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Yangyi Yu vs Anna Zatonskih
"Pay as Yu Go" (game of the day Oct-20-2014)
Gibraltar Masters (2013), La Caleta GIB, rd 3, Jan-24
French Defense: Advance. Wade Variation (C02)  ·  1-0



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Kibitzer's Corner
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May-04-14  TheBish: Y Yu vs A Zatonskih, 2013

White to play (15.?) "Insane".

This shouldn't be too impossible... not with Black's kingside completely undeveloped! White can easily afford to sacrifice at least the exchange to attack Black's king which is stuck in the center and ripe for attack.

15. axb5! Qxa1

Or 15...Qxb5 16. Qf3!, with dual threats of Bc6+ and Qxc3.

16. Bc6+ Ke7 17. Qc2!

The first move I looked at was 17. Nc4!?, which I thought was a !! move (as White will win the queen back), but it's not as good as keeping the queens on and attacking Black's king. After 17. Nc4!? Rxd1 (forced, otherwise White follows with 18. Qc2 and Black's queen is trapped) 18. Rxd1 Qb1! (the point of 17. Nc4 is that if 18...Qa2? 19. Rd7+ Ke8 20. Rxa7+ Kd8 21. Rxa2 and White is up a piece with a strong passed b-pawn) 19. Bg5+ f6 20. Rxb1 fxg5 21. Ra1 Kd8 22. Rxa7 c2! 23. Ra1 Ne7 24. Be4 and White should win.


But not 17...cxd2?? 18. Qxc5+, mating. White was threatening Nc4, trapping Black's queen, so Black's move was forced.

18. Nc4 Qc7 19. Bf4! (preventing ...f6 as exf6+ wins the queen) and after Qxc3 and Ra1 White's attack almost plays itself, as Black's kingside is awfully congested and White has moves like Nd6 at his disposal.

May-04-14  BOSTER: If you can play all the game without moving any of the gueen's side pieces , the best way is throw them out from chess board from the beginning ,at least you got more free space for the King and other players to see your beauty.
May-04-14  BOSTER: Better to read King's side, not gueen's side.
May-04-14  tivrfoa: The key move is 17. Qc2!! I think after that white is much better.
Premium Chessgames Member
  chrisowen: I brave for one a b5 set in led efface off dead,

ducky c6 in the water rook emperor at tell a1 can be sacrificed in to down delve free every eg am crept c6 looks key in alpine climb to free up face in cad better glide at fun port of call dutiful in dig dine b5 and danced all the way to the bank I smoothed over a fade b5 when queen's a fag to pin a6 raid enter electric pawn boogaloo on down cfile a drab 14...Ne7 liege nt instead dipsarch in saunter e7 I ment across keeps the piece for the time being even f5 intrepid pawn fire at hatch to unlock the secret puzzle modify fan dangle at c3 really knight swift strided a nearly away in light,

and yang b5 one lack gusto a dip fetch in sketch e7 win a barrel over tickle pink to say the least first off at common bishop would like to heave c6 up it holy stream in down again really came the reign c6 first check wins since good black can't develop her pieces e7 ment cuffs quater back again a6 offside I think to trade rook for bishop works in lights favour all important to seize the day c3 pots and bids in healthy lead b5 on us local in gamble paid off at c6 happen-stance black at sixes and sevens at too dank and dusty c6 run demachinate a slam pop goes the weasel rock me a mama b5 another bind a c6 light comes off at try cutoff I oomph it now in ace I lein clink pawn queen cessates threatens aid ogle up-right c6 clean pair of heels shown as a camp I carry in light the torch copped out as hope in headlong knight stuck at starting blocks same for f8 bishop in flog all points toward it ardent in aim f6 aether band bind a looks prominent in gauge it green in c3 kind again of a banjo free chord being struck single mind until the cows come home cuff in calf a c6 bishop effects a king in e7 get able mission f7 l0 win gets trap boot a g6 watches nifty d6 knight makes a dent and you get the feeling light stumps up the goods at e8.

Premium Chessgames Member
  Jimfromprovidence: The move that intrigues me the most is 22 Ra1.

click for larger view

This is better than 22 Nd6+ directly but I am still analyzing why specifically this is so.

