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Boris Verlinsky vs Ilya Rabinovich
USSR Championship (1925), Leningrad URS, rd 11
Alekhine Defense: Saemisch Attack (B02)  ·  1-0



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Kibitzer's Corner
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Apr-17-15  agb2002: White is one pawn down.

Black threatens 32... Qxg2# and 32... Qxc1+ 33.Qxc1 Rd1+ 34.Rd1 Rxc1 35.Rxc1 Rd7 followed by Bd5, c6 with the better ending in spite of the opposite colored bishops.

These threats suggest 32.Qxc7+ Rxc7 33.Rxc7+ Kb8 34.Rc1+:

A) 34... Ka7(8) 35.Ra1+

A.1) 35... Ba6 36.Raxa6+ Kb7 37.Reb6+ Kc8 38.Rb8+ Kd7 39.Rxd8+ Kxd8 40.Rd6+ Qxd6 41.Bxd6 + - [B].

A.2) 35... Qa2(5) 36.Rxa2(5)+ Ba6 37.Raxa6+ Kb7 38.Reb6+ Kc8 39.Ra8+ Kd7 40.Rd6+ + - [2R+B].

B) 34... Rd6 35.Bxd6+ Ka7(8) 36.Ra1+ Ba6 (36... Kb6 37.Bb4+ + - [2R]) 37.Rxa6+ Kb7 (37... Kxa6 38.Bb4+ + - [R+B]) 38.Rb6+

B.1) 38... Ka7 39.Bb8+ Ka8 40.Bg3 + - [2R+B vs Q] (40... Qd1+ 41.Re1).

B.2) 38... Ka(c)8 39.Bg3 + - [2R+B vs Q].

C) 34... Qd6 35.Rxd6 + - [R].

Apr-17-15  diagonalley: wow! ... i got some of it, but in haste (over-eager to recoup the Q) i looked at 34.R-B2+ instead of the far superior 34.R-B1+! ... maybe half a point(?) on the basis that, i might have spotted the better option when at move 34 ;-)
Apr-17-15  gofer: The first two moves are obvious and forcing...

<32 Qxc7+ Rxc7>
<33 Rxc7+ Kb8>

The next move is the trick one!

<34 Rc3+! ...> Rc1+ is similar

Black is given a choice, but its a difficult one;

34 ... Qd6
35 Bxd6

34 ... Rd6
35 Bxd6! Ka7
36 Ra6+ Ba6
37 Raxa6+ Kb7 (Kxa6 Bb4+/Bf4+ )
38 Bc5

34 ... Ka8/Ka7
35 Ra6+ Ba6
36 Raxa6+ Kb7
37 Reb6+ Kc8
38 Ra8/Rb8 Kd7
39 Rxd8+ Kxd7
40 Rd6+

It looks like black's best "choice" is to go into an end game a whole bishop down and two connected white pawns still on the board... not much of a "choice"!



Apr-17-15  gofer: <Once>: Was <22 ... Nc5> marginally better for black (i.e. keeping the mate threat and giving up Pe5) than <22 ... Qxc3>?

What does Herr Fritz say?

Apr-17-15  morfishine: <gofer> Yeah, I had 32.Qxc7+ Rxc7 33.Rxc7+ Kb8 <34.Rc3+> targeting the a-file, then followed the game line thru to 39.Rxd8+

I guess for some reason, I thought 34.Rc3+ looked cooler than 34.Rc1+ :)


Apr-17-15  Cheapo by the Dozen: I miscalculated a bit about 6 moves in, forgetting that d7 would be cleared. Still, that means I would have embarked on the winning combination, so I give myself copious partial credit.
Premium Chessgames Member
  Richard Taylor: I think if you see the main idea, if you were confronted in a game you would find your way through it if there was enough time as the moves are forced. I "hallucinated" at one stage that the R was still on d7. I recall that even Tal did that in some of his "brilliant" combinations, where the piece the thought was there was gone or vica versa and he had to resign. So it is a matter of double checking the lines.

But this is about the maximum as the one harder than this very few players can work out OTB, but one benefits from studying them, even from just looking up the "answer" as these are very time consuming problems.

So and thus it was...

Premium Chessgames Member
  Richard Taylor: I recall seeing another game live with Rabinovich playing and I had to ask a strong player why he resigned! I often find GMs resign and I have no idea Mostly I figure it out eventually. But sometimes it is comptletely baffling.

Chess is infinite.

