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Gata Kamsky vs Anatoly Karpov
Karpov - Kamsky FIDE World Championship Match (1996), Elista RUS, rd 6, Jun-16
Russian Game: Modern Attack. Center Variation (C43)  ·  0-1



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Kibitzer's Corner
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Apr-22-15  knight knight: I had 29...Bc5 adding pressure to f2.

Stockfish 6, depth 30: 29...Rxd2 [-8.25], 29...Bc5 [-2.78]

Stockfish defends 29...Bc5 30. Bf4 g5 31. Bd1 Qb2! 32. Bxe2 Bxe2 33. Qd2 Bxf1+ 34. Kxf1 Qb1+ 35. Qc1 Qd3+ 36. Kg1 gxf4 37. Qxf4 with a winning position for black (bishop up for a pawn).

Apr-22-15  stst: The further White defense by Be4 is met by
Qxe4, then further defense f3 is met by
Bc5+, then
Rf2(*) Qb1# (The White Q is in a bad position, going c1/d1/e1 does not help

*IF Qf2, no doubt BxQ followed by Qb1 kills.

Apr-22-15  raviarun: In the diagrammed position, I thought 29.Bd1 Qe5 30.Be3 is enough to win the exchange for white. Then I saw 29...Qf3+ as a better response. Finally, realized its black to play :)
Apr-22-15  latebishop: Perhaps a straightforward winning line in the main line after 33. f3 is 33...Bc5+ 34.Kh1 Qf5 when the white rook is still en prise and if it moves to avoid capture 35..Q×f3+ is the end.
Apr-22-15  Infohunter: <latebishop: Perhaps a straightforward winning line in the main line after 33. f3 is 33...Bc5+ 34.Kh1 Qf5 when the white rook is still en prise and if it moves to avoid capture 35..Q×f3+ is the end.>

Good point.

Premium Chessgames Member
  Once: This is one of those puzzles where the solution isn't entirely satisfactory. It's not an entirely clean kill, and you can't help wondering whether there was a more decisive stroke.

The main line is relatively straightforward. White has an empty fianchetto and we have bishops and queens hovering around the resulting weak squares. So that suggests that we need to divert the White queen from the defence of the f3 square.

That suggests 29... Rxd2 30. Qxd2 Qf3+ 31. Kg1 Bh3

click for larger view

Nearly there, but White has a resource to prevent the mate...

32. Be4 Qxe4 33. f3

click for larger view

Rats, nuts, and other moderate imprecations. Now there is no mate. We could end there by simply grabbing a pawn (33...Qxc4) and deciding that two bishops and a pawn is worth more than a rook.

Or we could push on for a bit more of an advantage.

33...Bc5+ 34. Kh1 Qf5

click for larger view

The White rook needs to stay on the f file to prevent Qxf3, but both f1 and f2 are controlled by Black's bishops. Black will win the exchange leaving him a whole bishop up.

Fritzie confirms that there isn't anything better. We don't need the Bc5+/ Qf5 trick, but it helps to squeeze the most out of the position ... unless our opponent resigns after 29...Rd2.

Apr-22-15  morfishine: A nice deflection forces the win: <29 ...Rxd2>

30.Qxd2 Qf3+ 31.Kg1 Bh3

<32.Be4> giving up more material is the only way to avoid mate

32...Qxe4 33.f3 Black has either 33...Qxc4 or 33...Qf5 leaving him with 2 Bishops vs R


Apr-22-15  Mating Net: An overloaded Queen gets what's coming to her.

As far as the potential 32.Be4 is concerned, I would love to face that move OTB. It would be an opportunity to savor the incoming victory for a few more moves.

Apr-22-15  mistreaver: Wednsday. Black to play. Easy. 29?
29... Rxd2
30 Qxd2 Qf3+
31 Kg1 Bh3
Apr-22-15  TheaN: Wednesday 22 April 2015 <29....?>

Karpov cashes in the win by capturing white's defending bishops with <29....Rxd2! 30.Qxd2 Qf3+ 31.Kg1 Bh3> it's not yet mate because of <32.Be4 Qxe4 33.f3>.

click for larger view

The well described position. In this position I envisioned that <33....Bc5+ 34.Kh1 Qxc4 > had to be easily winning and decided on that. The bishops are cutting through, white doesn't really have a plan and black already gained an additional pawn.

Yet, something misses. The finesse is in <34....Qf5!<>>. By keeping tabs on f3, white now has to make the dire choice of giving up the exchange or... well, the king. After 35.g4 Qf6 36.g5 hxg5 white's futile attempt to scare away the queen doesn't work and black goes up a full piece.

