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Levon Aronian vs Etienne Bacrot
World Cup (2005), Khanty-Mansiysk RUS, rd 6, Dec-13
Slav Defense: Chameleon Variation (D15)  ·  1-0



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Kibitzer's Corner
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Dec-13-05  xerkspking: <mgracian> Im sorry my fault. Ive check it out and your right, but i still have to really review this in my own. Hehehe! Thanks!
Dec-13-05  Koster: <The final position is draw> I wouldn't be at all surprised. As someone else said on another site "France Surrenders", how true. Even if it isn't a draw, why not play a few more moves? Who says white's technique will be perfect?
Dec-13-05  Akavall: It is also possible that Bacrot had seen an easy 'ghost' win for white and resigned due to that.
Dec-13-05  weisyschwarz: What is wrong with f5? The White king can head over to the Q-side and deal with pushing the a-pawn, while the bishop guards the f-pawn. I see this as a win for White. 50...a5 does nothing. Should the black king move on h4, the bishop can play f1 and then d3.
Dec-13-05  Hesam7: The final position is drawn. Some suggest that Bacrot resigned after 49... Bc5, and the rest is part of analysis by both players.
Dec-14-05  menacing knights: aronian at his best!
Dec-14-05  s4life: <weisyschwarz: What is wrong with f5? The White king can head over to the Q-side and deal with pushing the a-pawn, while the bishop guards the f-pawn. I see this as a win for White. 50...a5 does nothing. Should the black king move on h4, the bishop can play f1 and then d3>

For the second time, it's more complicated than that. go check susanpolgar or chessninja websites and convince yourself. The high level view of why ur reasoning is wrong is because the white bishop gets trapped by the white pawn in f5 if the king goes the queen side, either the bishop, or the pawn dies or black crowns his own h-pawn. Bacrot gave Aronian some few hundred thousand dollars as xmas gift.

Dec-14-05  weisyschwarz: <s4life>, for the second time I did check the websites, and they are not fully saying it is a draw...both opinions are present. The white bishop that protects the pawn can move down to f1 if attacked by black's king and then move up to d3 if the king attacks the f-pawn. Meanwhile the white king goes and settles the score on the a file, obtaining the black bishop, and then returns to push the protected f-pawn. I am sure Bacrot saw this and this is why he resigned.
Dec-14-05  cguerra: aronian:yay. friends call me a chip tactician.
Bacrot:shut up lev.
Aronian: why tinny? i will win the tournament.
Bacrot:shut up. i am trying to find a way to put a bomb under Grischuks bed. Aronian:not a bad idea. i will put a bomb under rus-lans bed. Bacrot:i will go and pretend to be Alexs butler. and then put a bomb under his bed. Aronian: down with the french, the upstart chess players. Bacrot: hey alex, lev is planning to put a bomb under rus-lans bed. Grischuk:really? ill do that to you. i have got 3rd place in the toutnament. ponomariov:levon, i heard that. i will sleep in a different room. aronian: i will put a bomb under your chair tomorrow. if you have a cellphone to call anyone about it, you will be disqualifyed. Cleaner:mr. aronian, you are disqualifyed. ponomariov in the world cup champ.
Dec-14-05  s4life: <weisyschwarz: <s4life>, for the second time I did check the websites, and they are not fully saying it is a draw...both opinions are present.>

What they are arguing about is if the game finished in move 49 or 50, not that Bacrot had a draw after move 50. Check again.

Dec-14-05  Hesam7: Mig Greengard has apparently contacted people in Khanty Mansyisck and they have told him that f5 was played:

