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Member since Dec-07-10
Started playing chess more seriously a few years ago via correspondence and have improved a lot since then. Although I've also come to understand how truly patzer-ish I am compared to many other players. These days most of my chess experience comes from either playing speed games, online correspondence, or reading chess books/studying...haven't gotten into the tournament scene yet (some day). Partly because tournaments are expensive, partly because USCF sucks.

Most of my kibitzes on here are my attempts to explain why certain players resigned in a given position. Unfortunately, my analysis is far from perfect and many of my kibitzes (earlier ones in particular) were ill-thought out. I've since tried to be more careful, but I still make mistakes. So if you come across some posts of mine that sound apologies. Please ignore them.

I'd estimate my current playing strength to most likely be in the 1500-1600 elo range. Not above 1700 for sure.

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   Jan-14-16 Nunn vs M Borriss, 2000
iamdeafzed: With 22.Rdg1, the black bishop is pinned and hence, 23.Qxh7# is once again threatened. 22...Re8 loses to 23.Rxg6+,fxg6 (23...hxg6 24.Qh8#) 24.Qxh7+,Kf8 25.Bh6# 22...Kh8 also loses to 23.Rxg6
   Jan-14-16 Nunn vs M Stolz, 2001 (replies)
iamdeafzed: 35.Qxd7# is threatened, and 34...Rxd8 loses to 35.gxh5. Probably safe to say, therefore, that 31...Qxh5 was the move that sealed black's fate. Not that his position looked that good anyway.
   Mar-10-15 M Hebden vs Nunn, 1997
iamdeafzed: Threat in the end position is 39.Rh4#, and attempting to defend against it via 38...Be4 loses to 39.Qh4+ and 40.Rxe4. 25....d4 seems (to me) to be the stinky move after which black's game just went from bad to worse.
   Mar-10-15 Morphy vs NN, 1856 (replies)
iamdeafzed: Unless I'm missing something, 24.Bd3+,Kh8 (or 24...Qxd3 25.cxd3, which should be an obvious win for white) 25.Qf8# was a quicker checkmate. Still a nice game to go through in any case.
   Nov-22-14 Staunton vs Cochrane, 1842
iamdeafzed: <BTW, Houdini more or less likes the play of both sides until 26.Qg4?> My guess is that 26.Qg4 was intended to stop black from playing g6. Unfortunately, this has the drawback of shutting in the bishop on f5 and doesn't really even stop g6 anyway, which black aptly ...
   Oct-12-14 Anderssen vs Loewenthal, 1851
iamdeafzed: <I don't know what 17. c4 was about, since at the very least Black could have picked up the exchange.> My guess is that c4 was played with the idea of c5 next and shutting out the bishop on b6. Unfortunately, this move is just too darned slow in this position. White ...
   Sep-08-13 Radjabov vs Milov, 2005
iamdeafzed: Black's rook is attacked in the end position, it only has two safe squares it can flee to, and both choices lose quickly: 44...Re7 45.Qc8 And the black bishop will fall, along with black's king shortly thereafter. 44...Rb8 45.Qf6+; Kh7 46.Qxf7+, and checkmate next move
   Aug-07-13 D Kumaran vs Miles, 1993
iamdeafzed: Miles must have missed 13.Nb5+. Understandably...not an easy move to have seen over-the-board, 5 moves (10 ply) prior.
   Aug-07-13 Korchnoi vs Simagin, 1960 (replies)
iamdeafzed: <Well, after 11.dxe6 Bxe3 12. fxe3 fxe6 black is not a pawn down either. He is standing worse, still no reason to resign yet. (After 12. exd7 Bf4 I even prefer Black).> 11.dxe6,Bxe3 12.exf7+!,Rxf7 13.fxe3 would still leave white a pawn up, plus with the threat of Bc4. I ...
   Aug-06-13 Carlsen vs Van Wely, 2006
iamdeafzed: For future reference, the phrase 'for future reference' is a future reference to how a future reference shouldn't really be referred to as a future reference. Future reference.
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