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Compiled by minasina


delete minasina: <Here I am just waiting for a sign Asking questions, learning all the time>


delete hms123: <minasina> Thanks for all the work you have done to make finding the live games easier for the rest of us.


delete minasina: <hms123>, You are welcome! My approach to do those postings was based on assumptions that not everybody wants or dares to kibitz or don't know how to read earlier kibitzing pages. So, they don't ask if you can watch live games somewhere, but they still want to watch them. Also during FIDE World Championship Tournament (2007) there were too many kibitzing pages and too many live commentary link here and there, that I decided to make one listing of these. I'm sorry to say that I have now to limit my time here at, so I'm not doing those postings so much(?) anymore.


delete hms123: <minasina> I hope all is well.


delete minasina: <hms123>, yes everything is fine - thanks for asking and for your support, but sometimes - and this is the time (once again) - I try to behave as a responsible family member, not like a net addict... :)


delete malthrope: Congrats <minasina> - you've gone and done it!!! You have your very own Chessforum now! <grin> I'm really glad to see this day! All the Best, Your pal, - Mal PS: Thanks also for the tip on Esko! (his e-mail addy), as I just answered that one in my Chessforum... :))


delete hms123: <minasina> I gave up chess many years ago for the same reason. It was a good decision for me then. Because I made the right choices then, I have the freedom to pursue chess now. I don't think I gave up my chance at the world championship (LOL). Good luck--and come visit my forum anytime.

delete ahmadov: Hello <minasina>! Congratulations on your premium membership and personal forum!


delete minasina: Hello <Ahmadov> and thanks. I have only a free 3-month trial membership. I see You have "updated" your profile page. There's no more mention about the game on with a lady who told you about this site, and no mention about the articles you wrote to, and no more those religious things ... As you can see I have spent too much time here reading kibitzes, reading profile pages, watching live games and giving all possible links for them and live commentary pages ... :)


delete minasina: ...and thanks also <Mal>. Unfortunately my free 3-month trial membership expires well before Anand-Kramnik and Kamsky-Topalov matches. :(


delete jessicafischerqueen: Hi <mina>!

Congratulations on your new forum.

Are you a <Genesis with Peter Gabriel> fan also?

I have a website that has all their records posted and they can be played as a "playlist" so you can listen forever.

Mrs. Loves Peter Gabriel.


delete minasina: Jess, <easy now, sit you down ... Its scrambled eggs.> I'm kinda fan of some progressive rock bands of 1970s like Genesis, Kansas, Gentle Giant, Yes, Camel, Queen, Jethro Tull, King Crimson, Rush ... I'm not so happy with some of those bands in later years ... and yes, (Sil)marillion with the Fish was also something. (See also: ) Of course this video with Thjis van Leer whistling and yodling has been recently somewhere there on Chessgames kibitzing pages:

Besides prog rock I'm also interested in all kind of music. :)

I have a website that has all their records posted and they can be played as a "playlist" so you can listen forever. Where's that website?

Do you like (heavy) music with the electric violin? See her videos: I think she and her friends are much cooler than Apocalyptica (plays Metallica by four cellos).


delete johnlspouge: Hi, <minasina>. I have received your message on my chessforum, and I am happy to comply.


delete minasina: Great Mr. Spouge, and thank You very much for all your analyses and kibitzes!


delete dzechiel: <minasina: Hello, Mr Zechiel! I have been tracking old Chessgames daily puzzles (older than User: 012 ). The best way to find those puzzles is to check where you have kibitzed. However there has been one problem if I'm going to try solve puzzles with my own. The number of the starting move of the puzzle comes often just when you are giving candidate moves. So, I see the solution or a part of it. Now I see with my pleasure that lately you have told the starting move in the beginning, like: <Aug-30-08 dzechiel: Black to move (35...?). Material even. "Very Difficult." ...>

Still sometimes it is forgotten:

Aug-31-08 dzechiel: White to play. Material even. "Insane." ...

So, I wanted to say that telling the number of the starting move before any candidate move (or any other hint) is important to those who are going to try to solve puzzles later on.>

My only excuse is that it was late and I was tired. I'll try to be more careful in the future. ;)

Above all I want to thank You for all your fine puzzle kibitzes, highly appreciated!

Thanks for the kind words, I appreciate it.


delete minasina: Woohoooo, I won!


delete SwitchingQuylthulg: Congrats and a belated Merry Christmas!


delete minasina: Joo, tattis <Switch> ja sitä samaa sullekin ... and a special thanks that once you told (on Frogbert / Runde page) in which way that FIDE rating thing expectations / calculations are working.


delete virginmind: merry christmas, <minasina>


delete hms123: <minasina> Welcome back to premium status. Congratulations!


delete minasina: Thanks <hms123>. It was much easier when Santa Claus presented me this premium membership than to solve Holiday Present Hunt clues.


delete Albertan: <Jul-29-10 minasina: <Albertan>, there are only 19 games in your blog's chessviewer. Those games are numbered from 1 to 19. No game is numbered as 35 or 48.> Hello, I change the games in my blog
from time to time as I believe no one will want to play through older games. This is why when you tried to view the game that Lahno played, which I indicated on her page which I had analyzed, you couldn't find it:because I had deleted it from chessviewer deluxe. The Chessviewer Deluxe program only allows me to store about 20-25 games in the program. Sorry you couldn't find it!


delete minasina: Ok <Albertan>, I copied your answer to Kateryna Lahno page.

Premium Chessgames Member
delete minasina: Nngghh

P Poutiainen vs Timman, 1975 
(A04) Reti Opening, 34 moves, 1-0

1 game

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