Dec-14-05  StraightLarsen: Radjabov and his round2 opponent Murtaz kazgaleev walk into an unused bedroom of their hotel.They see Alex Khalifman sitting on the bed muterring about bestiny. Murtaz:"get of the bed Khalif." and opens the closet door, and kicks khalifman in. Murtaz to Radjabov: "you didnt impress me. you are terrible." Radjabov:"better than you."
Murtaz:"prove it."
radjabov:"who has a higher rating?"
Murtaz:"lets box it out."
Radjabov and Murtaz are boxing when Ponomariov and Grischuk enter the room talking about their game. Ponom:"what are they doing?"
Gris:"acting like idiots."
murtaz opens the closet door and stuffs in radjabov just as khalifman runs out and leaps at Murtaz, crashing into the wall in the process. Murtaz:"what are you doing here Grischuk?" are punches grischuk.Ponomariov sneaks under the bed just as Grischuk says" i should slap Etienne like that. he wont know what is happening." Bacrot enters the room"I heard that."
Aronian enters also." me too. " ponomariov sneaks out of the room.Murtaz stuffs bacrot, grischuk, and the stll shouting khalifman into the closet. Aronian and Murtaz start boxing.The police, which ponomariov has called arrive to hear shouts of "destiny and let me out" from the closet. they also see arahonyan throw murtaz out the window. arronian and the unharmed murtaz go to jail, and ponomariov becomes the world cup champ.
Dec-14-05  StraightLarsen: PS. khalifamn, radjabov, grischuk and bacrot were let out of the closet.khalifman had accidentally trampled bacrot who went to hospital. khalifman joing murtaz and arahonyan in jail. grischuk got 2nd place.(aronian was kicked out)
Dec-14-05  weisyschwarz: <s4life> There is input--two parts of analysis-- from France which say Aronian won.

From the ninja site...

Posted by: Titu at December 13, 2005 15:14
there is a French site. that makes sense since Bacrot is French.

the discussion there is apparently very different. I can not read French. but apparently there are some questions about the ending position. and also there is a win for white apparently. the wins are farther down the discussion.

And from the Susan Polgar's blog

Paulo Schreiner said...
I haven't analised the position after 50. Kf3 (befor f5?) in detail, but it sure seems to win for me. Maybe it's really an eletronic board mistake? There were a lot of these during the broadcasts, but they usually were fixed after a short time. The only way to no would be to ask one of the players.

5:42 AM

Dec-15-05  PARACONT1: It's official. Bacrot resigned because Cheparinov told him the position was lost (via the micro earphone hidden in Bacrot's ear).
Dec-15-05  iyutan: FRITZ 9 analysis:

Fritz 9 gave 50...Ba7 an exclamation mark (!). alternatives to Black's 50th move:

A) 50...Ke5 51.Kh5 Kf6 52.Kxh6 Be3+ 53.Kh5 Bd4 54.Kg4 (1.60) B) 50...Bg1 51.Kf4 h5 52.Kg3 Ke7 53.Kh4 Bd4 54.Kxh5 Kf6 55.Kg4 (1.62)

back to Bacrot's 50th move (50...Ba7), Fritz 9 continues 51.Kf4 h5 52.Ke4 Ke7 53.Kd5 Kd7 54.f6+ Ke8 55.Ke6 h4 (1.07) Depth 26/52 580679kN

Dec-15-05  weisyschwarz: <iyutan> what if on your second line of analysis (50...Ba7), white played 54.Kc4 (looking to go Kb5)?
Dec-15-05  iyutan: <father weisyschwarz> (50..Ba7 51.Kf4 h5 52.Ke4 Ke7 53.Kd5 Kd7) now 54.Kc4, Fritz 9 continues 54...Ke7 55.Kb5 Kd6 56.f6 h4 57.Kc4 Bf2 58.Bc8 Bg1 59.Kd3 Ba7 (1.04 advantage for White) Depth: 17/25 8663kN 00:00:09 seconds of thought. you're right about the white king going to b5, but it retreated down to c4 & d3.
Premium Chessgames Member
  Eric Schiller: This game is a great example of why I advise that you should never resign until the weakest person in the room (or spectator online) understands why you gave up. It is bad enough to have someone ask you why you resigned as you leave the room, but to create a global debate about it is even worse.
Jan-21-07  positionalgenius: This is why I hate players like bacrot.Resigning a drawn position! Idiot...
Apr-23-07  scholes: i was going to write <even a big patzer like me can tell this position is drawn then why did barcot resigned.Black will simply move his bishop on a7-g1 diagonal>then i saw what if white king goes to b7 then black will have to give his bishop.then i read the above posts.So i am going to try position against rybka
Apr-23-07  micartouse: <This is why I hate players like bacrot.Resigning a drawn position! Idiot...> This seems a little harsh to me. If he couldn't find a draw, that seems like an honest mistake. Maybe a bad mistake, but nothing to hate a guy for. You'd think a pro never messed up an endgame.
Apr-23-07  scholes: i won in 3rd try against rybka .

