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World Blitz Championship Tournament

Le Quang Liem20.5/30(+14 -3 =13)[games]
Alexander Grischuk20/30(+16 -6 =8)[games]
Ruslan Ponomariov20/30(+14 -4 =12)[games]
Ian Nepomniachtchi20/30(+17 -7 =6)[games]
Ngoc Truongson Nguyen19.5/30(+13 -4 =13)[games]
Rauf Mamedov19.5/30(+15 -6 =9)[games]
Daniil Dubov18/30(+14 -8 =8)[games]
Sergei Movsesian18/30(+14 -8 =8)[games]
Dmitry Andreikin17.5/30(+13 -8 =9)[games]
Vladislav Tkachiev17/30(+13 -9 =8)[games]
Ilia Smirin17/30(+13 -9 =8)[games]
Gabriel Sargissian17/30(+11 -7 =12)[games]
Vladimir Akopian17/30(+10 -6 =14)[games]
Evgeny Najer16.5/30(+13 -10 =7)[games]
Aleksey Dreev16.5/30(+11 -8 =11)[games]
Shakhriyar Mamedyarov16.5/30(+15 -12 =3)[games]
Gata Kamsky16.5/30(+11 -8 =11)[games]
Boris Grachev16.5/30(+10 -7 =13)[games]
Eltaj Safarli16/30(+13 -11 =6)[games]
Alexander Riazantsev16/30(+15 -13 =2)[games]
Victor Bologan16/30(+11 -9 =10)[games]
Pavel Ponkratov16/30(+12 -10 =8)[games]
Vladislav Artemiev16/30(+13 -11 =6)[games]
Ildar Khairullin15.5/30(+9 -8 =13)[games]
Denis Khismatullin15.5/30(+13 -12 =5)[games]
Sergei Rublevsky15.5/30(+12 -11 =7)[games]
Nikita Vitiugov15.5/30(+10 -9 =11)[games]
Igor Kurnosov15.5/30(+12 -11 =7)[games]
Dmitry Jakovenko15.5/30(+12 -11 =7)[games]
Francisco Vallejo Pons15/30(+12 -12 =6)[games]
Ivan Cheparinov15/30(+10 -10 =10)[games]
Kiril Georgiev15/30(+10 -10 =10)[games]
* (60 players total; 28 players not shown. Click here for longer list.) Chess Event Description
World Blitz Championship (2013)

The 2013 FIDE World Blitz Championship was a double 15-round Swiss open for players rated >2500. It was held in the building of the Ugra Chess Academy in Khanty-Mansiysk, Russia, 9-10 June, with the participation of 60 players, including defending champion Alexander Grischuk. Time control: 3 minutes per player for all moves, with 2 seconds added per move from move 1. Prize fund: $200,000, with $40,000 to the winner. Chief arbiter: Andrzej Filipowicz.

Le Quang Liem won with 20.5/30, ahead of Grischuk (2nd on tiebreak), Ponomariov (3rd) and Nepomniachtchi with 20/30.

Official site:

