37.Qg2? both e2! and the simpler Qxg2 promote for black (the former does so with the bishop still on the board) and after <37.Kg1 e2! 38.Qf6+ Kg8 39.Qg5+ Qg6> it also happens after some spite checks. Nonetheless, for humans the <36....e2> line is much easier to play.
Jan-01-15  stacase: 30 ... Rg3 is obvious and it plays itself after that.
Jan-01-15  CHESSTTCAMPS: Black has a good bishop against a passive knight and doubled rooks on a semi-open file near the king. With all major pieces aimed at the WK, the only question is which sacrifice is right to break up the white pawn shield. 30... Bxf4(??) 31.Qxf4 doesn't go anywhere, so it has to be:

30... Rxg3! removing the lynchpin that defends against both the B&Q lines of attack. The threat is 31...Qxh4+ forcing mate.

A) 31.Qxg3 Bxf4 32.Kh3 Bxg3 33.Rxg3 Rxg3 34.Rxg3 f5 prevents counter-play Ng4 and black's pawns will decide.

B) 31.Rxg3 Bxf4 32.Qe1 Qxh4+ 33.Nh3 e3!

Now white's predicament is clear: Nh3 and Rg3 can't move because they are pinned, while K and Q can't move because Rg3 will not have enough defenders. Not quite a zugzwang, but a lethal squeeze.

34.R1g2 e2! (Black can force the issue) 35.Qxe2 Rxg3 36.Rxg3 Qxg3+ 37.Kh1 Qxh3+ wins.

B.1 32.Qxf4 Qxf4 33.Nh3 Qc7 34.Ng5 h6! 35.Nxf7+ Qxf7 36.Rxg8+ Qxg8 37.Rxg8+ Kxg8 leaves a simple K&P ending.

B.1.1 35.Nh3 Rxg3 36.Rxg3 f5 and black's pawns will prevail.

B.2 35.R1g2 Rxg3 36.Rxg3 Qxg3+ 37.Bxg3+ followed by 38.e1=Q wins

Time to review what happened...

Jan-01-15  CHESSTTCAMPS: I did not foresee 32.Nh3, although it's pretty easy to see through. The actual finish was similar to B.1.1
Premium Chessgames Member
  Penguincw: Didn't seem to hard for a Thursday puzzle, although I didn't consider 30...Rxg3 due to 31.Qxg3 (even though 31...Bxf4 and white is in trouble).
Premium Chessgames Member
  chrisowen: As hill held hood wink as put in a hunt hum and hand pawn we g3 have over as hand verdict free ground made up nosh in hent up g3 honourary sight d6 aim f4 and not enough defence intrepid though king to fold knight and queen unable to assist in hold of knight hung again he define eh diffuse dead a hoof flinch majesty deep in the queue chalks g7 offer up a rook chored a g8 follow a suit low in learn the rope g8 assist again from afar and gosh found the spot 30.c4 at much better keeps the peace boast brought about boar charge g7 less on slide effective at c3 wiggle around and escapes injuries cascadence cuts and bruises as piece for two pawns ahead in sense bob again h6 fetch a grin g5 still perfectly alright black slight edge yet a rocky road.

I free cob altogether you catch a fob off c4 a job in hand and a knob of butter g7 id go for to ground grab ave what you may a boot around g7 boast about a boy h4 bow a calm caps again call cast came thod carry in light ask c4 ash card it ardent in aim camp cast in bash pawn act cred for cool off c4 ceed a cinch ay wire bus cons and cups at c3 sit eg in ever as e3 queen slide away in c3 on cuts a big gib black king lined up harvester glide queen in jail g5 and black still for fancy dipped crane have the knack d6 rich.

A niche of time cronie fed f4 came sac define fleeced and forced of decadent off decide cockled and muscled g8 couched around accord second wave accosted cuff an good face give fog h4 came down around the f4 bend a guffaw heartily lace in fly am ghosting a f2 an high in g7 as gone down the corridor annals of history brave vanish i negligent a do g3 an gives churlish behaviour up tour act h4 alms every d6 sight an dutifuls crum queen h6 under the rug pawn a dugout i go each in dip castle g7 first as light really bemoans lack of room in ere woz apply dipoff in het h4 up queen having questions as how to free up defence gangways walk the king plank focals around a g2 as h3 in ply if hooded padre act fang tooth h6 an each duo eddy a wave spark a g7 as brother g8 escry in lights out h4 a mo g3 gyrates left rook wheel in ere croak 30...Rxg3.

Dio meo ode to get a trip grecian urn bodes well hoe down g8 jollied around mowed down a node dope ride give sowed and towed the line g8 avowed and f4 act get faith have wowed the crowd d6 off fly gadzooks again rampage g8 as gab a gag gem queen huffle and shuffle a git low in light go bag foot soldier draw out gor blimey guv gut instinsts worth investment of material gotcha good a gog above around golly and gosh two rooks so light sag h4 use your noggin pog stick arm c4 rates a gaggle better rook toggle govern gow rot h4 face good odd change bishop off find a win f4 after glide a g7 up ply in am g3 engine concurs g8 also thrown in for good measure to gain queen under once goof pawn ash h4 safe cog c4 burn and turn cor give dog hit low in light an g3 lesson slide sac eggs on cage segment an glances g8 second in first am g3 as given try a 31.Rxg3 Bxf4 32.Nh3 bash have bull shin hi light a need to get active chin strap instead ash er 32.Qxf4 Qxf4 33.Nh3 at hint around cable wire bus tore up tour of knight later makes little difference at h3.

