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Boris Shipov vs Rashid Nezhmetdinov
22nd RSFSR Ch (1963), Cheliabinsk URS, Oct-??
King's Indian Defense: Saemisch Variation. Yates Defense (E83)  ·  0-1



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Kibitzer's Corner
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Oct-20-13  diagonalley: i got nowhere near this one, but i didn't like 23. K-N1 ... maybe white should have played 23. P-R3 to hold off the attack(?)
Premium Chessgames Member
  Once: Cough, cough...

Ladies and Gentlemen, I have a small announcement to make.

I have today published an e-book collection of my more ... shall we say? ... 'creative' chess stories. 40 puzzles of the day with 40 stories.

It's available on Amazon on this link:

More details on my profile.

Premium Chessgames Member
  radtop: Black made his attack with one pawn while white tried to move three. Black won the race.
Oct-20-13  agb2002: Black has a knight for a pawn.

White threatens 26.fxe5.

The prosaic 25... Nxd3 or 25... Nf3 lose to 26.Qh8+ Bxh8 27.Rxh8#.

However, the latter suggests 25... Qa4+ 26.Kb1 Qxd1+ 27.Rxd1 Nf3

A) 28.Qh3 Nxd4 29.f5 Bc8 and Black seems to stop the attack while keeping some material advantage.

B) 28.Qh1 Nxd4 29.f5 Nxf5 30.Bxf5 gxf5 31.Nxf5 Be5 32.Qh6 Bc8 looks unclear.

C) 28.Bxg7 Nxh2 29.Bc3 Nb3 30.Rh1 Kf8 31.Rxh2 Re3 wins material.

I don't have time to go deeper.

Oct-20-13  morfishine: When I opened the homepage, instead of going straight to the POTD, I was lured to "Recent Kibitzing" and specifically to the game B Shipov vs Nezhmetdinov, mainly since I have a real weakness for Nezhmetdinov games. After enjoying this game and "Saving to Favorites", I returned to the POTD, which began to look suspiciously familiar. I groaned when I realized I had just gone over the entire game of the current POTD.

And worse, I still didn't get the correct move order :(

Nezhmetdinov games have a way of doing that


Oct-20-13  gofer: The combination of Qh7+ Kf1 Qxg7+/# is looming large for white. But I think taking on either e5 or playing Qh7 is premature. I think we need to soften up black just a little more...

Now I come to type in the move 25 f5 and realise that it is BLACK to play.


Well at least I know what I cannot do as black which is move Ne5!

But can I attack??? The queen attack seems a great defence, but I wouldn't call it an attack! But there is one shining beacon in this sacrifice I am already a knight up!

25 ... Qa4+
26 Kb1 Qxd1+!!??
27 Rxd1 Nf3
28 Qf2 Nxd4

Okay. The exchange ends up being Q for R+B+N. So not a bad exchange in most people's minds. Perhaps black has enough to win...

Time to check...


Well at least my drivel is in good company. Pity it is completely wrong. I should have realised that if white's only good move is f5 then black has more than enough time to launch his own attack and doesn't have to needlessly give up the queen.

Oct-20-13  Kikoman: Beautiful finished by Nezhmetdinov. :D
Oct-20-13  Al2009: @gofer

I totally agree with you.

I was watching the position, and then I realized that Black was already a piece up. So, 25...Qa4+ followed by Qxd1 and Nf3, gives Black almost an equal material, (he was 1 pawn less), and very good chances. Why not?

Premium Chessgames Member
  Penguincw: I guess 25...Qa4+.
Oct-20-13  Patriot: I like 25...Bxd5 although I'm sure there is more to this than I envisioned. Certainly not 25...Nxd3 or 25...Nf3 since that is met swiftly with 26.Qh8+ Bxh8 27.Rxh8#. Black would love to hold on to his extra piece somehow but it doesn't happen there.

