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Kateryna Lagno vs Mikhail Ulybin
Aeroflot Open-B (2005), Moscow RUS, rd 2, Feb-16
French Defense: Classical. Steinitz Variation (C14)  ·  1-0



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Kibitzer's Corner
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Jun-14-09  butilikefur: After a little analysis of 45. Rxf7+ I noticed that 45. Nxf7 is just crushing.

<45...Rgxf6 46. Ng5+ Kg6 47. h5+> mate

<45...h5 46. 46. Ng5+ Kh6 47. Rh7+> mate

<45...exf4 46. Ng5+ Kh8> (46...Kg8 47. Rc8+ mate) <47. Rh7+ Kg8 48. f7+ Kf8 49. Rh8+>

<45...Raxf6 46. Nxe5+ Kg8 47. Qd4 Rd6 48. Qa7+ Kh7> (48...Kf6 49. Qf7+ Kxe5 50. Qf5+ mate) <49. Rh8+ Kxh8 50. Nxg6+ Kg7 51. Qxd6 Bxg6 52. h5> with a won endgame.

Here is some analysis if you try 45. Rxf7+

<45...Kg8> (not 45...Kh8 46. Rf8+ Kh7 47. Nf7)

<46. Rg7+ Rxg6> (46...Kf8 47. Rf7+ Kg8 48. Re7 and after Rxd6 or exf4 49. f7+ wins)

<47. f7+ Kh7> (47...Rxf7 48. Qxf7+ Kh8 49. Nf5 Bxf5 50. Qf8+ Kh7 51. Qxf5+ Kg7 52. Qd7+ Kh8 53. Kb4 and White has a winning endgame; another option is 47...Kf8 48. Qxh6 Rxd6 49. Qxd6+ Kxf7 50. Qd5+ Kf8 51. Qd8+ Kf7 52. g5 and White has the initiative but things are unclear.)

<48. f8=N+ Kg8 49. Qxh6 Rxd6 50. Qxd6 Qe3+ 51. Kb4 Rb7+ 52. Ka5 Qa7+ 53. Qa6 Qc5+> and Black wins. Hmmm.. that wasn't supposed to happen.

Jun-14-09  butilikefur: Hey <gofer>, i looked at your line also but i think it transposes to mine - after 49...Rxd6 (instead of 49...Rd7) White is lost due to the following line: 50. Qxd6 Qe3+ 51. Kb4 Rb7+ 52. Ka5 Qa7+ 53. Qa6 Qc5+ 54. Qb5 Ra7+ mate.
Jun-14-09  gofer: <butilikefur>: True! :-)
Jun-14-09  JG27Pyth: Got the first move and black's 1st response, but my analysis wasn't airtight.

A good week for me though... progress slow, but noticeable.

Jun-14-09  CHESSTTCAMPS: White is up a pawn, but the Rd2 is pinned and the Q and N are under attack. Nonetheless, white has a strong attack with the Rc7, N ,Q and c-pawn all chipping in. Given the battery setup, the first move is easy to spot, but filling in the detail requires some work: 45.Nxf7!

The queen can not be taken:

A) 45...exf5 46.Ng5+ Kh8 (Kg8 47.Rc8+ and mate next) 47.Rh7+ Kg8 48.f7+ Kf8 49.Rh8+ and mate in 2.

A couple of other weak defenses can be dismissed fairly quickly:

B) 45...Ra8 46.Ng5+ Kh8 47.Rh7+ Kg8 48.f7+ Kf8 49.Rh8+ Ke7 50.f8/Q+ Rxf8 51.Qxf8#

B.1) 46....Kg8 47.f7+ Kh8 (Kf8 48.Nh7+ Kg7 49.f8/Q#) 48.f8/Q+ Rxf8 49.Qxf8+ Rg8 50.Qxh6+ Bh7 51.Qxh7#

C) 45...Kg8 46.Nxh6+ Rxh6 (Kf8 47.Rc8#) 47.f7+ Kf8 48.Rc8+ wins quickly

C.1) 46... Kh8 47.Qf2! Qxf2 48.Rd8+ forces mate

Now the tougher defenses:

D) 45...Raxf6 46.Nxe5+ Kg8 (Obviously white has at least a draw here.) 47.Qd4 Rd6 48.Rc8+ Kg7 49.Qa7+ Kf6 50.Qf7+ Kxe5 51.Rc5+ Ke4 52.Qf5+ Ke3 53.Re5+ Be4 54.Rxe4#

A pretty picture, but still not the best defense.

