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Lidia K Semenova vs Margareta Muresan
Candidates (Women) (1983), Bad Kissingen FRG, rd 2, Mar-??
Caro-Kann Defense: Classical Variation. Main lines (B18)  ·  1-0



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Kibitzer's Corner
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Feb-28-13  M.Hassan: "Medium"
White to play 27.?
Equal, but White has a Bishop for a Knight.

27.Rxf6 gxf6
28.Qh4+ Kh8
29.Bxh6 Rg8
30.Qh4 Kh7
31.Rxf7+ Kxh6
32.Qxf6+ Kxh5
33.Rh7+ Kg4

Black could have used the Rook for help on move 30

30.Qh4 Rg5
31.Bxg5 Qxa5
32.Bxf6+ Kg8
33.Qg4+ Kf8
34.Qg7+ Ke8
35.Qxf7+ Kd8
Time to check
Admittedly, game line much faster and more subtle!

Feb-28-13  patcheck: what happens after:
27. Rxf6 gxf6 28. Bx6 Kh8 29. Qg4 Rg8
30. Qf4 Nd5 (if exd5 exd5 and the queen is protecting f6) ?
Premium Chessgames Member
  agb2002: White has a bishop for a knight.

Black threatens the pawn on c4.

Most white pieces converge on the black castle. This invites to play 27.Rxf6, removing the best defender and weakening the pawn shield:

A) 27... gxf6 28.Qg4+

A.1) 28... Kh7 29.Qg6+ Kh8 30.Qxf6+ Kh7 (30... Kg8 31.Bxh6 and 32.Qg7#) 31.Bxh6 Rg8 32.Rxf7+ Rg7 33.Qxg7#.

A.2) 28... Kh8 29.Qf4

A.2.a) 29... Rg8 30.Qxh6#.

A.2.b) 29... Kg(h)7 30.Qxh6+ Kg8 31.Qxf6 Nd5 (31... Kh7 32.Bxh6 Rg8 33.Rxf7+ Rg7 34.Qxg7#) 32.cxd5 Qd3 33.Bxh6 Qh7 34.Nc6 + - and the threat 35.Ne7+ wins decisive material.

A.2.c) 29... f5 30.Qxh6+ is similar to A.2.b.

A.2.d) 29... Rfd8 30.Qxf6 Rd7 31.Bxh6, etc.

B) 27... Nxc4 28.Bxh6 gxh6 (28... gxf6 29.Qg4+ and mate next) 29.Qg4+ Kh7 30.Qg6+ Kh8 31.Qxh6+ Kg8 32.Rg6+ fxg6 33.Qg7#.

Feb-28-13  morfishine: After <27.Rxf6> White's attack is irresistible; This is a 'no resource' position; The exchange-sac cannot be accepted, so Black simply loses a piece, and soon the game.
Premium Chessgames Member
  Diademas: <FSR> The offspring of Rhys Cumming
Feb-28-13  morfishine: <timur555> On your question: <What about 28.Kh8> Here's one possibility: 27.Rxf6 <28.Kh8> 28...Rxh6+ gxh6 29.Qe5+ Kg8 30.Bxh6 f6 31.Rg7+ Kh8 32.Qxe6 Rce8 33.Qf5 forcing mate at h7

Others will probably find something better

Feb-28-13  Abdel Irada: <<•>Of Target Squares and Doomed Defenders<•>>

Chess intuition is a funny thing. Of course, like everything else in the game, it is mostly a matter of pattern recognition; sometimes, though, it can strike with as little apparent logical cause as divine inspiration.

In this case, the former is all that's needed. Here are four signs that Black is cast in the not-so-coveted role of Doomed Defender.

1) <The kingside pawn formation.> Think back. How many of our puzzles have been set with the Doomed Defender's pawns on e6, f7, g7 and h7 or h6? With rare exceptions, when we see *this* pattern, we begin to lick our tactical chops in anticipation.

2) <The kingside piece formation.> How often, also, do we find the DD's pieces as generically soundly placed, but as vulnerable in the *specific* position, as are his pawns: king on g8, rook on f8, knight on f6?

3) <The queen en route to Delta Quadrant.> This is a particularly extreme example, and therefore particularly instructive of its kind. Note how many safe squares the black queen has available to her. Now note how long it will take her to complete the Transgalactic Detour and make her way to the kingside to defend.

4) <The target square.> Here, too, we have an instructive example. Look at that knight on f6: To take it is to shatter the black kingside under extremely favorable conditions (see items 1-3). Surely this is worth at least an exchange?

Of course, to say this is one thing; to prove it, another.

<<•> 27. Rxf6! ... >

Now, of course, Black is not obliged to take the rook. He has his own threat on c4; let's see what happens if he ignores the offer and carries it out.

< (1) 27. ...Nxc4
28. Rf4 >

The key here is to realize that Black threatens nothing. His knight is pinned, and if the queen moves to d6 (the only square she has) to remove the pin, White quietly removes the knight and wins comfortably.

It is probable that a further sacrifice at this point would also win, but it is unnecessary, for the game *is* won.

