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🏆 52nd US Open (1951)

  PARTICIPANTS (sorted by highest achieved rating; click on name to see player's games)
Isaac Kashdan, Adolf Jay Fink, Norman Tweed Whitaker, Albert Sandrin, Larry Evans, Edmar Mednis, Kenneth Smith, James Sherwin, Curt Brasket, Edgar McCormick, Juan Gonzalez de Vega, Glenn E Hartleb, Arthur R Spiller, Albert Wuelfing, Claude Fred Tears, Henry Roy McDavid, Jeremiah F Donovan, Victor Dollahite, John Broadus Holt, Colin Arthur Renton, Lee Travis Magee, Bert Brice-Nash, Jack F Shaw, Angelo Sandrin, William A Bills, William M Byland, Raymond Vollmar, Alfred George Miller, Mal Wiener, Carl Weberg, Alfred P Coles, Anton Edward Caroe, Aleksandrs Liepnieks, Kenneth R Jones, Waldo L Waters, Lewis J Isaacs, Harry Fajans, Samuel Baron, Blake W Stevens, Robert B M Potter, Raymond Martin, James Cross, George Eastman, Eliot Hearst, Alfred Charles Ludwig, Charles Sharp, Hugh Edward Myers, John T Westbrock, Robert Brieger, D B Martin, Paul Quillen, Harlow Bussey Daly, Howard Ridout, Jose R Florido, Richard Harrell, John Sherman Knaur Chess Event Description
52nd US Open (1951)
<52nd US Open
Fort Worth, Texas
July 9-21, 1951>

An even younger member of the newer generation, 19-year-old Larry Evans, came out on top. Isaac Kashdan, representing the ancient days of the 1930s, saw his chances ruined by a tenth-round loss to Norman Tweed Whitaker from an even earlier generation. It wasn't all kids, you know.

The attendance of 98 was down a bit from the Detroit monster, but still the second-highest in the tournament's history.