Apr-17-15  CHESSTTCAMPS: In this opposite-colored bishops position, black is up a pawn and both sides are attacking. Black threatens 32... Qxg2#, but white can get in first by harnessing the power of the double check:

32.Qxc7+! is the most forcing move available and is also essentially forced. After 32... Rxc7 33.Rxc7+ Kb8 34.Rc1+, black is finally presented with a choice:

A) 34... Ka8|a7 35.Ra1+ Ba6 36.R1a6+ Kb7 37.Reb6+ Kc8 38.Ra8+ Kd7 39.Rxd8+ Kxd8 40.Rd6+ wins.

B) 34... Qd6 35.Bd6+ leaves white a rook up.

C) 34... Rd6 (sets a deadly trap: 35.Rxd6?? Qxg2#) 35.Bxd6+ Ka7 36.Ra1+ Ba6 (Kb6 37.Bf4+ wins the Q) 37.Rxa6+! Kb7 (Kxa6 38.Bf4+) 38.Bc5! Qc1+ 39.Bg1 Kc7 40.Ra7+ Kd8 41.Ree7 followed by Rxh7 and black is helpless to stop a ladder mate.

Time for review...

Apr-17-15  dfcx: This position looks interesting. White has three pieces aiming at c7 pawn while black has three major pieces lining up the d column for the weak back rank. White's turn, all moves are forcing for black.

32. Qxc7+ Rxc7 33. Rxc7+ Kb8 34. Rc1+ Ka7/Ka8 35. Ra1+ Ba6 36. Raxa6+ Kb7 37. Reb6+ Kc8 38. Ra8+ Kd7 39. Rxd8+ Kxd8 40. Rd6+

click for larger view

with a bishop up. other moves for black such as
34...Rd6 34.Bxd6+ Ka7 35.Rc1+ Ba6 36.Rxa6 will lead to even better advantage for white.

click for larger view

White will win the queen for rook or force mate from here.

Apr-17-15  M.Hassan: White to play 32.?
White is a pawn down.

32.Qxc7+! Rxc7(forced)
33.Rxc7+ Kb8(forced)
34.Rc3 disc.+
I saw no point on attacking the Black Queen with a discovered check at this point because that would have ruined the possibility of further checks by this Rook

35.Ra3+ Ba6(forced)
36.Raxa6+ Kb7
37.Reb6+ Kc8
In here, at first I thought to give a check on c6 thinking that Black King will never run to d7 to give White the opportunity for Rd6+ and therefore will move to b7 and further checks will make the game draw by repetition but while typing this post, I realized the golden check on a8 square:

38.Ra8+ Kd7
39.Rd6+ Qxd6
40.Rxd8+ Kxd8
And White becomes a full Bishop ahead

Apr-17-15  awfulhangover: Well, this was so forced that even I could find it.
Apr-17-15  kevin86: The rooks trap the king and though both will be sacrificed, the extra bishop will win for white.
Premium Chessgames Member
  chrisowen: Gavel an drops ive chalk hammer c7 drastic elastic cutter give a5 to d2?

Do glide away c5 queen up tie a square down ive a c5 ream c7 first and sac queens curtain rail call c5 up then and oh chicken licken am good man as have c5 a gog question could black have drawn by bishop b7 in a g2 wholl dispute an error queen among thieves a d2 one gives light grand chances for a win quad grip ok in ogle gum effect c7 evade king's at face pin c8 can't escape clutches of light game c5 quaver tickle c7 gab bag vagrant display of power be at glib down ash be an gave king's at,

face pin b8 too as right rook c1 an games on for light has him in time for bagged up beck and call c5 mission select crevice ogle deinty c7 clerk back key retour again cutty sark shoe berth much um dog in dig yum c7 tummy warms to a task erm glad rut black rummy bishop b7 should have a g2,

sacrifice or even d5 boot rooks e6 off in flurry it seem like for one aim in no time like crum c5 mission select sum at slip a5 c5 lip lap just slim jangle an joy would bestow upon him have c5 rival ball c5 up bathhook rib very lean cull cork c5 have for one at ever sever flight rave eline a key too am an delve in cad blew i effort aim dead i dipoff in fly at cap to cut rutting it now in I ogle am dutiful crum pivot able mid find enter over duos ebber drives am got i exact line evers at ready deploy eg i d2 black queen bad choice and cred c5 crashes in manage c7 have good call a bone of contention as boot b7 into be bargaain hunter an I'm afraid at cad a

