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My games for Lithuania team in 1967 "USSR Spartakiad" and Israeli Premier League: Nechemia Kasimov

Currently living in Toronto, Canada.
My family name is Kasimov, in Lithuanian it was Kasimovas. In 1979 Israeli Chess Federation awarded me with National master title for my results on 1st board of "Bat Yam" and "Hapoel" Rehovot teams in Israeli Premier League.

The most memorable game I played against GM Roman Dzindzichashvili in December 1978, when he was ranked between top 20 in the world.

N Kasimov vs Dzindzichashvili, 1978

This game published in the book of Eugenijus Paleckis and Boris Rositsan "├×ydai Lietuvos ├░achmatu istorijoje", Vilnius, 2015 in Lithuanian language.

In the "From the Middlegame into the Endgame" book page 113 Edmar Mednis published my endgame (Kasimov-Komay, Israel 1979).

click for larger view

... White achives a thematic stalemate draw as as follows:

1 ... Ke5 2 Kc5 Kxe4 3 Kc4! Ke3 4 Kc3!

Losing is 4 Kd5? Kf3 5 Kd4 Kg2 6 Ke3 f1=Q!
4 ... Kf3
It is no good going to the e-file, since 4 ... Ke2 allows 5 R:h2 and the f-pawn is pinned. 5 Kd3 Kg2 6 Ke2!! Draw
After 6 ... Kxh1 White stalemates Black with the normal 7 Kxf2 or the "fancy" 7 Kf1.

Full text of this game:
[Event "Rishon Le Zion Jubilee tournament"]
[Site "Rishon Le Zion"]
[Date "1979.01.02"]
[Round "7"]
[White "Kasimov, Nechemia"]
[Black "Komay, Ofer"]
[Result "1/2-1/2"]
[ECO "D02"]
[PlyCount "143"]

1. d4 d5 2. Nf3 Nf6 3. Bf4 g6 4. e3 Bf5 5. c4 Nc6 6. Nc3 Bg7 7. Qb3 Na5 8. Qa4+ c6 9. cxd5 b5 10. Qb4 a6 11. d6 Bf8 12. Be5 Nb7 13. dxe7 Bxe7 14. Qb3 O-O 15. Be2 c5 16. O-O c4 17. Qd1 b4 18. Na4 Na5 19. Rc1 Rc8 20. Nd2 Be6 21. Bxf6 Bxf6 22. Nc5 Rxc5 23. dxc5 Bxb2 24. Nxc4 Bxc4 25. Bxc4 Qxd1 26. Rfxd1 Bxc1 27. Rxc1 Nxc4 28. Rxc4 Rb8 29. Kf1 Kf8 30. c6 a5 31. c7 Rc8 32. Ke2 Ke7 33. Kd3 Kd6 34. Rd4+ Ke6 35. Rc4 Kd6 36. Kd4 a4 37. g4 a3 38. h4 b3 39. axb3 a2 40. Ra4 Rxc7 41. Rxa2 Rb7 42. Ra6+ Ke7 43. Kc4 Rc7+ 44. Kb5 Rc2 45. b4 Rxf2 46. Kc6 Rc2+ 47. Kb6 Rc4 48. b5 Rxg4 49. Ra2 Ke6 50. Kc5 Rxh4 51. b6 Rh1 52. b7 Rc1+ 53. Kb6 Rb1+ 54. Kc7 Rc1+ 55. Kb8 Rb1 56. Ka8 h5 57. b8=Q Rxb8+ 58. Kxb8 h4 59. Kc7 h3 60. Ra8 g5 61. Rh8 g4 62. Rh4 f5 63. e4 f4 64. Rxg4 f3 65. Rg1 h2 66. Rh1 f2 67. Kc6 Ke5 68. Kc5 Kxe4 69. Kc4 Ke3 70. Kc3 Kf3 71. Kd3 Kg2 72. Ke2 1/2-1/2

Some of the biographies published by me:

Marcos Luckis

Aleksander Macht

Vladas Mikenas

Paul List

Moisei Elyashiv

Matafia Scheinberg

Israel Rabinovich-Barav

Benjamin Markovich Blumenfeld

   hemy has kibitzed 1419 times to chessgames   [less...]
   Aug-16-21 Boris Rositsan (replies)
hemy: Yesterday, on August 15th 2021 my friend Boris Rositsan past away. His heart stopped beating before the start of the 10th round of the Vilnius Speed Chess Championship. An ambulance arrived quickly and restored the pulse. Boris was moved to the hospital where he died after few hours. ...
   Aug-06-21 V Mikenas vs R Nezhmetdinov, 1948 (replies)
hemy: <plang> <both players needed a win to obtain the master title> Mikenas obtained master title in 1944 after winning the match against Ljublinsky 8:6. Mikenas was chosen by Soviet chess federation as a master, examinator of ...
   Jul-26-21 David Max Schapiro
hemy: <Alan McGowan> made a research about the <record from 1935 Cologne address book> and concluded that David Max Schapiro's name may be carried over from earlier address books.
   Jul-20-21 Mechislovas Birmanas
hemy: <chesshistoryinterest> <Lithuanian SSR - Latvian SSR match, 30 March - 1 April 1941> in the "Lithuanian chess history up to XXI century", volume 5, pages 44-48 are describing this match. It is using many Lithuanian sources and also "Sarkanais Sports", 3 April 1941, page 3. ...
   Apr-24-21 Vasily Akimov
hemy: His name is Vasily, not Vadim. I knew him very well. We were in the small group of young chess players attending lessens of Vladas Mikenas and Isakas Vistaneckis in Vilnius chess club in 1961-1964. In the Rusbase page of "VI Team Championship of USSR- Riga (I Group) December 1968" on
   Apr-06-21 Arved Heinrichsen
hemy: Today I received generous gift from Dr. Vlastimil Fiala - his book "11th German Chess Association congress. Cologne 1898". I only asked him for the scan of the page 195, but he sent my the book. The <second hand quote, showed online already by Silman> ( Arved Heinrichsen (kibitz ...
   Mar-15-21 11th DSB Kongress, Cologne (1898)
hemy: <thelegendisback> The sources: Wiener Schachzeitung Aug 1898 p.139 and Berger 8 von Popiel 7 Dr. Fritz 3.5
   Mar-04-21 Kholmov vs Sokolsky, 1952
hemy: Results of the Soviet championship 1952 quarterfinal, Krasnodar:
   Mar-03-21 E Schallopp vs Heinrichsen, 1893 (replies)
hemy: <Deutsches Wochenschach und Berliner Schachzeitung 1893, p. 193> Deutsches Wochenschach und Berliner Schachzeitung 1893, p. 139
   Feb-22-21 Paul Tautvaisas (replies)
hemy: <JFQ> Biography and contribution of Povilas Tautvaisas to Lithuanian chess will be well presented in the project "Lithuanian chess history up to XXI century". Most of it is included in the volume VII, "Chess activities of Lithuanians who emigrated from displaced persons' camps
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