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Swedish Logician
Member since Jul-11-11 · Last seen Dec-05-22
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   Swedish Logician has kibitzed 105 times to chessgames   [less...]
   Sep-26-22 Nebermann vs Silbermann, 1902 (replies)
Swedish Logician: What a lovely gem! I simply had to save this to my collection Agreeable Miniatures ....
   Apr-29-22 Unzicker vs Tal, 1975 (replies)
Swedish Logician: I just saw the names of the players, but did not take notice of what colour they played. When I reached 24 R x f7 I thought: Typical Tal! and was flabbergasted to learn that the colours were the opposite.
   Apr-21-22 Robert Byrne (replies)
Swedish Logician: <key.pusher> looking back at earlier posts, I now, embarrassingly enough, discover an earlier post by MYSELF Dec-15-16, where I had found out about the Indiana connection. The COVID pandemic must have impaired my memory.
   Mar-18-21 P Thoren vs P Lacko, 1987 (replies)
Swedish Logician: This reminded me of another Swedish classic. A Sundin vs Erik Andersson, 1964
   Mar-08-21 N Sabbag vs C de Holanda, 1992
Swedish Logician: The final part of this game plays like a Volga/Benko Gambit, where for some unfathomable reason White's King has landed on the Queenside.
   Nov-07-20 Yagupov vs A Rustemov, 1995 (replies)
Swedish Logician: I considered the possibility that "26" was a typo for "16" , but that hardly made sense either, since, by a long shot, the move 16. Rxe6 was not Very Difficult to find, and hence not of the Saturday puzzle kind.
   Oct-27-20 T H Tylor vs R Cross, 1933
Swedish Logician: Both players were blind, and went on to become knighted and very prominent lawyers in the UK.
   Sep-28-20 F Soddy vs C E C Tattersall, 1900 (replies)
Swedish Logician: <moodini> Cambridge is more liberal here. It awards a "HALF BLUE" for Chess (but not a full blue) to members that represent it in a match against Oxford. At Oxford, Chess does not even merit a half blue, but is "under review".
   Sep-28-20 Frederick Soddy (replies)
Swedish Logician: Frederick Soddy won the 1921 Nobel Prize for Chemistry. These games were played towards the end of his first Oxford period in1898-1900. Subsequently, in 1919, he returned to Oxford as Dr Lee's Professor of Chemistry.
   Sep-09-20 A Riazantsev vs K Alekseenko, 2017
Swedish Logician: It would appear that white's 16. Qc4 is not the best reaction to 15. – Re8. There are four white wins with 16. Qh3 in the database, and three of those are very quick. A couple even last only 20 moves .
   Aug-02-20 Z Sarakauskiene vs Mi Wang, 2010 (replies)
   Jul-01-20 P Mach vs A Flumbort, 1998 (replies)
   Jun-25-20 Spassky vs Seirawan, 1985 (replies)
   Jun-17-20 J Houska vs A D Harley, 2001 (replies)
   May-19-20 V Malaniuk vs Van der Sterren, 1983 (replies)
   May-03-20 Ragozin vs Taimanov, 1945 (replies)
   Feb-10-20 Kibitzer's Café (replies)
   Jan-20-20 Hans Bohm (replies)
   Jan-11-20 P Kiriakov vs I Krush, 2001
   Jan-02-20 H Rittner vs Estrin, 1968
   Dec-05-19 Kasimdzhanov vs Polgar, 2005
   Nov-25-19 Jiri Lechtynsky
   Nov-19-19 Miles vs Andersson, 1980
   Nov-19-19 Schlechter vs W John, 1905 (replies)
   Nov-17-19 N Buksa vs Jain Jeet, 2019 (replies)
   Oct-01-19 Chiburdanidze vs T Vasilevich, 1998
   Sep-29-19 M Feigin vs I Vistaneckis, 1931
   Sep-09-19 Koltanowski vs H Walpole, 1937 (replies)
   Jul-13-19 Knaak vs J Pachow, 2007
   Jun-07-19 Adams vs Y Hou, 2017 (replies)
   Jun-02-19 Reshevsky vs E E Book, 1952 (replies)
