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User not found
Member since Apr-23-16
You are so (..) defeated by us..Hehe So jelous because your life sucks, because you don't have a college..

You are <done> here "mate"..Tony is doing fine..Me too..You become the undisputed UGLY DUCKLING from chessgames. heheh

I mean that..Your " 😂 😂 😂 😂 "'s don't fool anyone. Anyone can feel your misery. You really thinks that we think you are laughing now??

Enjoy your "no life" >

My life's so so sad 😔.

LMAO 😂 😂 😂 😂.

Absolute cowardly stalking obsessive freak got nothing to say now he knows his "career!" (LOOOOOOOOL 😂 😂 😂) is over for downloading photos of little girls and boys! All that winning makes creepy obsessive lunatic a dull boy LOL #KARMA

Deleted post collection..

<Keyser Soze: "YOU..
Looking yourself at mirror..ugly and bald projection I guess.


Hows your 12hs suspension?


Ugly? Bald? 12th suspension last night? Projections? Just a day in the life of a MAN OBSESSED WITH ME!! ⚠️

After receiving a phone call about "The accident I'd been in!?" not only does he NOT deny it but appears to mock his own unbelievably vile behaviour....

<<<Keyser Soze: Good. Piss off! And answer your phone!


A great example of sanity.. One mentions one's favourite band playing to a packed out arena in Brazil.... My stalkers response?

<Keyser Soze: The show sucked as later reviews around confirmed. And mostly of the people there < went to see Guns & Roses> who actually follows this crap. Therefore, Oasis <<opened>> for Guns. They are huge here.

Oasis? they are not big here, they are some working class limey cultural accident.




That's a super fix!!



He's completely sane LOL

A brilliant breakdown by Keyser Soze tonight.. One of his best, he's in mental pain and boy does he want everyone to know it...

<<Keyser Soze: you confusing liking toy around a dumb dog with obsession..thats <your> illness not mine. I dont adore Gallaguer`s or soccer players hysterically like a a clueless egg c$nt.. And you are 40? You family must be embarrassing to have you around doing nothing but trouble. LOL
I TOY with you.
get it?

Push your teets till you brokedown..whine get hysterical..

Im like Dexter. I dont do that with good people. hahah

You are bad. So I do a society job. Push around criminals

go it now?


Premium Chessgames Member Keyser Soze: <How's life treating you? > way better than you..I never got low as you do..Pikey, your kind hate your guts..Abused you know where..Drugs..

Ugly city..

You never saw me..You chasing ghosts and just wish I was bald and have a chimp like nose like you..

metal worker without a college


Premium Chessgames Member Keyser Soze: and a very very stupid hairdo . frickin chimp!


Keyser Soze: Love to torment your arse..You are bully..You deserves all you get in life.. Im your internet AG kakakaka

Keyser Soze: Because you are DUMB.
Ill mannered ignorant, without education, family

trash of society. Now a virtual miserable.

see you around.

tic toc

Keyser Soze: <I just see you> you cant see anything..I can se you. You just can imagine..wonder..

Either way I don't need to expose you. You do yourself a very good job as showing to people how disturbed, hysterical, and dumb person you are.

You are a working class loser. a pleb.

Premium Chessgames Member Keyser Soze: <If I wanted to I could send you gaga> no you cant.

I CAN, as I proved several times..So easy to psuh your buttons make you hysterical and make you whine to adm..Oh phone calls! oh adress!! That without me doing nothing! LOL

Told you

Now you are like a dirty dog..Whining.

Keyser Soze: Convict..never worked you lazy and dumb butt to even finish the high school..and go claiming " superior knowledge" at something? Kakakakaka

Man you know soccer as you know music..Oasis..Kane..


And stop whining. All your posts are crying

Use the ignore button.
I dare you

Premium Chessgames Member Keyser Soze: I don't have a doctor. What * your * doctor and family says about your internet activities?

Hows your agoraphobia??

And your past addiction? Still using it?

You have a psychiatric. Not me..


And the definitely not disturbing, completely normal, words of wisdom, icing on the verbal cake? ....


Bio update 21st of June 2017. Keyser Soze now thanks I'm a floor laying pikey.. Also he's not jealous and I'm "Busted!?". 😂 😂 😂

<Keyser Soze: jelous.YEah Construction worker( Pikey).. "Yes I would, If I only wooould I surely wouuld " woooo.




A throwback classic from May 29th of this year..

<<Keyser Soze: Lets have some fun and humiliate some:: False narratives, another example, of b.hurting and cowardice by some ..Taking notice anyone?

here's yesterday post

<unf "Oasis - Live in Rio Looks like there's more than 3k people!?!


that's was a response (b.hurted) about my kbitzing from few weeks ago. he can't forget anything..And dare to call others "obsessed"..Projection...LOL

<april 11: Keyser Soze: <To even mention Oasis in the same sentence as The Beatles is mental.> Already mental with U2. They still sell out soccer stadiums worldwide till today. <<Oasis never played at venues bigger than 3k at Brazil>> for example..South and Central America loves U2 . At Mexico, they sold out all arenas and even made a DVD.(...)>

But of course in his lousy bio he goes and cries out loud.

<"A great example of sanity.. One mentions one's favourite band playing to a packed out arena in Brazil.... My stalkers response?>

Where I just RE-FIXED false narratives about those shows on Rio.

<<Keyser Soze: The show sucked as later reviews around confirmed. And mostly of the people there < went to see Guns & Roses> who actually follows this crap. Therefore, Oasis <<opened>> for Guns. They are huge here. (...)>>

I stand correct as usual..One doesn't liked and piss on his own bio..

*** RE - FIXED ***

PS: Your bio stinks like a baby diapers..

BOY, << YOU ARE >> miserable..LOL>>

He was just having fun humiliating me. He's definitely NOT sad 😂 😂 😂

Bio update July 1st he's still obsessed with me LOL 😂 😂 😂

<<Keyser Soze: Funny thing that Bob and Pawn humiliates you <every single day here> and you never gets angry or answer calling you "fag" "Tina", dumb , feminine. And you dont even reply.. My bet you like and agrees huh. Problem is me..hehehe

and, as I fixed you before.. you ARE gay.

here, your own words not mine:

<<m.f: I was seeing /breaking up with someone at the time (but I loved him ;) ) and you know what blokes are like?>>

See? good old boy

have another miserable day here..


<<Keyser Soze: Another delusion..Better whine better to Daniel..Because I dont post here everyday #fail

NO wonder the webmaster got tired of your whining and, told you to sod off, losing you premium membership, your name..your dignity..

<miserable> Indeed. Spent all day arguing on a chessite is pretty much miserable..You can`t even win an argument, chimp. hehehe

<" Here..get your money back and shove up on your dirty pikey Ar$$!>

Backstage classic!


Bye Tina!

Pawn, I already softened her up to you..She is almost hysterical mode..Have a fun with her.>>


Another One for the books 😂

<<Keyser Soze: imimimimimimim floor-layers are so jealous. College-LESS


Another sane bio update entry update. Keyser is a happy person LOL.

<Keyser Soze: Mimimimimim "Oh Daniel oh Daniel 😂😂 I'm not. laughing"

Chimp lol>

And another memorable quote from the Brazilian barmaid 😂 😂 😂

<Keyser Soze: Miiimimimimimi Floorlayer chimpanzee from roggof.

Love to see you been humiliated there on daily basis. Thanks pawn and bob to do my work.


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User not found: When's young Rapport going to win a good tournament. I remember him winning something decent a few years ago and I expected him to be on the level of Wesley So by now. I really like some of the kids games, he's not afraid to go for it.
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