25...Bxd5 (attacks h1 and attempts to pry open the c-file)

26.Qh7+ Kf8 27.Nf5 gxf5 28.Bxf5 Qa4+ 29.Kb1 Bxh1 30.Bc2 Qxc4 etc.

26.Qh7+ Kf8 27.Bxe5 dxe5 28.cxd5 Qa4+ 29.Kb1 Rac8 looks winning for black.

26.cxd5 Qa4+ 27.Kb1 Rac8 28.Bc3 Rxc3 29.bxc3 Rb8+ looks winning for black.

26.cxd5 Qa4+ 27.Kb1 Rac8 28.Bc2 Rxc2 29.Qxc2 Nb3 looks winning for black.

There is much more to this than I have time for!

Premium Chessgames Member
  chrisowen: Singled bad for a knight fluffs aim c4 giving cam,

line at good game bishop b7 and g7 accolade join,

the fray for each duffed fad speculate to knightaccumulate king a2 aid a oomph at beck and call knight alive cuffed in c4 queen d7 do a4 afraid castle hockey a quad grip queen bishop rook knight engage sacrificed get lsb bishop d5 evermore knight choose good e5 everyone at bold job a5 got to deed a change being backs great d7 in a4 fold among hood believe heads bind d5 delve caught goofed to deem,

in death queen he nestles detox box king a2 bone in the throat at check d7 to where 25.Bd3 allows eg I ment said a5 live in picture right off c4 as check.

25...Naxc4 first a key knight aether drawn blood,

old bishop elects to stay put bades on good game aortad knight registrated sacrifices first delve,

coup in c4 a st I gate in e4 if icicle one cycle around a good king absolve it her a4 bind check and rooks in b8 and c8 win tergid hive spark barrel down in jail soluble mission to get c4 at enact.

25.Naxc4 26.fxe5 or doored b1 us again think b7 will win d5 line coagulated in seeing 26.fxe5 Bxd5 a live one king fabled in a2 herd back in duty ramble give at backing 27.Kb1 Na3+ instead cough up ply a4 in finger advance off threatens aid upright I call and wait again a4 plus free catch in a3 rookb8 and c8 be hoofed castles in b c columns a duty queen d7 neglected black opts for a foggy continuation by the way in gashing 27...Na3+ still as effective in blew away final remnants ok,

bullshin 28.bxa3 Rab8+ 29.Kc1 Qa4 same result am success engine zip in effect he cooled 30.Qh7+ it seem like for one escape f8 route agains empty ramble give off 30...Kf8 cane bamboo shoot a nip a 31.Ne2 or drill matter h7 backed up by h4 prevents a d4 secure finger in a3 etc pick and choose a wave,

never abates against off be 32.Kd2 dxe5 and black infiltrates via ducked bridge off e5 or b3 queen accustom in a tour king did exposure dsb burly in light up c3 and arm got 33...Rec8 waddles across to finish him off. To question bed give in free,

dilemma for dead also be bullseye 29...Bxh1 30.Rxh1 Rbc8+ when king ear flees across the road to dip queen hope in h7+ knight comes back to a den in e2 good ellucidate at safi see invasion select it he in just again a5 or b3 capped off a fine win chefrecon rook accent bishop query to cascaded iffy oh door a5 in a4 crab back ie knight e2 bishop free,

inch d5 rade a4 and a3 eg rook calming b8 and c8 colomns check king baba jingle off a5 give spark in,

moments a good while d7 in a4 mint bishop at had d4 d3 swaddled back at each in knight mingly evasive,

get able gold bale in hey be mades 25...Naxc4 success find a dam desserter edifice communal one clipped queen d7 at be moans 25.Bd3 said denigrate king camped by the side confide a vow knight revver plight it hook in d7 a4 a3 be shakey see hog in castigated rooks here bus d5xh1 or deems it you in back high energy inclusive cadence ogle d5 free bode feed in ar good e5 later h7 choice freights train cable on a3 sac eg all the pieces a better,

delivery took to botch-job.
30.Bb2 Rec8+ king face off see one quick clear I

cab a 31.Bc2 light is falling apart I cull ar b3,

chuckle c8 in inept elevator d5 and bishops will crash through in borough district dig enough cop a 31...Qb3 (-22.60).