   May-26-19 Ed. Lasker vs Lasker, 1924 (replies)
   May-22-19 Capablanca vs Empire City Chess Club, 1931 (replies)
   Apr-24-19 Keres vs Konstantinopolsky, 1948
   Apr-21-19 I Platonov vs Krogius, 1971
   Jan-29-19 E Can vs S Khanin, 2013 (replies)
   Dec-20-18 Englisch vs F Riemann, 1879 (replies)
   Dec-02-18 C Garcia Palermo vs C Herrera, 2001
   Dec-02-18 C Garcia Palermo vs Karpov, 1982 (replies)
   Feb-16-18 A Reggio vs J Mieses, 1903 (replies)
   Nov-07-17 N Mannheimer vs Nimzowitsch, 1930 (replies)
   Nov-07-17 Nimzowitsch vs E V Nielsen, 1930 (replies)
   Nov-07-17 Kieseritzky vs C W Vitzthum von Eckstaedt, 1846 (replies)
   Jun-24-17 J Grefe vs K Commons, 1975 (replies)
   May-09-17 M Meinhardt vs Sasikiran, 2007 (replies)
   May-08-17 M Jadoul vs G Plomp, 2003 (replies)
   Apr-17-17 Duchamp vs Znosko-Borovsky, 1931 (replies)
   Apr-03-17 Karpov vs Azmaiparashvili, 1983 (replies)
   Feb-13-17 Teichmann vs Schlechter, 1904 (replies)
   Feb-13-17 Artur Yusupov (replies)
   Jan-21-17 Portisch vs Bronstein, 1969 (replies)
   Jan-12-17 C Csiszar vs B Purton, 2006 (replies)
   Jan-05-17 Browne vs Uhlmann, 1972
   Jan-05-17 Bronstein vs Uhlmann, 1971 (replies)
   Dec-18-16 Alekhine vs Stoltz, 1942 (replies)
   Dec-16-16 Sonja Graf-Stevenson (replies)
   Jul-29-16 Knaak vs Bronstein, 1979 (replies)
   Jun-28-16 R Leenaerts vs A Dardha, 2009 (replies)
   Jan-28-16 M Johansson Sr vs Teschner, 1960 (replies)
   Dec-24-15 A Boruchovsky vs B Savchenko, 2012
   Jun-29-15 L Lejarre vs B Burg, 2011 (replies)
   May-04-15 Harmonist vs Tarrasch, 1888 (replies)
   Apr-24-15 Alekhine vs Gladstone, 1938 (replies)
   Mar-31-15 Nunn vs Adorjan, 1975 (replies)
   Feb-13-15 B Rabar vs Geller, 1955 (replies)
   Feb-05-15 Tal vs R Byrne, 1976 (replies)
   Feb-05-15 Lutikov vs Tal, 1955 (replies)
   Dec-27-14 Negi vs E Grivas, 2008 (replies)
   Nov-30-14 Najdorf vs Averbakh, 1953 (replies)
   Nov-29-14 Frantisek Zita
   Nov-17-14 Csom vs G Gaertner, 1994 (replies)
   Nov-06-14 Cmilyte vs M Gutad Iversen, 1994 (replies)
   Sep-19-14 Votava vs A Zatonskih, 2004 (replies)
   Jul-26-14 A Galkin vs Kovalenko, 2013 (replies)
   Mar-10-14 Alekhine vs E P Thorbjohnson, 1929 (replies)
   Dec-01-13 Yuri Averbakh (replies)
   Nov-13-13 Rublevsky vs Z Varga, 2001 (replies)
   Nov-09-13 Gulko vs Kasparov, 1990 (replies)
   Nov-09-13 Timman vs Kasparov, 1988 (replies)
   Nov-05-13 Jowett vs McDonald, 1885 (replies)
   Oct-23-12 C van den Berg vs J H Donner, 1963 (replies)
   Aug-14-12 J Finnegan vs R P Allen, 1948 (replies)
   Jul-22-12 Keene vs Miles, 1976 (replies)
   Jul-22-12 A Shariyazdanov vs V Petukhov, 2004 (replies)
   Jul-14-12 R Beyen vs Filip, 1971 (replies)
   Jul-09-12 Karpov vs Geller, 1983 (replies)
   Jun-15-12 M Piskur vs B Klein, 2012 (replies)
   May-29-12 E E Book vs Kashdan, 1937 (replies)
   May-27-12 Khalifman vs Ermenkov, 1994 (replies)
   May-22-12 F Kraus vs V Costin, 1913 (replies)
   May-21-12 Benjamin vs N Gamboa, 1995 (replies)
   May-18-12 G Barbero vs U Rueetschi, 1987 (replies)
   May-10-12 Euwe vs S Landau, 1939 (replies)
   May-10-12 Gavrikov vs Dorfman, 1981 (replies)
   May-10-12 Kramnik vs Anand, 2008 (replies)
   Apr-21-12 A Ozsvath vs K Honfi, 1953 (replies)
   Apr-14-12 J Kaplan vs Bronstein, 1975 (replies)
   Apr-09-12 U Bajarani vs D Solak, 2010 (replies)
   Apr-02-12 Polgar vs P Chilingirova, 1988 (replies)
   Mar-18-12 A Karklins vs A Sandrin, 1990 (replies)
   Dec-01-11 Stahlberg vs Keres, 1936 (replies)
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