D.1) 48...Kh7 49.Qa7+ (Rh8+? Kg7!) Rg7 50.Rh8+ Kxh8 51.Qb8+ Kh7 52.Qxd6 Qxh4

White is a pawn up with the knight on a strong square, but white's chances seem to rest on promoting the c-pawn.

Probably I've missed something much better, but I'll post now and see what happened. I will not analyze 45...Rgf6.

Jun-14-09  CHESSTTCAMPS: Does anyone have a convincing continuation against 45.Nxf7 Raxf6? This seems to have an advantage over Rgxf6, because in the game a mate threat on g7 forces black to exchange queens under unfavorable circumstances.

ChessMaster liked 46.Qxe5 after 1 minute thought, but the analysis looked a bit strange. I may run it on Fritz to see what it finds.

<johnlspouge> wrote <45.Nxf7

The threats in the double check are more potent than the immediate check 45.Rxf7+, because they activate both R+N, not just R. [snip]>

Well put. For this reason I did not seriously examine 45.Rxf7+, but I should have anyway.

Jun-15-09  TheBish: Lahno vs Ulibin, 2005

White to play (45.?) "Insane"

White is up a pawn, but faced with seemingly imposible threats of 45...exf4 and 45...Rxd6. Insane indeed! Actually, I didn't find this harder than many other puzzles in the "difficult" or "very difficult" category, since the key move is forced!

45. Nxf7! This works because 45...exf4? 46. Ng5+ Kh8 (or 46...Kh7 47. Rc8#) 47. Rh7+ Kg8 48. f7+ Kf8 49. Rh8+ Ke7 50. f8=Q mates. Now Black has two main moves, capturing the f6 pawn with one of the rooks:

A) 45...Rgxf6 46. Nxe5+ (not 46. Nd6+? Kg8 47. Qxf6? (Rc8+ still draws) Qe3+ 48. Kb4 Qxd2+ 50. Kc5 Qd4+ 51. Kb4 Qb6+! and White has to chose between 52. Nb5 Qxf6 and 52. Kc3 Qa5#) Kg8 47. Qd4 and now

A1) 47...Qg3+? 48. Kb4 Rfb6+ 49. Kc5 and with the white king safe from checks, Black is now helpless against 50. Qd8+, i.e. 49...Rf6 50. Qd8+ Rf8 51. Qxf8+ Kxf8 52. Rd8 mate.

A2) 47...Rad6? 48. Rc8+ Kg7 49. Qa7+ and White mates.

A3) 47...Rfd8 48. Nf3! (the saving grace; not 48. Qf2?? Qxe5+) and with White threatening mate, Black is forced to trade down with 48...Rxd4 49. Nxe1 Rxd2 50. Kxd2 and two pawns up, White should win the endgame.

B) 45...Raxf6 46. Nxe5+ Kg8 47. Nf3! Rxf4 48. Nxe1 Rgxg4 49. Ng2! and this is a tougher endgame, but with a pawn up, White should win eventually.

Jun-15-09  gofer: <TheBish:> 45...Raxf6 46. Nxe5+ Kg8 47. Nf3! Rxf4 48. Nxe1 Rgxg4 49. Ng2!

I think black didn't think that 45 ... Raxf6 is so significantly better, the variation I think plays as follows;

45...Raxf6 46. Nxe5+ Kg8 47. Qd4! Rd6 48. Rc8 (black has to avoid Kg7, which leads to a forced mate) Kh7 49. Nf3 Rxd4 50. Nxe1 Rxd2 51 Kxd2 Rxg4

...the reason why this variation is not so good for black is that the rook is already where it wants to be on c8 and the King is miles away on h7...

52 Kc3 Rxh4 (greedy! but the alternative leaves a pawn blocking blacks only pawn that is ever likely to promote) 53 Nxc2 Rh3+ 54 Ne3 Rxe3 55 Kb4 Re2 56 Kxa4 Rxb2

click for larger view

All is lost for black! One of the a or c pawns will promote

Example 1 (the straight run)
57 c5 Kg7 58 c6 Kf7 59 c7 Ke7 60 Rh8 winning

Example 2 (give up the b pawn and try to promote the h pawn) 57 c5! Rg2 58 Kxb3 Rg7 61 c6 Kg6 62 Kb4 h5 63 Kb5 h4 64 Kb6 h3 65 Rh8 winning...

Example 3 (the attempt to promote on b1 and try to protect against the c pawn promoting...) 57 c5! Rb1 58 c6 b2 59 Kb3 Rg1 60 Kxb2 Rg7 61 c7 Kg6 62 a4 h5 63 a5 h4 64 a6 h3 65 a7 h2 66 a8=Q winning...

