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Les Esterman vs I Friedman
Commonwealth Corres Ch (1963) (correspondence), ?
Queen's Indian Defense: Spassky System (E14)  ·  1-0



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Kibitzer's Corner
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Premium Chessgames Member
  FSR: <21.Bxh7+!> and now:

<21...Kxh7 22.Qh5+ Kg7> (22...Kg8 23.Bxf6 Ng6 24.Qh6 ) <23.Qg5+ Ng6> [23...Kh7 24.Bxf6 Nf5 (24...Rg8 25.Qh5#) 25.Qh5+ Nh6 26.Bg5 ] <24.Bxf6+ Kh7> (24...Kg8 25.Qh6) <25.Qh5+ Kg8 26.Qh6> and mates.

<21...Kg7> (21...Kh8? 22.Bxf6+ Kxh7 23.Qh5+ Kg8 24.Qh8#) <22.Qf3> and I don't see a good defense against the dual threats of 23.Qxf6+ and 23.d6, e.g. <22...Nxd5 23.Rxd5 Bxd5 24.Qxf6+ Kxh7 25.Qg7#>.

Premium Chessgames Member
  FSR: Black was indeed a "Fried man" after 21.Bxh7+!
Nov-27-13  Steve.Patzer: After 21. Bxh7 Kg7 22. Qf3 doesn't e5 have some merit?
Nov-27-13  torro: Black was indeed a "Fried man" after 21.Bxh7+!)))))))))))))
Nov-27-13  Nick46: RIP (Fried a form of Friede = peace in German) after a two man showdown
Premium Chessgames Member
  FSR: <Steve.Patzer: After 21. Bxh7 Kg7 22. Qf3 doesn't e5 have some merit?>

The problem with that is 23.d6 winning a piece, e.g. 23...Qc6 24.dxe7 and if 24...Qxf3, 25.exf8(Q)+.

Premium Chessgames Member
  agb2002: White has the bishop pair for a bishop, a knight and a pawn.

Black threatens 21... Bxe2 and 21... Nxd5.

Four white pieces are ready to attack the weak black castle. This suggests 21.Bxh7+ (21.Qh5 Nb6 22.Bxf6 Qf4 23.Bxg6 fxg6 with the double threat 24... Qxf6 and 24... gxh5; 21.Qg4+ Nb6 22.Bxf6 Qf4 simplifies the game, or 22.d6 Qd8 and White is still a pawn down):

A) 21... Kxh7 22.Qh5+

A.1) 22... Kg7 23.Qg5+ Nb6 (23... Kh8 24.Bxf6+ Kh7 25.Qg7#; 23... Kh7 24.Bxf6 Nb6 (24... Rg8 25.Qh5#) 25.Qh5+ Kg8 26.Qh6 wins) 24.Bxf6+ and mate soon.

A.2) 22... Kg8 23.Bxf6 Nb6 24.Qh6 and mate in two.

B) 21... Kh8 22.Bxf6+ Kxh7 23.Qh5+ Kg8 24.Qh8#.

C) 21... Kg7 22.Qg4+ Nb6 (22... Kh8 23.Bxf6+ Kxh7 24.Qg7#; 22... Kxh7 23.Qh5+ transposes to A; 22... Kh6 23.Qh4+ Kg7 24.Bxf6#) 23.Bxg6 fxg6 24.dxe6 looks good for White.

Premium Chessgames Member
  agb2002: According to Houdini 2.0 x64, after 21... Kg7, the text 22.Qf3 evaluates at about +11 and 22.Qg4+ only at +5.
Nov-27-13  morfishine: White must strike quickly since Black is ready to firm up his defenses with 21...f5 or 21...Qf4 or 21...Ng6 (which coordinates nicely with the Queen on f4)

<21.Bxh7+ Kxh7> (If 21...Kg7, I thought White can simply force Black into the same mating pattern with 22.Qg4+ Kxh7 23.Qh5+ Kg7 24.Qg5+ Ng6 25.Bxf6+ Kh7 26.Qh5+ Kg8 27.Qh6 but it turns out to be a bit more complicate than this)

<22.Qh5+ Kg8 23.Bxf6 Ng6 24.Qh6> and White wins


PM: <21.Bxh7 Kg7 22.Qg4+ Kh6> Black is lost in any case

<23.Bxf6> (or 23.Qh4+ Kg7 24.Qg5+ Kxh7 25.Qxf6 Rg8 26.Qxf7+ Kh6 27.Bc1+ Rg5 28.Qf6+ Kh7 29.Bxg5) and White wins since both 23...Nf5 and 23...Ng6 are met by 24.Qh3+ mating


Nov-27-13  pedro99: There's more than one way to batter a fish
Nov-27-13  zb2cr: Okay, 21. Bxh7+ is the first move. If Black declines with 21. ... Kg7, then the possibility of ... f5 is foreclosed, so 22. Qf3 works. Black can try to run with 22. ... Rh8, but that leads to disastrous loss of material after 23. Qxf6+, Kf8; 24. Qxh8+, Ng8; 25. Qxg8+, Ke7.