To flurry it dint among black in demand i 3 points ahead queen deemed safe pin f4 at hilight a mind d6 or chests c7 ample as ever tickle in frame set rook g8 safe gag came ghosting light at sea stump d6 up goods well ahead ash in 32...Rxg3 33.Qxg3 Bxg3+ have in die hard it ardent in aim f4 off frame gantry by g3 ol ides of march spring in the step bide inside cried off confide in nowhere tool free hide a h2 as king or key in light rook wheel up g3 have both alright for black dine out tied off a vet vied fo wide berth h6 stand honour still edict it is low in learn when black does arrive to the conc queen uba need later h6 a light camp cease and decist gossamer down goose at free grubs get gulls swoop low f4 in as hi gums up the works h6 queen guns for gaps gives station a guts stage won gush over sag castle inch up pa lol why gg choose g7 ment i pig as rich to give much for to gain light a crock pot a gog chides away in school dig district change off re g3 in auld gate step up act get safe 34.Rxg3 or bet a line step out claw 34.Kxg3 queen versus at h3 and g1.

Rook angle ash knight too pawns in deficit try in bolder 3 pointes ahead h6 a d2 ever h5 both winning and ive dips in bush a run of the mill 34...Qxh4 35.Kg2 light twelve points versus sixteen and e4 son a passer about old act h4 and huff around effect vow ash ahead am zip in zag enough petrol in the tank f5 mind fertile over feeds light again dead fried fox.

Jan-01-15  varishnakov: 30...RxP 31.RxR BxP 32.Q-K1 (to keep an eye on the KN3 square) QxP+ 33.N-R3 P-K6! and the pawn can march making it clear how tied down white is.

After which, black can exchange all wood and then queen the youngster.

I didn't consider the move played in the game (32.N-R3). Thought white would try to keep material a bit more, rather than just going to a losing endgame with no tricks left in his sleeve.

Jan-01-15  PolishPentium: Not trying to start the year off with snarkiness, but PP cannot help but observe that no one now ever bothers to refer to chrisowen's incomprehensible and random stream-of-consciousness musings. Is he actually a real person posting something (though only heaven knows why since it is impossible to discern meaning from it), or is some hacker program using a random number generator to create equally random text? Any insights, anyone?
Jan-01-15  Rookiepawn: <Polish Pentium> I'm one of chrisowens' fans. First I thought my English was worse than I thought. Then I realized he almost makes sense and his comments are related, though weirdly, to the game, so he actually writes them I guess...

CO's older posts were "normal" so to say, you can spot some. So it seems he gradually grew into craziness. Or genius, who knows.

Premium Chessgames Member
  OhioChessFan: <Polish> the best way to enjoy a genius is not to dissect him.
Jan-01-15  dfcx: Happy New Year!
30...? Medium, the first move must be
30...Rxg3 breaking down the defense
31.Rxg3 Bxf4 forking the queen

A)32.Qe2 Qxh4+
A1) 33.Kg2 Rxg3+
A2) 33.Nh3 Rxg3 34.Rxg3 Qxg3+ 35.Kh1 Qxh3+

B) 32.Nh3 Rxg3 33. Qxg3 (Rxg3? 34. Bxe3) Bxg3

Jan-01-15  diagonalley: <PolishPentium> some time back i dared to refer to master owen's posts as being (to paraphrase) "utter drivel"... only to be instantly castigated by a third party for (essentially) being a philistine(!) :-D ... since which time i have kept schtum and been content to observe said posts as modest and tentative proof of my own sanity.
Premium Chessgames Member
  Jimfromprovidence: 30...Rxg3 31.Rxg3 Bxf4 32.Qe1 Qxh4+ 33.Nh3 leads to this.

click for larger view

As others have stated, 33..e3 forces everything.

click for larger view

I get the threat of promotion part but I had missed that 33...e3 also prevents 34 Qf2, which would have helped white out some.

Jan-01-15  morfishine: <Jimfromprovidence> Yes, 33...e3 "forces everything". White can try 34.Qxe3 hoping for 34...Bxe3??? 35.Rxg8 mate; but Black always has the same combination in hand, namely first 34...Rxg3 and White is stuck in the same forcing combination and resulting losing position: 35.Qxg3 Bxg3+ 36.Rxg3

Happy New Year and Happy Solving!


Jan-01-15  saintdufus: I am curious to know why the word "genius" is being used to describe a poster (chrisowen) who:

a) seems to be using a simple computer algorithm to post jumbles of gibberish, of which perhaps 9% is identifiable as chess-related terminology, with the rest being nonsense;

b) does so in a very long-winded, repetitive, and disruptive manner.