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 1 Larry Melvyn Evans W80 W35 W57 D 4 D 5 W23 W10 W14 W 2 W 6 D 3 D 7 10.0 2 Albert Sandrin W48 W28 W46 L 6 W42 W12 W14 D11 L 1 W15 W18 W 5 9.5 3 Eliot Sanford Hearst W47 D31 W40 W15 W22 L14 W16 D 4 D 5 W11 D 1 W10 9.0 4 Isaac Kashdan W73 W38 W50 D 1 L11 W44 W31 D 3 W16 L10 W17 W18 9.0 5 James Cross W51 W 7 D15 W44 D 1 L11 W25 W50 D 3 W27 W10 L 2 8.5 6 Jeremiah F Donovan W70 W16 W39 W 2 L14 L19 W26 W22 W11 L 1 D 9 W27 8.5 7 Lee Magee W94 L 5 W21 W43 D 9 L16 W52 D17 W44 W50 W12 D 1 8.5 8 Jose R Florido L16 W70 W62 L 9 W24 L22 D35 W40 W65 W43 W14 W19 8.5 9 Adolf Jay Fink W59 D44 D31 W 8 D 7 D30 W33 L12 W32 W41 D 6 D11 8.0 10 Norman Tweed Whitaker W55 W76 W18 L14 W25 W52 L 1 W23 W12 W 4 L 5 L 3 8.0 11 Juan Carlos Gonzalez W95 L14 W75 W32 W 4 W 5 W19 D 2 L 6 L 3 W15 D 9 8.0 12 Harry Fajans W84 W42 D25 D52 W27 L 2 W45 W 9 L10 W23 L 7 W28 8.0 13 Alfred Ludwig D41 D43 L49 W62 W73 D47 D24 D26 W53 D22 W31 W25 8.0 14 Edgar Thomas McCormick W69 W11 W19 W10 W 6 W 3 L 2 L 1 D15 L18 L 8 W33 7.5 15 George Eastman W34 W21 D 5 L 3 D48 W29 W38 W19 D14 L 2 L11 W26 7.5 16 Robert Sinclair Brieger W 8 L 6 D28 W68 W46 W 7 L 3 W30 L 4 D19 W48 D17 7.5 17 Edmar J Mednis W24 W23 D52 L22 W40 L31 W43 D 7 W50 W59 L 4 D16 7.5 18 James T Sherwin W36 W33 L10 W54 L23 W48 D30 W21 W66 W14 L 2 L 4 7.5 19 Raymond Martin W79 W53 L14 W80 W36 W 6 L11 L15 W31 D16 W39 L 8 7.5 20 Thomas A Jenkins L83 L24 L70 W81 W62 W73 W49 D52 L41 W51 W59 W39 7.5 21 Lewis J Isaacs W78 L15 L 7 W84 W64 W37 D22 L18 L23 W63 W30 W41 7.5 22 Arthur R Spiller W49 W63 D30 W17 L 3 W 8 D21 L 6 D29 D13 L28 W40 7.0 23 Kenneth Smith W58 L17 W66 W29 W18 L 1 W53 L10 W21 L12 L25 W46 7.0 24 Alfred P Coles L17 W20 W74 D33 L 8 W32 D13 D29 L28 W66 D45 W44 7.0 25 Kenneth R Jones W77 W66 D12 D30 L10 W36 L 5 L32 W57 W44 W23 L13 7.0 26 William A Bills W67 L30 L33 W75 W69 W35 L 6 D13 D38 W46 W34 L15 7.0 27 Howard Ridout D32 D54 W77 W57 L12 W68 L50 W33 W30 L 5 W41 L 6 7.0 28 Curt Justin Brasket W98 L 2 D16 D41 W49 L45 W71 L31 W24 W42 W22 L12 7.0 29 Marvin Rogan W87 L52 W84 L23 W39 L15 W59 D24 D22 D33 W37 D31 7.0 30 William M Byland W60 W26 D22 D25 D31 D 9 D18 L16 L27 W71 L21 W48 6.5 31 Aleksandrs Liepnieks W85 D 3 D 9 W46 D30 W17 L 4 W28 L19 D48 L13 D29 6.5 32 Harlow Bussey Daly D27 W41 D47 L11 D37 L24 W68 W25 L 9 W64 D53 D34 6.5 33 Angelo Sandrin W92 L18 W26 D24 D47 W41 L 9 L27 W52 D29 W43 L14 6.5 34 Anton Edward Caroe L15 L64 W51 W60 D43 L42 W56 D35 W69 W65 L26 D32 6.5 35 John Broadus Holt W97 L 1 W55 W49 L52 L26 D 8 D34 L39 D36 W57 W47 6.5 36 Robert B M Potter L18 W81 W63 W39 L19 L25 W64 L53 L45 D35 W58 W52 6.5 37 Carl Weberg W56 L46 W83 D42 D32 L21 D54 L43 W49 W69 L29 W53 6.5 38 Charles Sharp W72 L 4 W85 D53 W57 D50 L15 L41 D26 L47 W67 W45 6.5 39 Raymond Vollmar W71 W83 L 6 L36 L29 W57 W65 D66 W35 W45 L19 L20 6.5 40 William A Scott W90 D45 L 3 W77 L17 W56 L42 L 8 W74 W53 W50 L22 6.5 41 Blake W Stevens D13 L32 W71 D28 W66 L33 W46 W38 W20 L 9 L27 L21 6.0 42 Glenn E Hartleb W61 L12 W59 D37 L 2 W34 W40 D44 L48 L28 D47 D43 6.0 43 Jack F Shaw D54 D13 W56 L 7 D34 W71 L17 W37 W51 L 8 L33 D42 6.0 44 John T Westbrock W68 D 9 W45 L 5 W54 L 4 W47 D42 L 7 L25 W55 L24 6.0 45 Mal. Wiener W75 D40 L44 W65 D53 W28 L12 D48 W36 L39 D24 L38 6.0 46 Samuel Baron W62 W37 L 2 L31 L16 W55 L41 W60 W47 L26 W52 L23 6.0 47 Richard Harrell L 3 W65 D32 W74 D33 D13 L44 W54 L46 W38 D42 L35 6.0 48 Claude Fred Tears L 2 W51 W76 D50 D15 L18 W63 D45 W42 D31 L16 L30 6.0 49 Albert Wuelfing L22 W61 W13 L35 L28 W69 L20 W56 L37 L58 W77 W67 6.0 50 Hugh Edward Myers W93 W74 L 4 D48 W80 D38 W27 L 5 