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Member since Aug-05-16 · Last seen Jan-27-23
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   Straclonoor has kibitzed 3288 times to chessgames   [more...]
   Jan-27-23 U Tarve vs R Etruk, 1969
Straclonoor: [DIAGRAM] Tablebase draw here
   Jan-27-23 M Rychagov vs A Budnikov, 1992
Straclonoor: [DIAGRAM] 39.h4! allows white avoid mate and win the game Analysis by Stockfish 070222: +- (56.19): 39.h4 Qxh4+ 40.Rh2 Qf6 41.Rg2 Qf3 42.Qe2 Qxe2 43.Rxe2 Kc7 44.Rexc2+ Kd7 45.Rc7+ Kd6 46.Rc8 Rg4 47.Rh8 Rf4 48.Kg2 Rg4+ 49.Kf3 Rg5 50.Rd8+ Ke7 51.Rxd4 Rf5+ 52.Kg2 Rg5+ 53.Kh1 Rf5 ...
   Jan-27-23 Balashov vs I Zakharevich, 2000
Straclonoor: [DIAGRAM] Black should been win this ending Analysis by Stockfish 070222: 1. -+ (-14.00): 51...Rb8 52.Kb3 a4+ 53.Kb2 Rg2+ 54.Kb1 Rg1+ 55.Kb2 a3+ 56.Kb3 Rb1+ 57.Kc4 Rc8+ 58.Kxd3 Rd1+ 59.Ke3 Rxd7 60.Rh1 Rc2 61.Rb1 Rb2 62.Ra1 Kf7 63.e5 Ke6 64.Ke4 Rc2 65.Rb1 Rc4+ 66.Kf3 Rd2 67.Ra1
   Jan-26-23 G A Ageichenko vs E Alekseev, 2012
Straclonoor: [DIAGRAM] Tablebase draw. <53.Kxc3> and 52.Kc2 only two moves to do it.
   Jan-26-23 A Budnikov vs I Naumkin, 1991
Straclonoor: [DIAGRAM] 40.Bc6+ and then Qf3+ wins faster Analysis by Stockfish 070222: 1. +- (9.46): 40.Bc6+ Kxc6 41.Qf3+ Kxd6 42.Rd1+ Ke7 43.Rxd8 Kxd8 44.Qb7 Rf8 45.Qxb6+ Kd7 46.Qe6+ Kd8 47.Qd5+ Ke7 48.Qxc5+ Kf7 49.Qd5+ Ke7 50.Qxa5 Rf7 51.Qb4+ Kd7 52.Qb7+ Nc7 53.b4 e4 54.b5 Kd6 55.Qxe4 ...
   Jan-26-23 I Zakharevich vs S Ivanov, 2000
Straclonoor: [DIAGRAM] Quite interesting ending! Black could win it by 44....Kb4 and 44....Kc4 as well Analysis by Stockfish 070222: 1. -+ (-53.06): 44...Kb4 45.Nc1 Rd1 46.g4 Rxc1 47.g5 Rf1 48.h6 Ra1 49.h7 Ra8 50.Kg3 Rh8 51.g6 fxg6 52.f7 Kc5 53.Kg4 Kd5 54.Kg5 Ke6 55.Kxg6 Rf8 56.e4 Ke7 ...
   Jan-25-23 G A Ageichenko vs T Kosintseva, 2005
Straclonoor: Tough ending [DIAGRAM] Tablebase draw here
   Jan-25-23 Shirov vs A Budnikov, 1991
Straclonoor: [DIAGRAM] <48.a5?> What's about fire in chess (C) on the board by 48.Nxe6 ? Analysis by Stockfish 070222: +- (58.12): 48.Nxe6 Kd5 49.Nc5 Bxg6 50.a5 Kc6 51.Ne6 Bd3 52.Nxg7 Kd5 53.e6 Kd6 54.Kc3 Ba6 55.Kd4 Bb7 56.Kc4 Ba6+ 57.Kc3 Bc8 58.Kb4 Ke7 59.Kc5 Bb7 60.Kb6 Be4 61.a6 Kd6
   Jan-25-23 S Vakin vs I Zakharevich, 1999
Straclonoor: [DIAGRAM] <30....Nc2?> right piece on wrong place Analysis by Stockfish 070222: -+ (-5.34): 30...Nf5 31.Rc5 Nxd4 32.Nxd4 Be3+ 33.Kxe3 Bxg2+ 34.Kd2 Bxh1 35.Bb5 Rb8 36.Kc3 Be4 37.Re5 Bg6 38.Re1 Rc8+ 39.Bc4 Ra7 40.b3 Kf8 41.Rf1 Re7 42.Rf3 Re1 43.Nf5 Rd8 44.Rf4 Rd7 45.Nd4 Kg7
   Jan-24-23 A Budnikov vs Vyzmanavin, 1991
Straclonoor: [DIAGRAM] Black could improve position and take more advantage. Analysis by Stockfish 070222: 1. -+ (-5.58): 35...Ra1 36.g4 Rxa3 37.gxf5 Qxc4 38.dxc4 Rxf3 39.Kxf3 Rd1 40.Bg2 gxf5 41.Ng3 Kg6 42.Bh3 Rd3+ 43.Ke2 Rb3 44.Bxf5+ Kg5 45.Bc2 Rxb4 46.Ne4+ Kg6 47.Nd6+ Kh5 48.Be4 b6 49.Bc6

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