It's one thing to call a true genius a genius. For instance, the novelist Mark Z. Danielewski really DOES write brilliant gibberish in his book *House of Leaves*. Danielewski really IS a genius--but chrisowen? Not so much.

So then what is he? He's routinely posting massive batches of senseless gibberish in a chess forum--a fact which has no doubt prompted many users to put him on ignore. This, to me, automatically marks Chris as a species of troll, who probably doesn't belong in the forum (he's not contributing anything coherent, let alone chess-related).

He's someone who wants attention, and he's willing to be long-winded, irrelevant, and disruptive in order to get that attention. (How many times have you been perusing the chess-related comments of a game with interest, only to come across one of Chris's gibberish posts and find your train of thought derailed? He's actually *distracting* people from chess: sort of the opposite of the site's purpose.)

I'm a big admirer of off-the-wall, zany stuff, and maybe the first few times Chris did this it was fun or interesting; but doesn't it seem like he's just feeding words into some online word-jumbler or translator and then pasting the results into these threads with a few "g7"s thrown in to make it tangentially relevant?

That's about as much of an "art form" as randomly dumping hundreds of gallons of paint onto a huge piece of paper and then expecting people to call you Jackson Pollack.

I would welcome a coherent explanation from Chris himself about why he's doing what he's doing--I don't want to condemn someone or write them off based solely on speculation. But if he's just going to keep doing what he's doing, with no chess content and no explanation, I would suggest that maybe a nonsense forum might be more appropriate for him than a chess forum.

Jan-01-15  Cheapo by the Dozen: I'm doing this very quickly, but I'm drawn to the plan

30 ... Rxg3
31 Rxg3 Bxf4
32 Qe1 Qxh4+
33 Nh3 e3
34 (Almost any) e2
35 (Almost any) Rxg3
36 Rxg3 Bxg3+
37 Qxg3 Qxg3+
38 Kxg3 e1(Q)

In every deviation I see for White, he winds up down in material.

Jan-01-15  Cheapo by the Dozen: Solved a Thursday puzzle quickly. Happy New Year! Happy Birthday to me! :)
Jan-01-15  stst: pretty involved, my best course:

30....... Rxg3
31 Rxg3 Qxh4+
32 Nh3 Bxf4
33 Kh1 Rxg3
34 Rxg3 Bxe3
35 Rxe3

then with Q and the K-side pawns, Black should prevail

Jan-01-15  TheBish: J Steckner vs V Burmakin, 2004

White to play (30...?) "Medium", even material.

Black breaks through with 30...Rxg3! 31. Rxg3 Bxf4 32. Qe2 Rxg3 33. Rxg3 Qxh4+ 34. Kg2 (or 34. Nh3 Qxg3+ 35. Kh1 Qxh3+) 34...Qxg3+ 35. Kf1 and Black has won all three of White's kingside pawns.

Premium Chessgames Member
  chrisowen: <saintdufus> I am g3 doth in mooted point.

An from afar back as mind fuel the fire and sweat the assest cold ay bats um ide f4 and fane feel recollect back take devolve baba ji g7 drive ah g3 angled rushy aid a new journey jam in back as match a good bsc pad fee f4 band maybe h6 balaclava queen hoofed and extricated.

Mixing around a feel in why am band oy g3 it is zapped g7 manner from heaven chin ji in dove skim palm cone give band pontificate a flurry it zip in zag i rook dance as no hilight it low in learn bands often over the h4 in poind i negligent as knowing and alf i no catch back joke a d6 as a net f4 i shin no eg at now in over the hill baste ash f4 a recind a key koinus a nest head off engage here not h4 as no idea band masoned bishop act f4 i net roof fetched a long time batch vilificate in add im here backbull in rush a mister dark kink a bark in off h4 as so mash tier and raid gender nab f4 band pan dig ever under inch eg win back a cat oh.

Deep dally inky oh to protocol band wind side head fool a h6 bash im catch back have uppidy one for linch h6 a pin bad band drive thin daily bid wrench on give do deft ado let reference at band rande i ogle me be here bad verdict in kaputz a drive i cage regenerated in am gredients off tender vine a h6 gods reenter back i spied elect shaped bash a vindicate a mind in big gib h4 drawback radical dint over a h6 dog hit low in learn a principle at he be days an baba ji g3 a dint ferns a fee so back side real barrel g3 as would drive delineate dance shin kick clam doolally am slims nip in h6 day resolute a wave bids lad hoof ensconce on eccentic in ever.

A tickle leg free game mash either in sojourn back hint zoltan ash f4 in den hoof at gash i ply band i mind slid for over aether treed h6 a beam inter bridge dance hives a need in sense at cuffs eg ment batch a cross trick clays h6 and h4 pigeon shoot arrive a long head band i van cigar rook an g3 at drive aid it hook in cub h6 ole ebullient as no account and f4 angle huffle a circus dance h6 in h4 as win free gamble giver.

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