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  1. 36_BN:-BN
    This is ten percent luck, twenty percent skill
    Fifteen percent concentrated power of will
    Five percent pleasure, fifty percent pain
    And a hundred percent reason to remember the name!

    -- Fort Minor
    <remember the name>

    Lasker’s Secret Principle

    “He [Emanuel Lasker] told me that this principle of controlling as many squares as possible was his guide at every stage of the game.

    He said “In the majority of cases it is probably best to have Knight and Bishop on squares of the same color, because then they control squares of opposite colors.”

    Chess Secrets, Edward Lasker

    36 games, 1888-2017

  2. Alekhine's Block
    Games from the book by ICCF IM Victor Charushin
    98 games, 1857-1995

  3. book: Art of Attack in Chess Vladamir Vukovic
    87 games, 1845-2006

  4. book: Art of Sacrifice in Chess R. Spielmann
    Spielmann, Rudolf. The Art of Sacrifice in Chess, New York: Dover, 1995. ISBN 0-486-28449-2.
    37 games, 1903-1934

  5. book: Alexander Alekhine 107 Great Chess Battles
    Alekhine, Alexander. 107 Great Chess Battles: 1939-1945. Edward Winter, ed. & trans., New York: Dover, 1980. ISBN-0-486-27104-8.
    106 games, 1908-1945

  6. book: Attacking Manual 1 Jacob Aagaard
    Games from Jacob Aagaard's Quality Chess Book The Attacking Manual 1-Basic Principles. These two books are his attempt to teach everything about Attacking Chess. Volume 1 is on Dynamics while Volume 2 is about tactics. His attempt to write a Vukovic type Art of Attack Book with clearer thinking/writing and modern ideas. This is a working book and includes diagrams to study Stoyko style. Entertaining Annotations. Recommended!

    His Concepts by Chapters

    1) Bring All Your Toys to the Nursery-include all your pieces in your attack

    2) Don't Lose your Breath-Momentum

    3) Add Some Color to your Play -Colour Schemes

    4) Size Matters- Numbers over Size(material worth)

    5) Hit 'em where it hurts - attack the weakness point in your opponents position

    6) Chewing on Granite - attack the strongest point in your opponents position

    7) Evolution and Revolution -( build-fight-build-fight)

    Manual 1 speaks to Aagaard's ideas around Attacking the King with each chapter discussing an idea and illustrative games to support them. An introductory sample is found here

    also: The Chessgame link to the Volume 2 - collection Game Collection: Attacking Manual Volume 2- Aagaard

    Plus: Added to the end of this collection: These are positions with white having a one point a pawn on f6 and a fiancheto pawn structure by black.

    76 games, 1929-2008

  7. book: Bishop v Knight: the verdict (Steve Mayer)
    Mayer explores ideas on when and why one piece out plays the other.
    75 games, 1873-1996

  8. book: Bobby Fischer Rediscovered (Andy Soltis)
    Games featured in the above book.
    97 games, 1956-1992

  9. book: Botvinnik: One Hundred Selected Games
    'Botvinnik: One Hundred Selected Games' by Mikhail Botvinnik. Translated by Stephen Garry.

    100 games, 1926-1946

  10. Book: Chess Praxis (Nimzowitsch)
    'Chess Praxis' by Aron Nimzowitsch.
    Translated by Robert Sherwood.
    100 games, 1907-1928

  11. book: Chess Structures _ Rios
    87 games, 1969-2014

  12. Book: Dynamic Chess Strategy (Suba)
    Dynamic Chess Strategy' by Mihai Suba.
    Extended and updated edition.
    34 games, 1974-1990

  13. Book: Emanuel Lasker: Life if a chess master
    100 greatest games.
    4 games, 1889-1892

  14. book: Fighting Chess with Hikaru Nakamura
    Games from the excellent book by Karsten Muller and Raymund Stolze. There are a number of other games and chapters in the book (including a chapter on Nakamura's King's Indian repertoire) not represented here. These are only the 47 main games and a few others given in the text.
    46 games, 1914-2012

  15. book: Golden Dozen (Chernev)
    'The Golden Dozen: The Twelve Greatest Chess Players of All Time' by Irving Chernev.
    115 games, 1889-1971

  16. book: How to Defend in Chess by Colin Crouch gam
    44 games, 1834-1981

  17. book: Kasparov's O.M.G.P. part 1
    Steinitz, Lasker, Capablanca, and Alekhine.
    Translated by Kenneth Neat.
    146 games, 1834-1943

  18. book: Kasparov's O.M.G.P. part 2
    Featuring Euwe, Botvinnik, Smyslov, and Tal
    99 games, 1920-1973

  19. book: Kasparov's O.M.G.P. Part 3
    Featuring Petrosian and Spassky
    85 games, 1951-1996

  20. book: Kasparov's O.M.G.P. part 4
    Fischer, includes a chapter on Reshevsky, Najorf, and Larsen.
    107 games, 1922-1992

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