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Member since Jan-02-12 · Last seen Feb-11-15
I am so poor I can't buy premium membership but I can trade it with chicken dung. BILASANG ISDA;
I accept bribes, I can switch anytime.
Any offers?
tpstar: You're a pal. =)
voratco: Testing, testing.... will be deleted within a few minutes just to prove my point. @#$% God.
Just between you and me, that one was a direct result of him using an alternate identity to disrupt the site awards voting. Besides, he is not that age anymore, you know I mean. It is hard to understand why people take these GOTD titles so seriously. It is supposed to be an entry point for the game itself, but some posters do nothing but bash the puns. Or the creative force behind them. Jan-18-12 frogbert: i think you're seriously starting to lose it, palmer. delusions and paranoia is not a good combo. Jan-19-12
Premium Chessgames Member tpstar: 1) I told you on January 30, 2010: "I will discuss matters with you like an adult when you stop making personal attacks against other users." That has not changed. 2) Stop telling everybody how you are ignoring my posts when you are clearly recopying them on your player page and studying them.

3) You will never build any coalition to get me out of here. Jan-19-12
Premium Chessgames Member brankat: <tpstar> <<frogbert:<..delusions and paranoia is not a good combo.>> Frog knows this full well. First hand.
<<tpstar: <"I will discuss matters with you like an adult when you stop making personal attacks against other users.">>

For this, You'll have to make sure You live a very, very long life :-)

<<frogbert: <...the chance was just reduced to only 80%.>>

<frogbert> I'd estimate it to be 1%.

I still do have a few dozens of your posts buried somewhere in my forum. Most of your posts are to precious to be deleted.

Perhaps I should re-post them here, invite a few more kibitzers for a visit, so we can all have us a good laughter.

Just joking, of course. I wouldn't do it here, out of respect for <tp>.

But I can perform the exercise in my forum. Any time. Jan-19-12
Premium Chessgames Member tpstar: <brankat> Nice to see you!

I am very glad you are back enjoying the site like before.

It's ironic that we were named in that infamous "f-t-b" post from the Wesley So page because the Administrators cut 50 pages of their team consultation game so they took it out on us three ("I will hang them"). Oh how that page has such history.

This user is just like the Sockpuppetmaster in that he will cyberstalk your chessforum, then delete his abusive posts before they become permanent. Except I already make hard copies for future reference, as otherwise he would just lie about them like he always does.

Strange how this chessforum is such a magnet for cyberstalking and cyberbullying. ;>D

See you around! =)
Premium Chessgames Member brankat: <tpstar> <It's ironic that we were named in that infamous "f-t-b" post from the Wesley So page because the Administrators cut 50 pages of their team consultation game so they took it out on us three ("I will hang them").>

In last year or SO, I haven't been around as much as before. SO that's why the above info is new to me. Had not known anything about it. Jan-19-12 frogbert: tpstar, you delete posts, i delete posts. when you actively prevent dialogues and selectively leaves posts behind, it's only fair that i get my say in it too.

<Except I already make hard copies for future reference>

but of course you do.

<he would just lie about them like he always does>

coming from you, that's more than a little ironic, palmer. Jan-19-12
Premium Chessgames Member tpstar: The formation of the Barangay Wesley in early 2009 was a prelude to their senseless posting contest where they would show devotion to their Messiah by making it the most kibitzed player page on the site. There are clear references to this plan in March 2009, and even clearer ones in June 2009, including the exact day it would happen. Except the site learned about their team consultation game from a few weeks before - 50 pages which were there specifically to help them break the record, so those 50 pages got axed that same day and set them back to below the Carlsen page. Oh how they whined about this "injustice" and 1533-1535 is the funniest part. At the time they were mad at you for calling that page a "disgrace" and they were mad at me for branding them the Wesley So Fan Cult and they were mad at him because they were mad at him. So one BW member called us "the Three Basketeers" and said we would be tried in court for the "massacre of 50 innocent souls" or something, and if guilty "I will hang them" said the presumptive executioner. I wanted that post to stay, and you never read it, so the odd man out was the one who complained. I do have a hard copy of the whole message for my writing project, yet I cannot repost it.

Wesley So himself used to kibitz here, until July 2011 when he was driven off this site by his own fans. Since then, someone has been posting 100+ times per day under multiple handles desperately trying to "fix" the situation, first because Wesley is headed to college in the US (where Susan Polgar will ask him about, and second since the Wesley Chess Cafe just opened up. It is now unclear whether the whole purpose of the Barangay Wesley was to support his career or exploit him for money. Back to the point, several former BW members just tried to disrupt our site awards, and they are even joining forces with Carlsen fans to cause more damage.