Premium Chessgames Member
  scormus: <Jim ... 22 Ra1> Yes, it intrigues me too. After I satisfied myself that I'd "seen" as much as I was ever going to see by looking at the diagram, I played through and was fully expecting 22 Nd6+. A quiet little peripheral move took me completely by surprise. Amazing insight Yu had to see the power behind Ra1.
May-04-14  Blunderdome: Shredder on iPad thinks black should try to stick around with 21...g5.
Premium Chessgames Member
  agb2002: White is one pawn down.

Black threatens 15... cxd2 and 15... Bxf1.

White can try to make the most of the position of the black king and the poor development of the black pieces with 15.axb5, trying to divert the queen from the defense of the king to a more exposed position:

A) 15... Qxa1 16.Bc6+ Ke7 (16... Rd2 17.Ne4 wins) 17.Ne4 (threatens 18.Bg5+ f6 19.Qxa1)

A.1) 17... Rxd1 18.Rxd1

A.1.a) 18... Qa5 (or 18... Qa2, 18... f6) 19.Rd7+ Ke8 20.Rxa7+ Kd8 21.Rxa5(2,1) + - [B].

A.1.b) 18... Nf6 19.exf6+ gxf6 20.Rd7+ Ke8 21.Nxf6#.

A.1.c) 18... Qxc1 19.Rxc1 and White seems to have a favorable ending due to the black queenside weak pawns and the lack of development. For example, 19... Kd8 20.Nxc3 Kc7 21.Ra1 Kb8 (21... Kb6 22.Ra6+ Kc7 23.Rxa7+) 22.b6 axb6 23.Nb5 and 24.Ra8#.

A.2) 17... f6 18.Qh5

A.2.a) 18... Qa5 19.Be3 followed by Bxc5+ looks very good for White.

A.2.b) 18... g6 19.exf6+ Nxf6 (19... Kf7 20.Ng5+ Kxf6 21.Qf3+ and mate soon) 20.Qxc5+ Kf7 21.Ng5+ Kg7 22.Nxe6+ Kf7 23.Nxd8+ winning.

B) 15... Qxb5 16.Qf3 and the double threat 17.Bc6+ and 17.Nc4 seems to win material.

C) 15... Qb6 16.Bc6+ Ke7 17.Nc4

C.1) 17... Rxd1 18.Rxd1 Qc7 (18... Qb8 19.Rd7+ Ke8 20.Rb7+ and 21.Rxb8+, etc.) 19.Ba3 f6 20.Bxc5+ Kf7 21.Rxa7 wins decisive material (21... Bxc5 22.Rxc7+).

C.2) 17... Qc7 18.Qd6+ wins a rook at least.

C.3) 17... Qb8 18.Qf3 or 18.Nd6 and White is a bishop ahead.

May-04-14  iqbalianpawn: Hi everybody.. I was looking at move 22.. As <Jim> and <Scormus> have already pointed out that it was a nice, quiet but powerful move, I also was looking at the reason why was it played.. Generally speaking, I don't post analyses of mine, since mostly I am just wrong.. But this question I think I have solved.. Let me try..22. Ra1 any move (lets say Nh6) 23. Nd6+ Bxd6 24. exd6 Rxd6 25. Qxc5 hitting both the pinned Rook and the a7 square, which is aready being attacked by the R on a1 and that would pin the Queen against the king .. I hope that is what Yu actually thought.. Waiting for improvements..
May-05-14  LIFE Master AJ: POTD / Sunday; May 4th, 2014.

click for larger view

White to play and make his 15th move.

A strange situation, White seems to have a lot hanging, but Black is very much under-developed ... look at all of his KS!

First move? Easy, 15.axb5!! is the only really insane try, nothing else comes close. (Of course, I am obviously aided by the fact that it is Sunday and we all know we are going to sack something. My usual rule of thumb for Sundays? The wilder the sacrifice is, the more likely it is the correct answer!)

Obviously, Black must respond 15...QxR/a1; or lose material.

Now, things become much more difficult. After just a few minutes of thought, I quickly came to the conclusion that my original try of 16.Qc2, was completely inadequate, and I needed to look for something better.

It was then that I noticed the cute check of 16.Bc6+! Now Black MUST respond with 16...Ke7▢; as 16...Rd7??; is not even remotely a reasonable option.

Now, we - fairly quickly - found 17.Qc2! Especially once we noticed that 17...PxN/d2??; is ruinous for Black after 18.QxP/c5+, (etc).

