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Keyser Soze
Member since Dec-25-15
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   Keyser Soze has kibitzed 6924 times to chessgames   [less...]
   Nov-27-21 Kibitzer's Café (replies)
Keyser Soze: Yep. Palmeiras. Another local team from São Paolo
   Nov-27-21 Kenneth Rogoff (replies)
Keyser Soze: Is this considered "xenophobic"? I can’t keep up with how this game is played.
   Nov-18-21 Carlsen - Nepomniachtchi World Championship Match (2021) (replies)
Keyser Soze: Will be a best-of-14- match? very very good news
   Oct-27-21 chessforum (replies)
Keyser Soze: I don't have any cousin Susan. I'm here. Lols Nice one. Finan!
   Jul-31-21 gezafan chessforum (replies)
Keyser Soze: <gezafan> Kidney failure as I heard from a close friend. Very sad. You see <saffuna> embarrassing himself on Whatta old rat eh?
   Jul-27-21 George Wallace chessforum (replies)
Keyser Soze: <She now has over 22,000 facebook friends> LOL
   Apr-26-21 Ian Nepomniachtchi (replies)
Keyser Soze: Congratz. Maybe being Carlsen long time second help him improve his own chess.
   Apr-04-21 Big Pawn chessforum (replies)
Keyser Soze: Happy Easter everyone!
   Mar-05-21 So vs Carlsen, 2021 (replies)
Keyser Soze: Nice moving attack by So.
   Feb-01-21 lostemperor chessforum (replies)
Keyser Soze: Thanks for the fun, <lostemperor>. Congrats to all winners. Damn, <ohio> kicked some serious buttt in this one. Cool Cheers all
   Feb-01-21 Golden Executive chessforum (replies)
   Jan-30-21 Tata Steel Masters (2021) (replies)
   Jan-21-21 Vladimir Kramnik (replies)
   Jan-15-21 Carlo D'Amore
   Jan-15-21 Susan Freeman chessforum (replies)
   Nov-27-20 jessicafischerqueen chessforum (replies)
   Nov-20-20 Speed Chess (2020) (replies)
   Oct-07-20 Norway Chess (2020) (replies)
   Oct-07-20 Sargon chessforum (replies)
   Sep-29-20 playground player chessforum (replies)
   Sep-05-20 Jeremy Lim (replies)
   Sep-01-20 Keyser Soze chessforum
   Aug-26-20 WannaBe chessforum (replies)
   Aug-26-20 Tony Palmer (replies)
   Aug-17-20 Magnus Carlsen Chess Tour Finals (2020) (replies)
   Aug-13-20 Ding Liren vs Carlsen, 2020 (replies)
   Aug-12-20 Paulsen vs John Blunden, 1862 (replies)
   Aug-12-20 Karpov vs Kasparov, 1985 (replies)
   Aug-05-20 Legends of Chess (2020) (replies)
   Aug-01-20 Nepomniachtchi vs Giri, 2020 (replies)
   Jul-29-20 Carlsen vs Kramnik, 2020 (replies)
   Jul-22-20 Kramnik vs Nepomniachtchi, 2020 (replies)
   Jul-14-20 P Maghsoodloo vs Dominguez Perez, 2020 (replies)
   Jul-07-20 Chessable Masters (2020) (replies)
   Jun-22-20 Carlsen vs Dubov, 2020 (replies)
   Jun-13-20 Mamedyarov vs A R Saleh Salem, 2020
   Jan-25-20 Tata Steel Masters (2020) (replies)
   Jan-24-20 Hans-Joachim Federer (replies)
   Jan-15-20 bgitw chessforum (replies)
   Jan-05-20 Santa Claus (replies)
   Dec-06-19 Igors Rausis (replies)
   Nov-23-19 F Berkes vs McShane, 2017 (replies)
   Sep-08-19 Magnus Carlsen (replies)
   Aug-28-19 Sinquefield Cup (2019) (replies)
   Aug-28-19 Ding Liren vs Mamedyarov, 2019 (replies)
   Aug-05-19 A Coles vs J T Westbrock, 1951 (replies)
   Aug-05-19 Abu Dhabi Masters (2019) (replies)
   Jul-16-19 Dortmund Sparkassen (2019) (replies)
   Jul-07-19 GCT Croatia (2019) (replies)
   Jul-04-19 Ding Liren vs Carlsen, 2019 (replies)
   Jun-14-19 Norway Chess (2019) (replies)
   Jun-10-19 Carlsen vs Ding Liren, 2019 (replies)
   Jun-08-19 Carlsen vs Mamedyarov, 2019 (replies)
   Jun-04-19 Carlsen vs Anand, 2019 (replies)
   May-29-19 Wesley So (replies)
   May-25-19 Mirabeau Maga
   May-25-19 Fischer vs Spassky, 1972 (replies)
   May-25-19 FIDE Grand Prix Moscow (2019) (replies)
   May-23-19 Louis Stumpers (replies)
   May-09-19 Grand Chess Tour Cote d’Ivoire (Rapid & Blitz) (2019) (replies)
   Apr-28-19 Svidler vs Carlsen, 2019 (replies)
   Apr-20-19 V Keymer vs Carlsen, 2019 (replies)
   Apr-19-19 GRENKE Chess Classic (2019) (replies)
   Apr-09-19 Gashimov Memorial (2019) (replies)
   Apr-09-19 Carlsen vs Grischuk, 2019 (replies)
   Apr-08-19 Karjakin vs Carlsen, 2019 (replies)