31...Qd2 vertical lift a5 body among hunt i down to do then math suggest believe in a g2 or a d5 as equal feed fled fired up fade on i was in would an deaf ears be find cuffed defer defeat it ok in ogle d5 a fledge at he find and confide bishop,

bonafide a g2 he feed fleck of paint in time deflate black is a pawn ahead ive after trade down femured murky d6 fend flared fed ply quoffed rook deferred deft touch d6 feud fertiled bed fevered dew fall on grass put kind a g2 watch day fed fleeted a glimpse do dip dug a d2 i dab,

Apr-17-15  Longview: This was very difficult. I saw two lines: 32. Qxc7+ but I missed the key 34. Rc1 and quite frankly without experience like this I am not likely to have found it. It seems passive / defensive but it is necessary for white to continue. I love the eventual skewer of the king netting the black queen.

Another line I considered: 32. Bd6. I think white comes out ahead in this one too. Th.e c pawn is pinned and the bishop blocks black's attack of the first rank. if 32.... Rxd6 33. Rxd6 Rxd6 34 Qxc7+ and I believe white is winning. if 32 Qxd6 then the queen is lost and the attack on the first rank can be frustrated.

Apr-17-15  mruknowwho: I saw the combination, though I thought it was mate by force. Instead it wins a queen.
Premium Chessgames Member
  Penguincw: Despite not being a Monday, I just knew 32.Qxc7+ (a queen sac) would be the firste move). I then saw 32...Rxc7 33.Rxc7+ Kb8, but then followed with 34.Rc2, which is a blunder, because after 34...Ra7 35.Rxd2 Rxd2, material is even, but white has bank rank problems, and g2 is about to fall.
Apr-17-15  engmaged: 32.Qxc7+ Rxc7 33.Rxc7+ Kb8 34.Rc1+
I also considered (34...Rd6 35.Bxd6+ Ka8 36.Ra1+ Ba6 37.Rxa6+ Kb7 38.Bc5 )
Apr-17-15  MagnusVerMagnus: Reminded me of a Shirov game against Sutkovsky I think, easy but pretty.
Apr-17-15  Mating Net: Tremendous combination, all done with a weak back rank that adds that extra element of pressure before deciding to go all in with 32.Qxc7+.
Apr-17-15  grasser: Something tells me the "Anti-Cheating Committee" would have been called in on this game.
Premium Chessgames Member
  Phony Benoni: <grasser> No doubt about it. The players were obviously conspiring to ensure a player from the Soviet Union won the tournament.

It's a spectacular and lengthy combination which makes a deep aesthetic impression. But it's not particularly deep or subtle, with many complicated lines and alternative. Rabinovch probably saw it to the end after White played 32.Qxc7+, but went along for the ride just in case.

Premium Chessgames Member
  perfidious: <Phony Benoni: <grasser> No doubt about it. The players were obviously conspiring to ensure a player from the Soviet Union won the tournament.>

The Soviet chess authorities got theirs--Bogoljubov never returned after this victory, thereby becoming a 'renegade'.

Apr-17-15  patzer2: As <Fishermon> and <HelaNubo> discussed on page 1 of the kibitzing here back in 2007, Black's decisive blunder was 31...Qd2? This threatening move overlooked the winning 10-move combination (solving today's Friday puzzle) 32. Qxc7+ Rxc7 33. Rxc7+ Kb8 34. Rc1+ (or 34. Rc3+) Ka7 35. Ra1+ Ba6 36. Raxa6 Kb7 37. Reb6+ Kc8 38. Ra8+ Kd7 39. Rxd8+ Kxd8 40. Rd6+ Qxd6 41. Bxd6 .

The combination uses a number of different tactics, including discovered check, deflection, decoy, skewer and double attack (i.e. Rook Fork).

Instead of 32...Qd7?, Deep Fritz 14 picks 31...Bd5 32. Rf6 Bc4 33. h3 Rd5 = (-0.17 @ 22 depth) as giving Black an even game.

Also good for equality would have been 31... Bxg2+! 32. Kxg2 Qa2+ 33. Kf1 Qxe6 34. Qxc7+ Rxc7 35. Rxc7+ Kb8 36. Re7+ Qd6 37. Bxd6+ Rxd6 38. Rxh7 = (0.00 @ 35 depth).

Premium Chessgames Member
  Messiah: Did Rabinovich CRY after this fiasco?
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