Oct-20-13  inmate5: Nice, Once! Congratulations!
Oct-20-13  vasja: PLEASE HELP!

Since I reloaded new Java version I am not able to view the games in PGN view "chess viewer deluxe" due to my "security settings". Reloading Java did not help. I am using XP operating system. What must I do?

Oct-20-13  JimmyRockHound: Maybe, like Once, Chris Owen could also publish a compilation of his... 'creative' chess stories....
Oct-20-13  morfishine: <vasja> Due to the Java problem, you must use the pgn4web


Oct-20-13  devere: <Al2009: "So, 25...Qa4+ followed by Qxd1 and Nf3, gives Black almost an equal material, (he was 1 pawn less), and very good chances. Why not?">

Unfortunately the clever Queen sacrifice kills Black's mating attack without doing the same to White's. Black will soon get slaughtered.

As things stand Black is a move ahead of White with his attack, and Bxd5, Nxc4, and Qa4+ all work. One possible line goes 25...Qa4+ 26. Kb1 Bxd5 27.Bxe5 Bxh1 28.Rxh1 dxe5 29.f5 Rab8 30.f6 Bh6 31.Qxh6 Rxb2+ 32.Kxb2 Nxc4+ 33.Bxc4 Rb8+ 34.Kc3 Qa3+ 35.Bb3 Rxb3+ 36.Kc4 Rc3+ 37.Kd5 Qc5+ 38.Ke4 Qd4#.

"Insane" is quite correct for this one!

Premium Chessgames Member
  scormus: Great news <Once>, well done! it's on my Christmas wish list already.

My attempt at getting this puzzle was not so great. I was one of those who tried to make something out of ... Qa4+ and ... Bxd5

Oct-20-13  Patriot: <scormus> Well it looks like you chose 2/3 of the winning moves! :-) As <devere> points out, Bxd5, Nxc4, and Qa4+ are all winning.
Premium Chessgames Member
  scormus: <Patriot:> amazingly my engine also gives ... Qa4 26 Kb1 Bxd5 27 cxd5 Nb3 as OK. Perhaps I just need a bit more self-belief .... or maybe a better engine ;)
Oct-20-13  devere: <scormus: <Patriot:> amazingly my engine also gives ... Qa4 26 Kb1 Bxd5 27 cxd5 Nb3 as OK. Perhaps I just need a bit more self-belief .... or maybe a better engine ;)>

It's just Nezhmetdinov! He's the guy who taught Tal how to attack, and his complexity level is often off the charts.

Here's what he did to his most famous protege:
Nezhmetdinov vs Tal, 1961
Tal said that losing that game was the happiest day of his life, because of the beauty of the game. Tal and Nehz were close friends, and Tal was a high-class sportsman.

Premium Chessgames Member
  scormus: <devere .... Nezh vs Tal> Ansolutely!! A privilege to be able to play over such a game.
Oct-20-13  morfishine: <Patriot> & <Scormus> 25...Bxd5 was what I was leaning to when I thought "Hold it, I just went over this game about 5 minutes ago"

Thats when I realized I had accidentally gone over the whole game before trying to solve the POTD, and still goofed up the move-order

Blame it on Nezhmetdinov


Oct-20-13  Cemoblanca: Great game by the 'Grande Maestro'. :]
Oct-20-13  Patriot: <morf> Yeah I thought Bxd5 seemed very logical. And Houdini rates it just as good as the game move. You probably would have figured it out had you not gone over it before.
Oct-20-13  morfishine: <Patriot> Well, thats a relief. Still, I can't help feeling chagrin at not being able to follow Black's line after already seeing the game :(

Good to hear from you!


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