And since Black cannot capture the Knight on d2, it now becomes obvious that Black must save the Queen, as White is threatening Nc4 and then Ba3, trapping the unfortunate lady. So 17.Qc2!, and now 17...Qa5; looks pretty forced ... I cannot find a decent alternative, given the current situation.

Now 18.Nc4, Qc7; 19.QxP/c3, are relatively easy to find ... and I stop here and conclude that Black must be lost, no matter what the material situation would be. (The BK is trapped in the center and his entire Kingside are asleep on their home squares.) White's threats of Ba3 or Bf4 look too strong to even try and find a defense for Black ...

One of the few times that I do not need to even check my solution, if this sounds arrogant, I apologize. (There is simply a lack of viable alternatives, especially for Black.)

May-05-14  LIFE Master AJ: Haha, too funny! I wrote my write-up at around 1400 hours on notepad ... and forgot to post it.

On a happy note, it is around 0300 hours, and I am off to bed. (I just baked home-made banana-nut muffins ... the kitchen - and the whole house - smells great.)

Premium Chessgames Member
  al wazir: Why did black, a 2500 player, play 23...Rxd6 ? After 23...Bxd6 24. exd6 Rxd6 25. Qe5 Rxc6 26. Qxc7 Rxc7 27. Bxc7, white will soon take black's a-♙, with a superior position. But material will still be even. I would have played on a few more moves.
Oct-20-14  sfm: <al wazir: Why did black, a 2500 player, play 23...Rxd6 ? After 23...Bxd6 24. exd6 Rxd6 25. Qe5...> Well, 25.Be8+ instead is still not such a bad move! ;-)
Oct-20-14  ColeTrane: thats what Im seeing to on Ra1, pins Q to K and even functions as a waiting move... funny, never saw this game till now an I thought that a POTD would have been actually one ahead of the 5-14-14 move 15 .... the real insane move was 14...a4 bexause it is knowingly sacking a rook for a check at this point. The Ra1 seems to be a beautiful afterthought
Oct-20-14  Garech: This kid is definitely one to watch!


Oct-20-14  JTV: 14...c3! great attacking move for black, but where are his other pieces? Not even developed yet, still sitting at home on the king side! What a golden opportunity for a rook sacrifice, forcing the black king away from safety and blocking the undeveloped black knight from going to an effective square. Time for black to ante up and take the loss...
Oct-20-14  cgcgcg: If 13. ... cxb3, what happens next? I can't see the best move for white here, thanks.
Oct-20-14  JTV: To answer iqbalianpawn's question, if 22... Nh6 then the black queen is a goner by 23. Nd6+ Bxd6 (or...Rxd5, it doesn't matter) 24. exd6 Qb6 25. Ra6 (If)Qb8 then 26. d7
Oct-20-14  kevin86: The queen is lost!
Oct-20-14  Castleinthesky: How about: "Yu Da Man!"
Premium Chessgames Member
  HeMateMe: <Yu Da Man!"> That's excellent!
Oct-20-14  BOSTER: A little strange , that nobody explain what was a mistake in the black game.

So , I will try.

Playing aggressive 13...Bb5 black's thoughts were like this: Nd2 is pinned ,so if white's answer 14.bxc4, I can play Bxc4 with tempo attacking rook f1.

When white played unexpected move a4,black decided OK I play 14...c3 and the knight can not move.

After 15.axb5 Qxa1 16.Bc6+ Ke7(forced) 17.Qc2 black suddenly discovered that she can not take the knight cxd2 because now pawn c3 is pinned, if cxd2 Qxc5#,and black queen has to return back loosing two tempo.

If she could count all this before playing 13...Bb5, she would say: Maybe the best way to play more cool moves like Ne7, Ng6,Be7 0-0.

Nobody in the world could not disturb such play.

Premium Chessgames Member
  al wazir: <sfm: Well, 25.Be8+ instead is still not such a bad move!> You're right, of course, but after 23...Bxd6 24. exd6, black doesn't have to play 24...Rxd6. For example, 24...Qf7 25. Qxc5 Nf6 26. Rxa7 Nd7, with roughly even material. True, white's ♙ on b5 looks unstoppable, but it's a little better than the game line.
Oct-22-14  Moszkowski012273: 13...cxb3 is what should have been played <cgcgcg>. Leaves black doing just fine.
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