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Nick de Firmian vs Nenad Ristic
Gosa 7th (1981), Smederevska Palanka YUG, rd 9, Jun-??
Zukertort Opening: Nimzo-Larsen Variation (A04)  ·  1-0



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Kibitzer's Corner
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Mar-31-14  Ratt Boy: Thanks, Once, for incisive commentary on a game that, I agree, was much more interesting than the final move.
Mar-31-14  TheTamale: <Once> Actually, sheep do not do _everything_ sheepishly.

Famous impressionist/chess master Max Ewe did a spot-on impersonation of a boar, which was executed... you guessed it, boarishly.

Premium Chessgames Member
  FSR: "Once" again, <Once> brings a trivially winning chess position to life! I'm impressed!
Mar-31-14  Ed Frank: 25. Qc8!

Black's bishop on g7 is pinned by white's rook on g1, removing it from defensive possibilities. And so, the battery of the queen and rook on black's weak back rank spells imminent doom for black. Fun and easy tactic.

Premium Chessgames Member
  kevin86: Easy back row mate- ignore the bishop, it is pinned.
Premium Chessgames Member
  perfidious: Unusual variant of back row mate.
Mar-31-14  bbking689: Back rank mate! The bishop is pinned so can't do Bf8! Good puzzle! :)
Mar-31-14  YetAnotherAmateur: The good old back-rank mate, with a simple variation of a pinned bishop rather than a pawn on g7.
Mar-31-14  LIFE Master AJ: 25.Qc8+, and mate next move. I actually started at the position for around a minute, (maybe less, I forgot to start the timer on my watch); until I realized that the KB/DSB@g7 was pinned, and therefore useless / same as a pawn.

Humorous, I actually LOL'ed.

Mar-31-14  BOSTER: This is the pos. half move before <Once' >analysis.

click for larger view

I'm very curious if Herr Fritz can find the win for white after 19...Ng4

Premium Chessgames Member
  chrisowen: Off free c8 queen fluffs to bet f4 giving light,

mate in two breadth c8 queen up it is honour in,

hope a nut g4 in slides over ignoble mission to,

choose c8 queen wins by default ergo re good game at got g1 for castle la bind realise c8 as tender v,

is having bishop g7 and rook g1 prevent f8 again as carriage inward it ardent in aim a c2 queen for guffaw in finger c8 germane family a c8 eg win drown your sorrows if ive got this correct free her queen forgive fan g4 a foilable mission give go g7,

bishop gravel on be ago ok line low in c8 as tenses cab le wager for mercurial one g4 a slide across in f4 ive dipoff aim dude clink to ascent jail in good call to free her inform c8 majesty rob you swine g7 held back as pair a g1 run da mage g7 unavailable mission aim in crappy one for c8 on beat the rook,

follows c1 rob too bishop g7 hive mind stuck in fourth gear to deem in a tour c8 delve in accustom at have nack knights strictly speaking have no part to play fan the waves right everyone agreed just in time at fly in c8 longer bill to rights again back healthy c8 just in the mix eddy a wave green in f4 gauge I shape up rides have in raid it now in pave the c8 way re-equalise was up ply g4 evermore spark our energy rates cave in f4 encircles hive a chin hook black as f4 and cranny he light focus again crusie d7 would finder d7 a gg fend a good port of call queen devious co-incides churlish turn of,

g4 screw over nip f4 a brick to club back aka foot for c8 door as tag in f4 clad re-coup ar faith rook g1 heads puffer g7 bishop jack etc free smooth queen face off mack co-heads up safe d7 re am in do forfeit her bind again court free in her f4 share a long bow c8 in elevate light a path for finder d7 is ha dame done well a fan of the times afraid d7 rivers a bleak show and tell a far cry I against racked in g4 over d7 one rook emperor c8 wins heals,

are dug in for flogger c8 in see chirpy too nip in the buds a heads right rook up after c8 one bides your time free ear flow in dutiful offer a frenzy gloat in c8 a try her hat an hip pocket back hire gives of go hacking take shin dig high hand eg gog f4 to good d7 was right re-quired as gone on f4 oh,

I see d7 am crud rubs you'd think aped of course it is down in dig longer true delights ive on be at oomph 25.Qc8+ only finalise fiscal to see one c8 palm inter alia of course it ok in d7 just raid it f4 dove into the jaws of crockery chuck out the f4 chintz a c8 in maws of the lions density and propensity rambles across eg ment so choose 26.Rxc8#

Mar-31-14  MountainMatt: Simple as it gets - 25. Qc8+ Rxc8 (only move) 26. Rxc8#
Mar-31-14  DrGridlock: <chrisowen> Is an English translation available for your post?
Mar-31-14  bachiller: <FSR: "Once" again, <Once> brings a trivially winning chess position to life! I'm impressed!>

Paraphrasing Tim Krabbé, "Anyone can solve a puzzle, but a good analysis requires talent".

