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Antonio Antunes vs Glenn C Flear
Pau (1988), ?
Spanish Game: Open Variations. Howell Attack (C81)  ·  1-0



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Kibitzer's Corner
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Sep-05-10  pers0n: i may look really stupid but why does black resign after 28. Kf4? aren't there any checks such as Qc4+?
Sep-05-10  nuwanda: Hi <pers0n>

sure, black can play 28...Qc4+, but after 29.Kg3 the situation is helpless. mate threatens, his rook is hanging and no (good) checks available


Sep-05-10  David2009: I completly failed to solve this one. I found loss after loss for White trying out increasingly desperate and unlikely ways to draw. I spent a long time trying 24.Qa8+ Kf7 25.Ng5+ Ke7! 26.f6+ gxf6 27.exf6+ Kd7! work and of course it doesn't. The actual solution is both simple and logical - I had visualised other squares for the WQ (notably c6) but missed 26 Qg8!.

Crafty on-line link to the puzzle position to try alternatives:

Sep-05-10  LIFE Master AJ: This one was actually pretty simple for a Sunday. (The first move is virtually forced.)

24.Qa8+, Kf7▢; (The only good move.) 25.fxe6+ Ke7▢; This move was forced, taking on e6 is much worse.

< [Worse would be: 25...Kxe6?!; 26.Qe8+ Kd5▢; Black had no real choice here.

<(<<Suicidal> would be:> 26...Kf5?; 27.Kxe3! f1Q; 28.Qf7+ Kg4; 29.Qf4+ Kh5; <(If the Black King goes to h3, the Qg3 is also mate.)> 30.Qg5#.)>

27.Qd7+ Ke4; 28.Qxd1,
Its an easy win now for White.] >

26.Qg8!, (Maybe even - '!!')
This is the really tough move to find. White will allow the Pawn to promote, but the Black King will have nowhere to hide. Additionally, there are checks followed by a promotion of the Pawn on e7.

Black may as well promote. (Most of the time, this is where the machine will get silly and begin to play "GIVE-AWAY" chess.)

27.Kxe3 Re1+, 28.Kf4!, " "

White's King has found shelter on f4, now the BK is the real target. I think that after Black saves his Rook, he will be mated in just a few moves. (Or White will promote the Pawn - which should also win.)

Time to see what I mssed. (Bad attitude, I know. But I have not been doing real well on Sundays for the last couple of months. I am still haunted by dreams of a double-rook ending.)

Sep-05-10  LIFE Master AJ: To be honest, I might have seen this game in a chess magazine many years ago. I had a strong feeling of "DEJA-VU" during the analysis ...

I also took close to an hour on analysis. I looked at lines letting Black promote the Pawn. But I assumed that White had to win, so I threw those lines out.

In today's time limits, you might not have an hour to work things out. But I am happy, first Sunday - IN A LONG TIME!!!!! - where I can say I actually got it.

Sep-05-10  LIFE Master AJ: I have also had several tournament games where I won that featured a pawn on the seventh rank, so this motif was easy for me to spot. (A Queen plus a Pawn on the seventh can be deadly to an enemy King!)
Sep-05-10  LIFE Master AJ: Whee! Just checked. I have also had a perfect week! :)
Sep-05-10  EXIDE: First move was straightforward, however I missed the Qg8 completely. I was after the same approach with Qc6 or Qb7 both of which do not work. Nice puzzle. I felt I was closer to todays puzzle than any for a long time. I have solved only one difficult puzzle thus far but keep trying.
Premium Chessgames Member
  Breunor: Wow, not only a tough puzzle, this was just a wild game all around! I can't say I understand all of it, but it clearly was fun to play through.
Sep-05-10  Eduardo Leon: <PART 1>

<24.♕a8+ ♔f7 25.fxe6+>

Now we have three possibilities: 25...♔g6, 25...♔xe6 and 25...♔e7, in increasing order of strength.