I will explain this further later. =)
Premium Chessgames Member brankat: Very informative. Thanks <tpstar>.

Later, when You have some more time:

-- < consultation game from a few weeks before - 50 pages..>

They were playing this game on W.So page?

-- <since the Wesley Chess Cafe just opened up.>

What is it? A chess site run by members of BW?
Premium Chessgames Member tpstar: If I explain too much they will start making death threats again.

<team consultation game> Back then they had around 200 members which were split into <a-l> and <m-z> by userid for an online team game. I honestly didn't know about it until after it got cut. They used that episode to complain about the site - preventing them from playing chess on a chess site. What a surprise.

<Wesley Chess Cafe> This is an actual establishment in the Philippines, which just had their grand opening on January 7, 2012. I am waiting for their virtual Guestbook to learn more about them, but for some reason the guy in charge has been avoiding me lately.

The BW just posted an updated membership list of twelve, which should have been nine, and every name was a fake and phony false identity.

Ano kayo, siniswerte?

Telling like it is, I love it.

Nemesistic: <Tpstar>, you should enroll for a position in the C.I.A or some other intelligence agency where people get paid for being nosey..

I seriously don't know where to start with you,as every page i visit you've recently visited, and posted something provocative,knowing full well you'll be attacked back..then you complain!

You're part of the problem,yet your so obsessed with "kicking someone's butt" or "winning!"(eh?),you just can't see it.. As annoying as the BW are,i really don't see what they do that annoys you to the point you start going from forum to forum "telling tales" to the so called "old guard",when they really don't appear to be as bothered as you...about anything!! I'm just being brutally honest,because you Sir... Need a life! End of rant..
I had a dream hahaha
tpstar: Dear Unsuspecting Family,
I am very sorry to inform you that your loved one uses the Internet for nefarious purposes like attacking and bullying. He joined an anti-American gang called the Guardians of Truth who sit around smoking clove cigarettes while listening to Ace of Base and planning their next evil capers. May-16-12 Jim Bartle: I thought the physician's motto was "First do no harm." May-16-12
Premium Chessgames Member tpstar: <First do no harm> That's the Hippocratic Oath. Nowadays we use

   voratco has kibitzed 950 times to chessgames   [less...]
   Jul-23-12 World Blitz Championship (2012) (replies)
voratco: strt prcticin -my way lol
   Jul-23-12 Wesley So (replies)
voratco: <kardopov: <voratco: <Wesley is in for a tough grind.> You are right, GM Bruzon is a tough nut to crack, he is one of the true barracudas. I wish GM So the best.> Wesley will be the tougher nut to crack. Wesley will take this tournament.> Hahaha, I was just playing
   Jul-21-12 Anish Giri (replies)
voratco: voratco, spells like a V as in Victory.
   Jul-21-12 40th World Open (2012) (replies)
voratco: Whatever happened to timhortons, he followed the ICC for the longest time. He is expert on the subject. I hope he shows up someday.
   Jul-21-12 Magnus Carlsen (replies)
voratco: <voyager39: Talking of "starvation", its amazing how Carlsen at Biel is soon going to prove his worthiness against the World Nos 7,9,15,31 and 49 at Biel!!?? Isn't this below his dignity and status?> He is up to something, my guess is he want to prove he is willing to go to ...
   Jul-21-12 Oliver Barbosa (replies)
voratco: I am betting on barbwire to win the BOGM. I think he will pull through the second half of the tournament. Goodluck Barbwire!!!
   Jul-15-12 Dortmund Sparkassen (2012) (replies)
voratco: Yup, we all know somebody keeps looking at the glass window. Can't keep your eyes off you, wohoooo, lalalalala,lala lala.
   Jul-11-12 Odd Lie (replies)
voratco: Hey, here is a pink slip, use it for love and money spells.
   Jul-11-12 Appaz chessforum (replies)
voratco: <Appaz: <<voratco> And I know I am not in your ignore list either.> I have to clear up a little misunderstanding, caused by me because I expressed myself unclear: you, or anyone else, has never been on my ignore list - I don't use it. However, after half a life on the
   Jul-11-12 Kibitzer's Café (replies)
voratco: [Comment to Article 2.6.1 and 2.6.2: Acceptable justification would not include, for example, buying or possessing a Prohibited Substance for purposes of giving it to a friend or relative, except under justifiable medical circumstances where that Person had a physician’s ...
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