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Member since Jan-21-14 · Last seen Aug-21-23
I am a mathematician by profession, but kinda suck at chess. But I love playing with my son - even though since we bought a clock my record against him is 1W - 299L (or thereabouts, I've lost exact count).

My dearest chess moment is from one of the games against the kid. He was something like 7-8 years old at the time. I captured his queen, but exposed myself to a backrank mate while doing that. The look on his face when he reached for the rook, barely reaching across the table to the backrank to deliver the mate ... I will never forget that.

Oh, I'm the father of all the Switching Quylthulgs :-)

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   Jul-26-23 A Sokolov vs D Michiels, 1981 (replies)
Skewbrow: I "guessed" to take a closer look at 26. Re1. For no other reason that this is a puzzle, and 25. Bd2 can be seen as a preparation. I also saw that Bd2 is poisoned, and capturing it leads to a quick mate. However, I don't see how white continues if instead of the blunder 26..Qxd2 ...
   May-30-23 Alekhine vs R Mikulka, 1925 (replies)
Skewbrow: "The pin is mightier than the sword!"
   Mar-15-23 E Kengis vs Sveshnikov, 1987 (replies)
Skewbrow: I went for 27. Bg7 with the basic idea of following up with either Qc5 or Qa7 threatening a backrank mate. To stop the mate Black can create some luft with for example 27..Qg5 28.Bg7 h5 29.Qf8+ Kh7 30. Qh8 Kg6. It may be just me, but I don't see a quick win for White, so they may ...
   Feb-21-23 J Szmetan vs Quinteros, 1972
Skewbrow: I still don't get it why many prefer 34. Rxb3 etc. to 34.. Qe1+ 35. Nc1 Qc3+ 36. Qxf6 Qxf6. In that line White has to trade their queen for a bishop. In the game line white gets a rook and bishop for a queen and a pawn. Why is that considered superior?
   Aug-16-22 E Bataev vs V Popov, 1999 (replies)
Skewbrow: @TheaN In your line 38..Nxe3+ 39.fxe3 Rxe3. 40.Nxd8 Rxg3+ 41.Qxg3 Qxg3+ 42.Kf1 Qf3+ 43.Ke1 Nf4 how can black handle the counter 44. Ne6+? Taking with the pawn allows (either immediate or after Bxe6 Rxe6) a decisive discovered check 44/45 ..Nd5+. Moving the king to the backrank ...
   Jul-21-22 Z Gofshtein vs E Kengis, 1978
Skewbrow: Thanks <unferth>, <TheaN>
   Jul-13-22 Miles vs M Nedobora, 1994 (replies)
Skewbrow: I was a bit lucky with this one. The first thing I looked at was 41. Rxg7 Bxg7 pinning the black bishop. But then I noticed that the intended family fork 42. Nf6 is illegal because the white knight is already pinned. White cannot really keep hammering at the black king, so the ...
   Apr-12-22 M Shapir (Porat) vs B Lengyel, 2008 (replies)
Skewbrow: I will try my luck with 41..Rd2+. If white tries 42. Nxd2 Rxd2 43. Kg1 Ne2+ 44. Kf1 Nxc1 leaves black a piece ahead. White cannot try to immediately recover the lost piece with the rook fork 45. Rc4 because 45..Bb5 pins the last major piece. If white does 44. Kf2 to thwart the pin ...
   Apr-04-22 E Ubiennykh vs O Girya, 2012 (replies)