L17 L 7 L40 W61 6.0 51 Victor Dollahite L 5 L48 L34 W78 W82 W58 L66 W64 L43 L20 W63 W59 6.0 52 Paul Quillen W88 W29 D17 D12 W35 L10 L 7 D20 L33 W68 L46 L36 5.5 53 Bruce Brice-Nash W65 L19 W60 D38 D45 W59 L23 W36 L13 L40 D32 L37 5.5 54 Cecil L Parkin D43 D27 W82 L18 L44 W76 D37 L47 L59 W60 W68 --- 5.5 55 D B Martin L10 W72 L35 L66 W67 L46 D58 L57 W78 W56 L44 W65 5.5 56 James A Creighton L37 D71 L43 W72 W70 L40 L34 L49 W60 L55 W73 W64 5.5 57 A G Miller W64 W82 L 1 L27 L38 L39 D76 W55 L25 W74 L35 W68 5.5 58 James B Gibson L23 L84 W81 L70 W75 L51 D55 L68 W79 W49 L36 W73 5.5 59 William O Winston L 9 W73 L42 W82 W76 L53 L29 W67 W54 L17 L20 L51 5.0 60 Maxine Cutlip L30 W67 L53 L34 L68 W79 W62 L46 L56 L54 W76 W78 5.0 61 C A Renton L42 L49 L73 LF LF W81 W72 L71 W76 W62 W74 L50 5.0 62 George Rikins L46 W95 L 8 L13 L20 W72 L60 W70 L63 L61 Bye W75 5.0 63 Elliott Forry Laucks W91 L22 L36 W79 L71 W77 L48 L65 W62 L21 L51 W81 5.0 64 Melvin Semb L57 W34 D68 D69 L21 W80 L36 L51 W77 L32 D65 L56 4.5 65 Roy E White L53 L47 W72 L45 W72 W74 L39 W63 L 8 L34 D64 L55 4.5 66 Waldo L Waters W89 L25 L23 W55 L41 W70 W51 D39 L18 L24 --- --- 4.5 67 James A Blood L26 L60 W78 L76 L55 W75 W73 L59 D71 W79 L38 L49 4.5 68 D F Walker L44 W92 D64 L16 W60 L27 L32 W58 W80 L52 L54 L57 4.5 69 Dan A Redwine L14 L85 W92 D64 L26 L49 W70 W76 L34 L37 W71 --- 4.5 70 Frank R Graves L 6 L 8 W20 W58 L56 L66 L69 L62 L72 L75 W81 W74 4.0 71 W H Cohenour L39 D56 L41 W85 W63 L43 L28 W61 D67 L30 L69 --- 4.0 72 Edwina Watson L38 L55 L65 L56 L65 L62 L61 W75 W70 L81 W78 W76 4.0 73 H R McDavid L 4 L59 W61 W83 L13 L20 L67 L77 W81 W80 L56 L58 4.0 74 Kenneth Weberg W81 L50 L24 L47 W79 L65 W77 W80 L40 L57 L61 L70 4.0 75 Clarence Cleere L45 W87 L11 L26 L58 L67 L78 L72 Bye W70 W79 L62 4.0 76 Catherine Jones W86 L10 L48 W67 L59 L54 D57 L69 L61 W77 L60 L72 3.5 77 Eugene A Bolliger L25 W78 L27 L40 W85 L63 L74 W73 L64 L76 L49 --- 3.0 78 Mrs C L Waters L21 L77 L67 L51 W81 L82 W75 L79 L55 Bye L72 L60 3.0 79 John Sherman Knaur L19 LF W88 L63 L74 L60 W81 W78 L58 L67 L75 --- 3.0 80 Joe A Cushman L 1 W88 W89 L19 L50 L64 W82 L74 L68 L73 --- --- 3.0 81 Duey Elkins L74 L36 L58 L20 L78 L61 L79 Bye L73 W72 L70 L63 2.0 82 Stanley Markland W96 L57 L54 L59 L51 W78 L80 --- --- --- --- --- 2.0 83 Charles P Gary W20 L39 L37 L73 LF --- --- --- --- --- --- --- 1.0 84 R Tamillow L12 W58 L29 L21 LF --- --- --- --- --- --- --- 1.0 85 Gilberto Cerda L31 W69 L38 L71 L77 --- --- --- --- --- --- --- 1.0 86 Gene C Burns L76 LF LF --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- 0.0 87 Hal Collins L29 L75 LF --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- 0.0 88 E W Foster L52 L80 L79 --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- 0.0 89 Glen E Gullett L66 LF L80 LF --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- 0.0 90 William H Jones L40 LF LF --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- 0.0 91 Gerald L Olson L63 LF LF --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- 0.0 92 J H Reagan L33 L68 L69 --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- 0.0 93 John F Ryan L50 LF LF --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- 0.0 94 Ed B Schick L 7 LF LF --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- 0.0 95 Floyd Sells L11 L62 LF --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- 0.0 96 Lloyd A Swanson L82 LF LF --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- 0.0 97 A E Unruh L35 LF LF --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- 0.0 98 H C Vanfleet L28 LF LF --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- 0.0