Mar-31-14  Shams: <Once> <Come to think of it, don't sheep so everything sheepishly?>

If people can act sheepishly, it stands to reason that sheep can act like humans, doesn't it? I think this fellow is about to do the Lindy Hop:

Mar-31-14  PJs Studio: This was like a conspiracy against the black army 22. Kh1! was quite nice setting up 23.g4!

DeFirmian's a badass...

Mar-31-14  Checker2: The queen's visit to the back rank had a turistic charactristic. She was just visiting a short time. Or should that be terroristic, since it was a suicide mission, terrorizing Ristic?
Premium Chessgames Member
  thegoodanarchist: Clearly 24...Qd7 was in order.
Mar-31-14  1stboard: Black should have played on move 24 .... Qf5 , Holds the game, threatens an exchange of queens, the d pawn and protects the back rank mate threat on c8 ''''''
Mar-31-14  LIFE Master AJ: Part I <(of two parts)>.

Nick DeFirmian - Nenad Ristic [A04]
Smederevska Palanka (Yugoslavia, 1981)

A quick look at this game.
(Try to remember that I use the symbol of '!?' in the conventional way - but that I also use it to draw attention to a move. If you see the "exclam-question-mark," after a move, remember that this would be a good place to look for alternatives to what was actually played <here> in the game.)

The game starts off as a Nimzo-Larsen ... Nf3 and then b3, etc. (I have many books on this line, for my money, the one by GM Ray Keene is still the best. If you look on the Internet, you may be able to pick up a used copy.)

[ See MCO-15,beginning on page 729; and also Opening Explorer. ]

1.Nf3 Nf6; 2.b3 g6;

Black chooses a "counter-fianchetto" type of idea for this opening, which is perfectly sensible. (2...g6; is also the first choice of the Fritz "Power-Book.")

3.Bb2 Bg7; 4.g3,

This is a double-fianchetto by White, more typical for this system would be 4.e3.

Both sides now develop in a fairly straight-forward and logical manner.

4...0-0; 5.Bg2 d6; 6.d4 c5; 7.0-0 cxd4!;

According to the newest version of the Power-Book, this is one of Black's best options - at this point.

8.Nxd4 d5; 9.Na3,

White places his Knight on a3 so as to support c2-c4.

[ It appears that a rather sterile equality is reached after the following moves: RR9.c4 e5!;

Some sources give the capture on c4 here, but this looks more effective.

10.Nf3 e4; 11.Nd4 dxc4; 12.Nd2! cxb3; 13.Qxb3 Qb6; 14.Qxb6 axb6; 15.Nxe4, "~" (unclear) when I think that it would be easier to play White's side of the board here. ]

9...e5; 10.Nf3 e4; 11.Nd4 Re8;

Dynamic equality, Black has an edge in space on the K-side, whereas White has better Q-side play due to the coming c2-c4 lever.

click for larger view

Black could have also tried 11...Nc6; however, this could have resulted in the pawn structure getting changed after an exchange on that square.

12.c4 Re5!?;

This looks slightly artificial, 12...♘c6; certainly looked like a better try.

13.Qc2, (---> e4, and ...)

This hits a lot of key squares ... and you can hardly criticize it, yet it is also a tiny bit dangerous, as Black can now attack on the K-side.

[ A good line for White was: RR 13.Rc1! Rh5; 14.cxd5! Rxd5; 15.Nc4, (w/adv.) when White is solidly better here. ]

13...Rh5; 14.cxd5! Bh3?; <Loss of time?>

This is both futile and lame.

(Black had a chance to exploit the position of the W♕, but failed to do so.)

It's kind of funny ... it is generally accepted that the correct method for attacking the castled King (with a fianchettoed ♗); is to swap off the cleric in front of the King. (I guess the Black Rook on h3 is misplaced ... and possibly a target, as well.)

