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  1. Zuke 'Em, The Colle-Zukertort Revolutionized
    6 games, 1975-2009

  2. "The Inner Game Of Chess" - the anthology
    Games from Andrew Soltis' great book, "The Inner Game of Chess", as and where I can find them here.
    39 games, 1858-1993

  3. Amateur's Mind - Silman
    6 games, 1873-1993

  4. Art of Attack in Chess Vladamir Vukovic & Chess
    I am slowly creating this collection as I read it with page numbers associated with the recent Nunn Algebraic edition . The current collections on this book in are missing a handful of games. I am sending in games complete scores for publication as I find them. I am currently reading this book and invite others to join along. (2018 note: I appeared to have fizzled out on this) I also added games from VV book "Chess Sacrifices"

    I find myself often looking at Timothy Glenn Forney's collection's so I put a link here for my easy access.

    Timothy Glenn Forney's Game Collections

    also patzer2 & notyeta gm have attacks ranked by theme for future studies

    patzer2's Game Collections notyetagm's Game Collections

    Some Alekhine and Kasp tactical games
    Game Collection: Thunderstorms from a Blue Sky

    88 games, 1843-2006

  5. Art of Chess Combination
    Games from Art of Chess Combination
    16 games, 1847-1934

  6. Art of Positional Play (Reshevsky)
    'The Art of Positional Play' by Samuel Reshevsky. New edition.
    Revised by Burt Hochberg.
    60 games, 1966-1973

  7. Art of the Middle Game (Keres/Kotov)
    'The Art of the Middle Game' by Paul Keres and Alexander Kotov. Translated and edited by Harry Golombek.
    46 games, 1914-1961

  8. Battles Royal of the Chessboard by R.N. Coles
    This is a collection of the games from the 1948 book by R.N. Coles. (The book is dedicated to his friend Julius du Mont).

    Reinfeld and Horowitz revised this edition In 1952 giving it a new name. 'Epic Battles of the Chessboard.' and throwing out the two games played by Staunton from the Coles book to make room for two new games.

    One of the new games was played by Reinfeld: O Ulvestad vs F Reinfeld, 1939 (which apparently won a prize but nobody as yet is sure what it was.)

    and the other new game was played by Horowitz. I A Horowitz vs P Trifunovic, 1935 (which at the time of writing is as yet un-kibitzed.)

    No surprise a couple of Staunton's games were tossed in the bin. Reinfeld wrote in his 1950 book 'A Treasury of British Chess Masterpieces.'

    "There is no Staunton game - it takes too much time to find a game by him which one can enjoy."

    They also threw out Sultan Khan vs Alekhine, 1933 to make room for another Morphy game.

    I'm noticing a pattern here. Coles has two Staunton games but only one by Morphy. It does appear that hell hath no fury like a couple of Morphy fans scorned.

    The updated version has two Morphy games and none by Staunton.

    (but Coles does mention Morphy on the cover...and not Staunton.)

    Geoff Chandler (User: Sally Simpson) April 2018.

    50 games, 1834-1946

  9. Chess: The Art of Logical Thinking
    'Chess: The Art of Logical Thinking: From the First Move to the Last' by Neil McDonald.
    30 games, 1978-2003

  10. Colle's chess masterpieces by Fred Reinfeld
    Originally published:
    Black knight press, New York 1936
    As reprinted by
    Dover 1984
    ISBN 0-486-24757-0
    written by Fred Reinfeld about Edgard Colle (1897-1932). (Games 1,8,13-16,19-23,26-27 and 34 are submitted by me.)
    51 games, 1923-1931

  11. Excelling at Technical Chess by Jacob Aagaard
    Games from the book.

    Currently missing the following three games:
    Missing game on p55 Nepomnjatschij - Polovodin Leningrad 1988

    Missing game on p109 Trabattoni - Barlov La Valetta 1979

    Missing game on p128 Timmermans - Estegard Stockholm 2003

    Any assistance in finding game scores would be greatly appreciated.

    57 games, 1968-2004

  12. Games from "The Ultimate Colle" by Gary Lane
    Games from Gary Lane's book "The Ultimate Colle." Ordered by Chapter and sequential number. Building the list as I work through the games. So far, games 6 (Rolvaag, M.- Fossan,P., Norwegian Championship, 2000) and 7 (Weiss - Vaculik, Plzen, 1998) are missing from the Introduction section.
    8 games, 1883-2000

  13. How to play the French Defense
    Games from Shaun Taulbut book
    11 games, 1834-1978

  14. Instructive Games (Chernev)
    'The Most Instructive Games of Chess ever Played: 62 Masterpieces of Modern Chess Strategy' by Irving Chernev.
    62 games, 1873-1961

  15. John Nunn - Understanding Chess Move by Move
    30 games, 1978-2000

  16. Judgment and Planning in Chess (Euwe)
    'Judgment and Planning in Chess' by Machgielis Euwe. Translated and edited by Julius Du Mont.
    54 games, 1887-1951

  17. Judgment and Planning in Chess (Euwe)
    'Judgment and Planning in Chess' by Machgielis Euwe. Translated and edited by Julius Du Mont.
    54 games, 1887-1951

  18. Judgment and Planning in Chess, Euwe
    These are the games featured in Dr. Euwe's book.
    9 games, 1914-1943

  19. kingofsevern's favorite games
    1 game, 2017

  20. Logical Chess (Chernev)
    'Logical Chess: Move by Move: Every Move Explained' by Irving Chernev.
    33 games, 1889-1952

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