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  1. Caro-Kann Advance Games of Interest
    13 games, 1911-1996

  2. cuppajoe's favorite games
    Like it says on the tin.
    11 games, 1923-2010

  3. Paul Keres beats nine world champions
    Keres, though never himself champion, defeated nine other world champions in tournament play. He is the only player in history to have done this (so far). When Keres won multiple games against a champion, his first victory is given.
    9 games, 1937-1959

  4. Recent French Winawer games
    Recent games in the various lines of my favourite opening: the Winawer variation of the French defence, with the Black pieces played by prominent grandmasters (meaning grandmaster whom I, personally, have heard of). Plus one computer.
    46 games, 2008-2011

  5. The Tactical Menagerie
    Part One: Multiple attacks

    1.1. Double attack: Greco vs NN, 1620. 14. Be6+ directly attacks the black Q while uncovering a check by the R. The check cannot be removed, except by interposing the black Q (which loses it for nothing) or by moving the K (as in the text).

    1.2 Treble attack: a move which unveils two discovered attacks and directly attacks another piece. No example yet.

    Part Two: Pins

    1.2: Absolute Pin: Uhlmann vs Larsen, 1971. 36. ... Ba6 wins the White Q, because the White B, being absolutely pinned to the White K, no longer defends her.

    1.3: Pin to a square: Greco vs NN, 1620. 9.Re1 wins at least the black Q, because she is pinned to the mate on e8 (see text).

    1.4 Double pin: absolute pin/pin to a piece: Robatsch vs Jansa, 1974. After 12. Qd2 the Black B cannot leave the a1-h8 diagonal, as this would uncover a check by the White B, and cannot leave the e1-a5 diagonal without exposing the Black Q to capture by the White Q.

    Part Three: Forks

    1.5: Knight Fork: Chigorin vs Charousek, 1896. 25.Ng5+ attacks the Black K and Q simultaneously.

    1.6: Deflection: J Vetemaa vs Shabalov, 1986. After 20. ... Qb5, the Black Q cannot be taken, as if the White B leaves the defence of b3, Nb3# follows.

    1.7. King Hunt: Greco vs NN, 1620. 16. Qg5+ starts a string of moves which force the black K out from behind his pawn cover to the centre of the board were White can deliver checkmate.

    7 games, 1620-1986

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