<<•> (2) 27. ...gxf6

28. Bxh6 ... >

This threatens mate on g7 in two moves. (Note how much Black's queen can do to help.)

<<•> 28. ...Kh8 >

Somewhat worse is

(a) 28. ...Kh7 29. Qg4...

+(a.1) 29. ...Rg8 30. Rxf7†...

++(a.1.1) 30. ...Kh8 31. Bg7†, Kh7 32. Qg6#.

++(a.1.2) 30. ...Kxh6 31. Rxf6†, Kh7 32. Qe4†...

+++(a.1.2.1) 32. ...Kg7 33. Qg6†, Kh8 34. Qh6#.

+++(a.1.2.2) 32. ...Kh8 33. Rh6†, Kg7 34. Rh7† and mate in five.

+(a.2) 29. ...Kxh6 30. Rxf7!, Rg8 31. Rxf6†, winning by transposition into line (a.1.2).

<<•> 29. Qg4, Rg8

30. Qf4 >

Without analyzing to mate, we can say this: White threatens a fatal infiltration with 31. Qxf6†, and pushing the pawn does no good, for White then checks on e5 and worms in anyway. Meanwhile, the threat of 31. Rxf7 is also in the offing.

There is incidentally an amusing defense in which Black can defer his destiny:

< 30. ...Nd5 31. cxd5, Rc1† 32. Kh2, Rf1 33. Qc7, Qe2 34. Qxf7, and White gets through first. >

The Doomed Defender has only this one deliverance: to hope for none.

Feb-28-13  mistreaver: Thursday. White to play. Medium. 27?
I think there are only 2 candidates, both are rook sacrifices at either f6 or f7. A) Let's try the former
27 Rxf6 gxf6
28 Bxh6 Kh7
29 Qxe6 and now:
29 ... Qxa5
30 Qxf6 Rg8
31 Rxf7 is mate
29... Kxh6
30 Qxf6+ and again:
30... Kh7
31 h6
30... Kxh5
31Rxf7 and i think here whte wins in any case:
31... Rxf7
32 Qxf7 Kg5
33 Qg6 mate
32 Rh7+ Kg4
33 Qg6 mate
Time to check
Bah, again i failed to spot that in my A221) variation mate on g6 is not possible since pawn has been eaten. Therefore white has nothing better then perpetual check. Whereas instead of Rxf7, Re7 with the threat of Re5 is decisive, or, a move earlier, Rxf7 immediately, without wasting time on Qxf6. Half point for me today. I am really depresed with my lazyness and inadequate combinative vision, it cost me a full point yesterday, when i had totally winning position, and had several sharp winning moves, but i went on a dubious path and even lost in the end.
Feb-28-13  Abdel Irada: (a.2)/(a.1.2).
Feb-28-13  zb2cr: Missed this one. I saw the first move for White and the general idea, but for example, I could not see how White would proceed after Black played 30. ... Rg8. A failure of my board vision.
Premium Chessgames Member
  Oxspawn: I chose
27. Bxh6 intending to play Rxf6 next but since I could not find black's best move I sort of dithered afterwards. Does this work?
Feb-28-13  David2009: L Semenova vs M Muresan, 1983 White 27?

Nice puzzle which I failed to solve, going with <rilkefan>'s solotion: <27.Rxf6 gxf6 28.Qg4+. If ...Kh7 then 29.Qg6+. Else ...Kh8 29.Qf4. Either way black's toast.>. The game line is much better and gets a winning endgame.

My analysis went <27.Rxf6 gxf6 28.Qg4+ Kh8 (if ...Kh7 29.Qg6+) 29.Qf4 Kg8 30.Qxf6 looks good value for the exchange. The threat is Bxh6. Black can try to muddy the waters with 30...Rxc4 but White still has 31.Bxh6 since Rc1+ achieves nothing.> The puzzle position

click for larger view

set up on Crafty End Game Trainer is: My line is inferior and jeopardises the win: after 28.Qg4+ Kh8 29.Qf4 Kg8 30.Qxf6 (30.Qxh6? allows Nxc4!turning the tables) Black has the resource <30...Nd5!> which seems to hold: 31.cxd5 Qd3!. Now 32.Qxh6 is met by 32...Qxd4+ 33.Kh2 Qg4! and if 34.Bg5 Rc3 White settles for the draw 35.Bf6 Qxg3+ 36.Kg1 Qe1+ 37.Kh2 Qg3+ draw by repetition. There are other tries for White, but so far for me, without silicon help, they have not borne fruit.

In contrast the game line lead to a winning end-game although the EGT fights on stubbornly. Enjoy finding the win! Chapeau if you can finish the robot off without silicon help!

Premium Chessgames Member
  FSR: <Diademas: <FSR> The offspring of Rhys Cumming>

Not to be confused with Short-Cummings. Short vs D Cummings, 1977

Feb-28-13  rilkefan: <<David2009>: <Nice puzzle which I failed to solve, going with <rilkefan>'s solotion: [...] The game line is much better and gets a winning endgame.>

Stockfish likes my line as much as the game line (actually once I show it the line it prefers it):

28. Qg4+ Kh8 29. Qf4 Kg8 30. Qxf6 Nd5 31. cxd5 Qd3 32. Bxh6 Qd1+ 33. Kh2 Qxh5+ 34. Qh4 Qxh4+ 35. gxh4 and the endgame wins itself given the attack on f8, the rook on the 7th, the threat of Nc6/Ne7+, and of course the advanced pawns.

