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Honza Cervenka
Chess Game Collections
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  1. Accidents in the opening
    A collection of very short games played and lost by strong players.
    169 games, 1560-2022

  2. Bogoljubov vs Euwe - Two FIDE Championships
    In 1928 and early 1929 Efim Bogoljubov and Max Euwe played two matches in Netherland. The first match was played in Amsterodam, Hague and Scheveningen and shortly before its beginning FIDE announced a bit surprisingly in a letter sent to both players that the winner of their match would become Champion of the FIDE. This decision of FIDE was mainly based on and backed by the fact that Max Euwe won Amateur world championship tournament in Hague 1928. The match got a nationwide attention in Netherland and Bogoljubov won it with score 5,5:4,5 (+3-2=5). The success of the first match was so great that one rich chess enthusiast decided to finance a match-revenge, that was held in several cities of Netherland in the end of 1928 and the beginning of 1929. Bogoljubov won this match with the same score as the first one 5,5:4,5 (+2-1=7).
    20 games, 1928-1929

  3. Czech Team on Chess Olympiad 2010
    Round 1: Czech Republic vs United Arab Emirates 3,5-0,5

    Round 2: Iran vs Czech Republic 0,5-3,5

    Round 3: Czech Republic vs Hungary 1,5-2,5

    Round 4: Ecuador vs Czech Republic 1-3

    Round 5: Czech Republic vs Mexico 4-0

    Round 6: Russia 1 vs Czech Republic 2,5-1,5

    Round 7: Czech Republic vs India 2-2

    Round 8: Australia vs Czech Republic 1,5-2,5

    Round 9: Czech Republic vs Canada 3-1

    Round 10: Czech Republic vs Armenia 1,5-2,5

    Round 11: England vs Czech Republic 2-2

    44 games, 2010

  4. Honza Cervenka's favorite games
    Magnificent tactics
    101 games, 1834-2003

  5. Honza Cervenka's favorite games2
    magnificent tactics again
    101 games, 1860-2004

  6. Honza Cervenka's favorite games3
    181 games, 1861-2019

  7. Impressive & Entertaining Draws
    Many people interesed in chess including some kibitzers on this excellent site are usually disappointed by games which did not finish with any conclusive result. It is understandable that chess fans who want to see fighting chess dislike short or completely bloodless and dull draws but not all draws are of this kind. In fact, fighting game with inconclusive result is usually much more entertaining than completely one-sided wins with weak or no resistance. In this collection I want to point out some good examples of draws which were not boring at all.

    Here are also some funny examples of my personal production but the collection itself should include only really high-quality examples of master's play.

    J Cervenka vs L Pospisil, 2002 J Kropik vs J Cervenka, 2005 J Cervenka vs P Puchmajer, 2005

    Enjoy it!

    Sincerely Yours

    Honza Drawenka.:-)

    28 games, 1863-2015

  8. Karel Treybal's Selected Games
    This is a collection of most notable games of Karel Treybal, one of best Czech players of the first half of the twentieth century.
    21 games, 1904-1935

  9. Miroslav Filip - All World Is Learning From Them
    This is a collection of 100 games of 10 great GMs (Botvinnik, Smyslov, Tal, Petrosian, Spassky, Gligoric, Larsen, Portisch, Fischer and Karpov) selected and annotated by GM Miroslav Filip in a book published in 1979. I have added also one pretty game played by author himself.
    101 games, 1936-1976

  10. Missed chances
    A collection of games where one of players missed any nice tactical chance to get better result.
    109 games, 1839-2022

  11. Rook endings with Pawns on just one side.
    This type of endings when one player has an extra Pawn in Rook ending but all Pawns are on the same side of board is under normal condition (i.e. no trapped Rook or faraway and cut King) drawish and many players consider it as easy task. But in practice we can see that even super-GMs can slip and lose in this situation like Geller with Fischer in 1970 or Duras against Niemzowitsch (see Duras vs Nimzowitsch, 1912 and Geller vs Fischer, 1970). This collection should provide some material for study of this type of endings played by strong players through the chess history.
    4 games, 1905-1970

  12. Tarrasch's Dreihundert Schachpartien
    A collection of games published in the first edition of Dr. Tarrasch's famous book Three Hundred Chess Games. There were some changes made in later editions of the book.

    Note: Some games were published only as fragments and they are not in the database.

    Missing games are:
    Game 38: Tarrasch - Bernhard Richter (1-0), Halle 1883 Game 41: Tarrasch - Bernhard Richter (1-0), Halle 1883 Game 98: Schwarz - Tarrasch (0-1), Nuremberg 1887 Game 113: Karl Eckart - Tarrasch (0-1), Nuremberg 1888 Game 119: Max Kuerschner - Tarrasch (1-0), Nuremberg 1888 Game 169: Karl Eckart - Tarrasch (0-1), Nuremberg 1890 Game 170: Max Kuerschner - Tarrasch (0-1), Nuremberg 1890 Game 178: Tarrasch - Steiner (1-0), Nuremberg 1890 Game 179: Kolb - Tarrasch (0-1), Nuremberg 1890
    Game 180: Kolb - Schroeder, Nuremberg 1890 (Tarrasch showed a pretty winning line for black) Game 183: Max Kuerschner - Tarrasch (0-1), Nuremberg 1890 Game 186: Dr. Epstein - Kelz, Nuremberg 1890, (Tarrasch showed a winning line for black) Game 219: Tarrasch - Kelz (1-0), Nuremberg 1891
    Game 225: Karl Eckart - Tarrasch (0-1), Nuremberg 1891 Game 226: Wilhelm Hahn - Tarrasch (0-1), Nuremberg 1891 Game 227: Tarrasch - Wilhelm Hahn (1-0), Nuremberg 1891 Game 228: Tarrasch - Schroeder (1-0), Nuremberg 1891 Game 229: Wirzing - Steiner, Nuremberg 1891 (In final position seemingly lost for white Tarrasch showed a way to turn the game in white's favour.) Game 259: Tarrasch - Romberg (1-0), Nuremberg 1893

    281 games, 1879-1894

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