For what it's worth, after about a minute:

Analysis by Stockfish 5 64 SSE4.2:

1. (-8.33): 34...Qf5 35.Qd1 Bxf1 36.Qxf1 Qc2

2. (-4.37): 34...Qxc4 35.Rc1 Qa4 36.Rc2 Bf1

3. (-3.01): 34...Qd4 35.Qxd4 Bxd4 36.Re1 Bf2 37.Re2 Bc5

Apr-22-15  CHESSTTCAMPS: Material is even, but black has the advantage of the active rook and access to white's weakened light squares on the king-side.

29... Rxd2! diverts the queen from defense of f3, winning material: 30.Qxd2 Qf3+ 31.Kg1 Bh3 32.Be4 Qxe4 33.f3 Qxc4 (Bc5+ 34.Kh1 Qxc4 35.Rc1 may allow counter-play with a later g4) with the bishop pair plus pawn for a rook.

I don't see anything quicker at the moment. Time for review...

Apr-22-15  CHESSTTCAMPS: I missed 34... Qf5!, the neat finishing trick illustrated by <Once>.
Apr-22-15  dfcx: 29...?
I will play 29...Rxd2 30.Qxd2 Qf3+
31.Kg1 Bh3 32.Be4 Qxe4 33.f3 Bc5+ 34.Kh1 Qf5 and white can't protect f3 pawn and rook at the same time.

click for larger view

35.Qe2 Bxf1 36.Qxf1

Apr-22-15  dfcx: Very interesting game. Game was even until Kamsky blundered with a seemingly harmless 27.Bd2, allowing black rook to penetrate. After 27...Re2 white can't save the game.

27...? would be another interesting puzzle.

Apr-22-15  LDS2011: 29... Rd2!simply wins for black.
Apr-22-15  gofer: Much easier than yesterday! But, I think we have two choices;

The casual <29 ... Bc5> seems playable as it forces white to try to support Pf2 and that support is difficult to find! <30 Bf4 g5 31 Bd1 Qb2 etc>, but black can also go another way and also one that feels a bit more "Wednesday" level.

<29 ... Rxd2>

This starts white down a path he doesn't want to go down...

<30 Qxd2 Qf3+>
<31 Kg1 Bh3>
<32 Be4 Qxe4>

White gives up a bishop to stop mate...

click for larger view

33 f4 Bc5+ mating

<33 f3 Bc5+>
<34 Kh1 Qf5!>
<35 g4 Qf6>
<35 Qe2 Bxf1>



Apr-22-15  mel gibson: It shows that whites move 20 Bd3 was bad.
White loses his fianchetto power.

DR4 64 bit chooses 20. Bd4 instead for score of +0.69.

I would have chosen 20. Bg2 to fortify the fianchetto position but DR4 gives that a -0.3 score.

Apr-22-15  StevieB: Got the first move after a while then the rest fell in place. Loved the way Karpov chose not to castle and just fight it out w/o wasting a tempo.
Apr-22-15  BOSTER: Playing 9.g3, weaking the white squares around the king, Kamsky didn't care of " Always try to keep the three pawns in front of your castled King on their original squares as long as possible". But in reality this move played the decisive role
in the game after 29...Rxd2.
Premium Chessgames Member
  kevin86: The sacrifice of the exchange leads to quick mate...or worse.
Apr-22-15  stst: Because it's not a direct kill by either side:

It could be interesting to suppose, if, given the diagram, Karpov gave Kamsky the BIG Odds, to let White move again. Then the question arises:
Can Black still win?
If played correctly (optimally-use Fritz etc) what would be the end result? Win (for White/Black) or DRAW??

Premium Chessgames Member
  Bubo bubo: Black exploits the weak light squares around White's king and wins two bishops and a pawn for a rook:

29...Rxd2 30.Qxd2 Qf3+ 31.Kg1 Bh3, and White can stop mate only by playing 32.Be4 Qxe4 33.f3 Qxc4.

Refusing the sac is pointless, because after, say, 30.Qe4 Black simply grabs the other bishop, and White must not recapture, since the threat of Qf3+ and Bh3 is still functional.

Premium Chessgames Member
  Dionysius1: Yes, got this one.
I have made up a new technique for myself on otb games or set puzzles. Do I have a check, or is there a capture I can make, however foolish it looks? Surprising how much I see when I ask myself that. If there isn't anything, then does my opponent have a piece that isn't protected even if I'm not attacking it? And if none of these work, then I imagine the situation a couple of moves further on and ask myself the same questions. It all gets more interesting!
Premium Chessgames Member
  chrisowen: I d2 mace came mister koinus cave:

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Jun-20-22  fisayo123: 26...Bg4! Hello. Goodnight.
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