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Chess Game Collections
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  1. Best Games ~ Before 1920
    Selected by Chess Dojo

    [work in progress - started 4/2/2023]

    3 games, 1858-1914

  2. Bishop's Opening ~ Miniature Checkmates #
    A collection of games featuring the Bishop's Opening ... only miniatures won by checkmate by White are included ... the idea being that there must likely be a surprise element in the final moves ... this makes it more fun and interesting ...
    31 games, 1620-2022

  3. Black Wins ~ great games selected from history
    Black Wins ~ great games selected from history ... names I know or should now better ... inspired by Nodirbek Abdusattorov vs Jorden Van Foreest, Tata Steel Masters, 2023, round 13 ... 0-1 ... see game 63 in this collection ... see game 76 ... 😎 SEE GAME 85 😎 ... and then ...

    Miniatures of the Masters ~ with emphasis on SuperGMs: early games, sacrifices, major events, major opponents, major locations, and favorite openings

    301 games, 1842-2023

  4. Catalog of Chess Mistakes
    I make too many mistakes ... so I'm learning how to avoid them ... Soltis has this great book ... perhaps I can become better by studying some of these ...

    p13 ~ compare the questionable moves with this checklist. (1) What kind of error is it? Positional? Tactical? Strategic? Poor Attitude? Each of the following chapters discuss a different kind of error. (2) How serious would the error be if punished? Is it a minor error or a game-losing blunder?
    (3) When was the error made? Opening? Middlegame? Endgame? (4) What was the status of the game when you committed the error? Did you think you were winning easily? Slightly superior? Even? Dead lost?
    (5) How were your errors spaced? Did you make two or three bad moves in a row? One every ten moves?

    [work in progress ~ started TUE MAR 16, 2023]

    5 games, 1912-1977

  5. Checkmate Miniatures
    Games of 25 moves or less won by checkmate. Useful to illustrate winning combinations, traps, surprises, brilliancies, and overall excellent playing style, strategy, tactics, and execution.
    53 games, 1475-2001

  6. Chess Traps, Pitfalls, & Swindles
    An in depth look at the swindles of Frank Marshall ... starting with his book ... continuing with Horowitz & Reinfeld ... and ending with David Smeardon's "The Complete Chess Swindler ~ How to Save Points from Lost Positions" ...

    a work in progress ~ started MON FEB 27, 2023

    23 games, 1894-1913

  7. Find The Plan
    Bent Larsen's Good Move Guide ~ Part 2 ~

    ... originally published separately ... given to a young Magnus Carlsen to devour by one of his first coaches ...

    You should ask yourself the following questions:

    ⭐️ Is there any material advantage? ⭐️ Who has the better pawn position? ⭐️ What sort of pawn offensive must I aim at? ⭐️ Is there an exchange of pieces that is especially preferable? ⭐️ Is there any piece working only at half speed just now? ⭐️ Are there any holes in my or the opponent's positions? ⭐️ Who has the majority in the centre? ⭐️ Are some squares, in the centre or elsewhere, of special importance?

    [a work in progress ~ started TUE MAR 7 2023

    6 games, 1909-1968

  8. Ponziani Miniatures
    The Ponziani Opening ~

    ... White wins in 25 moves or less ... designed to illustrate the most obvious methods for rapid dominance as White ...

    ... inspired by Gotham Chess "The Brutal Ponziani Opening" ...

    [work in progress - started TUE MAR 14, 2023]

    7 games, 1846-1899

  9. Queen Sacrifice ~ Miniatures
    First Set of Games = Bishop's Opening ~ White Wins ~ C24 Second Set = Philidor Defense ~ Black Wins ~ C41 Third Set = Pirc Defense ~ White Wins ~ B07
    Fourth Set = Pre-1900 ~ White Wins ~ various

    127 games, 1620-2022

  10. Studying Combinations
    deep dive into study of chess combinations ... trying to eke out the best ...


    Encyclopedia of Chess Combinations
    Combinations in the Middlegame
    1001 Winning Chess Sacrifices and Combinations

    ECC 1 ~ Combinations with attack on the king
    ECC 2 ~ Combinations to achieve equality
    ECC 3 ~ Other combinations

    ECC a ~ Annihilation of defence
    ECC b ~ Blockade
    ECC c ~ Clearance
    ECC d ~ Deflection
    ECC e ~ Discovered attack
    ECC f ~ Pinning
    ECC g ~ Demolition of pawn structure
    ECC h ~ Decoy
    ECC i ~ Interference
    ECC j ~ Double attack

    1 game, 1857

  11. The Inner Game of Chess
    How To Calculate and Win
    by Andrew Soltis

    "We think in generalities, we live in details." Ask a master what he actually does during a game and, if truthful, he'll answer, "I calculate variations." He looks a few moves ahead and makes a judgment about the various possibilities at his disposal. Chess is really 99 percent calculation ~ the inner game of chess.

    ~ Games referenced in the book ~

    currently reading Chapter 4: Force

    2 games, 1989-1993

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