Other lines s have been ably covered by previous posters.

Premium Chessgames Member
  Penguincw: 0/3 this week (thought of 21.Qh5 and 21.Bxf6). :(
Nov-27-13  LeifTerry: I don't think I've ever seen a sacrifice un-declined before.
Premium Chessgames Member
  kevin86: This was easy,white sacs the light bishop to force a mate with the dark bishop and queen-and when you can activate the pieces with a mate threat or check,it is even better,eg.

23...♔g8 24 ♗xf6 or 23...♔g7 24 ♕g5+!

Premium Chessgames Member
  FSR: <morfishine: ... <21.Bxh7 Kg7 22.Qg4+ Kh6> Black is lost in any case>

22...Ng6! 23.Bxg6 fxg6 is a much tougher defense.

Premium Chessgames Member
  Jimfromprovidence: I had a lot of trouble with this line:

21 Bxh7+ Kg7 22 Qf3 Nf5?! 23 Bxf5 exf5

click for larger view

Now if 24 Qxf5, then 24...Rg8 provides an escape square.

click for larger view

After 25 Qxf6+ Kf8, I missed the winning 26 Ba3+!

click for larger view

Premium Chessgames Member
  chrisowen: Said in had for one cleric h7 it sign in stretch apart,

delve clop error in boot 20...Bxc4 instead black to further,

machine knight over g6 I think accents on light to prove he could break through it saint in you take down a flight recind honour amongst b1 bag have thieves it hook 20...Ng6 again get knight out of the way of the fork d6 bad judgement on black e7 behalf it soothe a wave in to ergo monarch will follow in manager mack raid at bind effect in fad,

better minimal one bishop believe in dig blew away,

bemoaned lack of cover in fed do it now info ok find cot am good h7 cedes it hollow in back deed to derig free bid it saint in aim cuffed mercurial one blow down baby a dilemma bind in a b1 bit signal h7 go be changing mad radical a frayed rope inreally,

claw every gain nearly in either mind to cred cuffed h7 in ever clanged again queen fluff free for good a negligent angle black going f6 to a key in bode 20.d5 Bxc4 gives it you in be a 21.Bxh7 hop over might in croppers it chin elevated in caged g8 its sac h7 in bat off crick back etc for light

headed to a 21...Kg7 loot it he in jut over it side affabled in for clinch h7 bishop in saviour line delve good defer monarch e2 it sip in jack meld a blend a fog for cake walk h5 la turf cascades it pig in patch a pen to me 22.Qf3 it shornover cropped again f6 it sight in victor knight terrible give g6 out of the frame now black be goofed g7xh7 could aha chip in e5 to block longer diagonal when d5 all band betakes it ok in 22...e5 23.d6 Qc6 24.Be4 Bd5 25.Bxd5 Nxd5 26.Rxd5 line up ride a lion bishop ahead in by a margin gain free de riguer move in a feed elephant up pine knight off in pocket changed it scope in malady c7 to bed c6 booed it sixes in sevens a bad accede the point you tangle choo choo train of thought he in 22...Kxh7 allow hound mirth et tu 23.Qh5+ bury circle mate in eight!

Nov-27-13  Elbajacisback: Seems to be loads of CG puzzles generated lately from 1963 for some reason?!
Premium Chessgames Member
  fm avari viraf: When you have two Bishops pointing at your opponent's castled King don't forget to sac one of them as you are sure to bring catastrophic effect.
Nov-27-13  Amadori: Jimofprovidence has the right line. But instead of 24...Rg8, 24...Qd6 defends f6 and preempts your Ba3. A possible continuation 25.Qg4+ Kh7 26.Qh5+ Kg7 27.Rd4 Rg8 28.Rg4+ Kf8 29.Qh6+ Ke8 30.Rxg8+ Kd7 and black is down a rook. 25...Kh6 26.Qh4+ Kg7 goes in the same direction. (Alternatively 25...Kh6 26.Qh3+ inviting.. Kg5 27.Bc1+ Kg6 28.Rd4 Bd3 29.Rg4+ Kf5 30.Rg5++! Ke4 31.Qe3# // if 26...Kg6 27.Rd4 Rg8 28.Rg4+ Kf5 29.Rh4+ Kg5 30.Qg4#. if 28...f5 29.Qh6#)
Nov-27-13  LoveThatJoker: <21. Bxh7+! Kg7>

