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  1. jpetersen46321's favorite games
    Cool games that I find.
    2 games, 1991-2003

  2. Opening themes.
    Dr. Tarrasch, "The Game of Chess", english transl., London 1935, page 238: - "I expressly warn him [the beginner] against trying to learn by heart the following openings. A terrible thought! He must thoroughly assimilate THE PRINCIPLES and then, when he has played a game, he should study the application of those principles to the particular opening adopted. Thus he will discover the INNER SIGNIFICANCE of the various openings. This is the only correct way. CHESS CANNOT BE PLAYED FROM MEMORY but only with judgement and combinative ability."
    101 games, 1610-2014

  3. Paul Morphy's Best Games
    The best games of Morphy's career.

    I can think of no more suitable epithet for Morphy than to call him "the Newton of Chess". – Frederick Edge

    When one plays with Morphy the sensation is as queer as the first electric shock, or first love, or chloroform, or any entirely novel experience. – Henry Bird

    The man born too soon. – Alexander Alekhine (on Morphy)

    The Bobby Fischer of the 19th century. – Larry Parr (on Morphy)

    Morphy was an American Caissic F-16 in an era of European hot air chess balloons. – Larry Parr

    The magnificent American master had the most extraordinary brain that anybody has ever had for chess. Technique, strategy, tactics, knowledge which is inconceivable for us; all that was possessed by Morphy fifty-four years ago. – Jose R. Capablanca

    Morphy’s technique in winning won positions and drawing lost positions has also been praised, but his defining edge over the competition was an understanding of the importance of time in chess. – Larry Parr

    When it is so freely asserted that Morphy's style was all genius and inspiration. Morphy possessed the most profound book knowledge of any master of his time, and never introduced a single novelty, whereas since his day the books have had to study the players. – Wilhelm Steinitz

    He who plays Morphy must abandon all hope of catching him in a trap, no matter how cunningly laid, but must assume that it is so clear to Morphy that there can be no question of a false step. – Adolf Anderssen

    In the handling of open positions, nothing new has been found after Morphy! – Mikhail Botvinnik

    Morphy's games served as guiding lights for Steinitz and others who were keen enough to see that Morphy's wins came from more than just flashy tactics and poor defense by his opponents. – Mig Greengard

    Alas, Morphy did not bother to explain the superiority of his method. Only the powerful mind of another chess giant, Wilhelm Steinitz, could systematize the profound positional rules that created a new outlook in chess progress. – Garry Kasparov

    Morphy in 1886, had he been alive, would have beaten the Morphy of 1859. – Wilhelm Steinitz

    The progress of age can no more be disputed than Morphy's extraordinary genius. – Wilhelm Steinitz

    I did find that everything of him was correct: he was a gentleman, soft-spoken, kindly, but for some reason felt that chess was no blessing. And who knows, maybe he was right. – Wilhelm Steinitz (on Morphy)

    Chess, of course, may have been the cause of Morphy's mental fall; he may have loved it not wisely but too well. A mind saturated with one idea to the exclusion of all others is necessarily predisposed to mania, and if a man allows himself to regard Chess as the one fact of existence, thereby starving his mind, which, like the body, requires a variety of food, then the texture of the strongest brain must become weakened, and the reason sooner or later be overthrown. Whether this was Morphy's case remains to be seen. However, the disaster which has overtaken him may be accounted for in another way. Success came to him too early and was too complete. So far as Chess was concerned he had conquered the world, and henceforth he had no motive in life. – William Norwood Potter

    Perhaps the most accurate player who ever lived, he would beat anybody today in a set-match. He had complete sight of the board and seldom blundered even though he moved quite rapidly. I've played over hundreds of his games and am continually surprised and entertained by his ingenuity. – Bobby Fischer (on Morphy)

    A popularly held theory about Paul Morphy, is that if he returned to the chess world today and played our best contemporary players, he would come out the loser. Nothing is further from the truth. In a set match, Morphy would beat anybody alive today. – Bobby Fischer

    Morphy was probably the greatest genius of them all. – Bobby Fischer

    57 games, 1848-1866

  4. Philidor New for White
    Includes Hanham ...Nd7, Bc4 variation & ...Nf6 line Exchange lines
    Dragon ...g6 or ...Be7 option
    Other lousy lines
    15 games, 1965-2012

  5. Sicilian Defence Opening Traps
    55 games, 1840-2015

  6. sicilian dragon soltis variation
    8 games, 1986-2004

  7. Sicilian Opening Traps for Black
    This is a game collection of Sicilian Defense where White falls into a trap early on in the opening!!!
    5 games, 1843-1991

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