Feb-28-13  kevin86: I checked with the queen first,then I took h6.
Feb-28-13  snakebyt: Very interesting Rook / Queen pin finish. Is this technically a Bishop sac? Brining up the Bishop to take Pawn may be the only way to win after Rxf6. 28. Qg4+ didn't play out as a win for me.
Premium Chessgames Member
  chrisowen: Safe gate l0 win bint rookf2 as tender in be it off in bedding 27.Rxf6 blockade see knightin eached a wall a bye in gal footing bill it is strip in graph h6 come ghosting along in suffice 27.gxf6 to restore parity in advanced 28.Bxh6 at band hedges in bull target ok a foilable rook in f8 temperance ogles it point of view as to whethers 28.Kh7 or deed he willing good aim in churlish 28.Kh8 febrile yes a bind engage light in trainings 29.qg4 he relax in together eight tall it slight in wideleaps 29.qg4 in each case to bring home the trayte. Am in too minds a bientot he scuttle h8 a pod in whailing along bah took-down 29.Qf3 eat your heart out in ja mitigatend5 able give diminish a script in steeded you tie it is c4xd5 all i wag on etc clink ala lame thod crystal clear h6 in good game piece up,

click for larger view

Premium Chessgames Member
  chrisowen: I think he in h7 a crogue, monsieur I pride g8 amblen in aged for tainted hug in h6 still no sugar whats it rejoinder 29.qg4 mate in six isnt it finest? To candidate 29...kxh6 ok 29...rg8 buddha queen re sculpture 29.kxh6 your door cab having bloody a let off 30.Rxf7 in educating a mission sac bin win for rook 30...rg8 he goofer can a 31.Qf4+ lifting a teruck in gentlearid ear I 31...kxh5 effectively over hoof fab le 32.Rxf6 oomph feckled get aim 33.rh6#
Premium Chessgames Member
  chrisowen: Alive bemoan double door duty raid, nodded in selecting 29...rg8 I guess rig hint in betcha grind see in sad for cadence ogle 30.Rxf7+ ar king covenant it is double in bedded b7 edict free info 30...kxh6 okey dokey also apostle hasten h6 bat finger at hint in tergid one a 31.Qf4+ energy free you f6 am in eh king got I 31...Kh7 mean mate queen or f7+ us rounded h8 him tool it wrench in rook has par 33.rh6+ ke in electric ko nearly a centre splendid hoh in 32.Qe4 at etc ie I network sweat in buckling rove grapple in harvest I bulk toward drag one ace in 32.Rxf6 the hole giver f4 oy oy arrow I route in revver ticks h6 at her bind pepper in mint height rook in her door beaconed free torch alighted.
Feb-28-13  olinart: I think the other sac, suggested by oxspawn, works nicely too. The line is 27. Bxh6 gxh6, 28. Rxf6 Qxa5
29. d5! (preventing Qg5) and white's attack is unstoppable eg 29. .. Kg7
30. Qe5 Rg8
31. Rg6+ Kh7
32. RxF7+
Feb-28-13  talsqueen: Hurrah! I got this one. I ll be beaming like a bulb all day. But can someone explain what happens 19...NxB4 and why this is not followed by pawn into the knight?
Feb-28-13  Bartimaeus: <talsqueen: But can someone explain what happens 19...NxB4 and why this is not followed by pawn into the knight?>

19.. Nxb4 20. cxb4 Bxe5! and now the bishop can't be taken as the White Queen is loose (dxe5 ?? Qxd3)

Black wins back the Knight with a better position.

Feb-28-13  Bartimaeus: <David2009: Black has the resource <30...Nd5!> which seems to hold: 31.cxd5 Qd3!. Now 32.Qxh6...>

Doesn't seem right. Why 32. Qxh6 ? Better is 32. Bxh6 threatening mate in 1. After Qd3, The Queen can give check on Qd1 followed by the eventual exchange on h4 or it can go to h7 for defense but the resulting endgame is lost for black.

Mar-01-13  David2009: <Bartimaeus:>,<rilkefan> You are both right: I stand (sit?) corrected. After 28.Qg4+ Kh8 29.Qf4 Kg8 30.Qxf6, 30... Nd5! is a clever try which does not quite work: sing <rilkefan>'s analysis <31. cxd5 Qd3 32. Bxh6 Qd1+ 33. Kh2 Qxh5+ 34. Qh4 Qxh4+ 35. gxh4 and the endgame wins itself>. Well, not quite, but I see what you mean. Playing the ending out I duly reached

click for larger view

which is a classic but tricky book win. Enjoy finding the winning plan if you don't already know it! Crafty End Game Trainer link:

Mar-02-13  rilkefan: Thanks, nice challenge. Took me a bit to see that Kf6/g6/g7/Rf6/Rf8/chase the rook/Rh8 wins.
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