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I have come to think of chess as Caissa's grace.By means of a miraculous conception,she has delivered an abundantly fertile game where every contest has a new character and we ourselves are given many new lives.It is just a tribute to the greatness of CHESS that some tireless researchers spend the better part of their life seeking the TRUTH and end up with the proverbial cup only half full.Fertile to the imagination,frustrating complex and yet elegantly simple,colourful,weaving a story as harsh as life can offer and yet forever youthful,dynamic and inspiring the best qualities within the human spirit.Chess will always attract new adherents,Chess will never stand still.I AM ONE OF THOSE,madly attracted to chess. Rated around 2250,i aspire to become a top GM.I am one person who gave up graduation and is currently doing nothing other than cracking chess of its nuances.People all around me keep telling me to go back to the prestitgious insitution i got admission to and there are people who even consider me a retard to have dropped out.But can they understand what I am in search of.They cant understand that i want to leave a chess legacy behind when I leave this world.Thats y,i never complain to those who can never understand.Because I know that what I want to be is a chess professional.

The question you must ask yourself is :

Do I like what I see in the chess mirror ?

What chess Legacy will I leave in the World ?

How will my favourite ideas,novelties and openings survive ?

Will my games stand the TEST OF TIME??!!

The Worldchampion I adore the most is ROBERT JAMES FISCHER.His amazing series of wins over taimanov,larsen and petrosian in the candidates and then demolition of the great SPASSKY in WC 1972.The first time i heard of the word chess around 2001,i heard the name FISCHER too.If i become something good enough to be asked,WHAT WAS YOUR FAVOURITE BOOK,i would always reply that FISCHER'S My Sixty Memorable Games was my bedside book.

But I believe that Kasparov was the strongest player ever.Partly because of the advancement in modern technology which played a significant role in understanding chess better and partly because of his workaholism and 100% professionalism towards chess,GARRY raised the level of chess to another platform.

I am also a fan of VISHY ANAND,who is from my own country.Also enjoy looking at games of ANATOLY KARPOV and VLADIMIR KRAMNIK.Games of TAL,PETROSIAN AND SPASSKY in their peak eyes still widen my eyes.BOTVINNIK's deep strategic plans and iron consistent logic and SMYSLOV's deep endgame knowledge were lessons to be grasped.Who can not enjoy the games of CAPABLANCA and ALEKHINE.And this explains that,My favourite book till date is MY GREAT PRESDESSORS 1-5.Must thank GARRY more than anyone else.

The way MAGNUS CARLSEN is playing in 2010(aged 19),i believe he can take the game one step ahead if he sincerely wishes to. MAYBE I CAN TOO,SOMEDAY.Hopes,WHATS LIFE WITHOUT DREAMS?

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   May-28-21 Petrosian vs Pilnik, 1956 (replies)
fischer2009: What a stunning game from the master of restraint and prophylaxis. An absolute gem. 11.Nb5! 12.cb5! 13.b4!! 14. Bf6! 17.g3! The strategic depth of these conceptions is beyond anyone but Tigran Petrosian.
   Dec-04-13 A Ipatov vs Kramnik, 2013 (replies)
fischer2009: Kramnik is back.
   Sep-16-13 Kamsky vs Nakamura, 2013 (replies)
fischer2009: Must admire Nakamura's originality and will to play such original positions out of the opening.Though I must say I believe these opening choices are a result of his work with Garry Kasparov.This was one of his pet lines.Wild Wild Interesting Innovative Game.
   Mar-17-13 World Championship Candidates (2013) (replies)
fischer2009: @ <fref> The line is the strategically interesting Cambridge springs variation of the Queens Gambit Declined.
   Feb-10-13 Adams vs Caruana, 2013 (replies)
fischer2009: Isnt 15.e5 looking great for white? It just looks thematic in such positions.Actually I just couldnt believe black's strategy could work here.Taking on d4 surrendering the center on his own will and then a rampant kingside weakening with g5.But then Caruana who has already ...
   Feb-09-13 Caruana vs Naiditsch, 2013 (replies)
fischer2009: White's knight on d5 is still unassailable after ... Be4 Ne4 fe4 Bb5 and blacks bishop on h6 or the extra exchange is not going to be of much help in such a position where black has no significant open file to play on.
   Feb-07-13 K Bryzgalin vs Ganguly, 2013
fischer2009: Great game from the Indian GM.A game worthy of a man in WC team.
   Feb-03-13 Hsu Li Yang vs Nunn, 1992 (replies)
fischer2009: The queen sac is a great one.But then looking at the game I just dont understand black playing 14...Qb6 and then shuffling it back to c7 and then d8.Isnt the black queen needed on the kingside to have tactical strokes on white's king.The only point I see is preventing white's ...
   Oct-04-12 FIDE Grand Prix London (2012) (replies)
fischer2009: <Beholder> ROFLMAO!!!I see your point :D
   Sep-28-12 Caruana vs F Vallejo Pons, 2012 (replies)
fischer2009: <Hesam7> You are absoultely right I guess.My mistake.
   Sep-27-12 Carlsen vs Karjakin, 2012 (replies)
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