All a bit close... ...but that's life!


Premium Chessgames Member
  An Englishman: Good Evening: Too easy for a Sunday back in 2009 (see page 1 of the comments), and still too easy for a Sunday in 2020, even though I had completely forgotten about the game and had to solve it all over again. 6/6 with one known for the week.

Still think of this as one of Lagno's best games--any game where a double check is worth more than your Queen is a special game.

Nov-22-20  Walter Glattke: Found queen sac by 45.Nxf7 exf5 46.Ng5++ Kh8 (46.-Kg8 47.Rc8+ Qe8 48.Rxe8#) A) 47.f7? Qe5+ 48.Kb3 Qa5# B) 47.Rh7+ Kg8 48.f7+ Kf8 49.Rh8+ Ke7 50.f8Q+ Kd7 51.Qc8+ Kc6 52.Rxg6+ Qe6 53.Rxe5# C) 45.Rxf7+ Kg8 46.Qf3 Rxd6 47.Rg7+ Rxg7 48.fxg7 Qxd2# D) 45.Nxf7 Rxf6 46.Nxe5+ Kg8 47.Qd4 Qg3+ puzzle end here. "unclear"
Premium Chessgames Member
  Messiah: For me it was difficult. I saw the basic motif, but I was unable to calculate it properly. Nice game!
Nov-22-20  mel gibson: Too difficult for me.
It's mate in 6 if Black takes the White Queen
45. Nxf7 exf4.

Stockfish 12 agrees with the game line:


(45. Nxf7 (♘d6xf7 ♖a6xf6 ♘f7xe5+ ♔h7-g8 ♖c7-c8+ ♔g8-h7 ♘e5-f3 ♖f6xf4 ♘f3xe1 ♗c2-e4 ♖d2-d7+ ♖g6-g7 ♖c8-c7 ♖f4xg4 ♘e1-d3 ♖g7xd7 ♖c7xd7+ ♔h7-g8 ♘d3-f2 ♖g4-g3+ ♔c3-b4 ♗e4-c6 ♖d7-d6 ♗c6-e8 ♖d6xh6 ♖g3-e3 h4-h5 ♖e3-e2 ♘f2-d3 ♖e2-d2 ♖h6-d6 ♗e8xh5 ♔b4xa4 ♗h5-e2 ♖d6-g6+ ♔g8-f8 ♖g6-g2 ♔f8-e7 ♔a4-b4 ♔e7-d8 a3-a4 ♖d2-c2 ♔b4xb3 ♖c2-d2 ♔b3-b4 ♖d2xb2+ ♘d3xb2 ♗e2-f3 ♖g2-d2+ ♔d8-c8 ♘b2-d3 ♗f3-e4 c4-c5 ♔c8-c7) +6.22/37 91)

score for White +6.22 depth 37

Nov-22-20  Brenin: Thanks, <Messiah>: inadvertent sexism duly corrected. Perhaps that explains why Black didn't resign 20 moves earlier.
Nov-22-20  Brenin: With White's Q and N en prise, it was not hard to find 45 Nxf7, with 45 ... exf4 leading to mate after 46 Ng5+. However, I couldn't see a clear win after 45 ... R(a or g)xf6 46 Nxe5+, though it seemed to me that White's extra P and better attacking prospects would see her through.
Premium Chessgames Member
  Messiah: <Brenin: Thanks, <Messiah>: inadvertent sexism duly corrected. Perhaps that explains why Black didn't resign 20 moves earlier.>

I am not actually convinced that around move 60 Black is lost, but yes, not resigning against a woman, _JUST-AND-ONLY_ because she is a woman, is disgusting. I saw it in my club back in the days, and I was very mad. SJW-ism, sometimes, is perfectly legitimate, I think.

Please note, I did not say or imply Mikhail Vitalyevich has done anything disgusting, questionable or unsportsmanlike. It is very possible that Kateryna Alexandrovna was in a horrific time trouble, and her opponent tried to exploit this chance.

Premium Chessgames Member
  agb2002: White has a knight and a pawn for a bishop.

Black threatens exf4 and Rxd6.

White has Rxf7+ and Nxf7. In the case of 45.Nxf7:

A) 45... exf4 46.Ng5+ Kh8 (46... Kg8 47.Rd8+ and mate next) 47.Rd8+ Rg8 48.Rxg8+ (48.Rh7+ Bxh7) 48... Kxg8 49.Rc8+ and mate next.

