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  1. Anand's most dangerous opponents
    How has Anand lost?! Who has he lost to?! Who are his most dangerous opponents around in the World today?!
    1 game, 2007

  2. Aron Nimzowitsch's Best Games
    The best games of Nimzowitsch's career.
    39 games, 1905-1931

  3. Aronian's best games
    1 game, 2007

  4. Defensive Combinations (Perpetual Check)
    23 games, 1925-2008

  5. Doubled pawns
    17 games, 1904-2000

  6. Hanging Pawns
    A pair of pawns on adjacent files that are separated from all other pawns are known as "Hanging Pawns" (a term coined by Steinitz).

    Hanging pawns possess strengths and weaknesses.

    The elements of strength include the possibility of opening files through their advance and with this comes an increase in space, and the possibility of controlling key squares that can be used as outposts for Knights and Bishops.

    On the other hand they can also be weak. They can only be defended by pieces. This vulnerability can be exploited by attacking them with pieces, forcing the opponent to protect them with pieces. The defending pieces can then be attacked and exchanged at a suitable moment and this can often result in the win of a pawn or forcing another pawn weakness elsewhere. They can also be weakened by forcing the advance of one of them leaving the other one backward and a hole into which a piece can be placed. A third way of exploiting their weakness is to attack them with a pawn of your own, this can force a pawn exchange that results in an isolated pawn.

    The current view is that hanging pawns are weak if their side is behind in development but strong if their side is ahead in development.

    These games illustrate the strengths and weaknesses of the hanging pawns

    31 games, 1873-1998

  7. IQP loses
    16 games, 1886-2016

  8. IQP Wins.
    33 games, 1895-2010

  9. kingscrusher's favorite games
    3 games, 2005-2007

  10. kingscrusher's favorite Kramnik games
    My favourite game of Vladimir Kramnik for 2018 so far in the Berlin defence of all openings!
    1 game, 2018

  11. Michael Adams greatest games
    Michael Adams greatest games
    1 game, 2016

  12. Passed Pawns
    193 games, 1834-2017

    PAWN STRUCTURE (Isolani, Backward,...)
    Game Collection: Pawn Power in Chess by Hans Kmoch Game Collection: 0

    An important concept in chess ( How can we take advantage of a backward pawn ?

    "marée de pions" Bauernwelle

    24 games, 1908-2016

  14. ray keene's favorite games
    a few years ago i hosted a tv series called duels of the mind the 12 best games of chess-i will try to find all 12 here and post them in a collection-i will also note a few other spectacular games that are favourites of mine.
    123 games, 1843-2001

  15. Simple Chess
    Missing games which hopefully will be added to some time:
    Demonstrates first to open file

    Stean vs Mestel

    29 games, 1907-1975

  16. The King's Indian Defence
    Notable games of this wonderful opening as played by the experts of the game!
    84 games, 1952-2011

  17. The Most Instructive Games of Chess Ever Played
    'The Most Instructive Games of Chess ever Played: 62 Masterpieces of Modern Chess Strategy' by Irving Chernev.
    63 games, 1873-1961

  18. The Most Instructive Games of Chess Ever Played
    'The Most Instructive Games of Chess ever Played: 62 Masterpieces of Modern Chess Strategy' by Irving Chernev.
    62 games, 1873-1961

  19. Wins vs Backward pawns (e.g. Sveshnikov)
    The Sveshnikov is a great example of an opening featuring a backward pawn
    3 games, 1982-1999

  20. World's Greatest Chess Games- Nunn Emms Burgess
    The games selected by John Nunn, John Emms, and Graham Burgess for their book The World's Greatest Chess Games.
    99 games, 1834-1997

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