1. d4 d5 2. c4 c6 3. Nf3 Nf6 4. Nc3 a6 5. a4 e6 6. g3 dxc4 7. Bg2 c5 8. dxc5 Qxd1 9. Nxd1 Nc6 10. Be3 Nd5 11. O-O Nxe3 12. Nxe3 Bxc5 13. Nxc4 Ke7 14. Rac1 Bd7 15. Nfe5 Nxe5 16. Nxe5 Bd6 17. Nxd7 Kxd7 18. Bxb7 Ra7 19. Bc6 Ke7 20. b3 Rb8 21. Rb1 f5 22. e3 Rc7 23. Bf3 Rc3 24. Be2 Rcxb3 25. Rxb3 Rxb3 26. Bxa6 Ra3 27. Bb5 Be5 28. Kg2 Ra1 29. Rxa1 Bxa1 30. a5 Be5 31. a6 Bb8 32. h4 Ba7 33. Kf3 Kf6 34. g4 h6 35. h5 g5 36. hxg6 Kxg6 37. gxf5 exf5 38. Bf1 Kg5 39. Kg3 Kf6 40. Bg2 Bb6 41. Kh4 Kg6 42. Bc6 Bd8 43. Kg3 Bb6 44. e4 Kf6 45. f4 fxe4 46. Bxe4 Ke6 47. Kg4 Kf6 48. Bg2 Ba7 49. Bh3 Bc5 50. f5 Ba7 51. Kf3 Ke5 52. Kg4 Kf6 53. Kf4 Bc5 54. Ke4 Kf7 55. Kd5 Be3 56. Kc6 Kf6 57. Kb7 Ke7 58. a7 Bxa7 59. Kxa7 *

but 49 ..bc5 looks like a blunder .i won again when rybka played bg1 finally in another try it played h5 to hold the draw.So accurate timing of h5 was key in defense .i don,t know why it played move other than h5 in previous 2 wins.So in a nutshell this position is very hard to defend its not some trivial draw

Jun-10-11  polarmis: Aronian on this game:

<The most memorable win [of my career] was against Bacrot at the World Cup in 2005. We met in the semifinals and after terrible play by both sides we got a drawn ending with opposite-coloured bishops, which we both considered completely won for me.

click for larger view

Before the final move my pen stopped working, and after getting a replacement from the arbiter I still couldn’t write down my move as I was in ecstasy because I was winning and was going to qualify for the final. At that point Etienne (having played 50…Ba7) resigned and left. A couple of hours later both of us realised that we’d missed a simple idea in the position which would have brought the game to a draw.>

Apr-21-17  cro777: Jonathan Hawkins' observations regarding Black's strategy to win this endgame.

Position after 38…Kg5

click for larger view

"White has no real targets to attack. Attacking the f5-pawn (e.g. by moving the king to e6 and bishop to d3 or h3) would be ineffective as Black would simply advance …f5-f4.

White must queen the pawn in order to win. Moving the king up to b7 to force through the a-pawn suggests itself but White cannot afford to lose his e- and f-pawns.

The correct plan is to use the 2 vs 1 majority on the e- and f-files to create an additional passed pawn, then to attempt to queen one of these pawns. This is the only possible winning attempt." (Jonathan Hawkins, Amateur to IM: Proven Ideas and Training Methods).

39. Kg3 Kf6 40. Bg2 Bb6 41. Kh4 Kg6 42. Bc6 Bd8+ 43. Kg3 Bb6 44. e4 Kf6 45. f4 fxe4 46. Bxe4

click for larger view

This position is the theoretical draw (as well as the final position of the game).

Aronian tried his best to win this endgame. Bacrot resigned in a theoretically drawn position.

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