B) 45... Raxf6 46.Ng5+ Kh8 (46... Kg8 47.Rd8+ and mate next) 47.Rd8+ and mate in three.

C) 45... Rgxf6 46.Ng5+ Kh8 (46... Kg6 47.h5#) 47.Rd8+ and mate next.

D) 45... Rc6 46.Ng5+ (46.Rxc6 exf4) 46... Kh8 47.Rd8+ Rg8 48.Nf7+ Kh7 49.Qxh6#.

Premium Chessgames Member
  agb2002: For some reason I forgot the pin so Rd8+ is illegal. Better luck next time.
Nov-22-20  Brenin: Remarkable game by a 15-year-old.
Premium Chessgames Member
  drollere: my first reaction was a LOL. the position of the white K is something I have never seen before. the main detail i focused on is that the black Q is en prise. a flurry of checks seems in order.

"over the board" i played: 45. Rxf7+ Kg8, 46. Rg7+ Rxg7, 47. Qxh6 Rxg4, 48. f7#

Nov-22-20  Walter Glattke: I failed about the pinned rook d2, too, there is B) 45.Nxf7 exf5? 46.Ng5++ Kh8 47.Rh7+ Kg8 48.f7+ Kf8 49.Rh8+ Ke7 (49.-Rg8 50.fxg8Q+ Ke7 51.Qf7#) 50.Re8+ Kf6 51.f8Q# Is stockfish perfect, no, the question is 51.Rc8-c7, if 51.Rxg7+ Kxg7 52.Rb7 stockfish thinks, Be4 refutes Ra8 hah-hah, 52.-Kg6 53.Ra7 now 53.-Bc6!? 54.Ra6 Rf6 55.Nd3 or others, the metal brain should declare that. 53.-Rxg4 54.Rxa4 Rg3+ 55.Kd4 catching the Ne1 hah-hah. Remarkable comment by a human player against stockfish.
Premium Chessgames Member
  drollere: <yes, not resigning against a woman, _JUST-AND-ONLY_ because she is a woman, is disgusting.>

i am personally indisposed to apply socially approved condemnation to socially approved condemnation targets. that is, after all, how witch hunting and nazi ideology got their swagger.

there is a theme in statistics called bayesian analysis, which is that you don't just look at the bare facts, but take into account how the bare facts have turned out in the past.

in the microcosm of chess: has a female ever been world champion?

my response to the scourge of sexism is to challenge falsehoods (women are weak, etc.) and treating the rest (women are not as good at chess as men) as a probability. and absent forced moves, what is chess if not a probability matrix?

a game of chess is not two people sitting down to make a politically correct statement of how the world should be.

it's a game. it's also a game that involves both calculation and a certain element of intimidation or misdirection.

the claim that anna rudolf had to cheat in order to win against male opponents was in my view "disgusting." not simply because it was sexism raw, but because it was slander and character assassination. little minds and little egos there.

but how or why is the premise that "i might be able to win by not resigning" a "disgusting" decision? what do the priors suggest you do?

yes, it may be inaccurate, stereotypical, prejudicial, biased. but whether in this instance it is any of those things is decided by the outcome of the game.

we live in a world of outcomes of choices, not a world of "if only." and in this game, the outcome of the choices is clear: white won.

Nov-22-20  Walter Glattke: After 51.Rc7 Rf4xg4 52.Nd3 Rxd7 53.Rxd7+ Kg8?? 53.-Rg7! 54.Rxg7+ Kxg7 55.Nc5 Kf6 56.Nxa4 Ke5 57.Nc5 Kf4 58.Nxb3 Be5 watching a8,c8,h1. 59.h5 Kg4 60.c5 Kxh5 61.Ne2 Bc6 an option, will you stop h-pawn or 2-queen-ending then?
Nov-22-20  cormier: Jun-14-09 RandomVisitor: 39.Kd2 Ra6 (Qb8) 40.Ke3! and white is winning


Premium Chessgames Member
  drollere: and delving further off topic, this video about a young woman cheating, and the male officials' reaction to women's accusations of a woman cheating, is quite funny. as is hikaru nakamura's analysis/reaction. (hikaru is always amusing, even when he's trying to be serious.)

Premium Chessgames Member
  Jimfromprovidence: If white was thinking about 47 Nf3 she would have been in for a rude awakening after 47...Qe8!, below.

click for larger view

Maybe that's why she rechecked with 47 Rc8+ first, but it seems she could have played 47 Qd4 anyway.

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