   Apr-04-19 Anand vs Mamedyarov, 2019 (replies)
   Apr-02-19 Navara vs Carlsen, 2019 (replies)
   Apr-01-19 Carlsen vs Anand, 2019 (replies)
   Mar-30-19 OhioChessFan chessforum (replies)
   Mar-18-19 US Championship (2019) (replies)
   Feb-04-19 G Oparin vs Carlsen, 2018
   Feb-04-19 Gibraltar Masters (2019) (replies)
   Jan-24-19 Ivanchuk vs P Guichard, 2019 (replies)
   Dec-20-18 AlphaZero vs Stockfish, 2018 (replies)
   Dec-17-18 AlphaZero vs Stockfish, 2018 (replies)
   Dec-09-18 London Chess Classic GCT Finals (2018) (replies)
   Dec-07-18 Count Wedgemore chessforum (replies)
   Dec-02-18 Erik Eikeland vs Carlsen, 2000
   Nov-29-18 Carlsen - Caruana World Championship Match (2018) (replies)
   Nov-26-18 Caruana vs Carlsen, 2018 (replies)
   Nov-21-18 Carlsen vs Caruana, 2018 (replies)
   Nov-13-18 Carlsen vs Caruana, 2018 (replies)
   Nov-12-18 Caruana vs Carlsen, 2018 (replies)
   Nov-12-18 Van Wely vs Degraeve, 2017 (replies)
   Nov-09-18 Caruana vs Carlsen, 2018 (replies)
   Nov-05-18 Eric Schiller (replies)
   Oct-18-18 Karpov - Kasparov World Championship Match (1985) (replies)
   Oct-17-18 Batumi Olympiad (2018) (replies)
   Sep-27-18 technical draw chessforum (replies)
   Sep-26-18 Bobsterman3000 chessforum (replies)
   Aug-26-18 Nigel Short (replies)
   Aug-13-18 thegoodanarchist chessforum (replies)
   Aug-05-18 Dr Winston OBoogie chessforum (replies)
   Jul-30-18 Daniel Freeman (replies)
   Jul-05-18 optimal play chessforum (replies)
   Jun-04-18 Karpov Poikovsky (2018) (replies)
   Jun-04-18 Norway Chess (2018) (replies)
   May-28-18 Carlsen vs Caruana, 2018 (replies)
   Apr-20-18 Gashimov Memorial (2018) (replies)
   Apr-10-18 Garry Kasparov (replies)
   Apr-08-18 Carlsen vs Vitiugov, 2018 (replies)
   Mar-29-18 GRENKE Chess Classic (2018) (replies)
   Mar-27-18 Fabiano Caruana (replies)
   Mar-27-18 World Championship Candidates (2018) (replies)
   Mar-26-18 So vs Karjakin, 2018 (replies)
   Jan-24-18 Tata Steel Masters (2018) (replies)
   Jan-24-18 Carlsen vs So, 2018 (replies)
   Jan-13-18 Carlsen vs Caruana, 2018 (replies)
   Jan-05-18 Olga Viewer chessforum (replies)
   Dec-18-17 MissScarlett chessforum (replies)
   Dec-12-17 Russian Championship Superfinal (2017) (replies)
   Dec-10-17 D Freeman vs Laufer, 1993 (replies)
   Dec-08-17 AlphaZero (Computer) (replies)
   Dec-05-17 London Chess Classic (2017) (replies)
   Dec-04-17 William Lombardy (replies)
   Dec-04-17 harrylime chessforum (replies)
   Nov-15-17 Champions Showdown: Carlsen - Ding (Blitz G/10) (2017) (replies)
   Nov-03-17 Wei Yi vs Ivanchuk, 2017 (replies)
   Oct-25-17 Naiditsch vs Dautov, 2017 (replies)
   Oct-23-17 Ivanchuk vs Wei Yi, 2017 (replies)
   Oct-17-17 Kramnik vs E Inarkiev, 2017 (replies)
   Oct-01-17 Isle of Man Masters (2017) (replies)
   Sep-28-17 Eljanov vs Carlsen, 2017 (replies)
   Sep-27-17 TheAlchemist chessforum (replies)
   Sep-27-17 World Cup (2017) (replies)
   Sep-21-17 Ding Liren (replies)
   Sep-12-17 F Rhine vs D Burris, 1997 (replies)
   Sep-04-17 Wei Yi vs B Sambuev, 2017 (replies)
   Sep-03-17 Eljanov vs Lenderman, 2017 (replies)
   Aug-30-17 Kenneth Rogoff (replies)
   Aug-23-17 Abu Dhabi Masters (2017) (replies)
   Aug-17-17 Kasparov vs Portisch, 1983 (replies)
   Aug-11-17 Sinquefield Cup (2017) (replies)
   Aug-11-17 Carlsen vs Aronian, 2017 (replies)
   Aug-08-17 Caruana vs Vachier-Lagrave, 2017 (replies)
   Aug-05-17 Carlsen vs Vachier-Lagrave, 2017 (replies)
   Jul-31-17 Shabalov vs Jobava, 2017 (replies)
   Jul-31-17 Fischer vs Berliner, 1962 (replies)
   Jul-29-17 Morozevich vs Vaganian, 2017 (replies)
   Jul-27-17 Navara vs Morozevich, 2017 (replies)
   Jul-13-17 Dortmund Sparkassen (2017) (replies)
   Jul-10-17 Hainan Danzhou GM (2017) (replies)
   Jul-10-17 Radjabov vs Eljanov, 2017 (replies)
   Jun-28-17 Grand Chess Tour Paris (Blitz) (2017) (replies)
   Jun-25-17 Carlsen vs So, 2017 (replies)
   Jun-24-17 So vs Carlsen, 2017 (replies)
   Jun-24-17 Grand Chess Tour Paris (Rapid) (2017) (replies)
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