Skewbrow: A detail an unaware woodpusher like yours truly might miss (unless playing it out) are the subtleties arising from white leaving the king on the f-file before proceeding with the attack. For example 37. fxg5 bxg6 pins the white queen. True, white can still proceed 38. Rg7+ Kh8 39. ...
   Mar-16-22 E Diemer vs A Schuppler, 1937 (replies)
Skewbrow: As this is a puzzle one piece is going to hit f7. A process of elimination reveals that the rook capture is the most potent. One of the basic variations: Rxf7, QxQ, Rfxg7 with a double check, Kh8, and then a rook smother in triply attacked g8 mates.
   Mar-07-22 R G Wade vs R F Boxall, 1953 (replies)
   Jan-10-22 D Anton Guijarro vs Y Santiago, 2018 (replies)
   Dec-13-21 Dvoirys vs Yagupov, 2004 (replies)
   Nov-10-21 A Filipowicz vs Knaak, 1974 (replies)
   May-31-21 Le Quang Liem vs E Hansen, 2018 (replies)
   May-19-20 V Malaniuk vs Van der Sterren, 1983 (replies)
   May-18-20 S Landau vs Reti, 1927 (replies)
   Feb-25-20 K Darga vs R Von Saldern, 1951 (replies)
   Jan-28-20 A Tari vs O Girya, 2018 (replies)
   Nov-21-19 Savon vs Polugaevsky, 1971 (replies)
   Oct-30-19 O Bernstein vs Capablanca, 1914 (replies)
   Sep-03-19 K Opocensky vs Hromadka, 1931 (replies)
   Aug-12-19 Tiviakov vs T Roussel-Roozmon, 2009 (replies)
   Jun-11-19 I Sokolov vs T Beerdsen, 2018 (replies)
   May-14-19 Aarland vs Shirov, 1991 (replies)
   Apr-23-19 I Nei vs S Makarichev, 1974 (replies)
   Feb-05-19 R Edouard vs T Casper, 2009 (replies)
   Jan-25-19 D Perrett vs I Efimov, 2008
   Dec-18-18 H Dronavalli vs S Cua, 2008 (replies)
   Sep-26-18 S Lukey vs S Celis, 2008 (replies)
   Jul-30-18 S Volkov vs D Anikonov, 2016 (replies)
   Jul-17-18 A Rotstein vs Y Gonzalez Vidal, 2005 (replies)
   Jul-11-18 J Cox vs D Guthrie, 2016 (replies)
   May-30-18 A Heimann vs B Stillger, 2017 (replies)
   Mar-26-18 S Sjugirov vs A Kveinys, 2017 (replies)
   Jan-02-18 Short vs E Blomqvist, 2017 (replies)
   Dec-04-17 I Polovodin vs Glek, 1987 (replies)
   Nov-22-17 Sax vs A O Holloway, 1987 (replies)
   Nov-15-17 J Brenninkmeijer vs A Pieniazek, 1987 (replies)
   Oct-31-17 Z Tan vs Q Huang, 2016 (replies)
   Sep-25-17 M Trosman vs S Salov, 1978 (replies)
   Apr-18-17 A Anastasian vs L Babujian, 2008 (replies)
   Mar-09-17 Fischer vs Spassky, 1992 (replies)
   Mar-07-17 J L Hammer vs M Rodshtein, 2007 (replies)
   Feb-28-17 Rublevsky vs Navara, 2007 (replies)
   Feb-22-17 Kasimdzhanov vs Ponomariov, 2007 (replies)
   Dec-27-16 G Andruet vs Van der Wiel, 1985 (replies)
   Dec-26-16 V Yemelin vs Kharlov, 1996 (replies)
   Nov-07-16 W Polifka vs Matthew Evans, 2005 (replies)
   Oct-19-16 Keres vs Szabo, 1955 (replies)
   Oct-03-16 J Molina vs Tartakower, 1931 (replies)
   Jun-20-16 So vs Fedorchuk, 2015 (replies)
   Sep-29-15 J Madsen vs L B Hansen, 1982 (replies)
   Jun-17-14 Kotov vs M Yudovich Sr., 1939 (replies)
   Apr-10-14 M Esserman vs C Tsai, 2003 (replies)
   Mar-24-14 D G Baird vs Albin, 1894 (replies)
   Jan-21-14 A E Blackmar vs L S Atkinson, 1884 (replies)
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