<25...♔g6 26.♕e4+ ♔h5>

Evidently, not 26...♔h6?? 27.♕xe3+ and 28.♕xf2.

<27.♕xh7+ ♔g4>

click for larger view

Now the Sunday puzzle has been reduced to a Wednesday puzzle.

<28.♕h4+ ♔f5 29.♕xf2! ♗xf2 30.e7>

And the pawn is too far away to be caught.


<25...♔xe6 26.♕e8+ ♔f5>

Not 26...♔d5?? 27.♕d7+ and 28.♕xd1.

<27.♕f7+ ♔g4>

Not 27...♔e4? 28.♘g5+ and 29.♔xd1.

click for larger view

Now what?


And the queen will reach g2 with check: 28...♔xh3 29.♕h5+ ♔g3 30.♕h2+ ♔g4 31.♕g2+ (diagram), or 28...♔g3 29.♕xg7+ ♔xg3 30.♕xh7+ ♔g3 31.♕h2+ ♔g4 32.♕g2+.

click for larger view

Sep-05-10  Eduardo Leon: <PART 2>

<25...♔e7 26.♕g8!>

click for larger view

Finally allowing the promotion of the f pawn, but creating a series of mating threats that will ultimately lead to material losses for black.

<26...f1=♕+ 27.♔xe3 ♖e1+>

Only check.

<28.♔f4 ♕c4+>

Again, only check.


Black has no checks left. The only way to stop 30.♕f7+ is to accept the loss of the rook.

But not 29.♘d4 ♕f1+, and any move other than 30.♘f3 actually loses. For example: 30.♔g4/g5?? ♕g2+, or 30.♔g3?? ♖e3+ 31.♔g4 ♕g2+. The knight is wonderfully placed at f3, preventing checks from nothing less than a queen and a rook and blocking the f file so neither the queen nor the rook can cover f7.

<29...♕xe6 30.♕xg7+!>

click for larger view

This is even better than 30.♕xe6+ ♔xe6 31.♘xe1 ♔xe5, requiring fine technique to win. Black must keep the queens, because 30...♕f7 31.♕xf7+ ♔xf7 32.♘xe1 ♔e6 33.♘f3 is an easy win for white. After 31.♘xe1, white will bring his knight back into the attack, with a decisive effect.

Sep-05-10  Eduardo Leon: I AM FURIOUS. I hate it when I miss a single line, even if it does not make a difference in the end result: 25...♔xe6 26.♕e8+ ♔f5 27.♕f7+ ♔g4 28.h3+!! ♔g3 29.♕xg7+ ♔xh3 30.♕xh7+ <♔g4> 31.♕h4+ ♔f5 32.♕h3+ and 33.♔xd1.
Sep-05-10  Eduardo Leon: Incidentally, this means I missed a second line: 25...♔g6 26.♕e4+ ♔h5 27.♕xh7+ ♔g4 28.♕h4+ ♔f5 29.<♕h3+> and 30.♔xd1, certainly simpler than 29.♕xf2.

Not a good Sunday for me, it seems.

Premium Chessgames Member
  patzer2: The solution 24. Qa8+!! Kf2 25. fxe5+! Kd7 26. Qg1! for today's Sunday puzzle eluded me because I was relying too much on general principles for chess strategy, instead of trying to calculate the potential for White's attack.

Maybe I've read too many chess books advising not to under take an attack on the King until you have at least two pieces in play. I also may have been thinking about the advice to make sure your King is adequately protected before under taking an attack.

I suppose it never occurred to me that a lone Queen, supported by a few lowly advanced foot soldiers (i.e. pawns) would be sufficient to drive the King from the other side of the board for a decisive pursuit combination and mating attack. Nor did it occur to me that a single Knight and a few pawns would be sufficient to protect a King threatened by a Rook and a newly promoted Queen with check.

In the spirit of <Once>'s wonderful analogies, this might be appropriate for one about making exceptions to general chess rules, especially when things aren't really as difficult or complicated as they might first appear.