[21…Kxh7 22. Qh5+ Kg7 (22…Kg8 23. Bxf6 Ng6 24. Qh6 mating) 23. Qg5+ Kh7 (23…Ng6 24. Bxf6+ mates) 24. Bxf6 Nf5 25. Rd4! Wins; 21…Kh8 22. Bxf6+ Kxh7 23. Qh5+ Kg8 24. Qh8#]

<22. Qf3! Nf5>

(22…Kxh7 23. Qh5+ Kg7 24. Qg5+ wins as already shown)

<23. Bxf5>


Nov-27-13  morfishine: <Elbajacisback> On your comment <Seems to be loads of CG puzzles generated lately from 1963 for some reason?!> I think its due to the assassination of John F. Kennedy, which occurred 50-years ago on Nov 22, 1963

but I can't be sure


Nov-27-13  morfishine: <FSR> Yes, I pondered 22...Ng6 and just didn't feel comfortable for Black; For example, after <23.Bxg6 fxg6 24.dxe6 Rcd8 25.Rd7+ Rxd7 26.exd7 Rd8 27.Rd1 Bb5 28.Qd4>

Black is caught in a snarl:

click for larger view


Nov-28-13  patzer2: Here's a break out with Fritz 12 analysis and my commentary:

<21. Bxh7+!!> This demolition of pawn structure attack is the strongest winning alternative (+11.17 @ 20 depth).

Also winning but not as strong is 21. Qf3! Ng6 22. d6 (+4.03 @ 20 depth), when play might continue 22...Qd8 23. d7 Rc5 24. Qxf6 e5 25. Qd6 Be2 26. Rd2 Bb5 27. Ba3 Rc6 28. Qb4 Rc5 29. Bxg6 hxg6 30. Qb2 Bxd7 31. Bxc5 bxc5 32. Rad1 .

A try that appears to win slowly, but gives Black much more counter play, is 21. Qg4+!? Ng6 22. d6! Qd8 23. h4 f5 24. Qg3 Qxh4 25. Qxh4 Nxh4 26. Bf6! Ng6 27. d7! Rcd8 28. Bd3! Bd5 29. Bb5 Nf4 (29...Rb8 30. Rac1 ) 30. Kh2 Nh5 31. Bxc8 Rxc8 32. Rac1 (+2.16 @ 21 depth).

<21... Kg7>

Taking the Bishop leads to mate after 21... Kxh7 22. Qh5+ Kg7 (22... Kg8 23. Bxf6 Ng6 24. Qh6 ) 23. Qg5+ Kh7 24. Qh4+ Kg6 (24... Kg7 25. Qxf6+ Kh7 26. Qg7#) 25. Qxf6+ Kh5 26. g4+ Kxg4 27. Rd4+ Qf4 28. Rxf4+ Kh5 29. Rh4#

<22. Qf3 Kxh7>

Ignoring the threatened pawn fork loses decisive material, as for example after 22... e5 23. d6 Qc6 24. Be4 .

<23. Qh5+> Black resigns as mate follows after 23...Kg7 23...Kg8 24. Bxf6 Ng6 25. Qh6 ) 24. Qg5+ Kh7 25.Qh4+ Kg6 26. Qxf6+ Kh5 27. g4+ Kxg4 28. Rd4+ Qf4 29. Rxf4+ Kh5 30. Rh4#

Nov-28-13  patzer2: <Jimfromprovidence: I had a lot of trouble with this line:

21 Bxh7+ Kg7 22 Qf3 Nf5?! 23 Bxf5 exf5>

click for larger view

Fritz 12 indicates 24. d6! forces mate, as for example after 24. d6! Qc6 25. Qg3+ Kh6 26. Qh4+ Kg6 27. Qxf6+ Kh5 28. Qxf5+ Kh6 29. Qf6+ Kh5 30. g4+ Kxg4 31. Rd4+ Qe4 32. Rxe4+ Kh5 33. Rh4#.

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