The tournament was held at the Hotel Texas, and sponsored by the Fort Worth Chess Club and the Texas Chess Association. Hans Kmoch directed, assisted by Glenn E Hartleb.


American Chess Bulletin, July/August 1951, pp. 75-79.

Isaac Kashdan, American Chess Grandmaster: a Career Summary with 757 Games / Peter P. Lahde. Jefferson, NC: McFarland, 2009.

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Game  ResultMoves YearEvent/LocaleOpening
1. N Whitaker vs D B Martin  1-025195152nd US OpenC57 Two Knights
2. H Daly vs H Ridout  ½-½53195152nd US OpenA45 Queen's Pawn Game
3. J R Florido vs R Brieger  0-133195152nd US OpenC50 Giuoco Piano
4. E Hearst vs R Harrell  1-026195152nd US OpenC11 French
5. J S Knaur vs R Martin  0-131195152nd US OpenC50 Giuoco Piano
6. A C Ludwig vs B Stevens  ½-½41195152nd US OpenC18 French, Winawer
7. R Potter vs J Sherwin  0-133195152nd US OpenD10 Queen's Gambit Declined Slav
8. C A Renton vs G Hartleb  0-144195152nd US OpenD63 Queen's Gambit Declined, Orthodox Defense
9. A Spiller vs A Wuelfing  1-021195152nd US OpenC00 French Defense
10. C F Tears vs A Sandrin 0-142195152nd US OpenC41 Philidor Defense
11. Kashdan vs H R McDavid  1-033195152nd US OpenC28 Vienna Game
12. K Smith vs Mednis 0-128195152nd US OpenA22 English
13. C Sharp vs Kashdan  0-141195152nd US OpenE21 Nimzo-Indian, Three Knights
14. R Brieger vs J F Donovan  0-150195152nd US OpenB72 Sicilian, Dragon
15. V Dollahite vs C F Tears  0-127195152nd US OpenE38 Nimzo-Indian, Classical, 4...c5
16. G Eastman vs L Isaacs  1-045195152nd US OpenC84 Ruy Lopez, Closed
17. Evans vs J B Holt 1-042195152nd US OpenE72 King's Indian
18. J Gonzalez de Vega vs E McCormick  0-159195152nd US OpenD17 Queen's Gambit Declined Slav
19. G Hartleb vs H Fajans  0-136195152nd US OpenD22 Queen's Gambit Accepted
20. A Liepnieks vs E Hearst  ½-½36195152nd US OpenA06 Reti Opening
21. L T Magee vs J Cross  0-131195152nd US OpenB83 Sicilian
22. R Martin vs B Brice-Nash  1-042195152nd US OpenC07 French, Tarrasch
23. A Sandrin vs C Brasket  1-040195152nd US OpenC78 Ruy Lopez
24. J F Shaw vs A C Ludwig  ½-½27195152nd US OpenC26 Vienna
25. J Sherwin vs A Sandrin  1-024195152nd US OpenB45 Sicilian, Taimanov
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Kibitzer's Corner
Jan-12-17  machuelo: José R. Florido was a Cuban chess player. In 1956 when he was among the best 10 masters of Cuba he played in Havana against the then unknown Bobby Fischer and lost. This was the first important win for the young Fischer. Florido was a good tactician and also a good blitz player. At least twice, 1951 and 1951 he participated in the US Open with good results.

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