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 page 1 of 36; games 1-25 of 900  PGN Download
Game  ResultMoves YearEvent/LocaleOpening
1. G Guseinov vs Grischuk  0-1682013World Blitz ChampionshipC41 Philidor Defense
2. D Andreikin vs M Kobalia  ½-½382013World Blitz ChampionshipB40 Sicilian
3. A Riazantsev vs Nepomniachtchi  0-1472013World Blitz ChampionshipA48 King's Indian
4. Mamedyarov vs I Khairullin  0-1442013World Blitz ChampionshipD10 Queen's Gambit Declined Slav
5. I Kurnosov vs Le Quang Liem 0-1762013World Blitz ChampionshipA00 Uncommon Opening
6. Ponomariov vs E Safarli  ½-½452013World Blitz ChampionshipA05 Reti Opening
7. B Grachev vs Kamsky  ½-½442013World Blitz ChampionshipD02 Queen's Pawn Game
8. Vitiugov vs V Artemiev  1-0352013World Blitz ChampionshipD10 Queen's Gambit Declined Slav
9. D Gordievsky vs E Inarkiev  0-1292013World Blitz ChampionshipD47 Queen's Gambit Declined Semi-Slav
10. K Georgiev vs A Rakhmanov  ½-½412013World Blitz ChampionshipA40 Queen's Pawn Game
11. P Ponkratov vs G Sargissian  ½-½952013World Blitz ChampionshipC53 Giuoco Piano
12. R Mamedov vs B Gundavaa  ½-½672013World Blitz ChampionshipA07 King's Indian Attack
13. A Pridorozhni vs Dreev  0-1692013World Blitz ChampionshipB10 Caro-Kann
14. Movsesian vs E Ghaem Maghami  1-0392013World Blitz ChampionshipA22 English
15. Vasquez Schroeder vs Jakovenko  0-1612013World Blitz ChampionshipA46 Queen's Pawn Game
16. Khismatullin vs A R Saleh Salem  1-0732013World Blitz ChampionshipA04 Reti Opening
17. A Moiseenko vs R Pasiev  1-0202013World Blitz ChampionshipD06 Queen's Gambit Declined
18. P Potapov vs I Cheparinov  ½-½742013World Blitz ChampionshipB22 Sicilian, Alapin
19. Ngoc Truongson Nguyen vs Lagno  1-0292013World Blitz ChampionshipD81 Grunfeld, Russian Variation
20. M Al Sayed vs Zvjaginsev  0-1322013World Blitz ChampionshipA43 Old Benoni
21. Tkachiev vs Cherniaev  1-0242013World Blitz ChampionshipA04 Reti Opening
22. P Skatchkov vs Dubov  1-0332013World Blitz ChampionshipA43 Old Benoni
23. Potkin vs K Akbaev  1-0372013World Blitz ChampionshipD31 Queen's Gambit Declined
24. Bezgodov vs Bologan  ½-½462013World Blitz ChampionshipB20 Sicilian
25. I Popov vs N Kabanov  ½-½372013World Blitz ChampionshipB07 Pirc
 page 1 of 36; games 1-25 of 900  PGN Download
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Kibitzer's Corner
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Jun-10-13  messachess: I should probably say, "Asian player." I hear a lot of Asian countries are strong in chess.
Jun-11-13  FairyPromotion: ^ Honestly you should say neither, as Le is not Chinese, and we already have an asian World Champion with Vishy.

I see where you are coming from though. China has a huge amount of young, up & coming talents, and seems like they might become the strongest nation in the near future, when the likes of Wang Hao, Ding Liren, and Wei Yi will be in their primes.

Anyway, congratulations to GM Le Quag Liem! Lets hope this victory will get him some invitations to strong GM tournaments.

Jun-11-13  SugarDom: Why does the world "Oriental" deemed not politically correct?

Could have been a good word to describe certain Asians.

Can i make a racist joke?

I'm not Asian, I'm from the Philippines, that makes me Pacific Islander. My penis is 3 inches longer. That makes it 4 inches.

Premium Chessgames Member
  HeMateMe: Is that why we never see you guys in adult films?
Jun-11-13  lakers4sho: Phlippines is *not* Pacific Islander
Jun-11-13  crazybird: <FairyPromotion: ^ Honestly you should say neither, as Le is not Chinese>

Not quite right that. Most Vietnamese are of Chinese stock.

Jun-11-13  notyetagm: Grischuk vs Ponomariov, 2013

FIDE World Blitz Championship (2013)

click for larger view

16 0-0?? 1-0??

click for larger view

Here we have an example of an incredible <DOUBLE BLUNDER> made by two 2700-strength(!) players.

White (Grischuk) played 16 0-0??, slyly intending to keep his extra e2-bishop by using the threat of a <PIN> down the e-file. That is 16 ... ♕e7x♗e2! 17 ♖f1-e1.

16 ... ♕e7x♗e2! 17 ♖f1-e1

click for larger view

Black (Ponomariov) believed Grischuk's analysis and resigned!! What did both player's overlook?

17 ... ♕e2-b5!=

click for larger view

Black simply retreats his queen! The Black b5-queen now <DEFENDS> the e8-mating sq/e8-rook by <PROTECTING> from b5 instead of <INTERPOSING> from e2.

Unbelievable. And Pono only finished 1/2-point behind LQL!

Jun-11-13  fisayo123: Only 3 losses for LQL. Pretty remarkable.
Jun-12-13  hellopolgar: FIDE World Blitz Championship (2013)/S Krishnan Ram scored -3, that's pretty impressive for someone rated 2250.
Jun-12-13  Catholic Bishop: <FIDE World Blitz Championship (2013)/S Krishnan Ram scored -3, that's pretty impressive for someone rated 2250.>

ie, he must be cheating

Jun-12-13  notyetagm: Grischuk vs Ponomariov, 2013

<NM JRousselle: I have often told my students that it is difficult to find strong moves that are the result of a piece retreating. Retreats, especially queen retreats, along a diagonal seem to be the most difficult to find.>

Indeed. Too hard for two 2700s and the English commentators in this game.