The rule about not going on the attack with a lone Queen, especially when the King is not protected, reminds me of the Movie Top Gun, in which Tom Cruise as Maverick has learned the lesson to "never leave your wing man." Indeed, as I contemplated the possibility 24. Qa8+!! I thought of Maverick's line "I'm not leaving my wing man" (i.e. King) as he prepared to shoot down attacking enemy aircraft near the end of that famous movie.

Yet, in this case, the lone Knight and the pawns are sufficient to be the King's wing men, even against superior numbers, and the advanced pawns are sufficient to provide the support needed for the Queen's pursuit attack against the under protected Black King. Indeed, Maverick (i.e. the lone Queen) might have said "King, the Knight will be your wingman for now, while the advanced pawns will be my wingmen while I go on the attack for the rest of the game."

Here's a move-by-move look at the critical moves with Fritz 10:

<20... Rd5>? This appears to be the losing move in the game.

Instead, 20... Ba7! holds and appears to force a draw by repetition after 21. Ng5 Be3 22. Nxe6 Rd2+ 23. Kf1 Bh6 24. Nf4 Ne7 25. Qb4 Nf5 26. Qe4 Ne7 27. Qb4 Nf5 28. Qe4 =.

<21. g4!> This appears to be the winning move that forces Black into his desperate attempt at counterplay.

<21... Rfd8 22. gxf5 Rd1 23. Rxd1 Rxd1>

<24. Qa8+!!> This essential followup gives White a clear win.

If 24. Kxe3? (my poor attempt at a solution), then White secures a won KIng and Pawn endgame after Re1+ 25. Nxe1 fxe1=Q+ 26. Kd4 c5+ 27. Kd3 c4+ 28. Kd4 Qf2+ 29. Qe3 Qxe3+ 30. Kxe3 exf5 .

Even worse for White is 24. Qxe3?? f1=Q#.

<24... Kf7 25. fxe6+!>

Also winning is 25. Kxe3!, which transposes to the game continuation after 25...f1=Q 26. fxe6+ Ke7 27. Qg8 Re1+ .


If 25... Kxe6, then White wins after 26. Qe8+ when play might continue 26...Kf5 (26... Kd5 27. Qd7+ Ke4 28. Qxd1) 27. Kxe3 f1=Q (27... f1=N+ 28. Ke2 ) 28. Qf7+ Kg4 29. Qf4+ Kh3 30. Qg3#.

<26. Qg8!> A winning alternative is 26. Kxe3! f1=Q 27. Qg8, transposing to the game continuation.

<26... f1=Q+ 27. Kxe3 Re1+ 28. Kf4> 1-0

Black resigns as he has nothing better than 28...Qc4+ 29. Kg3 Qxe6 30. Qxg7+ Kd8 31. Nxe1 with a clearly lost game.

Sep-05-10  rapidcitychess: I like Sundays. They just get much ado and nobody except for <Edward> get's them. He must be some GM.

I always try and solve them. I never do.

Sep-05-10  gofer: Saw lots of losing options for white and saw all the way up to 26 Qg8, but never saw 28 Kf4! No, that was tricky to find, perhaps I should have tried harder!
Sep-05-10  wals: 1st Black error:
(+2.22):30...Rd5. Better,

Analysis by Rybka 4 x64:

1. = (-0.17): 20...Bb6 21.Ng5 Rfe8 22.a4 h6 23.a5 Be3 24.Nf3 h5 25.Qc6 b4 26.Kf1 g5 27.g3 bxc3 28.Qxc7 Rc8 29.Qb7 g4 30.Nh4

2. = (0.00): 20...Ba7 21.Qc6 Ne3 22.Qxe6+ Kh8 23.Qxa6 Bb6 24.Qxb5 Nxg2 25.Qc6 f1Q+ 26.Rxf1 Nf4+ 27.Ke1 Ng2+ 28.Ke2 Nf4+ 29.Ke1 Ng2+ 30.Ke2 Nf4+ 31.Ke1 Ng2+ 32.Ke2 Nf4+ 33.Ke1 Ng2+ 34.Ke2 Nf4+ 35.Ke1 Ng2+

