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  1. 4. g3 Scandinavian
    White aims for Q side play by softening up Black's Q side pawns. Particularly effective when Black plays ...c6 as most Scandinavian devotees are conditioned to do.
    4 games, 1998-2005

  2. Alapin Sicilian
    Perhaps the best anti-Sicilian, the Alapin allows White to create a strong center and attack. Special thanks to Sergei Tiviakov for showing us how to play this powerful anti- Sicilian.
    23 games, 1958-2013

  3. Anti London
    Black uses a dark square strategy to combat the London System.
    4 games, 2003-2015

  4. Bishop b5 Sicilan
    This is a modified Rossolimo with White having played 2.Nc3.
    12 games, 2001-2010

  5. Black plays 1...d6
    These games show an interesting, relatively rare, Black response to 1.d4. These games feature many early Queen exchanges, all initiated by White. Amazingly, this exchange favors Black. This anomaly is what first attracted me to this opening. The Black King is safe in the center with the Queens off the board. Since both players are out of book almost immediately, this opening is a true test of chess skill. Almost all of these games reach an exciting endgame.
    58 games, 1953-2018

  6. Bogo Indian Beauties
    Black can score with this opening by exchanging the dark squared Bishops and aiming for a dark squared placement of his center pawns.
    30 games, 1927-2014

  7. Caro Kann't
    A tough opening to beat. These games show how White does it.
    13 games, 1926-2010

  8. Chess would not be chess without these games
    These games show chess at its best. The players displayed increidble imagination, precise positional play and tactical brilliancy. What I would give to play just one game that's even close to one of these.
    48 games, 1851-2017

  9. Closed Sicilian Gems
    Another way to dispatch with the Sicilian infidels.
    6 games, 1988-2007

  10. Cool games I like
    Not necesarily famous games, but I enjoyed playing over them Lots of learning points, tactics, and cool positions. Features mostly Dutch and KG games.
    28 games, 1849-2007

  11. Dynamic Pawn Play in Chess
    Selected games from the book of the same title.
    16 games, 1923-1989

  12. Endgames That Need to be Mastered
    Features Mostly King and Pawns & Rook and Pawns. Lots of Capablanca games, naturally.
    49 games, 1883-2011

  13. English Opening Games
    Selected English Opening Games, focusing on the Botvinnik System.
    87 games, 1908-2012

  14. Fort Knox
    Solid, no frills way to combat the French
    17 games, 1902-2017

  15. French Connection
    The French as Black focusing on meeting 3.Nc3, the most challenging move according to Gary Kasparov, with 3...Bb4, the Winawer variation.
    55 games, 1850-2016

  16. French Fried
    Instructive French Games. What to do, and not to do, against 1...e6. Some awesome combinations and sacrifices by White in these games.
    13 games, 1896-2006

  17. Games with Instructive Themes
    These games will highlight various instructive chess themes such as outposts, rooks on the 7th rank, weak squares, files, diagonals, the art of the exchange sac, and others. The lessons taken from these games can certainly be applied in our games.
    32 games, 1913-2006

  18. Hardcore Petrov
    71 games, 1842-2009

  19. IQP, Isolated Queen Pawn, Games
    This collection shows how to take advantage of the dynamic possibilities of the isolated d pawn. If the isolani manages to advance, look out! On the other hand, if it is firmly blockaded, it tends to become a liability that leads to a lost endgame as pieces are exchanged. I find this strategic struggle utterly fascinating.
    11 games, 1933-2007

  20. Italian Game
    The slow, but venomous, Italian.
    17 games, 1848-2017

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