[ MUCH better was: >/= 14...Na6!; 15.Nc4 Nb4; 16.Qb1 Rxd5!; <=> (with counterplay) when Black is back in the game, White has almost no advantage at all. ]

Mar-31-14  LIFE Master AJ: Part II <(of two parts.)>

15.Bxh3! Rxh3; 16.Rfd1 Na6;

Black has done OK up to this point, however, (here) White has a solid advantage.

click for larger view

It would be easy to be a little nervous as White, I see a lot of weak or open squares near the W♔.

***** ***** ***** ***** ***** ***** ***** ***** *****

(Now) 17.Ndb5! is the choice of just about all the engines.

17.Rac1 Rh5?!; (tempo)

Black loses a move here. Too bad, too ... Black had a chance to make something of his chances on the K-side, but he muffs it here.

[ A big improvement was: >/= 17...e3!; 18.f4 Nb4!; poses White a serious challenge ... Black is playing on both sides of the chessboard. (18...Nh5!? was also worth investigating.) ]

18.Ndb5 e3!?; 19.f4! Qd7!?;

Hmmm, I don't know about this ... either capture on d5 made a lot of sense here for Black.

20.Bxf6 Qh3?; (Wow!)

This looks like a killer move, but White has a nice tactic (which Black either overlooked or under-estimated) that seals the B♖ (on h5) out of the attack.

[ Better was: >/= ¹20...Bxf6; 21.Qe4 Re8; 22.Qf3, " " (w/advan.) when White has a solid edge, but the game is a long way from being decided. ]

21.Bh4! g5; 22.Kh1!?,

This looked a little strange here, when I was (first) going over this game, I liked the idea of 22.Qe4!, (which the engines also seem to choose, as well); and if 22...gxh4; then White could play 23.Qg2. However, Kh1 turned out to be a tricky little move, and it contains a couple of really neat and very unexpected twists!

22...gxh4; 23.g4! Qxg4; 24.Rg1 Qxf4??; (Ugh!)

Black plays a seemingly obvious move, but it is evident that Ristic has missed his opponent's sharp riposte.

click for larger view

We have now reached the position for the POTD for Monday; March 31st, 2014.

[ Black had to play: >/= ¹24...Qd7▢; 25.d6, (with an edge); when White is better, but a clear win? Forget about it! (Nick would have had to win the game all over again.) ]

25.Qc8+!, Black Resigns.

White is mated after 25...RxQ/c8; 26.RxR/c8#.

A neat game by De Firmian.


Mar-31-14  LIFE Master AJ: I use Fritz 13 and Houdini (mostly) to do my analysis ...
Apr-01-14  PJs Studio: Thanks for the analysis AJ. I like that a GM can play a campy little (yet not "bad") move like Kh1!? It tricked his highly rated opponent and ended the game much quicker.

OTB GM swindles - like a weekend swiss!

Apr-01-14  David2009: <AJ> interesting analysis. The critical position seems to be at move 22 with White to play (Black has just played 21...g5):

click for larger view

Black is threatening to pick up the Bh4 and attampting to keep the piece by 22.fxg5? runs into Rxh4 23.gxh4 Be5 with a mating attack. As pointed out by <AJ> the best way to give back the piece is objectively 22.Qe4. Instead White finds the fantastic pawn sacrifice 22.Kh1!!? gxh4 23.g4! Qxg4 25.Rg1. Psychologically this is very clever. Black has been doing all the attacking and his King has been absolutely safe because his otherwise weak back rank is protected by Bg7-f8. White's play successfully tempts the fatal blunder 25...Qxf4? overlooking that the Bg7 being now pinned means that the back rank mate is on!

Postscript - I have come to this game late at <AJ>'s suggestion and I have now read the fine post by <Once> which had earlier given the refutation of 22.fxg5 in the d1agram.

Apr-01-14  LIFE Master AJ: << <Once> Pain, suffering, heartache, grief. Black crashes through with 22...Rxh4! and if 23. gxh4 Be5 <<<>>> >>

One person (in an e-mail) asked why I didn't point this out. [To me, this answer was obvious, I did not have to cover everything. And since <Once> (and others!) had pointed out so many details, all I had to do was fill in the blanks and cover the big picture.]

BTW ... Good job, <Once>. As usual, your posts are sharp, witty, and informative.

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