Does anyone know if the Russian language commentators saw 17 ... ♕e2-b5!= ? Shipov was one of them.


Premium Chessgames Member
  Check It Out: <SugarDom: Why does the world "Oriental" deemed not politically correct?>

Referring to the Orient is deemed acceptable, but referring to people of the Orient as Orientals is deemed un-PC because it was used by colonialists as a derogatory epithet.

The Philippines are considered Asian. Pacific Islanders are from islands in the Oceanic region.

Jun-12-13  Shams: Trivia: why was it called the "the orient" in the first place?

/Hannibal Lecter voice: "No googling, Clarice. I'll know."

Jun-12-13  Kinghunt: <Shams> If I'm not mistaken, the word is derived from several Romance languages, including at least Spanish, where that root simply means "East." Mexico's Sierra Madre Oriental, for example, if the mountain range running along the east side of the country.
Jun-12-13  Shams: <Kinghunt> The story as I heard it (and of course we keep in mind that folk etymologies abound) is that old maps in China had east at the top instead of north. So for a westerner to read a Chinese map he first had to 'orient' himself by turning the map 90 degrees clockwise.
Jun-12-13  TheFocus:

Coming to <CG> every day is like going back to school. Amazing the things you took for granted.

Next lesson: How the Horsey Moves 101.

Jun-12-13  Shams: <Focus> So I had it exactly backwards-- the verb comes from the noun. Nice.
Premium Chessgames Member
  Check It Out: <Shams> Silence of the Lambs is one of my favorite movies of all time.

<TheFocus> Reinterpretation is too kind a word. Kids at the dojo chess club like to call them ponies.

Orient = East = Rising
Occident = West = Setting

Speaking of reviewing basics, the lesson today was "don't move a piece more than once in the opening." A rule that rightfully gets broken all the time at higher levels to be sure, but boy it's a good lesson for beginners.

Jun-18-13  PrinceHope12: Hello Everyone... The Champion of this World Blitz Championship had lost to Wesley So of The Philippines on 2011 World Blitz Qualification.. Ian Nepomniatchi had lost to Wesley So also on 2011 World Blitz Qualification.. At That Time Wesley so is Qualified to play on 2012 World Blitz Championship. Because He entered the top 6..
Alexander Grischuk is 7th didn't Qualified and didn't Win Against Wesley So.. But Maybe because GM Grishcuk is former World Blitz Champion he was allowed to play and Won the 2012 World Blitz Championship. Ruslan Ponomariov did not win Against Wesley so at 2011 World Blitz Qualification and now GM Ponomariov is 4th on 2013 World Blitz Championship This Top 4 players of 2013 World Blitz Championship didnt' Score a Win.. Against the Strong Asian Speed chess player.

I Wonder Why Wesley So is not present both on 2012 and 2013 World Blitz Event!

Why Wesley So didn't invited on 2012 world Blitz Championship.. When He Qualified to Play.. Maybe Because FIDE had change the rules that the top 10 classical players and some more chosen GM's to play the 2012 World Blitz Championship. Why..?? It's Like Top 10 Turtles automatically Qualified for a race.. Long game and Blitz is different.... Just Qoute this "Being Unfair is a Wrong Decision" That's it......

Jun-29-13  wordfunph: "You know, this result was a big surprise for me. When I was coming here I did not even think about victory. There are lots of strong chess players who are famous all over the world. I just wanted to see what will happen and who will become the champion."

- GM Le Quang Liem

Premium Chessgames Member
  perfidious: <SugarDom.....I'm not Asian, I'm from the Philippines, that makes me Pacific Islander. My penis is 3 inches longer. That makes it 4 inches.>

Good of you to share that, ah, bit of information with us.

Premium Chessgames Member
  perfidious: <wordfunph>: Le probably was not the only one surprised by his victory here.

FIDE could hold this event ten different times with the same participants and have ten different winners.

Jun-29-13  notyetagm: <SugarDom.....I'm not Asian, I'm from the Philippines, that makes me Pacific Islander. My penis is 3 inches longer. That makes it 4 inches.>



Jul-12-15  hackinghorn: Hello! Does anyone know why Magnus Carlsen and Levon Aronian are not in this tournament?
Jul-12-15  hackinghorn: Would Magnus take the championship instead of Le Quang Liem if he played?

Caruana and Nakamura also did not participate

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