2nd Black error:
(+5.22)21...Rfd8. Better, such as it is,

1. (2.38): 21...Bb6 22.gxf5 Rxf5 23.a4 h6 24.axb5 axb5

2. (2.50): 21...Bf4 22.gxf5 Rxf5 23.Kf1 Bxe5 24.c4 bxc4 25.Nxe5 Rdxe5 26.Qxc4 a5 27.Qxc7 h6 28.Rd1 Kh7 29.Qc3 Re4 30.h3 Ree5 31.Rb1 Rg5 32.h4 Rgf5 33.Qd4 Rd5 34.Qe4 Rde5

3rd Black error,.Playing against White.

Sep-05-10  wals: 1st Black error:20...Rd5
Sep-05-10  Eduardo Leon: <Life Master AJ>, in the line 25...♔xe6 26.♕e8+ ♔f5, your 27.♔xe3!, creating a mating net, is a <very> nice find. I did not even consider this as a possibility.
Sep-05-10  Eduardo Leon: Also, 25...♔g6 26.♕e4+ ♔h5 27.♔xe3!. I should take <Once>'s advice and K.I.S.(because I am)S.
Sep-05-10  LIFE Master AJ: <<Sep-05-10 Eduardo Leon: <Life Master AJ>, in the line 25...Kxe6; 26.Qe8+ f5, your 27.Kxe3!, creating a mating net, is a <very> nice find. I did not even consider this as a possibility.>

<<Sep-05-10 <Eduardo Leon: Also, 25...Kg6 26.Qe4+ Kh5 27.Kxe3! I should take <Once>'s advice and K.I.S.(because I am)S.>>>

Thanks, I have days when I am almost clairvoyant. (spelling?) Other days, its a head of rotten cabbage.

I actually felt pretty good. On a fine day, its like I have a diagram in my head. I close my eyes and can move the pieces at will.

I read your post, I went over a couple of the lines.

I thought you did an outstanding job. (Don't be so hard on yourself.)

Keep up the good work. The more you do this stuff, the better you get.

PS ---> If it makes you feel any better, I have had days when the solution to the Sunday puzzle practically leaps off the page at me. But then on Monday-through-Wednesday, I often find myself stumped ... Honestly!

So who knows what's going on in my head? I do seem to enjot the really complicated puzzzzles. But I don't always get them. Just a few weeks ago, there was this double-rook ending ... I still have KNIGHT-mares about that one!

Sep-05-10  LIFE Master AJ: A small confession. I thought surely Black was mated at the end of my line after Kf4, however, Fritz found a way out. (So I am NOT perfect!)
Sep-06-10  LIFE Master AJ: BTW, I DON'T RECORD / SHARE MY ANALYSIS ... when its really bad. There was one week where twice I missed a mate in one or two moves.
Premium Chessgames Member
  patzer2: Correction: If 24. Kxe3? (my poor attempt at a solution), <Black> turns the tables and secures a won King and Pawn endgame after 24...Re1+! 25. Nxe1 fxe1=Q+ 26. Kd4 c5+ 27. Kd3 c4+ 28. Kd4 Qf2+ 29. Qe3 Qxe3+ 30. Kxe3 exf5 .
Sep-06-10  CHESSTTCAMPS: I didn't get this one. In considering 24.Qe6+, I went down exactly the same path as <David2009> (and others no doubt), considering only 25.Ng5+? as the 2nd move instead of 25.fe+. I started to write up 24.Kxd1(??) as the solution, expecting 24...f1=Q+ 25.Ne1 Qf7(??) as the best continuation. I failed to consider the simple 25...Bf7 that pushes white into a lost ending.

Missed Wednesday and Sunday, a subpar week...

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